Mother I Hate Ch. 04


I apologise for how long it took to submit this chapter. I actually finished writing a while ago, but the sex scene was too bland, so I had to redo the whole thing starting from the dance in the club. I just got myself a job so the next chapter might be a while, but I promise there will be a next chapter.

I didn’t use an editor this time, but I re-read my work repeatedly to make sure there were no errors. That’s not to say there won’t be mistakes, you’ll just have to forgive any mistakes you find. Also I’ll advice you to read the previous chapters, although if you don’t it won’t make you understand this chapter any less.


All the characters in this chapter are 18 or older. This story and all its characters are fictional. And although it contains incest, I do encourage incest in any way.


I woke up at about 4 P.M; my head was still aching. Although the sharpness of the pain had reduced, I still felt like my head might split in half if I didn’t take care of it soon. So I dragged myself off the couch to dad’s office and took two aspirin. I felt its healing effect immediately.

The question of why I was so emotional after I got back home from mom’s office still nagged at me, but I decided to ignore it seeing as how an answer was not forthcoming. Instead I focussed on more pressing things, like how I was going to survive the one week left before I went back to school.

I was looking forward to getting away from all the craziness, escape to my own personal sanctuary: school. To resume my life with friends who had travelled to be with family or others who had just travelled to have fun. God! The trip to Hawaii I was invited on by a close friend sounded so good at that moment. Of course dad said no when I asked him because he knew mom would blow a fuse if she found out he’d let me go on a cool trip with friends.

I felt like a zombie just standing there in dad’s office. I was lost and confused; it was like everything I knew up until that point had been one giant lie. My life as I knew it was ending, at least that’s how I felt and I didn’t even know why.

I knew mom was cheating on dad; there was no surprise there. I knew my parents would eventually get divorced, although I have to admit I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. What surprised me however was how much effect my lying, cheating mother still had on me. I was certain I was immune; I was the person who had a cold hearted bitch as a mother but didn’t care because he was immune to all her hate.

All it took for me to realise otherwise was a trip to her office and her reminding me that she would never love me. I guess I forgot at some point how it felt every time she was less than loving. Well now I remembered and I didn’t care how I was going to do it, but I was going to make her pay.

Why bring a child into the world if you couldn’t love it? I knew she had me at a young age, but if she felt she wasn’t capable of raising me there were other options. My presence in her life didn’t exactly change anything. She had to leave school for a couple of months when she was pregnant with me, but after she gave birth she was back in school studying law as she had always planned.

She couldn’t feel any resentment towards me because of that. She didn’t even have to skip classes to take care of me, I nursed on my maternal grandmother till I was old enough to stop. To say I was lucky she still produced breast milk would be an understatement; it was practically a miracle.

So it’s not as if my birth destroyed her life. She didn’t have to drop out of school, she didn’t have to raise me on her own, my father did not bail on her when he found out she was pregnant. So I didn’t understand why she hated me so much.

My hatred on the other hand was understandable, in fact it was well deserved. One could even call it self-preservation, mum hated me and treated me like the enemy, to survive and protect my heart from unnecessary heartache I had to hate her, a tactic that evidently didn’t work.

I was still in dad’s office, in my reverie when the sound of my phone ringing brought me back to reality. The caller I.D showed that it was Ashley calling; I wondered why she would be calling me at this time.


“Michael I need you to come get me, please,” She said, she sounded hysterical.

I guess that even though I was having an emotional crisis, I was still a good brother who couldn’t ignore the voice of his sister crying out for help. “Calm down, where are you?”

“Club 69, do you know where it is?” she asked, she sounded like she was crying.

“Yeah, relax okay. I’ll be there as soon as I can,” I said, already heading out the door in a hurry.

I saw Ashley standing outside the club and she headed towards my car as soon as she saw me pull up. One glance at her and it was obvious what she was doing here. I don’t know if it’s all that’s been happening with me lately, but I remember thinking she was hot as she was walking towards my car.

When she got in I could tell immediately Escort bayan that she had been crying, her make-up was all messed up. “You look like crap,” I said with a teasing smile, and she playfully punched my arm, “So what happened?” I asked eager to know why she called me of all people.

“Colin and I broke up,” she said, staring straight ahead as if she would start crying again if she looked at me.

“Oh,” was all I said as I started the car and drove away.

