Mom’s the Mascot Ch. 02

Jerking Off

Chapter 2 The Neighbors Too!

One of the neighbor boys had noticed Michelle outside sunbathing naked one day and asked one of his friends about Michelle. It turned out to be one of the soccer team, and soon enough Michelle was introduced to her neighbor boy when Ron told her she was expected to hold an eighteenth birthday party for him one afternoon. After doing a wild strip tease dance for all of the attendees downstairs in the family room, Michelle had taken the guest of honor upstairs and gently introduced him to sex, giving him her most special version of head, letting him fuck her experienced cunt, and finally giving him her well-worn but still tight asshole. She made sure it was the fuck of his lifetime. She was up to thirteen guys now.

The neighbor boy, Stanley, had caught on quickly and was dropping by almost every day to fuck Michelle. His mom would even call looking for him, and Michelle would often answer the phone while Stan was fucking her from behind. She could hardly believe she was talking to his mom while he reamed her cunt and ass. One day she had even been forced to talk to his mom while she was sucking Stanley’s cock. It was a difficult conversation and Michelle had to make the excuse that the strange sounds were coming from something she was preparing in the kitchen. Stan was well-endowed and uncircumcised, so Michelle really enjoyed his regular attention and pretended to his mom that he was hanging out with her son. He loved it when Michelle would go outside naked and lay spread-eagled by the pool on a lounge chair, letting him watch her masturbate while he sipped a cold drink. He was the first one to bring Michelle a large vibrator and took pleasure in bringing her to orgasm outside next to the pool where there was always some danger being seen.

Stan bought Michelle a huge fake penis and one afternoon had her put it on the small table by the pool. It had a suction cup that kept it upright and Stan loved watching Michelle impale herself on the thirteen inch long cock. He loved watching her look back at him over her shoulder as she pulled open her ass cheeks and shoved the huge cock into her cunt. She had a helpless, agonized look on her face that betrayed her ecstatic lust for the huge cock. Watching Michelle mount the huge cock became a favorite pastime of several of her visitors and they enjoyed finding new places for mounting it for her to impale herself. It had been on chairs, the kitchen countertop, tables, windows, doors, and her car.

One warm day while Stan had her in a state of ecstatic and oblivious arousal, the pool guy had walked in. Michelle didn’t realize he was there at first and had forgotten that he was coming that day. Stan smiled at the pool guy, and waved to him to come closer. As Michelle opened her eyes, she realized the pool guy was standing over her staring down at her bare tits and spread-eagled cunt.

“Oh my god.” She reacted, trying to cover her crotch with her hands. “I forgot you were coming.”

“Oh, its okay, Mrs. Cox, I learned in this job I have to be very discreet.”

Stan spoke up, “Maybe Michelle, you need to reward Joe’s discretion. He’s our pool guy too.” That afternoon the pool guy became her next new regular when she mounted him while he sat in a chair. Now she was up to fourteen, not counting her husband. Since Stan knew Joe’s schedule, he would always get Michelle to go outside naked whenever Joe was coming, enjoying her feigned surprise every time Joe walked in on her naked masturbation sessions. Joe was soon introduced to her deep throat blow-jobs, and had even been in her ass after she bent over the patio table for him one day and asked him to take her there. The Cox pool had never been cleaner.

It got even more complicated when Stan’s big sister Susan, who was an attractive blonde co-ed that Michelle knew her own son admired began to suspect Stan was up to something. She confronted Stan and threatened to tell their parents that she had seen Stan with Michelle outside one afternoon. Stan was desperate and confided the whole story to Susan, pleading with her to keep his secret. Susan shocked her little brother, asking if Michelle was hot. He didn’t realize where it was going but he described more about Michelle, and Susan told him he would have to make Michelle include her in the arrangement or she would blow the cover for everyone. Stan was stunned at his big sister’s request.

Stan took her over to meet Michelle that afternoon, knowing Michelle was going to be available.

“Oh hi Stan.” Michelle said, looking puzzled to see this beautiful blonde young woman with Stan.

“Michelle, this is my sister Susan. She knows everything.” Stan hung his head.

Susan interrupted. “Michelle, I understand you are fucking my brother, the pool guy, and a dozen more guys on a soccer team and don’t want anyone to know about it.”

