Moms at the Beach Ch. 06


It was the week before finals and I was talking with Mom, going over questions I thought might be on our English exam, when she said Cindy had told her we’d be getting home the following Friday, after our last exam. I was about to correct her – our last exam was on Wednesday – when I thought Cindy might know something I didn’t. A party at Treicia’s? I decided to talk to my sister.

When I did I wasn’t sure what to think.

“Well, yeah, I lied. You’ve met Kim, this year’s grad student.” I had, she was a lovely woman of Japanese descent. “There’s no question she’s a dom. Dad’s out of town, he’s not getting back til Saturday. Mom thinks were not getting back til Friday. You got any question what will be going on at our house? I bet we can have some fun.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about fucking Mom, taking advantage of her in a submissive state. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it. You got a sudden problem with incest? What, it can only be intra-generational? ”

Well yes, I had thought about fucking Mom, she was beautiful, but it was a fantasy.

My sister went on. “What better time? We’ll get Mom while she’s immersed in the role of a submissive. It’ll be easy. She’ll be ours. Treicia and I talked about it, she introduced the idea to Kim, then I talked to her. Kim signed on.”

I didn’t like it, but I agreed to go along. Nothing was going to stop my sister; someone had to keep an eye on her.

* * * *

Kim had tied Mom to the bed and excused herself. They had played this game before. Mom strapped down, her cunt on fire, was starting to worry, her mind addled by the burning need between her leg. Would Kim come back? Maybe she had a heart attack? Maybe she had a better offer? This desperate, irrational fear gnawed at Mom, became a further impetus to her relentless libido, heated the magma pooling between her legs.

We arrived home to find Kim, fully clothed, on the living room couch, reading one of our parents’ books. She kissed Cindy and I and left.

We headed upstairs. In the hall heading towards the bedroom I caught the unmistakable scent of an overheated pussy. Mom was some turned-on. Over the past months I’d fallen in love with the taste and bouquet of cunts. Mom’s aroma was intoxicating.

I hung back, out of sight. Cindy, wearing boots, jeans, and a tank top – she had decided not to go full-blown dominatrix – strode into the bedroom. Mom was tied spread-eagled to the bed, wetness dripped from her slit. The look on her face was transparent: she was aroused, thrilled at being at Kim’s mercy, certain the coming hours would be filled with pleasure.

Then Mom saw my sister. She tried to sit up; her arms jerked against the ties binding her to the bed.

“Oh god, you’re home, you’re early. I can explain.”

Cindy sat on the side of the bed and, wordlessly, tweaked Mom’s nipple. Mom responded in three ways. She said, “Young lady, what do you think you’re doing?” Her tone. however, tone changed from authoritative to plaintive in the course of those eight words. But it was her body that spoke the loudest: a shudder ran through her.

“No need to explain Mama. I rented you from Kim. I have her permission to use you as I see fit. You see, I know all about you.”

Mom stammered out the next few words. “It’s just that-, that -, I mean-.”

“That you’re a slut, a submissive little lesbian whore, a cunt-lapper. Is that it Mama?”

Her daughter’s words had their intended effect. Mom took short hard breaths and stared at Cindy. Her chest rose and fell; her breasts and face flushed with arousal. Cindy groped Mama’s breasts, leaving the nipples erect and throbbing. Mom was transfixed, unable to cobble together a response, afraid her body would give lie to any objection she might make. Cindy saw her advantage; she pounced, pushed Mama back to the mattress, kissed her. The kiss was short, but passionate. Before Mom could react, Cindy pulled back.

Using her daughter’s name for the first time, Mom said, “Cindy, I can explain.”

Cindy waited; her hands roamed around Mom’s body, paying special attention to her full round breasts. You could see Mama, dazed by what Cindy was doing to her, try to confect an explanation.

“It’s just that I have these needs, needs I can’t control, needs that must be fulfilled…”

Cindy twisted Mom’s nipple. What came out of Mama was not a word, but it was full of meaning: the moan was unabashedly sexual, one of deep arousal.

Cindy’s voice was preternaturally calm. “I have needs too Mama. One of those is to make you my slut. For the next little bit you belong to me. Your pussy is mine. You exist to serve me.”

Cindy twisted the nipple again, this time a bit harder. The look on Mom’s face combined fear and lust, her growl as much animal as human. Cindy smiled.

“Don’t worry Mama, I won’t hurt you. Well, at least not too much. You see, Lisa is here to protect you. If I go too far, she’ll tell me to stop. And who knows, I might even listen.”

I Escort bayan had not expected this development; I had not anticipated being outed so soon. But who was I kidding, I would not derail this train. I stepped from the shadows and nodded to Mom.

Cindy went on. “But I know you want this. I’ll make sure you enjoy it.”

