Morning light 5


Morning light 5It wasn’t long after Jimmy and Jennifer arrived home that the telephone rang. Jennifer was already in bed, waiting for Jimmy to join her. “Hello,” Jennifer answered.”Jennifer, this is Rhonda,” Rhonda said, whispering into the telephone.”Is everything okay?” Jennifer asked, concerned when she heard Rhonda whispering.”Everything is wonderful,” Rhonda exclaimed, clearly excited but restrained.”Why are you whispering then?””Because my daddy is in the bathroom and I don’t want him to hear me.””Oh. How did it go?” Jennifer asked, finding that she was whispering as well.”God Jennifer, it was wonderful. I’ll tell you the details when I can talk. Let’s just say that I’m laying here with my daddy’s cum running in buckets from my stretched hole. My pussy is so sore I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow.””It sounds like you had a good time,” Jennifer said with a little laugh.”Jennifer, my daddy’s penis is even bigger than I remembered,” she continued, whispering in a dreamy tone of voice. “I never thought that “big” made a difference, but, oh God. You should see it, it’s incredible.””Is that an offer,” Jennifer laughed.There was silence on the line for a few seconds. “Well… I guess. I’ve seen your lover’s, so it’s only fair.””Be careful. I may take you up on that and who knows what can happen,” Jennifer said, trying to keep her voice light while a little tremor ran through her.”The shower just shut off so he will be out in a minute. We haven’t even gotten out of bed except to eat and go to the bathroom the entire weekend. Thank you so much for your help.””I didn’t do anything.””You gave me the courage to recognize and go after what I really wanted.””Well, I’m glad you’re happy. Why don’t we plan on you and your dad coming over Wednesday night for a drink? I’d love to meet him.””Okay, I’ll ask him. He’s coming back… Bye.” Rhonda hung up quickly before her dad could see that she was on the telephone.Jennifer heard the telephone go dead in her hand. There was a satisfied smile on her face. As she put the telephone back in the cradle, Jimmy came into the room.”Who was that?” he asked.”That was Rhonda. She was just telling me what a wonderful weekend she had with her father.””So they… so they… you know… uh,” Jimmy stammered.”Yep, they fucked… and fucked and fucked,” Jennifer said with a big smile.”Speaking of fucking,” Jimmy said, his penis showing signs of life.”Come over here and I’ll take care of that thing,” Jennifer said, motioning to Jimmy.Jimmy crawled onto the bed, kneeling at his mother’s head. He watched her hand reach up and grasp his penis. It throbbed and a little drip of clear juice bubbled from the head. He saw his mother’s tongue come out as she pulled on his shaft, forcing more of his juice to stream out. A silvery liquid ran from the slit and hung in a strand, sparkling in the dim light, before dropping onto his mother’s tongue. A little moan escaped Jimmy’s lips as he watched his mother milk the juice onto her outstretched tongue, then pull her coated tongue back into her mouth and swallow. “Did I ever tell you how good you taste?” Jennifer asked rhetorically. Jimmy let his mother suck on him until he was shivering with need. Then he placed his body over top of her, supporting himself on his hands. He kissed her lips, tasting his own sweet juice, then ran his tongue down her neck to her waiting breasts. He sucked her nipples briefly then lifted her legs, opening her for him. As he looked down, he realized that he would never get tired of the sight of her excited vagina. The skin on the large outer lips was smooth, like a baby’s butt. The inner lips puffed out, red, wrinkled, and swollen. He knew that it was corny but it looked like a rose with morning dew clinging to the petals. Just above was her swollen clit, peeking from the flaps of skin like a miniature penis. An inch below, between the lips, lay the opening to heaven for him, a special place from which he had emerged eighteen years ago. How could that opening have stretched so wide to give him birth and look so small today? he thought. He watched as the hole pulsed, opening and closing with her excitement, forcing a stream of her own sweet juice to trickle down between the cheeks of her buttocks. “Well, are you going to look at it or eat me?” Jennifer moaned impatiently.Jennifer’s voice shook Jimmy out of his reverie and he moved his head between her legs. Immediately he was enveloped in the intoxicating smell of her excited sexual parts. He breathed deeply, taking in her aroma before his tongue found her hole and gently pushed inside. He vaguely heard his mother scream somewhere in the background as his head spun with the thrill of his first taste. Her sweet womanly taste rushed into his mouth, making his penis throb with excitement. Then Jimmy opened his mouth, covering her entire opening, and began to suck the juice from deep inside her. It surprised him how much liquid she was producing. “Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck me, please,” Jennifer moaned, pulling on his shoulders, wanting to feel him inside her now.Jimmy quickly moved to his knees between his mother’s spread legs. His rock- hard penis throbbed in anticipation as he stared between her legs. He moved his hips lower until the swollen head parted her equally swollen lips. His penis stretched her vagina, sliding in effortlessly. “Wow, that talk with Rhonda must have gotten you excited,” Jimmy teased, his lips and chin still dripping with her juice.”Fuck me,” Jennifer said breathlessly as Jimmy began to slowly move in and out. “Rhonda… uh Rhonda says… oh God… Rhonda says that her dad’s penis is huge.” Jennifer was finding it very difficult to talk with her son’s penis moving inside her.”Bigger than mine, huh?” Jimmy said, forcing his penis into his mother for emphasis. “Oh God, Jimmy, I don’t know but he couldn’t possibly be as good as you.””Well, the thought sure made you wet. I’ll… mmmm… ohhhh you feel so good… I’ll bet you would love to try it out,” Jimmy said, enjoying the warm wetness of his mother’s hole.”No… uh oh God, fuck me Jimmy.” Jennifer grabbed her son’s hips and tried to pull him into her. The talk about Rhonda’s dad was exciting her beyond reason.”Come on Mom… come on, I’m sure you would like to have that big cock stretch you. Tell me Mom, tell me you want that big cock,” Jimmy said, holding his penis at the opening of her vagina, refusing to move until she answered.”Oh Jimmy, please!””Tell me, Mom,” Jimmy persisted. “Tell me the truth.””All right, damn it, yes, I want it. Now fuck me, please,” Jennifer screamed in a frenzy of excitement. Her head was spinning at the thought of Rhonda’s dad’s large penis stretching her. She could see it in her mind. She could see the big head with the sheath of skin opening her like nothing ever had. It embarrassed her that the thought excited her so much. She loved Jimmy and didn’t want anyone else as her soul mate. Yet, she couldn’t deny her feelings. The thought that she might be becoming a slut crossed her mind but she pushed it aside as pleasure overcame her concern.Jimmy was very excited at the thought of watching his mother take a large penis. He had watched Todd take his mom and found it incredibly arousing. God, what would it be like to see a huge tool moving in and out of her, stretching her until she screamed in pleasure? he thought. Suddenly, he forced his hips violently down into his mother’s willing hole, hitting bottom.”Ohhhhhhh Goddddddd Jimmy,” Jennifer said, her legs flying up to wrap around his back. She pushed her hips up; taking her son deep into her body, feeling him hit her cervix with the swollen head. She grunted as his violent thrusts brought pleasure with a little pain. That’s probably what Rhonda’s dad’s big cock would do she imagined. “Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, I’m… I’m going to… oh yes, ohhhhhhhhhh!!!” Jennifer screamed and began to climax as her vagina convulsed around her son’s shaft.”Here it comes, Mom,” Jimmy moaned. He pushed in as deeply as he could go and froze. An a****l scream escaped his lips. The swollen head of his penis grew even larger as his balls forced his pent -up sperm deep into his mother’s welcoming body. The two lovers shook with pleasure; each lost in their own world of perverse thoughts. Sometime later Jimmy and Jennifer lay relaxing on the bed, still naked, basking in the sweet afterglow of sex. Jimmy was snuggled into his mother’s arm, his hand gently caressing her breast.”Mom, you know that it’s okay with me.””What’s okay with you?” Jennifer asked, momentarily confused by his comment.”It’s okay if you want to… to do something with Rhonda’s dad,” Jimmy said, feeling a little twitch in his satisfied penis. “I can’t complain. You’ve let me have sex with two gorgeous women, not including the most gorgeous one, you. I don’t mind, really,” he said, trying to hide his own desires.Jennifer was silent for a long time. She wasn’t sure how to answer Jimmy. The thought of doing something with Rhonda’s father still brought a thrill to her. Yet, she didn’t want to do anything that would harm their relationship or hurt Rhonda for that matter. “Are you sure?” Jennifer asked. “I don’t want to do anything that would hurt us.””I love you, Mom, and I know you love me. There is no one else in this world that could take your place and I hope you feel the same way.””I do, Jimmy. God, I love you,” Jennifer said and brought Jimmy’s lips to hers for an emotional kiss. She could feel her body respond again, a vision of someone besides her loving son making love to her.When Jimmy pulled away, he had a naughty look on his face. “Now, the question is… Can I watch?” Jimmy said, squeezing his mother’s nipple hard between his fingers and pulling it upward.”Ouch. You’re incorrigible,” Jennifer laughed and grabbed Jimmy’s hand. Jimmy used his other hand to tickle his mother’s armpit. She squealed and tried to get away from him. Jimmy rolled over on her and sat on her stomach, tickling her sides. “Stop, stop, stop,” Jennifer laughed, squirming under her son.Jimmy persisted until his mother grabbed his hands and held them away. “Stop Jimmy, or I’ll pee myself,” Jennifer warned, laughing.”Oh really?” Jimmy said. “That could be real dangerous.””I know, so stop,” she said firmly but with a smile.Jimmy pushed his mother’s hands above her head, holding them there. Suddenly his face lost his smile. He bent his head and kissed his mother tenderly. When he pulled back he looked into her eyes and said, “Mom, about what we talked about this weekend… You know, babies… uh… When can we do it?Jennifer’s face became serious as well. “Well, let’s see what happens with the new job and moving. I certainly don’t want to be taking a new job and walk in pregnant. Just be patient. There are a lot of things to consider first.”Jimmy sat back, releasing his mother’s arms. Jennifer was surprised to see that his penis was hard and pulsing again. “Do you ever lose that erection?” Jennifer joked, a little pride creeping into her voice, knowing that she was the reason for his excitement.”Not when you’re around me.””Well, as long as you have an erection meant just for me, I guess we can practice making babies,” Jennifer said, letting her son move between her open legs again. His penis slid easily into her sperm filled vagina.An hour later, Jimmy and Jennifer fell into an exhausted