“Please, Susan, I will do anything you want, but it would ruin my family if bedava bahis they found out about my extracurricular activities. Stan found out by accident because he saw me in the yard one day. I just wanted to keep him quiet.”

“So, why don’t you show me what it is you do for Stan?” Susan said with a firm voice, looking directly into the shorter woman’s blue eyes. “I’d like to see exactly what you do naked in the back yard.”

Michelle stammered and looked like a scared cat, glancing at Stan, who remained silent.

“I’ll change into my bathing suit and be right back. Stan, you know where everything is, if you are hungry or thirsty help yourself.”

She came back downstairs and found Susan sitting on the patio alone.

“I sent Stan home. He told me everything so I want to see it all. I don’t really want to see you suck his cock or see him fuck your ass. Instead I want to see you get naked and masturbate with your dildos out here on your chair while I watch. I’d really love to have you eat my pussy, Michelle. Are you willing?”

Michelle looked at the cute blonde, realizing she didn’t have much choice but to please her. “I never have, but I will.”

“Have you had sex with anyone today?”

“No, Stan is usually the first of the day.”

Susan began to disrobe and was down to her panties and bra when she turned and looked at Michelle, saying “I really want to see you masturbate for me Michelle.” Susan walked over and pulled Michelle’s top off, and lifted her hefty breasts with her hands.

“These are gorgeous for an older woman. The boys must love these.” She bent down in front of Michelle and pulled her bottoms down. She cupped the smooth-shaved pussy in her palm and kissed one of Michelle’s hard nipples. Susan lifted Michelle’s arms above her head, and asked her to slowly spin around, admiring the older woman’s curvy body.

When Susan let go of her Michelle lay down on one of the pool chairs and spread her legs wide. Susan knelt next to her and took her own bra off. Michelle admired the young girl’s firm white tits and reached up to touch them.

Susan smiled as Michelle cupped her C-cup breasts, and began to diddle Michelle’s clitoris. Michelle enjoyed the delicate touch more than if it was her own finger and responded by closing her eyes and opening her legs wider. Susan soon decided to bend forward and lick the older woman’s cunt and Michelle sighed with content, still touching Susan’s breast. Susan continued her oral assault for a few more minutes, sensing Michelle was already near orgasm. She stopped licking Michelle and stood up, dropping her own panties to the ground. She straddled Michelle’s face and slowly lowered herself onto Michelle’s smiling face.

“Stan says you give him head, do you want to eat me too?”

“Mmmm, yes, Susan, I will. What you did felt incredible.”

Susan lowered herself further and Michelle began to lick and penetrate the young girl’s cunt with her tongue. Susan decided to turn around, so she could see and touch Michelle’s breasts and open crotch and Michelle was excited to realize that the young girl’s firm butt and her ass was also available for her to service. She reacted by licking enthusiastically on Susan’s anal orifice, pushing her tongue as far as she could up the girl’s ass. Susan was surprised but thrilled that Michelle was so adventurous. She pinched and rubbed the older woman’s big tits and nipples, and enjoyed fingering her shaved pussy. She lifted Michelle’s legs and Michelle got the idea to raise her knees, opening her own ass for Susan to see and touch. Susan soon slipped a finger deep into Michelle’s ass and began to finger fuck the woman’s asshole. By this time, Michelle was back to servicing the first pussy she had ever tasted, hoping to be rewarded by feeling Susan orgasm while sitting on her face. Eventually her ministrations paid off and Susan shuddered and clamped her legs on Michelle’s head, gushing wet cream all over Michelle’s happy face.

When Susan regained her composure she asked Michelle to get on her hands and knees, and with one hand pushed the vibrator in and out of Michelle’s cunt, while she held one of Michelle’s hefty tits in her other hand. Michelle fell in a soft heap when she began to orgasm from Susan’s attention to her cunt. When she rolled over and looked up, Susan was sitting in a chair over her head with her legs spread.

“My turn Michelle. I’d really like you to eat my cunt and do some more of that ass-kissing you did earlier.” Susan lifted her legs and put her feet in the chair, opening everything for Michelle as Michelle got back up on her hands and knees. Michelle was thrilled to be experiencing this and smiled up at Susan as she proceeded to tongue her pussy and ass, burying her nose in Susan’s pussy and enjoying the wonderful tastes and smells of another woman.