Cindy pulled a black silk blindfold from her back pocket and tied it to Mama’s head, covering her eyes. Mom said nothing, but turned her head, directing her ear to the room, listening intently. There was, however, no sign of panic. This was, I thought, not the first time Mom had been tied to a bed and blindfolded, not the first time she’d played this game.

Cindy moved; the bed shifted. Mom tilted her head, directing her sightless gaze at the motion. Cindy, whose head now hovered between Mom’s legs, licked Mom’s clit, once, then blew warm air over her pussy. Mom objected, “Cindy you can’t do this, I’m your mother,” but the words were undercut by a low moan. Mom, ever so slightly, rocked her hips forward.

“Now Mama, that’s just a teaser. There’s more to come.”

Cindy licked up the length of Mama’s pussy, from bottom to top.

“Mama, you taste mighty nice. Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”

Cindy left the room. Mama turned her head, listening. When Cindy was gone she said, “Lisa, are you there?”

“Yes Mama.”

“You need to stop your sister. This is insane. I’m your mother. You’ve always been the sensible one. You can’t do this to me.”

I was looking at her pussy. Juice was dripping from it; there was a wet spot on the bed.

Sometimes I hated being the sensible one.

Fuck, I was all in.

“It seems to me Cindy is right. You’re a submissive little whore. Think about it, all these years you’ve been in charge, we’ve had to listen to you, but from now on you’ll belong to us. You gotta admit, that’s a proposition it’s hard to say no to.”

Cindy returned. Mom heard her and cocked her head. Cindy sat on the side of the bed and tugged off the blindfold, letting the straps slide across Mom’s face and breasts. Mom’s eyes went wide. Cindy was holding a butt plug; it was three inches long, white and plastic.

“Mama, no talking. Do you understand?”


Cindy squeezed one of Mom’s magnificent breasts, not hard enough to injure, but plenty hard enough to get Mom’s attention. Mom got the message. She nodded her head.

Cindy said to Mama, “That’s a good girl,” and then to me, “Slip a pillow under the slut’s ass; put her blindfold back on.”

Mom, who was laying on the bed, raised her hips and lifted her head. I slid the pillow under her butt and tied on the blindfold. On impulse, I checked Mom’s sex. Her dense pubic hair was thick with fluid. Cindy watched me finger Mom. She smiled, leaned over and kissed me, slipping her tongue into my happy mouth while pushing a finger into my sex. I sighed, my pleasure evident. Mom heard what was going on; her breasts flushed red. Cindy placed her free hand on Mom’s hip and applied upward pressure. Mom tilted her hips back and raised her ass, exposing the brown crinkled anus.

Cindy moved her finger around inside me, eliciting a happy moan, and then worked the finger, wet with juice, against Mom’s asshole, coating the entrance. Mom whimpered. Cindy repeated the process several times, then pushed the tip of her index finger inside, forcing lubricant into Mom’s ass. Cindy inserted the butt plug in her own pussy, closed her eyes and, groaning in delight, swirled it around.

She caught my eye and looked at Mom’s butt. I got the message. I scooped cream from my pussy and applied it to Mom’s ass, forcing some inside her, using one, then two fingers. Mom’s sphincter seemed almost educated; opening and closing in time with my fingers, grabbing onto them as if trying to pull them back inside. Mom’s breathing deepened. She rocked her hips. She was ready.

Cindy placed the tip of the butt plug to Mom’s sphincter. Mom didn’t resist; she relaxed and the plug slipped inside her. Mom grunted, a combination of pleasure and discomfort. Cindy did not stop until it was embedded in Mom’s ass. Then Cindy twisted it, wiggled it. Mom’s breathing quickened at the explosion of sensations from her asshole.

“Mama, you can make all the sounds you want, but no words.”

Mom let out a loud intense whimper.

“I love the way you whine Mama, like a bitch dog in heat. I know you love to moan like a whore and you can do that, you can yelp and groan and blubber all you want. Heck, you can even say your daughters’ names, mine and Lisa’s, but no other words. Got it?”

Mom nodded.

Cindy went silent, placing a finger to her lips to let me know to do the same. Mom pushed her ass against the pillow, forcing the plug deeper into her asshole, then moved it around within her. Her tongue glided across her lips. Her body was on fire; she was aching for more: a finger in her pussy, lips on her clit, a tongue against her tits, anything.

I Bayan escort ran the tip of my index finger along Mama’s thigh, slowly, very slowly, heading to her pussy. Heat radiated from her skin. Then, when almost there, I did the same to the other leg. Mom was shivering, wanting more. She would have begged, but was forbidden by Cindy’s proscription on speech. She couldn’t even implore me by name; she did not know whose finger was on her. She let out a soft sensual needy moan.

