Mom Trains Her Son Ch. 09


Louise is the mother; Buddy is the son; and, Barbara is the daughter. Everyone is over 18!


Barb looked at her brother but she didn’t say a word. So Buddy said: “We don’t have to fuck Barb, let me please you with my fingers and mouth. Then decide if you want this.”

Her brother was nude and held his cock in his hand to show her how hard he was. Again, Buddy wasn’t huge, no 10 inch cock here, but he was a good 6 + inches and thick. The best thing about his cock was he was extremely hard, so very hard. Louise had never felt a cock as hard as her son’s cock when he was excited.

At the ripe age of 19 he was at the peak of his sexual life and his mother both knew that and was making sure she was satisfied. Now it was time to introduce her daughter to his hardness too.

Bud kept talking to his sister trying to get her to join in the sexual play he had with his mother. The sex had been sensational with mom, now if he could get his beautiful and so well built sister to join in, he would have someone to fuck all the time. Mom during the day on the weekends, sis at night. During the week when mom went to work he would have Barbara everyday until she went back to college in the fall.

It was a win\win for him and he was sure the ladies would enjoy each other too from time to time. He imagined what a 3 way with these two beauties would be like. Mom could teach and they all could fuck. Just the idea made his cock jump in his shorts.

Mom walked around to the chair her daughter was sitting on. She took her hand and helped Barb up making her stand. God she was a beauty, beautiful face and her body was just like her own except 25 years younger. It was impressive how much the two of them looked alike. If only her daughter would see the joy in a family sex life. If Bud could only get Barbara to let him please her, lick her cunt and suck on her clit Louise was sure she would then beg him to fuck her. Louise was sure, once Barbara had tasted the pleasure her son could give her daughter sexually, she would join the two of them and offer her body for more sexual pleasure.

As she stood there with her mother holding her hand, Barbara was dressed only in a tee shirt and her red panties. Her jean shorts lay on the floor from her taking them off so she could masturbate while mom told her about the sex she had with her brother. Mom and Bud could both see the panties were stained with Barb’s cum from her fingering herself. The actual crotch was sticking to Barbara’s pussy.

Unknown to Barbara, Bud had watched his sister masturbate and climax while his mother told her what had been going on between the two of them.

Louise was dressed in her thin light color tee shirt with those big beautiful breasts pushing out against the material. Her nipples were hard as a rock and very apparent. She was still wearing her sleep shorts. Actually they were men’s boxer shorts.

Bud was wearing only a pair of men’s shorts but he had stripped them off happy to show his sister his hard on. He had no shirt on since he had just come out of the shower.

As they stood there, Louise said: “Just follow my directions Barbara. If you don’t want Bobby to touch you some place just say so. But you can help us all get some fun and pleasure.”

Bud’s hard cock had jumped out straight at his sister. He smiled seeing her looking at it. His cock was very hard as usual and he knew he was going to get fucked today. The question was would it be mom, or sis, or both of them.

Mom moved around and stood in front of Barbara. She slipped the tee shirt over her head and wiggled out of her shorts too. Standing nude in front of her children Louise watched as Bud reached for her breasts. Her breasts were large and her nipples hard and long and thick. Both children looked at them. She smiled at Bud as Barbara watched her brother begin to play with her mother’s breast.

Bending his head he began to suck on her nipples. Then he went from left to right sucking them and playing with her tits. Bus moved back to the left. He nursed on it for a few seconds before her moved his head to his sister’s chest.

Barb still had on her tee shirt but Buddy didn’t seem to care. He cupped one of her breasts and opened his mouth and covered the tip of her tit sucking on the tee shirt. Barb stood there letting her brother suck it. She could feel his mouth sucking and his hands playing with her.

He squeezed it and held it in both hands as he sucked and licked over the tee shirt making it wet from his mouth. “Take off your tee shirt Barb. Let your brother suck them directly baby. It feels so much better without the shirt.” Mom said.

Barbara didn’t move. She just stood there watching her brother move his hands and mouth on her chest. It did feel good, and she was tempted to lift the shirt up over her head. She had no bra on. But before she could decide what to do, her brother lifted her up and sat her on the table. She sat there with her legs dangling over the side of the table.