sleep. Jennifer dreamed of giant penises. She was in a large house and there were naked men all over the place; each man had a larger penis than the next. She ran from room to room, excited but frightened as they chased her. Then the dream changed to her lying on a soft bed with Rhonda next to her. Rhonda was telling her to relax and let her father put his giant instrument into her. She was moaning, throwing her head back and forth in excitement. Jennifer glanced between her legs and saw Rhonda’s father’s penis. It was huge, maybe 12 inches long and as big around as her arm. She tried to get up but someone was holding her shoulders onto the bed. When she looked up she saw Jimmy smiling down at her with an evil grin. She looked to Rhonda but saw no sympathy in her eyes.Finally, she gave in and opened her legs, ready to take the giant penis into her. Then, when she looked at the face, she was shocked to see that it wasn’t Rhonda’s father; it was Jimmy. She moaned in surrender, letting the huge penis open her. Strangely, there was no pain, only pleasure. Jimmy was having weird dreams as well. He dreamed that he had fathered hundreds of babies with his mother. He was standing in the hospital nursery, when a nurse rolled a large nursery cart up to him with ten babies lying side by side, all crying, and screaming, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.” “Here is the first group Mr. Henson,” the nurse said. “There are lots more to come.” “Oh my God no,” Jimmy screamed in shock as he saw nursery carts, filled with babies, lining the hallway. The nurse smiled evilly and said, “That’s what you get for having babies with your own mother.” Jimmy awoke in a cold sweat, his skin soaked and clammy. He sat up in bed. Suddenly the realization of the responsibility he could be taking on dawned on him. He heard his mother making little whimpers of pleasure and saw a smile on her beautiful sleeping face. Somehow, he knew that everything would work out. He snuggled next to his mother and went back to sleep, this time to dream of a beautiful rose speckled with dew that turned into his mother’s sweet vagina before his eyes. Chapter 2The following day, Jennifer called Rhonda at home. She could tell immediately that the young woman was still excited about her weekend with her father. Rhonda told her that she and her father had had sex in almost every room of the house. They had gone to dinner Saturday night and then had sex in the car, right in the driveway. She whined that she was walking bow legged because she was still sore. Their conversation further stirred Jennifer’s libido as a vision of a giant penis entered her mind. Then they talked about what they had in common now and forbidden love. They whispered about their shared secret and how it was going to be very difficult to keep the world from knowing because they were both bubbling over with love. Still, they agreed that the excitement and love made it well worth the risk. They knew that their relationships were not normal by society’s standards but concluded that it was no one’s business but theirs. When Jennifer suggested that Rhonda bring her father over Wednesday evening, she readily agreed. The two of them hatched up a plan to let Rhonda’s father, Robert, “accidentally” discover that Rhonda’s good friend Jimmy had a taboo relationship with his mother. Hopefully, that would make Robert more comfortable with what had happened. Besides, it would be great fun. By the time Jennifer hung up the telephone, she needed to go to the bathroom and take care of her problem.”Jimmy, did you put the wine on ice?” Jennifer called from the bedroom.”Yes, Mother,” Jimmy answered, rolling his eyes at her nervous nagging.Jennifer was running late. She rushed around the bedroom dressing. It had taken her forever to find something to wear. She didn’t want to look too sluttish, just sexy. For some reason, she was very nervous. It was almost like she was about to meet a blind date, not Rhonda’s dad. After trying on five outfits, she decided on a form fitting blue summer dress that had a modest bodice yet showed plenty of skin, and was a little too short on her thighs. She chose thigh- high nylons but left her panties off, as there would definitely be a panty line under the tight material. Around her neck, she wore a gold necklace with matching earrings. She put the little bracelet that Jimmy had given her around her ankle. The gold tag with Jimmy’s name sparkled. She felt so naughty, like she would be allowing Jimmy to look up her dress all night. Finally, she put on a pair of four-inch high heels.After putting an extra dab of perfume on her neck then she looked in the mirror and spun around. She pulled the dress up her thigh and bent over to straightened the elastic of her nylon top. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and saw her well-shaped legs covered in the silvery material. The white of the flesh above the material bulged sexily. Yes, that should do the trick, she thought. Just as Jimmy walked into the bedroom, the front doorbell rang. “Wow, Mom, you look great,” he said sincerely.”Thanks, sweetie. Would you get the door? I want to check my makeup one last time.””Settle down, Dad,” Rhonda said as she stood at the door with her father. “They’re not going to bite you, you know.””I don’t understand why we’re here,” Robert said fidgeting next to his daughter.”Because we need to get out, they’re nice people, and my friends. Now stop whining or I’ll have to make you go stand in the corner,” Rhonda joked. “Besides, I’m sure you’ll like them. Wait till you see Jimmy’s mom.”Rhonda had dressed in a black skirt and a yellow sleeveless summer sweater. The combination of her large chest and narrow waist made her look like a Playboy model. Every time her father’s eyes landed on her breasts, she could feel her nipples harden. She was glad she had worn panties or her thighs would already be wet. She had kissed her dad in the car before they got out and the shock waves had made her vagina quiver and leak into her panties. Suddenly, she had the urge to attack him right on the porch. Robert looked handsome in his black, mock turtleneck pullover, gray blazer, and slacks. He had gotten a haircut that day in hopes that the gray hair along the sides would not be as visible. He didn’t like the gray hair but everybody else did, especially the women. Even his mustache had begun to show gray but he hadn’t decided to use a dye yet. Rhonda had rebelled at any suggestion that he cover up because she thought he looked so sophisticated.When Rhonda turned and looked at her handsome father she couldn’t resist the urge to kiss him. She went up on tiptoes and kissed his lips briefly, her fingers curling lovingly in the hair on the back of his head. Just as the door began to open, Rhonda whispered, “Jimmy and Jennifer have a special relationship.””What?” he said, his mouth opening in surprise. Before Robert could ask another question, he turned and saw a tall young man standing in the door.”Hi, Rhonda,” Jimmy said.”Jimmy, this is my dad, Robert,” Rhonda said.Jimmy reached out his hand and shook Robert’s. “Nice to meet you. Come on in. Mom will be down in a minute.”Robert followed his daughter into the living room behind Jimmy. He was still curious at what he thought his daughter had said. What did she mean by a “special relationship?” he thought. The thought suddenly left his mind as he glanced down and watched his daughter’s rear as she swayed in front of him. He felt a little movement in his groin and had to look away. God, this girl is driving me crazy, he thought.”Can I get you two a drink?” Jimmy asked.”Wine would be fine with me,” Rhonda said smiling at her father as they sat side by side on the sofa. “Uh… same for me,” Robert said.When Jimmy left the room, Robert turned to his daughter and said, “What did you mean about Jimmy and his mom?””You’ll see,” Rhonda said and placed her hand lovingly on her father’s thigh. “Hi, Rhonda,” Jennifer said, walking into the room.Rhonda jumped up and hugged Jennifer, kissing her lips a little too long to be socially acceptable. Robert didn’t miss the warmth of the kiss as he stood behind his daughter waiting to be introduced. He watched the two women hug and noticed that they looked into each other’s eyes far too long. That seemed a little strange but he knew that women were a lot more comfortable with one another on an emotional level than men are. “Umm… umm,” Robert said, clearing his throat, wanting to get a better look at Jennifer.Rhonda moved aside and turned to her father, her arm around Jennifer’s waist. “Daddy, this is Jennifer. Jennifer, this is my dad.”Robert’s eyes opened wide as he looked at Jennifer. He hadn’t realized that she was so young. She didn’t look old enough to be Jimmy’s mom. She was gorgeous. “Uh… pleased to… uh… meet you,” Robert said, suddenly tongue-tied.”The pleasure’s mine,” Jennifer said taking Robert’s hand. Jennifer felt electricity course through her as her hand met Roberts. A little chill ran down her spine when she looked into his deep blue eyes. “My, you were right, he is handsome, Rhonda,” Jennifer said, still holding his hand. She smiled when she saw Robert blush.”Sit back down, please. Rhonda tells me you two had a father/daughter weekend,” she said as innocently as possible, holding back a smile. She saw both Robert and Rhonda blush this time. “Jimmy and I did almost the same thing up at Cascade Lakes.” If he only knew how similar! she thought, wanting to giggle.”So you work for Radcliff Enterprises,” Robert said, trying to change the subject. He watched as Jennifer sat back on the loveseat and crossed her legs. Even if he had wanted to, he couldn’t prevent his eyes from going to her exposed thigh. His eyes moved up her leg until he could see the lacy top to her nylons, then the soft white skin above.”Yes, I do. We just moved here several months ago from Ohio.””That’s a pretty ankle bracelet,” Rhonda said leaning forward.Jennifer lifted her leg, spreading her thighs slightly. She ignored the intake of breath from Robert at the exposure she was providing him. Rhonda reached over and turned the little gold nametag over. “That’s sweet! It’s Jimmy’s name.””Yes, Jimmy is so thoughtful. He’s the love of my life.””Drinks everyone,” Jimmy said carrying a tray with wineglasses and a bottle of wine. Everyone took a glass. Robert practically gulped his drink as everyone else sipped their own wine.Jennifer was a very bad girl. Every chance she got she would tease Robert. Occasionally, she would open her legs wide enough for him to see that she wasn’t wearing panties. She would watch his eyes as they bored into her crotch, then look at his crotch to see the effect. There was a very noticeable bulge there.The four of them had talked for a while when Jennifer stood up and said, “Rhonda, care to join me to powder our noses?””Absolutely,” she answered and stood up.”Be back in a minute, guys,” Jennifer said and took Rhonda’s hand and headed for the bathroom.”It’s a girl thing,” Jimmy said with a smile when he saw Robert’s confused look. “Did you do any fishing up at the Lakes?” Robert asked.”Yea. We caught a bunch of striped bass.””Great place for fishing. I used to go up there all the time before… uh before Rhonda’s mom died. She didn’t go often because she didn’t like fishing.””Yea, my mom’s not big on fishing either… doesn’t like the worm thing,” Jimmy