I drew a circle around Mama’s vagina. Fluid dripped from her cunt, flowed down her ass, around the butt plug, stained the sheets. The circles got smaller, coming closer and closer to her pussy, closer and closer to her swollen needy clit. When my finger brushed the bottom of her slit Mama moaned and tried to align her cunt to my finger, hoping I’d shove it inside. I pulled the finger away. Mom, chastened, returned to her original position. I returned my finger, running it lightly over, but never penetrating, the lips of her labia, moved it up her vulva, approached her clit. Then, without warning, I jammed it in her cunt. Mom squealed in delight.

“Hmmm, I want a taste,” Cindy said, “but you first.”

I pulled my finger from her vagina, took a deep whiff.

“Mama, you smell good.”

I flicked the tip of my finger with my tongue, then held it to Mom’s nose. She breathed deeply, capturing the scent. I touched it to her lips and Mom sucked it inside, greedily feasting on her own juice.

“You like that Mama?”

She nodded yes.

“Do you want some more?”

She nodded again. She wanted my finger in her pussy, in her mouth. She loved the taste of pussy.

I coated two fingers with juice from Mama’s labia, then slid them in Mama’s mouth. She sucked contentedly, working my fingers with her cheek and tongue, savoring the flavor.

Cindy said, “I guess I’ll try some too,” bent forward, and licked Mama’s clit. It was a strong hard lick from a talented tongue and, amazingly, that single touch was all that was needed. Mom, having been turned into her daughters’ play thing, was already on the edge. She exploded, consumed by a strong intense sudden orgasm. She screamed and pulled against the ties restraining her arms and legs, thrashing in her chains. Squirting pussy juice, she arched her back, leaned on her shoulders, raised her pussy to Cindy’s mouth, craving more.

Cindy moaned into Mama’s pussy, feasting on the fluid. Although Mama was in the midst of one orgasm, Cindy started driving her to another. She took Mama’s clit in her mouth and jammed two fingers in her pussy, furiously moving them in and out. Mama started chanting, “Cindy, Cindy, Cindy…”

“Come Mama, come on Cindy’s face,” I urged.

It was all too much. Mama felt a wave of pleasure surging towards her, through her; it would not be as intense as her first orgasm, but would be deeper longer thicker. She started shaking, longing for the impending explosion, riding the edge of the wave. When it struck her she let out a long scream, tensed, squirmed, collapsed onto the bed. She was covered with sweat.

Mom, sucking in air, seemed a delectable treat. Cindy and I indulged, leaving nips and kisses from her pussy to her belly button, then visited her breasts and mouth.

“We love you Mama.”

Mama, using the only words allowed her, said, “Cindy, Lisa.” Her voice was laden with affection.

We were all quiet, enjoying the respite, and letting the tension and anticipation build. It was Cindy who broke the ice. She said, “It’s my turn,” got to her knees, straddled Mom’s hips, and walked forward, dragging her pussy over Mom’s body. Her panties were so infused with cream she left a trail of juice behind. When she reached mother’s enormous breasts she lifted her hips and settled her pussy on one of Mom’s nipples. Mom winced in delight.

Cindy rub her pussy into Mom’s breast, then scooted forward and held her cunt over Mama’s face. Mama took a deep whiff, enjoying the moist musky scent. Her tongue lept from her mouth, straining for Cindy’s pussy. But Cindy teased her, holding her snatch just out of reach. When Cindy finally lowered herself the tip of Mom’s tongue grazed over the Cindy’s panties. Mom moved her head to the side, trying, and failing, to work her tongue around them. Frustrated, she pulled at her restraints, temporarily forgetting her predicament.

Cindy took mercy and settled down, covering Mom’s face. Mama, meticulously, assessed the shape of Cindy’s pussy through the cotton, then sucked on Cindy’s pussy lips. Cindy loved it; her juice infused the fabric and she gave out sharp little moans. Mama sucked harder and moved her face from side to side, putting pressure on Cindy’s clit.

Cindy, panting, looked at me and said, “Please, take my undies off.” I pulled them over her hips and ass, worked one side around and off her foot, leaving the other side around her ankle. When I was done Cindy returned her cunt to Mama’s face and Mama squealed in joy. She licked the swollen pussy lips, Escort pushed her tongue inside my sister, and munched along her labia, heading towards Cindy’s clit. Mama sucked it into her mouth, freeing it from its hood. Her lips massaged its sides, the tip of her tongue teased it, the flat of her tongue glided over it.

God, this was hot. I inserted one, then another, finger in my pussy. A third followed. My cunt was wet, ready to go. I pushed in a fourth finger and started riding my hand as if it were a massive cock. I massaged my clit with my thumb. I loved it, moaning non-stop.

I watched Mama and Cindy, the voyeuristic charge added fuel to my fire.