I have never seen my sister so vulnerable before, she looked like she might shatter into a million pieces if I said or did the wrong thing. As I drove I could tell she was fighting the tears. It was a very quiet drive, but that all changed as soon as I asked, “So what happened between you two? It sounded like you were really into him on the phone.”

The dam broke then, the tears just kept pouring, “I don’t want to talk about it,” she said in-between sobs.

I felt like an idiot, there was nothing I could say to console her, and I wanted to console her so much. I wanted to show her somehow that she would be fine, that everything would be okay. But all I did instead was pull her towards me and wrap my arm around her shoulder. She rested her head on my shoulder and sobbed quietly for a minute or so.

When I pulled up to our old house, I saw the black Porsche parked in the drive-way. Obviously mum was home, and so was Josh. The protective instincts of a brother in me must have kicked in, because suddenly I didn’t want Ashley going anywhere near the house. And so I blurted out, “Hey Ash, it’s only 5. Wanna go do something fun?”

She looked at me funny and I wondered if she had somehow guessed my intentions. If there was one thing I knew about my baby sis it’s that she hated being shielded from things. Even as a kid she’d always yell she could take care of herself whenever I tried to help her fight her battles. She was very feisty, much like mum.

“Uhm—fun like what?” she asked, her brows were furrowed which meant she was thinking hard.

“I don’t know—we could go to a movie or something.” She gave me a weird look, as if I had an alien standing on my head or something. And so I quickly added, “look I just feel really uncomfortable leaving you like this, besides I’ve wanted to hang-out with you for a while now.”

“Look Mike I’ll be fine okay. I promise I won’t be shedding anymore tears for that jackass,” she said as she proceeded to get out of the car.

I was becoming desperate now, searching for an excuse to keep her away from the house. And so I said, “Well sure you’ll be fine, but you’ll feel great after a bowl of ice-cream.”

My sister had a weakness for ice-cream, still does. I knew she couldn’t resist the offer; she wouldn’t even try to unless she really did not want to spend time with me, which I was sensing was the case.

“Alright fine, but you better prepare for your wallet to lose a lot of its fat,” she said with a broad smile.

I know I was only trying to get her away from the house, but when she smiled it felt incredible. She looked heavenly when she smiled, and in that moment I loved her more than life itself. In that moment she was the little girl I remembered from my childhood, my baby sis before she became sarcastic and contemptuous.

In that moment she was the little girl who loved to go hunting for sea shells with me whenever we were at the beach. She was the little girl who would always scream my name when ever she heard the sound of thunder. She was the girl who once asked me to marry her, the little girl who cried for days when I told her we couldn’t get married. I loved that little girl.

That little girl wasn’t so little anymore, she was all grown-up now. She was usually sarcastic, although I liked that about her. She was condescending, although I guess most girls as beautiful as her usually were. But now she couldn’t care less about her brother. Now everything I did only embarrassed her. Now I was the dumb brother who could never understand what she was going through, so she wouldn’t bother talking to me.

In that car though things changed, suddenly she cared. Suddenly I was back to being her favourite person in the world. Suddenly I was once again worthy of her love, at least that’s what her smile, and the twinkle in her eye as she looked at me said.

I can’t explain how I felt in words. It was like suddenly all my problems didn’t seem to matter; the universe wasn’t as big as I initially thought it was. I felt joy, relief, elation and a little apprehension. And even though I was only trying to keep her away from the house at first, now it was something more. I knew then that I would do whatever it took to give her the best evening ever.

The smile left her face, and her brows furrowed again. Something seemed to be troubling her, she seemed to be struggling with indecision, and just like that I was scared. ‘Please God don’t let her change her mind’ I kept chanting repeatedly in my head.

“Can you wait here while I go change and Bayan escort redo my make-up?” she asked. She had this look in her eyes; it was as if she was scared her question would anger me. Like I would change my mind and decide not to take her out again.

I was overcome with relief that she wasn’t backing out, I was so relieved in fact that I forgot why I wanted her to go out with me in the first place. “Sure Ash, I’ll wait. But make it quick okay,” I said. I saw relief wash over her face as she leaned in and kissed my cheeks, and then she was out of the car and bolting to the house in a flash.

I was stunned, my brain stopped working. By the time it started working again it was too late, Ashley was already in the house and whatever chance I had to stop her was gone. And so I leaned back in the car seat, and hoped for the best. It’s not like mum and Josh would be having wild sex on the sitting room sofa again.