laughed.”I have a funny çankaya escort story about fishing up there,” Robert said, leaning toward Jimmy in a friendly manner. “One time me and the guys left on a Thursday night…””Wow, are you as turned on as I am?” Jennifer asked when she had closed the door of the bathroom. “Are you k**ding? My panties are soaked!””Panties? What are you doing wearing panties?” Jennifer asked, taking Rhonda in her arms.”I didn’t want my juice dripping on the carpet.””Panties aren’t allowed in my household,” Jennifer replied and reached up under Rhonda’s skirt and put her fingers into the waistband of her panties. As she slid them down Rhonda’s thighs, she went to her knees. “My, you are excited,” Jennifer said when she pushed the girls skirt up and saw the state of her wet vagina. Juice was dripping from the swollen lips. “God, you’re positively soaked.”Jennifer turned Rhonda around and pushed her back until she was forced to sit on the toilet. “Jennifer, what are you doing?” Rhonda breathed.”I can’t let you go back out there like this,” she answered as she lifted the young girl’s legs and began to kiss down her thigh.”Oh my God,” Rhonda moaned as she watched the older woman run her tongue down her thigh. “Oh Jesus Jennifer, we can’t… the guys…” she cried, as Jennifer gently bit and licked the wet skin on the inside of her thighs.Jennifer could smell Rhonda’s excitement as she neared her swollen sex. She used her fingers to delicately open her outer lips, exposing the swollen inner lips and the hole. A stream of clear juice bubbled out and dripped in a silvery strand into the toilet before Jennifer could stop it. She moaned and quickly brought her tongue to the hole and forced it inside, not wanting to miss another drop.”Ohhhhhh!” Rhonda screamed and grabbed Jennifer’s head and wrapped her legs around her neck.”Did you hear something?” Robert asked.”Uh… yea… uh there’s a dog down the street that makes all kinds of racket,” Jimmy lied. “It always sounds just like someone is screaming. We’ve called the cops several times but they don’t do anything… So, you were saying that the guy tipped the boat over and…” Jimmy knew the noise hadn’t come from a dog. He knew his mother well enough now to know that she and Rhonda were involved in something. Still, he couldn’t tell if the scream was from his mom or Rhonda.Inside the bathroom, Rhonda was doing her best not to scream again. However, Jennifer wasn’t making it easy. She was licking and sucking her like a mad woman, her face buried in her wet gash. Rhonda could barely catch her breath. “Oh God… Jesus… oh Jennifer, oh God!” Suddenly, Jennifer’s mouth covered Rhonda’s clit and she began to suck. The excited girl’s legs stiffened and her hips lifted off the toilet seat. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” Rhonda hissed through clenched teeth, desperately trying not to scream.As Rhonda squeezed her head with her strong thighs, Jennifer kept sucking the little nub. She could feel juice dripping from her chin as the young girl convulsed in pleasure. How she loved the taste of a woman now; she almost craved it. The walls of the bathroom echoed with sloppy sucking sounds as Jennifer practically made a meal of her lover’s swollen flesh.When Jennifer finally pulled her face from the sodden crotch, it was literally dripping with Rhonda’s juice. Rhonda opened her eyes and looked down on Jennifer. “Oh God I’m sorry,” she said when she saw the state of her face. “Don’t be,” Jennifer smiled and used her finger to scoop juice from her chin into her mouth. “I love your taste.”Rhonda blushed then reached down and pulled Jennifer toward her. She felt Jennifer hesitate, knowing her lips were covered in sticky juice. Rhonda bent her head and kissed her lover’s lips, tasting her own juice. It was a new experience for her. She had never tasted herself before, except when she would suck on Todd’s penis after he had been insider her. Surprisingly it didn’t repulse her. It was thick and sticky, almost sweet. She moaned as Jennifer forced her still coated tongue into her mouth. When Jennifer pulled away she said, “We had better get back to the boys or they will come looking for us.” Jennifer stood and looked into the mirror. “Oh goodness,” she exclaimed when she saw her streaked makeup. Her face was a juice-smeared mess. “I’m sorry,” Rhonda said again as she stood next to Jennifer and looked at her condition. “It’s okay sweetie, it was more than worth it.” She turned to the young girl again. “Besides, I think I look very pretty with you all over my face,” she smiled.Rhonda blushed again “Jennifer, maybe… maybe you’ll… you’ll let me do that to you sometime. I’ve never… I’ve never done that.” Her voice was shy, hesitating, almost shaking. “God honey, I’d love that. You’re sweet.” Now get back out there and tell them I’ll be out in a minute,” Jennifer said, pushing Rhonda toward the door and smacking her butt with the palm of her hand.Rhonda turned as she left the bathroom and said, “I love you.” Then she disappeared. Jennifer could feel her heart swell in her chest. She took a deep breath, sighed, and began to wash her face. She would have to reapply all her makeup.As Rhonda walked back toward the living room, she stopped, realizing that she had left her panties in the bathroom. She would get them later she thought. “Where’s my Mom?” Jimmy asked.”She’ll be out in a minute. She’s still fixing her makeup,” Rhonda said and sat close to her dad, placing her hand on his thigh in a familiar fashion.Robert felt uncomfortable with her warm hand high on his thigh. However, he wasn’t sure how to remove it without making it obvious. He started to squirm when Rhonda began to gently move her fingers. Then he jumped when her hand quickly reached up to grasp his rapidly swelling penis. He looked over and was relieved to see Jimmy looking at his mother as she walked back into the room. “Uh… uh… excuse me,” Robert said, quickly getting up. “Where’s the bathroom?””Down the hall and to the right,” Jennifer said as she passed Robert, as he hurried out of the room. She glanced at his groin and saw that there was a definite bulge there. Robert took a deep breath and sighed as he closed the door of the bathroom. He walked over to the toilet and lifted the lid, pulling his zipper down. Suddenly he froze. On the floor, right next to the toilet was a pair of yellow panties. He hesitated for a second then reached down and picked them up. “My God,” he said to himself as he looked at the panties. The crotch was soaked. They were just like the panties he saw Rhonda put on tonight and even had the “Wednesday” printed on them. What were her panties doing on the floor in the bathroom? he wondered. His hand was shaking as he brought them to his nose; they were definitely Rhonda’s. Unable to control it, he felt his penis begin to lengthen in his hand. He sighed and wrapped the wet crotch around his now hard penis and began to slide the slick material up and down the shaft. He was within seconds of a climax when he heard loud laughter from the living room. That brought him back to reality. Quickly he pulled the panties from his penis, chastising himself for almost losing control. He had to wait a few minutes while his erection diminished then he finished his business, put the panties into his jacket, and left the bathroom.When Robert walked back into the living room, he saw that the lights were turned low and there was soft music playing. Jimmy and his mother were in an embrace, dancing slowly. “Come on, Daddy, I’ve been waiting for you,” Rhonda said standing up and holding her arms open. Robert was uncomfortable but he still stepped into his daughter’s arms. He almost moaned as he felt her large breast press to his chest. In spite of all his efforts, he felt his penis begin to harden again. He looked over and saw that Jimmy and Jennifer were not paying any attention to the two of them. Only then did he allow himself to relax into the warm embrace of his daughter.Jennifer held her son close, keeping her eye on Rhonda and her dad. She felt like her plan was working well so far, so she decided to move it up a notch. Moving her lips to her son’s ear, she whispered, “Kiss me!””What?” Jimmy answered quietly in astonishment.”Kiss me,” Jennifer repeated and brought her lips to her son. They stopped moving and stood pressed tightly together just a few feet from Rhonda and her dad.”Oh my God,” Rhonda heard her father whisper. She turned and then smiled when she saw Jennifer and Jimmy kissing. She put her hand behind her father’s head and pulled his lips to hers. Robert resisted but Rhonda prevailed, forcing her tongue into her father’s surprised mouth as she pressed her groin close to his. Robert groaned and sucked on his daughter’s tongue.For several long minutes, the room was filled with the quiet groans and whimpers of the two couples kissing. Finally, Jennifer pulled away from Jimmy, removing his hands from her backside.”Jimmy’s going to help me with the hors d’oeuvres in the kitchen,” Jennifer said as she passed the still- embracing couple.Robert pulled back like he had been shocked. His face was as red as a beet. As soon as the couple was out of the room, he turned to his daughter and said, “What’s going on here?””I told you they had a special relationship,” Rhonda said with a smile as she pulled her father over to the sofa. She pushed him down and sat on his lap, bringing her lips to his again. As they kissed, she pulled her father’s hand to her now heaving breast. She sighed contentedly when she felt his hand automatically start to caress her. “Rhonda, this is crazy. They could come back in at any second,” Robert whispered, his breathing labored, yet his hand kept moving on her large breast.”Oh, I think they’ll be occupied for a few minutes.” Rhonda pulled her sweater up, baring her large breast, and then she pulled her father’s mouth to her hard nipple. She squirmed her ass on his groin, loving the feeling of his giant penis under her. “Rhonda…! God we can’t,” Robert complained as her wet nipple popped from his mouth.She smiled at him and lifted her tit to his lips again. Her hand caressed the back of his head as he nursed on her swollen nipple. She purred in contentment as her vagina throbbed in excitement. Robert was breathing heavily when he pulled away again. His lips were wet with his saliva and a strand hung between his lower lip and Rhonda’s nipple. “Rhonda, this is crazy,” he whispered. “Come here, let me show you something,” Rhonda said as she got up and took her father’s hand. Her large breast remained exposed as she waked with him toward the kitchen. She pulled him to the swinging door of the kitchen and pushed it open slightly. There was an audible gasp from behind Rhonda as her father looked over her shoulder into the kitchen. Jennifer was lying on the island bar in the center of the kitchen. Her dress was pushed all the way up her thighs. Between her legs Jimmy’s head moved up and down as he licked her vagina. Jennifer’s eyes were closed in pleasure.”See, I told you they had a special relationship,” Rhonda giggled as she turned to her stunned father. “Watch them,” she said, placing her shoe so that the door couldn’t close. Robert wasn’t looking at his daughter. He couldn’t take his eyes off the scene in the kitchen. When he felt his daughter begin to move down his body, he was powerless to stop her. A little moan escaped his lips as she pulled