Mom At The Farm House Ch. 02

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In the morning I said good bye to Ajay and thanked him once again for the good time I had and also for his timely help. Ajay said his agent was just leaving for town and he would drop me. I said good bye once again and walked to the gate where the Sumo was waiting as I got in I got a real shock. My mom Girija was also there, sitting in the back seat.

I didn’t show any recognition and she put her head down as soon as she saw me getting in. The agent greeted me with a wink towards my mom and said his name was Raghu. “So enjoyed your stay, did you?” he asked. I mumbled a yes. He also didn’t know the woman sitting behind was my mom. He went on “She is really nice, hot body and hot fuck”. I couldn’t even shut the guy up as it would open out our secret. So I listened to him silently as he described my mom to me in the dirtiest way.

He was at the wheel, just before starting he turned around and told my mom to give him his share. My mom quietly took out 1000 bucks and gave him. That is when I came to know that he was actually her pimp and he was arranging all these rich customers like Ajay and taking a share out of my mom’s earning.

Raghu got his share and started the Sumo; we were more than 100 miles from the town. So I just settled down in my seat as we began our journey. I was getting horny thinking about how I had fucked my own mother last night and more horny thinking of how Ajay was fucking her without the slightest hint that she was my mother. Meanwhile Raghu was talking of how everything had become expensive and local stuff to which he would ask some question to me or to my mom. My mom would just nod her head from the behind seat.

After a while Raghu asked if I can drive a car and I said yes. He immediately stopped the Sumo at the road side and got down, He said he was a little tired and again he winked saying he was going to get some rest. I got into the driver’s seat and Raghu got in behind bahis siteleri with my mom. She looked a bit scared, at that time I wanted to tell him to get back but then again I hesitated. I started the car and we were on our way again.

I adjusted the mirror in the car so I could see what was going on at the back. Just then Raghu said “So you enjoyed last night eh?” and with that he slapped my mom’s fat thigh. He kept his hand there only. I said yes and kept driving. Then he said “I also need some”. He started massaging her thigh over her sari. My mom sat quite as he roamed his hands all over her thighs. In a mocking way he asked me “you don’t mind right if I get some fun” I just said go ahead. I couldn’t believe myself I was telling some stranger to go ahead and fondle my mother.

It excited me to see some unknown person rubbing my mom’s thighs. Raghu now put his hand under her pallu and started rubbing her tits. He turned towards her and with both hands squeezed her boobs; he was doing it so hard that my mother winced as he attacked her tits. He then caught hold of the end of the sari and lifted it from her legs. My mom pushed his hands back and straightened her sari over her legs. Raghu said why you have to feel shy, who is here. “This guy” he said pointing towards me” has already fucked you and he has seen all parts of your sexy body”. My mom kept quite. Raghu now once again lifted up her sari along with her petticoat unto her waist. He bunched up the sari and petticoat at her waist so it wouldn’t slip down. Now he had access to her thick thighs, they looked so milky white and Raghu was fondling them, roaming his hands over her panty covered pussy mound and sometimes between her inner thighs.

I couldn’t keep my eyes on the road; it was getting very difficult to drive with this guy molesting my mother in the back seat. Raghu slid down the seat a little and opened his pants. canlı bahis siteleri He took out his hard cock then holding my mom by her hair he pushed her down on his cock. She worked on his balls for a few minutes and then she slid her mouth up his shaft and started to flick her tongue over the head. My mom then opened her sweet lips and let his cock into her mouth. Raghu shut his eyes to enjoy the wet blowjob more.

My mom’s head was bobbing up and down on his cock as he held her hair to pull her down on him. After a while he pulled out of her mouth and sat straight. He wanted to finish off now as he was too horny. He put his hands under my mom’s big ass and lifted her a bit so he could pull her panties off. With one forceful tug he pulled her panties down exposing her cunt, she was completely shaved and the puffy outer part of her pussy was dark like her skin but the slight peek I got at the flesh inside was pink and it looked wet. The push made her lose her balance and fall sideways on to the seat. Raghu caught her at her thighs and shifted her so that she was spread all over the back seat. He put her one leg over the back rest and dived onto her pussy. He bit her pussy lips and licked her making her moan.

Raghu was going wild with lust. He didn’t care if he was being watched by me. My mother too was by now enjoying the tongue lashing she was getting. She would lift her ass, shoving her cunt into his face. By now Raghu’s face was covered with her juices. He got up from her cunt and wiped his wet face on the bunched up sari.

He then put his hands under her big buttocks and lifted up her ass. He had his cock pointing towards her wet hole. But in that odd position his cock wouldn’t go into her cunt. I was again surprised to see my mom taking his cock in her hand and guiding it into her steamy entrance and watched as he pushed forward. The dark petals of her pussy opened up güvenilir bahis and the fat head of his black cock squeezed inside.

Raghu pushed forward hard, forcing his cock into her bit by bit. She sighed again, eyes closed as she embraced the feeling of slowly being filled up. She was so turned on, so wet that her pussy seemed to pull him into her. Finally, he was inside her to the hilt.

He kept himself deep inside her hole, and she opened her eyes, looking at him. Raghu began to slide his rock hard member in and out of her hungry cunt, using short strokes.

She stretched her feet out behind him as he hammered into her helpless cunt a little harder. He was now using full thrusts, his long cock pulling almost entirely out of her vagina before slamming back into her. Raghu showed no mercy, driving his rock hard cock deep inside her relentlessly.

After a few strokes his cock ejaculated violently inside her. He moaned his cock spasming as hot cum shot into her pussy. He remained inside her until every last drop of his hot fluid trickled into her.

Raghu pulled out his cock only after it had gone limp. He wiped himself on my mom’s sari and sat up. My mom lay there with his cum flowing out of her cunt. Raghu told me to stop the car. He came up front and said that now I could have my turn and to get in the back seat. I was turned on and couldn’t refuse. This was the second time I was getting to fuck my mom’s cum filled cunt.

I got behind as Raghu started the car. Raghu yelled back” Girija give the young guy a good time”. I took out my cock; I wanted so badly to turn her and fuck her big ass doggy style but didn’t want to talk now. I just shoved my cock into her wet greasy cunt. It was hot with all that fluid inside her. I fucked her with all that wet stuff clinging onto my cock. I didn’t last very long. I emptied my balls and got up. We just straightened up. My mom pulled her sari down and I stuck my cock back into my pants.

We neared our street and Raghu dropped my mom there. That was the pick up point. Then I got off at another street and I said I would walk it to my house from there. I reached home before my mom got there. She came in later very tired.

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