After Susan recovered from Michelle’s wonderful attentions, she got her purse and casino siteleri pulled out a small bejeweled plug a few inches long.

“Stand over here by my chair Michelle. Turn around. Bend over for me.”

Susan slipped the shiny butt plug into Michelle’s ass. “I want you to wear that for me until I tell you its okay to take it out. If your husband comes home you can take it out so he doesn’t see it. But I want all your boyfriends to see your new butt jewelry, and tell them they can’t fuck your butt until I say so. I am going to take ownership of your asshole Michelle. Unless they want to be exposed and loose the chance to fuck you ever again, they will have to use just your cunt and your mouth for a while. Understand?”

“Yes. But why not let them fuck my ass?”

“Because I know that you love being assfucked more than anything else, don’t you?”

“I don’t know.” Michelle blushed realizing Susan was onto her secret.

“Look at it this way Michelle, you are going to have more orgasms than ever when I let them use your ass again. Meanwhile you are going to think about your big slutty asshole all the time, knowing it has a jeweled butt plug in it that Susan made you wear and that we all know you are wearing. You are going to prove that you will do as you are told and be a good little slut whore for the whole neighborhood. Understand, Michelle?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Now, one more thing. I want you to pose for me and let me see your new butt plug.”

“Oh no, please I don’t want anyone to have photos of me.”

“Michelle, that’s why I want them. It will be my insurance that you don’t take out the butt plug except when you are in bed with your husband.”

“Now go out there on the lawn and bend over.” Susan snapped dozens of photos of Michelle bending over and showing her butt jewelry, and got Michelle to show off her ability to do naked cartwheels. Then she photographed Michelle spread-eagled on the patio table, bent over her elegant dining room table, on her hands and knees on the living room coffee table, and even standing naked, from front and rear, just inside the open front door of the house. Susan finished off by taking Michelle upstairs to her big bed and straddling Michelle’s face for a while more.

She left smiling, knowing she was now in control of Michelle. What surprised Michelle most was that only a few days later, Susan came to dinner with her son Tommy.

“Mom, this is Susan. I invited her over for dinner and we’re going to go out afterwards.”

“Hi Susan, very nice to make your acquaintance. You live next door to us don’t you?”

“Yes mom, she’s our neighbor. We used to have classes together until she transferred to state.”

As Tommy excused himself and went up to his room to change clothes he left his mom alone with Susan. Susan immediately walked up behind Michelle and lifted her knee-length skirt, pulling down Michelle’s panties and squeezing her ass cheeks as she checked to see if Michelle was wearing the butt plug. She was and Susan decided to tell her that she could take it out if she wanted. Michelle smiled, and trying to be discrete said “It turns out I really enjoy it. But with your permission I would really like to be allowed to let the boys and your brother take advantage of that again.”

“Is your husband out of town?”

“Yes till next week.”

“You can let them all go back to doing your asshole. You’re such a butt-fuck whore Michelle.” She grinned as she called Michelle a whore. ” Maybe tonight we can get together later.”

Michelle smiled. “I’d like that.”

That night Susan and Tommy went out till quite late and finally Michelle heard Tommy coming in and going to bed. After the lights were out, to Michelle’s surprise, Susan crept into her bedroom. She closed the door and Michelle saw her take off a bathrobe.

“I have something for you.” Susan whispered as she climbed into the bed. Susan wasted no time straddling Michelle’s face and lowering herself down on the older woman. As Michelle began to lick the young girl’s vagina, Susan said,”Your son fucked me tonight and I want to let you eat his come out of my pussy.”

Michelle was shocked, but eagerly began to lick deeper into the young girl’s vagina. She could taste sweet-salty come leaking out of Susan. Soon Susan began to orgasm and clamped her legs on Michelle’s face. She then collapsed on top of Michelle, and whispered in her ear saying, “Michelle, that was wonderful, and I want you to know your son is quite good in bed. I know you wish you could fuck him too, but from now on I want you to enjoy eating his come out of me. I’m going to let him fuck me every chance I get, cause he’s really good, and I love letting his mom eat his come out of my pussy. This will be our little secret. Did you enjoy eating

Tommy’s come?”

“Oh Susan, you are incredible. I love this idea. I’ll lick his come out of your ass too bahis siteleri if you want to let him have your ass. Has he had you there?”