his zipper down and reached her hand inside his pants. “Rhonda!” Robert protested, but he made no move to stop his daughter as she freed his large and very erect penis.”Mmm,” Rhonda groaned as she stretched her lips around the head of her father’s pulsing penis. She felt his hands on her shoulders but there was no strength in them. Instead of pushing her away, his fingers squeezed her, almost caressing her shoulders.”Eat me sweetie, eat me!” Jennifer moaned for the benefit of the voyeurs at the door. “God, your tongue feels so good.””Jesus,” Robert said as he watched mother and son in the kitchen. Slowly his hips began to move back and forth, as Rhonda worked her magic on his penis. He looked down at his daughter then back up again, his eyes jumping back and forth, unable to decide which was more exciting. He loved the sight of his daughter on her knees sucking him but he was amazed and shocked at the activity in the kitchen. However, his excitement was rapidly overcoming his shock. Still it seemed like a dream. Could he actually be watching a son eat his mother? Could his own daughter be sucking his cock? The excitement of that was almost more than he could take.”Oh yes, oh yes, oh God,” Jennifer moaned as she neared her climax. The knowledge that Robert was watching was rapidly sending her over the top. “Oh God, I’m going to… cummmmmm!” Jennifer’s legs wrapped tightly around her son’s head as she pulled his mouth to her crotch with her hands. Just as she was expending her sexual energies into her son’s mouth, she turned her head to the side and looked at the door. Robert’s eyes locked onto Jennifer’s. Suddenly, he felt his balls tighten. “Ahhhh!” he moaned as he unleashed a torrent of his hot sperm into his daughter’s willing mouth. He thought he heard her choke but he was too far -gone to stop. He poured everything he had into her mouth as he watched Jennifer’s eyes bore into him. Rhonda was gulping as fast as she could. However, it was just too much. Her father’s cum dripped from the corners of her mouth and down her chin, landing on the soft skin of her breasts then rolling down and under the bodice of her dress.Finally, when his balls had emptied into his daughter’s mouth, Robert fell back, staggering into the living room, his rapidly wilting penis still dripping sperm. Rhonda turned and smiled at Jennifer. As she wiped her father’s cum from her chin, she saw the older woman smile back. Then she watched as Jennifer grabbed Jimmy’s head and pulled him tightly between her legs, moaning for him to eat her again. “Well, what did you think of Jennifer?” Rhonda said as she snuggled into her father as he drove them home.”She was nice,” Robert answered in a non-committal tone.”Come on dad, you thought she was more than nice,” Rhonda said as she reached down and squeezed her father’s crotch. “It didn’t take you very long to cum when you saw her and Jimmy together.””Jesus, Rhonda, what did you expect from me? I look in the kitchen to see an 18- year- old boy eating his own mother.””I guess it was pretty shocking,” Rhonda giggled. “But you liked it,” she added. “Sure, after I got over the initial shock. What guy in his right mind wouldn’t get excited at a scene like that? All right, I have to admit that Jennifer was pretty sexy,” Robert said, a little smile turning up his lips. “At least we are not the only ones in the world that are breaking the laws on i****t.” Rhonda smiled contentedly and squeezed her father’s swelling organ again. “Well, are we going back over Sunday to visit?””I suppose we could,” Robert said, feeling a little stirring between his legs at the thought of seeing Jennifer in a bikini.”Good,” Rhonda said, kissing her father’s cheek. Her head slid down her father’s chest. Then there was the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled down. Chapter 3The following day Jennifer put Jimmy to work in the spare bedroom on the first floor. She left him specific instructions on what she wanted him to do to prepare the room for Shelly’s birthday surprise.Jimmy was excited as he began to move furniture. His mother wouldn’t tell him what was going on but he knew that it was going to be something wild. It wasn’t that difficult to understand that his mom was planning to play on Shelly’s submissiveness. Jimmy worked most of the day in the bedroom. He cleared out a large space in the center of the room. Then he placed hooks in the ceiling and hung pulleys and ropes from the hooks. In the garage, he rigged up a broomstick pole with cuffs on the ends. He attached ropes to cuffs and hung them from the ceiling in the room. He placed a pad on the floor under the ropes, and then moved chairs around in a half circle. Over the windows, he placed dark curtains, making the room pitch black when the lights were not on. On the wall’s he hung some spotlights that he focused on the center of the room. When Jimmy was done, he stood back and took a deep breath. The room looked like a modern day dungeon. Since he knew that his mom wasn’t a cruel person, this had to be mainly for show. Shelly was in for some kind of surprise on Saturday he thought.On Friday, Jennifer was sitting in the living room reading a novel when the telephone rang. It was Rhonda.”Hi, Rhonda,” Jennifer said.”Hi, Jennifer. I was wondering what you were doing tonight?””Nothing much. Jimmy went out with Shelly for her birthday dinner and I’m just reading.””My dad is working late tonight… maybe all night. He has some big project that has to be done by tomorrow,” Rhonda said. “I uh… uh… I was wondering if you wanted some company?””Absolutely,” Jennifer said excitedly. “Why don’t you bring some clothes and you can stay over night. I expect that Jimmy and Shelly will be very late.””That’s sounds wonderful. I’ll pack a few things and leave my dad a note.””Great. Where’s Todd tonight?” she asked.”Well, he’s kind of mad at me for canceling our date last Saturday night.””I’m sorry.””It’s all right. He’ll get over it.”Rhonda… you don’t have to bring too many clothes,” Jennifer said lustfully.Rhonda felt a little chill run down her spine. “Okay,” she answered, her voice quivering slightly. An hour later, Jennifer led Rhonda into the living room. Jennifer had put on a lacy form fitting silk slip with a matching robe. “I’m so glad you could come over, I was just going to spend a lonely night on the sofa. Now we can have a pajama party,” Jennifer laughed as she sat close to Rhonda. Jennifer noticed that Rhonda seemed very nervous. “What’s wrong sweetie?””I… uh… was thinking about what I said… uh you know last Wednesday night… you know when we left the bathroom,” Rhonda stammered, her body trembling now.Jennifer thought for a moment. Then it dawned on her what the young girl was getting at. “Oh,” she said with understanding. “Well, let’s take it slow and if you decide you want to do that, then we can.””I want to do it,” Rhonda said quietly. Jennifer reached over and caressed Rhonda’s face, then pulled her head close to her. She looked into the young girl’s eyes before she closed her own and brought their lips together. She heard Rhonda moan as their soft lips pressed together. Rhonda willingly opened her mouth, letting Jennifer’s tongue enter. It was Jennifer’s turn to moan as her tongue was sucked into her young friend’s mouth. Without a conscious thought, Jennifer’s hand slipped down to Rhonda’s breast.Rhonda felt her heart pounding in her chest as Jennifer’s hand pushed her sweater up and grasped her bare breast. She moaned deep in her throat as her hard nipple was squeezed between Jennifer’s fingers. Rhonda’s hips began to squirm on the sofa as her excitement built rapidly. When Jennifer pulled away, both of them were breathing hard. “Let’s go up and take a shower together,” she said as she looked into Rhonda’s lust- filled eyes. Silently Jennifer got up and pulled her young friend to her feet. Before they moved away, Jennifer again opened her arms and embraced Rhonda, kissing her lips passionately as their breasts pressed together. She could feel Rhonda’s hard nipples pressing into her own breasts as juice began to drip from her excited vagina.The two gorgeous women walked quietly upstairs, holding hands. “Wait here,” Jennifer said and went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. She retrieved a couple of large bath towels and laid them on the vanity. When she returned she saw Rhonda standing in exactly the spot she had left her. She walked over and kissed her lips gently then reached for her sweater. Slowly she pulled the sweater over Rhonda’s head, baring her large breasts. Jennifer looked at them, fascinated with their size and firmness. She bent her head as she lifted one heavy orb to her lips. She briefly sucked one nipple then lifted the other and did the same thing, listening to Rhonda moan.Rhonda felt like her knees were going to give out as she watched Jennifer suck on her nipples. She gasped when she felt Jennifer’s hands at the snap on her shorts. She heard the zipper and felt her shorts fall to her feet, leaving her naked. Her face colored a bit at the realization that her crotch was already soaked with her juice. Jennifer’s calmness in undressing Rhonda belied her own excitement; she was shaking inside. When the young girl was naked, Jennifer quickly stripped off her own gown and slip. Then she took her hand and led her into the bathroom. The room was already steamy from the hot water as Jennifer pulled Rhonda into the large walk- in shower and closed the glass door. She smiled as she picked up a bar of soap and began to lather up her hands. Then she reached out and grasped Rhonda’s large breasts. She gently smeared the soap all over her breasts, listening to the young girl almost purr as she lifted and caressed her flesh. When her chest was covered in soapsuds, she pulled Rhonda to her own bare breasts. Now it was her turn to purr as the large and slippery breasts worked across her own.Both women began to giggle as their slippery bodies worked together. Jennifer then turned and let Rhonda run her soap-covered breasts across her back, making her shiver at the sensuous feeling. Rhonda grabbed the soap, reached around her, and began to work her hands up and down the front of her body. When her fingers touched the older woman’s groin, she hesitated then slid both hands into the V of her crotch. Jennifer moaned and spread her legs, letting Rhonda’s soapy finger work between her smoothly shaven lips. Soon the hot water wasn’t the only thing creating steam in the confines of the shower stall.The two women remained in the shower for a long time, lovingly washing each other. When they stepped out, they used the two fluffy towels to dry one another, then wrapped the warm material around themselves, and returned to the bedroom.As they sat on the bed, the room became very quiet, sexual tension growing. Both women could feel their hearts beating rapidly; their bodies flushed and squeaky clean from the warm shower. They both smelled of sweet soap. Jennifer touched the young girl’s face and felt her shiver. “It’s not necessary for you to do anything to me,” Jennifer said sincerely, staring into her eyes.”Oh God, I want to. I’ve thought of nothing else since Wednesday. My daddy thought I was smoking something because I was so balgat escort spaced out,” Rhonda said, giggling nervously.”All right, if you’re sure,” Jennifer said and stood up. She let the towel drop from her