Bud bonus veren siteler placed a hand on each of her thighs and she jumped. But she didn’t try and remove them. Buddy was looking down at her red panties hiding her pussy. He said: “Open your legs for me sis. Spread your thighs a little for me. Let me see that wet spot.”

Barbara blushed bright red., but she didn’t move, so Bud applied a little pressure and gently opened them a few inches. Mom bend down and whispered in her daughter’s ear: “Open them baby. Let your brother see your beautiful panties and help him please you.”

Barbara opened her legs wide now, about a foot. Bud and mom could see the wet spot, it was bigger. A dark stain was centered directly at her pussy slit. Bud moved his hand and slowly ran it over the sport using his fingers to press inward just a little. Barb didn’t more and she didn’t try to stop him. She sighed loudly.

After he had ran two fingers up and down her pussy slit covered by the wet spot he took his fingers and raised them to his nose. “Your musk is driving me crazy Barb.” Bud told her.

He sucked on his fingers and then Bud took the chair behind him and pulled in forward so he could sit on it. He sat down and was looking directly between his sister’s lovely open thighs. “Beautiful Barb. You are so beautiful.” Bud told her.

Bud ran his fingers slowly up both sides of his sister’s open legs. As he moved them up towards her red panties, he could see her close her eyes. Bud was now touching her thighs on both sides of the pantie leg openings. Barbara didn’t move.

Then her brother ran his finger up and down the opening, again on both sides of her vagina. Her inner thighs were so soft and creamy smooth. He just kept slowly running his fingers over her thighs right at the pantie leg opening. He could see and feel she was wiggling her ass some now. He knew he was getting to her, he was sure.

Slowly, very, very, slowly Bud pushed his middle fingers on both hands up under the elastic around her pantie legs. He could feel the little hairs that were all around his sister’s pussy. They were wet. Slowly he moved his fingers deeper under her pantie legs adding more fingers as he went. Both hands move in unison towards the treasure of his sister’s cunt. Both hands were under her panties now. A hand under each leg opening all centering on his sister’s cunt.

Barbara touched his arms when he began to rub the actual lips of her pussy from both sides. But she didn’t stop him. He heard a soft moan as his fingers opened the lips of his the pussy. She was drenched and the heat told Bud she was on fire. When he looked up into her face she had a look of lust all over it. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was opened. The sheer feeling of sexual joy was all over her face.

Bud was winning the battle and everyone knew it. Mom could see it, Bud could smell and scene it, as the odor of her vagina’s juices lifted in the air and filled his nose and wet his taste buds. His fingers and hands were full of his sister’s juices as he masturbated her. And, of course Barbara, she could feel it as a small orgasm was building and shot thru her body and centered in her clit. She moaned as her hips rocked up and down as she love the feeling of Bud’s fingers slowly closing in on her open cunt hole to finger fuck her.

And then, Bud’s fingers were on her pussy and he used them to speared the lips wider so he could touch the wet pink insides of her pussy. Barbara moaned again as her brother began to insert a finger into her love hole. He slowly pushed it in and began to finger fuck her as gently as he could. He did everything to her pussy gently and slowly. It was better this time doing it that way.

He was thinking: “One day I know she would just strip and throw me on the bed and tell him to fuck her. Then I’ll do it hard and fast and drive us both wild and crazy with lust.”

As she lay back on the table now her head was now thrown back, Barbara was in heaven. She love what her brother’s fingers were doing to her mind body and especially her wet hot cunt.

Mom just stood there, it was amazing to watch them. Bud making love to his sister’s cunt as she rested on the kitchen table, thighs spread as wide as she could get them now. No one had to tell her to open them wider. She did it so her brother could get to her pussy and love it with his fingers. God she was dripping!

Barbara, loving how her brother was touching her and had begun to rest way back on her elbows so she could move her hips around easier as she gently and slowly beginning to fuck the fingers back.

Mom was standing there watching and seeing it all happened right there. Louise used her hands to move the cups and glasses back to the other end of the table so her daughter could lay all the way back when she needed to do it. Louise knew from experience that soon her daughter would just let it go. She would relax her body back and lay back on the table completely bahis so her brother could really work on her pussy and masturbate her to orgasm. She would need to cum so badly by then she would collapse on to her back and let it take over her body and she would orgasm.