“No, he’s pretty big, but I would love to try it just so you can do that. I totally get excited with the idea of making you eat your son’s come out of my ass. I’ll get off even more when I think about you licking his come out of my ass after he is done with it. And you do such a good job of it too. You are such a slutty whore. It will be just so much better with his flavoring in my ass, won’t it?”

“You know me too well.” Michelle admitted.

Susan stayed and cuddled with Michelle, resting her head on Michelle’s big breasts for a couple of hours. Then she quietly got up and left.

The next night Tommy told his mom he was going out with Susan again and Michelle enthusiastically wished him a good time. Right after Tommy came back in, Susan again appeared in Michelle’s bedroom and knelt over her face. She had done it. Michelle was thrilled to suck and lick on Susan’s come-filled asshole, still relaxed from being used by Tommy, while Susan licked Michelle’s wet cunt. When they both came, they cuddled and Michelle asked Susan how it was with Tommy. Susan told her it was wonderful, that her son was a sensitive lover and that he had gone slowly enough that she had really enjoyed anal sex. Susan went back to sixty-nining with Michelle, fingering Michelle’s ass as well and when they finished again, Susan went home.

Her son had now become a regular member of the most popular clique at college. Susan had become his regular new girlfriend, and while they were at home almost every time they had sex Michelle got to clean up Susan. Susan even began to spend the night with Tommy, with Michelle’s consent and knowledge, and would excuse herself to use the bathroom only to visit Michelle and let Michelle eat Tommy’s come out of whatever orifice he had enjoyed. Susan never interfered in Michelle’s activities with the other boys, including Susan’s brother who continued to be a regular visitor. It was not uncommon for Michelle to service a group of ten young men at once, often giving them a show in the back yard as well, whenever her husband’s and son’s schedules allowed her the liberty. None of the other neighbors ever seemed to notice, although there seemed to be a lot of golfers hanging around on the green behind the house sometimes. The pizza delivery guy’s car would sit in Michelle’s driveway for an hour at a time. Even the UPS driver seemed to stay for a long time. Michelle would frequently wear the butt-plug and let Susan see it, even letting Susan touch her under her dress when Tommy wasn’t looking. Susan enjoyed sliding a finger into the older woman’s cunt or asshole and would drop her top to fondle her tits whenever Susan could catch Michelle alone against the kitchen counter or table. The two of them seemed to be always together next to the pool and spent lots of time in the bathroom together. Tommy never realized that the wonderful relationship his girl had with his mother was anything but normal.

Her husband profited by Michelle’s increased libido and varied experience. Instead of being tired, Michelle was now eager to satisfy her husband when he was home. She had even surprised him by shaving her crotch bare and keeping it bare, and he had been thrilled to see his wife making such an effort to please him. She started a new habit of waking up before him and giving him head to wake him up. She gradually started wearing sexy lingerie, and he began to enjoy buying much more of it for her, especially when they would go shopping together and she would try it on for him in the stores. She eventually introduced him to anal sex with her as well, and even tricked him into thinking that he made her wear the jeweled butt plug that she so enjoyed wearing. He always thought it was their little secret. When he tactfully asked her to try a very daring and larger butt-plug with a long horse-tail attached she giggled and agreed, teasing him by saying he had become a pervert. “What’s next?” she asked, a harness and a bit for her mouth. Laughing, she asked him if he preferred riding her bareback. He had no idea that his wife would be wearing the pony plug while strutting naked in the back yard, doing cartwheels and high kicks for an audience of young men who all got to ride her bareback as soon as he left town.

Tommy and Susan soon married and got their own place. Tommy never knew why his wife was always so eager to visit his parent’s house and why Susan always insisted that they stay there. Tommy had no idea that his mom sucked the cocks of most of the guys in his wedding party including Ron, his best man, and Stan, his new brother-in-law during the reception and even at the rehearsal. He just knew she kept disappearing. He truly had no clue what his mom did alone with Susan while she was getting dressed for the ceremony, but he knew his new bride was glowing. Michelle continues to get a taste of her son whenever Susan can deliver it and Susan has now tasted her father-in-law as well. But to everyone except for her many lover boys and her son’s new wife Susan, Michelle retains the image of a normal soccer mom who lives in the country club.

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