body, bringing a gasp from Rhonda. “Come over here,” she said, taking her hand and leading her to a lounger with a footstool. She moved the stool back and lay down, keeping her legs closed modestly. She pulled on Rhonda’s hand, letting her kneel next to her legs.”I… I… don’t know… what to do,” Rhonda said nervously.Jennifer leaned over and whispered, “I’m no expert but just do what you like to have done to you. Use your instincts. You can’t possibly do anything wrong, believe me.” Jennifer slid lower on the lounger, lifted her legs, placing them on either side of the girl, resting her feet on the footstool behind her. She watched with excitement as Rhonda knelt between her thighs. Now her legs were spread, allowing enough room for Rhonda’s head, the soft skin on the back of her thighs touching her shoulders. She reached down and pulled the hair away from Rhonda’s face, caressing her cheeks in the process. Rhonda’s eyes opened wide as she stared down at Jennifer’s swollen vagina. Jennifer tried to keep her legs from quivering in excitement as she held her breath in anticipation. She knew that it was a critical point for Rhonda. Rhonda had never been this close to a woman’s sex before. She could smell her excitement and feel the heat radiating from her groin. Her hands were shaking as she brought them up and ran the tips of her fingers slowly down the outside of Jennifer’s thighs, leaving goose bumps behind. She felt Jennifer’s hands on her face gently leading her forward. There was an intake of breath and a moan from above as her lips delicately touched the older woman’s swollen lips. Rhonda closed her eyes and began to kiss the soft, wet flesh. She began to make little whimpering sounds when she felt the hot skin on her lips.”Oh yes sweetie, that’s it, that’s it, kiss me,” Jennifer moaned as she felt the tender kisses moving up and down her slit. The kisses were gentle, almost tickling, like a butterfly landing on a rose. Rhonda covered every inch of Jennifer’s flesh, tasting her on her lips for the first time. Soon, thin strings of clear juice were sticking to her lips each time she pulled away to kiss another spot. Then she began to kiss Jennifer’s vagina like she would kiss her mouth, feeling the warm flesh spread around her own lips. It was quickly becoming unbearable for Jennifer. She tightened her grip on Rhonda’s face and pulled her tighter, forcing her face into her dripping hole as her hips lifted off the lounger. Rhonda resisted, pulling away and blowing warm air on the swollen lips, smiling at how quickly she was learning. She looked up and saw that Jennifer’s eyes were closed, her face contorted in pleasure. This is fun, she thought as she brought her tongue out and began to flick it up and down the lips. “Oh my God,” Jennifer screamed when Rhonda opened her mouth and sucked the inner lips in. “Oh suck meeeee!!!” she moaned. Jennifer’s now quivering thighs wrapped around Rhonda’s head, imprisoning her with her warm flesh. Rhonda could barely breathe but that didn’t stop her from devouring the wet flesh. She began to suck hard, taking the now very swollen lips into her mouth and using her tongue like a cat licking a bowl of milk. Now she had to use her hands to hold Jennifer’s hips steady. She felt the older woman’s fingers twisting in her hair, pulling her tight as her thighs squeezed her cheeks. When Jennifer felt Rhonda’s tongue touch her pulsing clit she screamed, “Oh yes sweetieeeee!!! Yes, yes, yes, suck it, suck it, suck my clitttttttt!!!” Almost out of instinct, Rhonda opened her mouth and sucked the little nub of flesh into her mouth, gently nipping it with her teeth. Suddenly, Jennifer felt her world shake as a thunderous climax exploded through her. Her body trembled as wave after wave of pleasure made her brain turn to jelly. She twisted and shook, riding the young woman’s face, taking her pleasure in a long and emotional climax.Rhonda would have smiled had her lips not already been very busy. She was proud that she could bring such pleasure to another woman. She couldn’t believe how much she liked pleasing a woman. However, it was probably more related to the woman she was pleasing. She also found that she loved the taste and feel of Jennifer’s vagina. This strange act was so intimate. It was unlike anything she had ever shared with anyone. Suddenly she felt closer to Jennifer than she did any woman that she had ever known. Sometime later Jennifer had to push Rhonda’s head away from her satisfied and tender sex. She turned the young girl’s face up to her and smiled.”Did I… did I do okay?” Rhonda asked shyly. “Oh God, sweetie, you were wonderful, incredible,” Rhonda smiled and her face flushed prettily. It was after midnight when Jimmy pulled his car into Shelly’s driveway.”You can come in if you want,” Shelly offered.”No I think I had better get home. My mom’s alone, plus we have a big birthday party tomorrow,” he said with a smile. Jimmy saw Shelly blush.”Thank you for a wonderful birthday dinner,” Shelly said sliding over close to him.”You’re welcome. I had a great time.””The pleasure was all mine,” Shelly said as her hand began to move up Jimmy’s thigh.He saw a sparkle in Shelly’s eyes as her hand searched for his zipper. “That’s not necessary,” he said, hoping she wouldn’t believe him.”I know. I want to please you.” Shelly’s warm hand snaked into Jimmy’s pants and wrapped around his erect penis. She brought her lips to his as she pulled the swollen shaft from his pants. Her hand began to move up and down in time with her tongue in his mouth.”God, I want to suck your cock,” she hissed. “Oh God, Shelly,” Jimmy said. “Yes, yes, suck me.”Jimmy leaned back in the seat to give Shelly room as her head slid down his body. He moaned when her warm mouth covered his penis. Her tongue worked on the head as saliva drooled down the shaft. Suddenly, Jimmy looked up and saw someone looking out the bedroom window. He almost gasped when he realized that it was Shelly’s mom and that the outside garage light was giving her a clear view into the car. He was worried for a moment that she would come rushing down to rescue her daughter. However, when she made no move to leave the window, he relaxed, watching her watch her daughter’s head moving up and down in his crotch.Shelly was unaware of what was going on above her. She was totally engrossed in the act of pleasing Jimmy. In fact, she would not have been able to look up anyway as Jimmy had his hands on her head, directing her mouth up and down his shaft. She moaned deep in her throat as the long shaft was forced to the back of her throat. Her head was trapped between Jimmy’s hands, his stomach, and the steering wheel. She felt little tremors start to rush up and down her spine as her natural submissiveness took over. Jimmy’s excitement was growing rapidly. Shelly licked and sucked his penis as he continued to watch her mother at the window. She had to know what was going on; she could see them as plain as day. Then he was shocked to see a man come up behind Shelly’s mom and wrap his arms around her, covering her breasts with his hands. He couldn’t tell but it didn’t look like Shelly’s dad. This guy was much taller and it looked like he had a totally shaven head. Then he gasped as the two moved slightly, allowing the bedroom light to illuminate their faces; it couldn’t be her father, the man was black. Jimmy’s cock pulsed and throbbed, spurting a huge load of cum into Shelly’s sucking mouth. He barely heard her gasping in an attempt to drink him all down as he watched the couple in the window turn and kiss each other. Chapter 4Jennifer awoke with the morning light coming into the bedroom. She smiled as she glanced down and saw Rhonda’s sleeping form snuggled into her arm. The room was filled with the smell of sex, but there was another smell; it was the sweet smell of shampoo, soap, and perfume. It all blended in an intoxicating aroma. Jennifer could feel her lover’s warm, naked flesh pressed to her body and she sighed contentedly. Jimmy tapped lightly on the bedroom door then opened it. He smiled at his mom as she lay comfortably in bed; the sheet pulled over her breasts, covering her and Rhonda’s naked bodies. When he had arrived home last night, he had come to the room and saw that his mom had a guest. He had discretely gone back to his room to sleep. “Good morning,” Jennifer whispered as she watched her son carry a tray of food over to them.”Hi. Did you have a good night?” Jimmy asked quietly but with a lecherous smile.”You know I did,” Jennifer answered with a bright smile as she felt Rhonda stir.Rhonda lifted her head and smiled up at Jennifer, groaning softly then lifting up to kiss her, letting the sheet fall partially off her breasts. Then she realized that there was someone else in the room. She turned and saw Jimmy standing beside the bed. Her face turned three shades of red as she turned her back to Jennifer’s shoulder and pulled the sheet over her in modesty.”I brought you guys something to eat. I thought you might be hungry. I’ll leave it and see you two downstairs later,” Jimmy said, making a hasty retreat. “I’m sorry,” Rhonda said. “He just surprised me.” “It’s okay, honey. I think your shyness is so cute,” Jennifer said and kissed Rhonda’s nose.They sat up and Jennifer pulled the tray over. Jimmy had prepared coffee, bagels, toast, and jelly. The two lovers ate like they were starved. When everything was eaten, they lay back in each other’s arms.”So what kind of party is this today?” Rhonda asked, her fingers lightly toying with one of Jennifer’s nipples under the sheet.”You’ll have to wait and see. Just play along with whatever happens. It’s what Shelly wants.” Jennifer sighed as she felt a renewal of excitement in her groin as Rhonda continued to play with her nipples.”Is it going to be just us?” Rhonda asked as she wrapped hand around the soft breast and squeezed it, feeling the weight of the firm orb in her hand. “Yes, just you, me, Jimmy and the guest of honor. I want you to go home and dress pretty for the party. How about that sexy dress you wore to the prom?” Jennifer began to squirm on the bed as Rhonda continued to squeeze her soft tit flesh.”Oh, it’s going to be formal, huh?” Rhonda said excitedly.”Yessss,” she answered in a strained voice as Rhonda’s hand began to slide down her stomach. Suddenly she felt Rhonda lift the sheet and moved her head underneath. “Rhonda, we don’t have time,” Jennifer said without conviction, making no move to stop the young girl. “Ohhhh,” she moaned as Rhonda captured a hard nipple between her hips. “Rhonda, Rhonda…,” Jennifer moaned.At first, Rhonda was just going to play with Jennifer’s sexy breasts. However, she quickly became intoxicated buy the warm flesh and the now familiar smell of Jennifer’s excitement. It felt so warm and comfortable under the sheet with her lover’s naked body waiting for her touch. A moan escaped her own lips as she began to kiss down the soft skin of her stomach.”Oh God,” Jennifer moaned as Rhonda’s mouth covered her already dripping sex.It was an early dinner for the Henson’s. Jimmy, Rhonda, and Jennifer sat at the large dinning room table. The table was covered in a beautiful linen cloth, with three placements of their finest china and silverware. There was a bottle of wine chilling in ice next to the table. Jimmy was squirming in his seat, running his finger under his shirt collar wondering