Bud’s fingers were now soaking wet from his sister’s juice drops were falling on the floor. He had pulled the pantie leg to the left and opened them wide. He could now see his beautiful sister’s entire pussy.

It was lovely. Swollen lips protruded around his fingers. They were very tick swollen with her need. Her clit was standing out showing about half of the entire thing out from under the hood. Barbara’s pussy was ready to receive a cock and ready to mate. His sister was ready to breed if he so desired he could take her now.

But, right now all he wanted for her was to make her cum with his fingers. Then he would put his mouth on her cunt, eat her pussy and make her cum again. How many times was up to her. He would stay between her thighs and love that pussy until she pulled him up and out from between her legs. He was sure she would love how he ate her pussy. He knew he was good at it and licked and sucked her pussy would make her as agreeable to fucking him as much as his mother had. Especially if he promised and gave her as much oral as she wanted first.

He rotated his fingers inside her hole and fingered her a little faster now. He used his other hand to rub Barbara’s clit. Mom used her hand now to touch her daughter’s clit hood and she pulled it back so her son could touch and rub Barbara’s clit fully with his fingers.

The smell of sex was filling the room. Barbara moaned again and Louise bent down and whispered: “Lay back baby, lay all the way back and let your brother please you. He wants to please you so much. Lay back now.

Barbara laid back on the table and kept her ass at the edge of the table. “That’s it sweetie, just lay back and let your bother make you cum baby! Doesn’t it feel good? It feels so good having your pussy rubbed and fingers like Bud is doing, doesn’t it?”

Barb told her: “God yes! She arched her ass up trying to fuck Bud’s fingers.

Bud pulled the chair in closer to the table and then bent his head inward inhaling his sister’s wet open cunt. He moved his fingers out of her wet hole and replaced it with his mouth and tongue. He began to lick it up and down a few times and heard her cry out softly with her need.

Again Barbara was so ready to be fucked. But somehow Bud held off for now. All he wanted to do was make his sister cum for him. But soon very soon he would have the pleasure of feeling his hard cock enter his sister’s beautiful body. Soon he would savor the pleasure of her cunt around his swollen cock shaft. Soon he would feel the sheer joy of pumping his cum into her pussy and watch her cum back on his cock. IT was very hard not to just stand up and shove his very hard cock into her hole. But he knew the rewards would be greater if he held off.

As he licked up and down he felt his sisters hand on the top of his head. “Oh God yes Bud lick me!” She told him.

He did a few more times and then rammed his tongue as deep into her cunt hole as he could get it. Her taste was sweet and bitter at the same time. He flicked her hole using his tongue moving it in and out fucking her with it.

Barbara felt his tongue was like a snake running all over her pussy. It was so good and Barbara hump her hips now up and down trying to get herself off. They all knew she would cum soon.

Bud was still rubbing his sister’s clit as he kept licking and sucking on her pussy. Mom was kissing her daughter’s lips and squeezing her tits still covered by the tee shirt. Both of them were now working o her body and it was working. Higher and higher Barbara was climbing! Soon very son she knew she would scream with her release. She need to cum. She had to cum. “OH God! Oh God! Oh God.” She kept saying as Bud kept licking and sucking on her cunt.

As Barbara’s sexual excitement went higher and higher. Bud took her clit into his mouth and sucked on it as his fingers went back to finger fucking her hole.

When he felt she was ready he opened his mouth and sucked Barbara’s entire pussy slit into it. He sucked her entire cunt into his mouth.

Barbara moaned out as she began to climax moving her hips faster and faster and faster, humping and humping and humping her body against her brother’s face. She cried out again and arched up; her body lifted off the table; and, holding it and holding it up as she climaxed. She began to cum and cum and cum. Buddy just kept sucking!!

Finally she said: “Stop! Oh God! Please Buddy stop. I can’t take any more. Stop sucking on my pussy. Please!”

She grabbed his head. Buddy let her pussy go from his mouth and moved out from between his sister’s legs. His face was wet and he wiped it with his arms. He looked down at his sister’s pussy and opened legs. He smiled at her and she deneme bonusu smiled back at him.