Mom made expert love to Cindy’s pussy and Cindy did not hold back. “Yes, yes, yessssss! Mmmmmmm, Oooooooooh yeah, mmmmm, ohhhhhh, ahhhhhh, ugggggghhhhhh, oooooohhhhhh.” Cindy ground her cunt into Mama’s face, took hold of the headboard, shook the bed with her movements. “Mmmmmmmmm, lick my yummy cunt, ooooohhhhhh, oh yeah, Mommy-slut, gawwwwddddddddd fuckkkkkkkkk, mmmmmmmmm fuuuuuccccckkkkkkk.”

I rammed my hand into my cunt. I was too far gone to craft words. My cunt muscles contracted around my fingers; I let out war whoops of pleasure. Juice flowed over and across my hand.

Trapping Cindy’s clit between her lips, Mom ran her tongue across it, left to right, right to left, up and down, back and forth. I could see the explosion building on Cindy’s face, her entire universe was centered on Mama’s mouth. She leaned forward, rocking her pussy into Mama, watching me pound my cunt with my fingers. Cindy’s face contorted, she shook, her body grew warm, and then it hit her like a tornado. The orgasm geysered from her cunt through the rest of her. She sang out in obscene pleasure, “Yeeeeeeeesssssssssss! Mmmmmmmmm, oooooohhhhhhhhh, ffffuuuuucccccckkkkkkk, ggggaaaawwwewwdddddddd.”

She shook, shaked, rocked, and sloughed off Mama’s body, coming to rest next to me.

I screamed, “AAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHH, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” and jammed by fingers into my cunt. I urged my orgasm on, “YES! YES! YES! YES!” rubbing my pussy wildly, looking at my sister’s still jerking body, looked at mother tied to the bed, her face and blindfold soaked with Cindy’s pussy juice. “Oh GOD! AHHHHHHH SHIIIIIT! I’M GONNA CUM, CCOOOOOMMMMMMINNNGGGGG!” I roared, heaving forward, riding out the waves of a divine orgasm. Then I sank to the bed and nestled myself against Cindy and Mom.

For awhile the only sound was three women panting. It was Cindy who recovered first. She stood, stretched, went downstairs, and returned with a satchel and two bottles of water. She handed one to me, then said, “Thirsty Mama? Nod yes or no.”

Mom nodded yes. Cindy cupped the back of her head, held it up, brought the bottle to her lips. Mom drank greedily.

When done Cindy lowered Mama’s head to the pillow and retrieved a six inch purple strap-on dildo from her satchel, making more noise than necessary. Mama listened, trying to discern what was happening. Cindy motioned me over, sank the dildo inside me, then herself. I let out low long theatrical moan.

Cindy, bending over Mama, said, “I have something for you to clean off.” Dragging the dildo’s straps over Mom’s chest and breasts, she held the plastic phallus to Mom’s face. “C’mon now, I want it squeaky clean.”

Mama didn’t hesitate. She licked the dildo, enjoying Cindy and my taste. When Cindy centered it to Mama’s mouth, Mama swirled her tongue around the tip and slipped her lips down its length. Cindy thrust it in and out and Mama put on a show: her cheeks sunk in, her tongue bathed the plastic dick. Mama knew how to suck cock.

Cindy pulled it away. Mama emitted a low mournful groan, but stuck to the instruction to say nothing. Cindy said, “Hey sis, help me put this thing on.”

I helped secure the toy; it was my favorite. It’s contoured shape included an arch on the shaft for the g-spot and two bumps that, when the dildo was worked right, slid over the women’s clits. I knew what Cindy could do with this thing; Mom was going to be a happy little slut. Cindy and I exchanged a long sweet kiss; our low murmurs and smacking sounds signaling to Mom what her daughters were doing. As we did the dildo slapped against my thigh. Cindy knelt; I felt her hot breath, then her tongue, on my clit. I squealed, “Eyyaaahhhhhhhh.”

Cindy stood, kissed me again, this time a short quick peck, then crawled atop Mom’s prostrate body. “Ready to be fucked Mama?”

Mom nodded, by now understanding her daughters’ skills, knowing she’d be well-fucked. I sat on the edge of the bed and dragged the tip of the dildo over Mama’s clit, down her slit, positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. Mom rocked her hips, trying to capture the dildo with her pussy lips. I yanked it away.

She couldn’t take it anymore, the instruction to remain silent forgotten. “Please,” she begged, “Please fuck me. I need it in me.”

Cindy twisted a nipple; Mom winced in pain. The next moment, however, the look on Mama’s face said it was all worth it. Cindy pushed the tip of the dildo inside Mom, then, slowly, knowingly, filled her pussy with the toy, going deeper and deeper until their hips met. Cindy took off Mama’s blindfold. Mama blinked, then focused on Cindy.

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