why he had to wear a suit to dinner. Rhonda sat across from him, wearing the sexy low- cut prom dress, her breasts nearly falling from the top. Jimmy’s mom was dressed in a tight black cocktail dress that exposed the tops of her smaller but still ample breasts. She had her hair done up on her head and had a black choker around her neck, looking very regal. The air was tense with anticipation. Neither Jimmy nor Rhonda had seen Shelly yet. Jennifer had spirited her away to her room as soon as she arrived.Jimmy had spent most of the afternoon making sure the “room” was set up and had missed Shelly’s arrival. He had had an erection the entire time he was working–excited about what was going to happen there tonight. He barely had time to wonder why his mom hadn’t been in the kitchen at all since Shelly had gotten there.As the three of them talked quietly at the table, Jennifer reached over and rang a little bell.Immediately the kitchen door swung open and Shelly pushed a cart with food on it into the room. The kitchen door was behind Jimmy, so when he saw Rhonda’s eyes open wide, he turned around to see what had startled her. He let out a little gasp when he saw Shelly pushing the cart. She was wearing a bib type apron. It was white with a strap around her neck and tied around the waist. The hem covered her to the middle of her thighs. However, that wasn’t what made Jimmy gasp. It was obvious that Shelly had nothing but the apron on.”One of Shelly’s birthday treats is to serve us her own special dinner. She has worked very hard to prepare it for us,” Jennifer said smiling at the two astonished teens at the table. Jennifer acted as if there was nothing unusual going on. However, the two teens knew that this was going to be a very unusual dinner.Shelly pushed the cart around next to Jennifer. There was an audible gasp from the room as she turned around to the cart, exposing her totally naked rear. She bent over, picked up a slice of roast beef, and turned to place it on the plate in front of Jennifer. As she placed the meat on the plate, her eyes grew wide and she gasped, lifting up on her tiptoes. Jimmy and Rhonda could see Jennifer’s arm moving behind Shelly but they couldn’t see that her hand had snaked up her leg and two fingers had slid into her vagina. “Gee, our little slut is already wet,” Jennifer exclaimed.Both Rhonda and Jimmy’s eyes opened wide in surprise at the word “slut”. They both knew that Jennifer didn’t use that kind of language, especially when describing a friend.Shelly closed her eyes in pleasure and shivered at the words that Jennifer used. She loved that she had been called “our little slut” especially since it came from someone she loved. She groaned as Jennifer pulled her fingers from her and let her turn around to get the rest of the food. She didn’t see Jennifer slowly bring her fingers to her lips and suck the juice off.Jimmy’s penis was already tenting his pants and Rhonda could feel her bare vagina begin to leak onto the back of her dress. When Jennifer’s plate was filled with food, Shelly pushed the tray around and began to put food onto Rhonda’s plate. “Look at how wet our little slut is,” Jennifer said to Rhonda.Rhonda was embarrassed but she moved back slightly and looked at Shelly’s naked ass then down between her thighs as she bent over the table. There was a sharp intake of breath as Rhonda saw the streams of clear juice running down the young girl’s thighs. Without a word, Rhonda’s shaking hand reached out and touched the girl’s leg, just above the back of her knee. Her own heart was pounding in her chest as she felt Shelly shiver. Slowly Rhonda’s hand slid up the back of her thigh. Shelly stood frozen, her body trembling as Rhonda’s hand moved higher and higher. She began to squirm when the fingers slid through the slick juice and touched her swollen vagina. “Ohhhhh,” Shelly moaned as she felt a finger move between her lips and slide slowly into her body. It was Rhonda’s turn to moan as Shelly’s juice began to run down her hand. Rhonda’s ragged breathing matched Shelly’s as her finger began to work in and out. A sloppy sucking sound soon filled the room. This was only the second vagina Rhonda had ever touched (other than her own). She was fascinated with the warm feeling of the throbbing hole as it pulsed around her finger. It felt like her finger was being sucked into the wet hole as she explored the slick and swollen walls inside Shelly’s body. The feeling was different than when she had her finger inside her own vagina. The angle was better and she could go far deeper. It felt as if her finger was inside a ripe, warm watermelon. She watched the point where her finger went into the open hole, imagining a fat penis moving in and out, like her finger, stretching the lips wide. Then she had to giggle when a stream of juice ran from the hole down the palm of her and, across her wrist, trickling down her forearm. “Uh… Rhonda, let’s not get the young slut too excited. , She hasn’t earned a reward yet,” Jennifer said as she saw Shelly moving rapidly toward a climax. “Oh… uh… sorry,” Rhonda said and blushed when she realized that she had forgotten all about dinner. There was a sucking sound as Rhonda pulled her wet finger from Shelly’s vagina. Then she let the girl continue to fill her plate. As Rhonda sat there, she realized that her finger, hand, and forearm were wet with Shelly’s juice. She debated what she should do. She had a napkin on her lap. Then a naughty thought occurred to her. She lifted her hand to Shelly. “Clean my hand, slut,” Rhonda demanded in as strong a voice as she could muster considering her excitement.Shelly’s eyes opened in total shock. She looked over at Jennifer.”You heard her,” Jennifer said with a smile. Rhonda had potential, she thought. Shelly took Rhonda’s hand in hers and brought her tongue out to slowly lick the thick juice from her forearm, sliding her tongue up to her hand several times. When her arm and hand were clean, she brought the wet middle finger to her lips. She stared into Rhonda’s eyes as she sucked the finger into her mouth. Shelly’s eyes closed in pleasure and she moaned as she moved her lips up and down the finger until all the sticky juice was gone.”That’s enough, slut,” Rhonda said, pulling her finger from Shelly’s mouth. Rhonda pressed her thighs tightly together as her body trembled. In truth, she had nearly climaxed from having her finger sucked. It had been an incredibly erotic feeling. There had also been a perverse excitement in giving orders to Shelly.When Shelly had filled Rhonda’s plate, she moved around the table to Jimmy’s side. Her legs were shaking now. As soon as she began to put food on Jimmy’s plate, she felt his hand on the back of her thigh. She moaned as his fingers went directly to her throbbing sex. Jimmy’s penis was trying to burst out of his pants as his fingers played with Shelly’s warm sex lips. He toyed with the fat lips, teasing her by not pushing inside. Finally he couldn’t wait any more and shoved two fingers into the young girl. He smiled when she screamed and spread her legs, leaning onto the table for support. Jimmy worked his fingers in and out rapidly until he felt Shelly shaking. He knew his mom didn’t want him to get her off so he reluctantly pulled his fingers out and like his mother had done, licked her juice off.Shelly quickly finished serving everyone and then took the cart to the end of the table and stood next to Jennifer. Jennifer picked up her fork and started to eat, indicating that Jimmy and Rhonda should join her. Then she turned to Shelly and whispered something into her ear. Shelly’s face turned red but she nodded. Slowly she slipped to the floor and moved under the table as Jimmy and Rhonda watched with excitement. Neither Rhonda nor Jimmy knew what was going on until they saw Jennifer move back slightly. Then she lifted up and almost self-consciously pulled her dress up and sat back on the chair, naked from the waist down. “Eat your… uh… eat your dinner… ohhh… before it gets cold,” Jennifer said as her eyes closed in pleasure.Jimmy and Rhonda could see the tablecloth lift up, indicating that Shelly’s head was buried between Jennifer’s legs. Jimmy smiled over at Rhonda as they watched Jennifer’s face turn to a mask of pleasure. “Ohhhhhh God,” Jennifer moaned. She dropped her chin to her chest and tensed as a small climax ran through her. Then she sighed and looked back up. She smiled in satisfaction and began to eat again. The head between her legs disappeared. Jimmy heard Rhonda squeal and looked over at her. She was staring straight ahead, her eyes opened wide in shock. Jimmy could see a bulge in the tablecloth, indicating that Shelly was now between her legs. He watched with undisguised lust as Rhonda sat stark still, her fork and knife unmoving in her hand, her fingers almost white because of her tight grip. Rhonda couldn’t believe what was happening. Her heart was pounding in her chest and as she gasped for breath. Her legs were pushed apart by Shelly’s head as the young girl’s mouth worked in her crotch. Rhonda wasn’t making it easy for Shelly, as she didn’t move her hips down and couldn’t spread her legs wide due to her tight dress. However, Shelly had enough room to get her tongue on the girl’s clit.It only took a few minutes before Rhonda was shaking, nearing a climax. She fought desperately to control herself, knowing that Jimmy and Jennifer were watching her. The harder she tried, the more excited she became. Suddenly she moaned and spread her legs as wide as possible, forcing her dress higher up her thighs. She pushed her vagina hard into Shelly’s face. “Oh God, oh God,” Rhonda moaned, her upper body remaining stiff but her hips moving up and down. Her legs started to tremble. “Ohhhhhhhh!” she groaned as she began to climax. Her attempt to resist made the release even more intense, causing her entire body to shake with pleasure, rattling the dishes on the table.Before Rhonda even had time to recover, Jimmy smiled and spread his legs. He looked down and saw two hands reach up from under the tablecloth and pull his zipper down. He made no pretense about what was happening. He leaned back and moaned as Shelly pulled his stiff and dripping penis from his pants. Shelly’s head was still under the tablecloth as she took his penis into her mouth. The excitement of watching his mom and Rhonda climax made it impossible for Jimmy to delay his own pleasure. Within seconds, he was holding Shelly’s cloth covered head and pushing his penis into her mouth. There was nothing subtle about his action; he made no attempt to hide his pleasure.”Oh God, suck it. Yes, yes, ohhhhhh yesssss! Suckkkkkk mee!”Shelly moaned as she felt Jimmy’s penis throb and begin to fill her mouth with his semen. She had to fight to keep all his juice in her mouth as squirt after squirt shot out of the swollen head. When Shelly felt his hands relax on her head, she carefully pulled away. When she came from under the table, her cheeks were bulging. Jimmy eyes were closed so he didn’t notice that Shelly still had his cum elvankent escort in her mouth, however Rhonda and Jennifer did. Shelly walked over to Jennifer and bent her head. Rhonda gasped when she saw the two women kiss. She shivered in excitement at the thought of them exchanging Jimmy’s cum.Jennifer got up from the table after they had eaten. She took Shelly by the arm and led her to