Then the smiled disappeared. He took a step towards her and she felt his hard cock touch her pussy opening. She closed her eyes thinking he would just push in into her. She wanted it and didn’t want it. She didn’t know what she wanted. Yes she did she wanted it, and wanted it badly.

He stood there and waited. Louise smiled knowing he was waiting for Barbara to say fuck me or to take his cock and put in in her body. She smiled as she wondered if her daughter would do it.

Barbara didn’t move. So Bud pushed a little more and the tip of his cock was now pushing against his sister’s pussy lips opening them more. They waited and finally mom bent down again and whispered: ” Do it baby. Push your body and take Bud’s cock head inside you. He’s good baby and he wants to do it. He loves you and told me how badly he wants to make love to you. Do it sweetie take his hard cock.”

She didn’t move. So mom said: “Don’t be scared Barb. He wants you to move and take him into your pussy. Just push a little and he’ll know you want it. Or take it in your hand and put in in your pussy Barb. You’ll love it I promise.”

Barbara looked at her brother and reached for his cock. She took it in her hand and feeling how hard it was she moaned with the lust she had in her body and brain. She moved her body down a little until her ass was right on the very edge of the table. And then she hissed at her brother saying: “Fuck me!! God damn it Bud fuck me now. I want it so badly!”

Bud took his sister’s panties and pulled them down. Barbara lifted her ass up so he could remove them.

Bud smiled and moved in as his cock head entered his sister’s hole for the first time. He pushed and moved more of his cock inside her body. As they worked together now he filled her with all of his dick. They looked at each other and then both smiled as they began to fuck. IT felt so good for both of them. Mom knew how good it felt and was happy they had done this together.

Bud pulled out a little and then shoved his cock back into her body. Barbara grunted as he moved in and out of her now. They moved slowly at first. In and out, in and out, he fucked her gently but aggressively. She took him and loved how hard her brother’s cock was inside her cunt.

Taking her long legs in his arms Bud putting them over his strong arms and he lifted them up and put them on his chest with her feet up over his shoulders.

He worked his cock in and out of his sister’s pussy a little faster now. He move a littler faster building up speed and a good rhythm. Then he altered his motion going slow to fast hard to soft. Barbara loved the different movements and speeds.

Bud would pull out until only the cock head was still inside her pussy hole. Barbara would shove her body forward and upward trying to get more of her brother’s dick in her hole. But, with her legs up in the air like they were she couldn’t go very far, besides her ass was on the edge of the table. Bud fucked her, teased her, loved her and she enjoyed every way and method he did to her.

The changes in speed, motion and the depth of Bud’s cock moving in and out of her body were driving Barbra wild. She was humping, lifting and arching as she tried to keep her brother’s cock buried deep inside her hole.

They went at it like any new couple would do the very first time they fucked. Mom watched and gave them her blessing. She watched Bud and made sure he was doing all the things she had taught him.

Louise held her daughter’s breasts and played with the nipples sucking hem pulling on them and stimulating them for her. Bar was going wild as orgasm after orgasm erupted in her body. It was glorious!

Finally Bud couldn’t hold off any longer. He had been fucking her for maybe 210-15 minutes. He pushed one last time going as deep into his sister cunt as he could. She arched up as they were both cumming! “Yes! Oh fuck yes’, Bud said as he began to empty his nuts full of cum into his sister’s pussy.

OHHHHH GOD Baby! Give me all of it”, Barbara cried out as her orgasm took over her body completely.

Barbara locked her cunt around Bud’s thigh cock shaft and squeezed it as hard as she could trying to hold it in her as long as she could do it. Her body erupted with her most powerful orgasm of her young life. It was very powerful and it went on and on and on! She loved every second of what her brother was doing to her.

Bud finally finished cumming and there was so much it was running all around the shaft of his cock as he kept it buried as deep inside her as he could get it. He finally released her legs and she wrapped them around his body. He pulled her up and kissed her hard and long.

Barbara still had her tee shirt on. Mom took the bottom of it and lifted it over her head. Barb lifted her arms as mom took it completely off of her. She didn’t say or do anything, she let her mom remove it.

Barbara took Bud’s head and bent it down so he could suck on her freed nipples. Barbara held Bud’s head as he sucked on her tits with his cock still buried in her cunt hole. Louise supported her daughter’s back as she sat there. They stayed in that position for a few moments.

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