the “room”. She asked Jimmy and Rhonda to clean up the dishes then meet her in the living room.Shelly’s heart started to pound in her chest as Jennifer led her into the room that was prepared just for her. Her legs practically gave out as she looked around. Then she began to shiver with excitement. The “room” had been designed as a pleasure chamber. There were chains and wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling. There was a spotlight shining on the center of the room. Someone standing in the spot light couldn’t see anyone else in the room. Against the wall there were three chairs and a table with a cloth covering something. “I want you to put these clothes on for me Shelly,” Jennifer said, handing her some clothes and sitting down.Slowly, with shaking hands, Shelly began to put on the clothes. The outfit consisted of a white blouse that she tied at the waist, leaving all but one button open. There was a red and black plaid wrap around skirt. It was extremely short, coming to mid-thigh. Then there was a pair of panties, thigh high nylons, and high-heeled shoes. Shelly struggled to pull the panties up her thighs. It was the tightest pair of panties she had ever had on. They were full stretch panties that hugged her ass and vagina like a second skin. The seam of the crotch was pulled so tight that it was buried between her lips, rubbing her already swollen clit. After Shelly put her nylons and shoes on, Jennifer stood up and walked her to the center of the room, under the spotlight. “Shelly, this is meant to be fun for you. I think I know what you want… or should I say, need? You know that I care very much for you and would never hurt you, don’t you?” “Yes,” Shelly whispered, her breathing rapidly, the tight crotch of the panties making her very aware of her swollen lower region.”We are going to pleasure you beyond your wildest dreams tonight. It will be so pleasurable that it will almost be painful. I will not let you cum until I am ready. You will be a quivering mass of flesh when I’m done,” Jennifer said, now walking around the girl as she stood trembling in the bright light. “However, I don’t want to do anything that you don’t want me to do. I am going to give you a ‘safe’ word that if at anytime you want to stop, you just say it. Do you understand?””Yessss,” Shelly said almost unable to speak now.”Do you agree?””Oh yessss!”Jennifer whispered the ‘safe’ word into her ear, and then said, “Say it for me.””Rose!” Shelly whispered.”Say it again.””Rose!””Good, now raise your hands above you head.”Jennifer put Shelly’s hands into the felt lined cuffs, then pulled the chain on the wall until her hands were stretched above her head and out to the sides. The position caused her little skirt to pull up almost to her crotch. Next, she brought over a broomstick that Jimmy had designed with two ankle cuffs on each end. When she had secured that to Shelly’s ankles, her feet were spread wide apart.Jennifer stood back and looked at Shelly. She saw that the young girl was trembling and there were tears in her eyes. Suddenly she became concerned. “Are you all right?” she asked. “Yes. Thanks you!” Shelly said looking into Jennifer’s eyes. Jennifer smiled and tenderly kissed her lips. Then she turned and walked over to the table. “I almost forgot this,” she said, walking back carrying something in her hand. She held it up in front of Shelly. “These are two vibrating eggs with a little battery operated control. I’m going to put them inside you now.”Shelly moaned as she watched Jennifer stretch out her tight panties at the waist and move her hand down to her crotch. Her legs quivered as she felt Jennifer push one egg inside her then the next. She gasped as she felt the plastic eggs moving together inside her body. Then Jennifer took the little control device hanging outside her panties in her hand. “Let’s make sure it works,” Jennifer said with a lustful smile. She turned the dial to the first notch.”Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Shelly moaned as the little eggs vibrated against one another deep inside her vagina. She could feel the vibrations running up her stomach and down her legs. Even her little rose bud anus tingled. She wanted desperately to squeeze her legs together but the restraints held her legs wide apart. Jennifer turned the switch to the second speed. She saw the young girl legs quivering almost uncontrollably, rattling the chains at her feet. Then she moved the switch to the top speed. Shelly started to moan in a high pitch whine. She knew that Shelly was close to a climax so she quickly shut the device off. “That should do it,” she said and reached up and turned Shelly’s face up to her, caressing her cheek. “I love you,” she whispered and kissed her lips lightly. “I will be back in a few minutes sweetie. Don’t go anywhere.”Shelly barely heard or saw Jennifer as she left the room. Her eyes were glassed over, her breathing heavy and ragged. Every nerve in her body was tingling.Chapter 5Jennifer walked into the living room and saw Jimmy and Rhonda sitting on the sofa. She stopped and smiled when she saw that they were in a torrid embrace. Jimmy had his hand between Rhonda’s spread legs as their tongues worked together. “Ummm… ummm…” Jennifer said, clearing her throat. “I thought I told you too to do the dishes?”The two on the sofa practically jumped apart; startled like a couple of p*****ns caught making out.”Uh… we did,” Jimmy said, his face flushed with excitement and embarrassment. “Well, we have the birthday girl down the hall waiting for us. We shouldn’t keep her waiting long,” Jennifer said as she led them out of the living room. “Now, I don’t want you to be too shocked when you see Shelly,” she warned, stopping at the door. “Be assured that Shelly wants what is going to happen tonight. If she doesn’t, she knows how to stop it.” Jennifer led the two teenagers into the room.No matter what Jennifer had told them, neither was prepared for what they saw. They gasped at the same time, totally shocked.They saw Shelly standing with her legs and arms shackled and her little skirt pulled up her thighs. The spotlight highlighted her like she was a movie star on stage. They could see her that her eyes were wide, almost wild, staring into the darkness to see who had entered the room.Ignoring their shock, Jennifer told Rhonda and Jimmy to sit and relax for a few minutes. Then she walked into the spotlight with Shelly. She stood behind the tied girl, moving her hair out of the way, so she could kiss her neck. Then she whispered, “Are you ready, my little slut?””Oh God, yes,” Shelly moaned.Jennifer’s hands reached around and untied the blouse, then slowly slid her hands up her body to grasp her orange sized breasts. She played with the nipples for a long time, knowing that Rhonda and Jimmy were watching every move but only able to see her hands moving under the open blouse. Jennifer loved the sensuality of not letting them see her hands on her breasts. After she had Shelly squirming, she reached down to unsnapped the wrap around skirt, and let it fall to the floor.There were more gasps when the two teenagers sitting in the shadows, saw the skintight panties. The panties were now very wet in the crotch, making them all but transparent across her hairless pubic mound. Shelly’s outer sex lips bulged out, squeezing the material between them. Shelly moaned as she saw Jennifer reach around and take the control of the vibrating eggs in her hand. She bit her lip as she watched Jennifer’s pretty fingers touch the control knob. It was like an electric shock inside her when felt the eggs jump to life. “Ohhhhh, Jennifer,” Shelly moaned, her legs shaking again, her arms straining at her bonds.”Should I let her cum?” Jennifer asked rhetorically as she turned the control to the second position. Now Jennifer and Jimmy could hear the eggs vibrating against one another. It was a muffled sound coming from deep inside her. They could only imagine what the young girl was feeling at that moment. “Ohhhh God,” Shelly hissed. Then she screamed as the control was turned to the maximum. Her legs shook and her hands opened and closed in frustration. “No, I don’t think you are ready to cum yet,” Jennifer said and turned the control off, silencing the vibrating. “Oh… oh… oh… oh…” Shelly whimpered. She had been so close, so close to her climax. “Oh please,” she begged.”Soon, sweetie,” Jennifer said and walked over to the table and picked up a pair of scissors. She tucked the control device into the top of the nylon thigh band, and then used the scissors to cut the panties along the hip. The stretched material snapped apart, pulling the buried crotch from her swollen lips then hung on her thigh. Jennifer cut the other side then dropped the useless panties to the floor.”Wow,” Jimmy said when he saw Shelly’s groin. The last time he had seen her sex lips, only the outer lips were visible. Now the inner lips were hanging out, swollen and distended. He had never seen her vagina so swollen and ready.Jennifer used the scissors to cut the blouse from Shelly’s body, throwing it to the floor, leaving her in nylons and heels. Then she stood behind her again and grasped both breasts in her hands. As she massaged her breasts she kissed her neck lovingly and whispered in her ear, “I want you to cum on my mouth the first time.”Shelly moaned and watched with wide eyes as Jennifer moved around to her front. She closed her eyes when her lover began to suck her breasts. Then she felt her begin to kiss down her body. As each kiss moved closer and closer to Shelly’s swollen sex, her hips began to grind back and forth. Her pulsing vagina was desperate for attention. “Oh my,” Jennifer said as she knelt in front of the girl. She was amazed when she saw the swollen inner lips hanging in front of her. It was the first time she had seen the inner lips swollen like that. She felt her mouth water in anticipation. Then she moaned and moved forward, sticking out her tongue to touch the blood engorged lips, licking upward. Shelly wanted to grab the head between her legs but she was powerless. Jennifer’s tongue slid lightly between her lips until it touched her swollen clit. Shelly bucked her hips, wanting more pressure. Just a little more pressure and she could climax. Then Shelly started to shake again when she felt Jennifer take the control device in her hand. Suddenly, Jennifer sucked the large lips into her mouth and turned on the vibrating eggs. “Ohhhhhhhh!!!” Shelly screamed as she exploded in climax. The chains rattled as her body convulsed in pleasure. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her until she couldn’t take it any more. Her arms strained above her head and her hips pressed outward toward Jennifer’s sucking mouth. Her heart pounded in her chest and she gasped for breath. Suddenly, her body went limp. She had passed out.The next thing Shelly was aware of was a cold cloth pressed to her forehead. She opened her eyes and saw the concerned face of Jennifer in front of her. She smiled weakly and rolled her eyes, taking a deep breath. “Are you all right?” Jennifer whispered.”Yes.””Do you want to continue?””Yes.””Did you enjoy that?””Oh my God,” Shelly said.”I’ll take that as a yes,” Jennifer said with a smile and moved behind the young girl. Again, she hugged the girl to her, pressing her groin to her naked ass. She reached around to Shelly’s mouth with her finger. “Suck it.”Shelly sucked the offered finger into her mouth. She moaned as saliva dripped from her lips. Jennifer pulled her wet finger from the girl’s mouth and reached behind her. She brought her finger to the top of Shelly’s ass crack. Slowly she slid the finger down the crack until it reached the little rose of her anus.”Jennifer,” Shelly said as she felt the finger begin to press on her back passage. Suddenly she went up on her toes as the finger began to move into her ass. “Jennifer, Jennifer,” she pleaded as the finger went deeper and deeper until it could go no farther. Shelly was on her toes, gasping for breath. She had never had anything up her back passage before. The dark passage of the young girl gripped Jennifer’s finger tight. She loved the warm and smooth feeling insider her ass. Jennifer began to move her finger slowly in and out of Shelly’s ass, taking her time, enjoying the intimate feeling. “I think it’s time you had something a little bigger in this little hole,” Jennifer whispered in Shelly’s ear pushing her finger deep for emphasis.”Oh God, no,” Shelly said. “Please, Jennifer.””You know the safe word if you disagree,” Jennifer reminded her. Then Jennifer waited, holding her finger still, giving her time to think about her decision. When she didn’t hear a protest, she smiled and kissed her cheek. “Good, you are going to love this.” Jennifer turned to her son and said, “Jimmy, come here, I think our little slut needs a cock up her ass.”There was a unified gasp in the room.Jimmy jumped up like a bolt of lightening. He stripped off his clothes in record time and stood next to his mother, his penis throbbing in front of him.”Get the horse,” Jennifer ordered.Jimmy rushed to the corner and brought back a sawhorse that he had built. It was padded in the center with foam rubber and cloth with strong legs. After he sat it down, he helped his mom release Shelly’s arms from the cuffs above her head. They bent her over the horse and attached her arms to the legs, placing her in a position where her head was slightly below her knees. Then they removed the spreader bar and attached her ankle cuffs to the legs of the horse. Shelly was now in a very vulnerable position. Her rear end was forced into the air, higher than her head. The straps holding her ankles to the legs opened her buttocks, exposing her wrinkled back hole. Jimmy stood there practically drooling, waiting for his mother to give him the order to take Shelly’s ass virginity. His penis throbbed in anticipation as he stared between the smooth cheeks of her ass. He could see his tiny target, pink and crinkled, waiting for his penis. It seemed too small to Jimmy, yet his mother’s hole had looked the same way, and she had taken every inch of him.”Rhonda, come here,” Jennifer ordered, not about to leave her out of this.Rhonda walked over on unsteady legs. She had almost dreaded the call. Jennifer turned Rhonda around and unzipped her dress then pushed it off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. She smiled as Rhonda’s giant breasts fell out, her nipples already hard. Then she pulled Rhonda to her, feeling her large breasts squish against her. She kissed her lips briefly then looked into her eyes. Rhonda’s eyes were wide with a combination of excitement and worry. She wasn’t sure what she was getting into here. If Jimmy was going have anal sex with Shelly, why did Jennifer need her she wondered? She could feel her vagina quiver and her juice begin to leak down her legs. “Why don’t you get Jimmy ready for Shelly’s first ass fuck,” Jennifer said. Then she pushed the startled girl over to Jimmy who was standing very close to Shelly’s bent- over body. Jimmy smiled lecherously as she watched Rhonda move over and kneel in front of him, her face between him and Shelly’s buttocks. He watched her shaking hand reach up and pull his penis to her mouth. A moan escaped his lips as Rhonda’s warm mouth engulfed him. His excitement grew rapidly as he watched her suck his penis, leaving a trail of her saliva behind.When Jimmy’s penis was dripping with saliva, Rhonda took it from her mouth and looked up at Jennifer, almost like a puppy looking for approval. “Now we don’t want to leave Shelly out of the preparation do we?” Jennifer said.There was a confused look on Rhonda’s face. “I think her little hole might need some TLC and maybe some lubrication,” Jennifer said looking into Rhonda’s face.She couldn’t want me to… No, that’s not possible, she thought. Jennifer knelt next to Rhonda and picked her hand up. She brought Rhonda’s middle finger to her mouth and sucked it inside. When she pulled it out, it was covered in her saliva. She turned to Shelly’s spread ass cheeks and pushed the hand toward her tiny rose. When she felt Rhonda hesitate she gave her a stern look and pushed her hand until the finger touched her anus. They all heard Shelly moan as her body jumped.Rhonda’s hand was shaking so bad that she had a hard time centering her finger on the opening. When she did, she pushed in slightly, moving very tentatively. She watched with fascination as the tip of her finger disappeared. When she pushed a little harder, her finger slid into the second knuckle. Rhonda could immediately feel the warmth of Shelly’s body. Holding her breath, she pressed forward hard, sinking the entire finger into Shelly’s ass. God, she couldn’t believe that she had her finger buried in another girl’s ass. It was so nasty.Shelly screamed in excitement as the finger moved deep into her back passage. Her hole was a little more relaxed since Jennifer’s finger had already been there earlier. Still, it was a tight fit. Jennifer reached down, took the control device, and turned it on.”Oh God, Jennifer,” Shelly moaned as the eggs squirmed inside her vagina. At the same time, Rhonda’s finger began to probe her anal canal.Rhonda giggled when she felt the eggs vibrating through the thin skin between Shelly’s ass and vagina. Then she pulled the finger almost all the way out and plunged back in. Soon she had established a rhythm, moving her finger rapidly in and out of the young girl’s virgin ass. She watched with fascination as the puckered hole tried to keep the finger out, then tried to hold it inside.When Shelly’s moaning reached a continuous whine, Jennifer turned the vibrating eggs off. She grabbed Rhonda’s still moving hand and pulled the finger out. “Kiss it,” she said, indicating Shelly’s still slightly open hole. At the same time she reached down between Rhonda’s legs and plunged her finger into her saturated vagina.Rhonda moaned and closed her eyes as excitement rushed through her.”Kiss it,” Jennifer said again. Rhonda turned as if in a trance and moved her face between Shelly’s cheeks. Jimmy couldn’t see what Rhonda was doing but from Shelly’s moan, it was obvious that she had pushed her tongue into her ass. He stood, waiting impatiently, his penis more than ready to replace her tongue. In her wildest imagination, Rhonda would never have believed that she would be licking a woman’s asshole. Yet there was no doubt about what she was doing as her tongue forced itself inside Shelly. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t deny that it was very exciting as the tight little hole gripped her tongue like it had her finger. When Rhonda finally pulled away from Shelly, her breathing ragged and her naked chest was heaving up and down. Then she watched as Jimmy stepped forward and was directed between Shelly’s buttocks. She watched from very close as Jennifer took her son’s penis and rested it on the little hole. “Easy,” she cautioned as Jimmy began to press forward.”Oh my God, oh my God,” Shelly moaned as her tight little hole resisted, then spread, allowing the head of Jimmy’s penis to slip inside. Now Rhonda’s eyes were wide with wonder as she watched the penis stretch the tiny hole. She was amazed that the tender skin didn’t tear as it stretched and resisted. Yet, the shaft slipped in deeper and deeper.”That’s it sweetie, that’s it, easy. Take it slow,” Jennifer coached. Her own excitement was building as she watched her son’s penis enter Shelly’s ass. Jennifer’s experience was limited, having been an ass virgin herself just a short time earlier. However, she knew what she liked and also knew that Shelly would love it once she got used to the intrusion. She could feel her vagina dripping onto the floor. She got up and quickly stripped her dress off and moved back to her knees. As she watched, she pushed two fingers into her own swollen hole. Both Jimmy and Shelly were moaning continuously. He held his penis deep still, letting her get used to him, but wanting to pound into her. After a short time, he pulled out until half of his penis was still inside. Then he moved back down before pulling out again. He was careful and went in gently until he could move back and forth easily. “Fuck her, fuck her ass,” Jennifer moaned as she rubbed her own sex rapidly.Jimmy began to move faster at his mother’s command. Shelly only felt pleasure now. She never realized how wonderful having a penis in her anus could be. It stretched her and touched places deep inside where she never realized she could feel sensations. Her hands were gripping the legs of the sawhorse, desperately wanting to move her ass back into Jimmy’s plunging penis. Unfortunately, she had to lie there, taking each stroke. With each stroke, she could feel the eggs in her vagina moving around as Jimmy’s penis worked in and out.Rhonda watched the action from only inches away. She could see Jennifer playing with herself directly across from her. Rhonda’s hand was working on her own pulsing sex lips.The tension in the room grew to a fervor pitch. When Jennifer felt the time was right, she reached over and turned on the vibrating eggs. “Oh God,” Shelly screamed as the eggs jumped to life inside her.”Jesus, Mom,” Jimmy moaned as the eggs pressed to his penis, massaging him through the thin skin between anus and vagina. “Oh God, Mom, I… I… can’t take it,” Jimmy warned. “Ahhhhhhh!!!” Shelly screamed as her vagina and anus began to spasm at the same time. The shackles on her arms and legs rattled as her climax roared through her. The vibration of the eggs and the squeezing of Shelly’s tight hole were too much for Jimmy. With a loud bellow, he unleashed his pent up semen deep into Shelly’s vibrating ass. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,” he moaned as his balls pulled tight to his body and emptied their contents into Shelly’s warm tunnel.”Fuck her, fuck her,” Jennifer moaned softly as her legs tightened on her hand. Her eyes closed as chills ran up and down her spine, her climax joining the two lovers.On the other side of Jimmy, Rhonda was climaxing as well. Her fingers rubbed her little clit raw as she watched Jimmy’s balls tighten. She knew what was happening, she knew that he was squirting his juice into Shelly’s ass. Her eyes closed as she shook in pleasure.Jennifer released Shelly from her bonds when she recovered and then had Jimmy carry her to their bedroom. He put her on the bed gently, and then crawled in to join her. Jennifer got in on the other side and snuggled up to Shelly. Rhonda wanted to stay but felt she had to get home to her dad. She kissed Jennifer, Jimmy and Shelly good night and left. The three lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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