Twenty minutes later Ashley jumped in the car, she caught me by surprise. “Mike drive,” she said vehemently, she was obviously in a hurry to get away. And so I started the car and drove off, in the rear view mirror I could see mum standing in the doorway with a towel wrapped around her. It became obvious that Ashley had caught her and Josh in the act.

When we were a safe distance away, Ashley burst into a fit of giggles. I turned to check if she was all right, and I was so shocked by what I saw that I almost drove us off the road.

“Whoa Mike watch the road,” she exclaimed.

“Sorry,” was all I said.

Ashley was wearing a red evening dress that clung to her like a second skin. It was low cut, exposing a lot of cleavage. It was short, a few inches above the knee. She renewed her make-up and packed her hair in a ponytail above her head. My guess was she had no time for a more elaborate hairstyle, although I couldn’t complain. The way her hair was packed exposed all the features of her beautiful face, and her long neck looked extremely sexy. To say she looked sexy would be an understatement.

“Uhm—what’s with the get-up Ash?” I asked as soon as I had taken in all her sexiness, “you know we’re just going for ice-cream right?” I added with a teasing smile. I hoped to god that she didn’t take my question to mean I didn’t appreciate how beautiful she looked.

“Well I just bought this dress and I haven’t had the chance to wear it and I thought now would be a good time as any to wear it,” she said. She turned and looked at me and then asked with a coy smile, “You don’t think it’s too much do you?”

“What—no. I just think it might be a little too sexy for the occasion. I know I’m feeling a bit underdressed.” I answered, keeping my eyes on the road for fear that if I looked at her in that dress again I might drive us into a pole.

“You think it’s sexy?” she asked with a hint of laughter in her voice, if I didn’t know any better I could’ve sworn she was teasing me.

“Well yeah. Come on, you had to have checked yourself out in the mirror. You look good and you know it.”

“Thank you for the compliment Mike,” she said, and putting her hand on my shoulder she added, “I think you look good too.”

There was this Cafe close to my school, they had the best coffee in town; in my humble opinion, but they also had all kinds of flavour of ice-cream. The best part about the place was they stayed open until midnight. That was where I took Ashley.

We ordered a large helping of chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream; it was Ashley’s favourite. Of course the ice-cream was gone in minutes, but we stayed for at least an hour just talking. It was the first time in years that I had a moment like that with my sister, I was back to being her friend, and she was back to being a decent human I was willing to share air with.

We talked about everything and nothing. I made stupid jokes she laughed at, genuine laughter. We shared our secrets, I even told her about my suspicion that mom might have cheated on dad. She was genuinely upset by the news, and to my surprise she took dad’s side. I was more than a little ashamed it surprised me that Ashley cared for dad as much as I did, maybe a little more in fact. It quickly became obvious that I had harshly misjudged my sister.

At around 8 we were getting ready to leave when I asked her if she wanted me to take her home, she said, “I’m not ready for the fun to end yet. We might wake up tomorrow and remember just how annoying we find each other, so today that we can laugh together again I don’t want it to end.”

“Don’t worry Ash; I won’t hate you tomorrow I promise. But you’re right; I don’t want the fun to end either. So where do you want to go?” I asked.

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. It broke my heart that the stunning goddess standing before me with a smile that was as bright as the sun was once a recipient of my hatred. I could not fathom why on earth I hated her once, because as she stood smiling mischievously all I felt was love. A kind of love I had never felt before.

“I know Escort this really great dance club if you wanna go dancing with your little sis,” she said looking down at her feet, I could tell she was feeling shy, I just didn’t know why.

“Well if that’s what you want then that’s what we’re doing,” I said smiling. She squealed, hugged me real tight, and was in the car in seconds yelling, “Let’s go.”

The club was on the other side of town, it took a while before we got there. All through the drive I felt that something had changed in our relationship. I don’t know why exactly but it scared me, in hindsight I guess my subconscious knew what was happening before my higher brain could process it. I’m a borderline genius, so I’m not clueless often. But I can say I was completely clueless about what was happening between Ashley and me.

The club was one of those underground clubs that had an overabundance of strobe and neon lights. Everybody seemed to be covered in glitter; I was definitely feeling underdressed or overdressed depending on your perspective, and more than a little out of place.

“How do you know this place?” I screamed at the top of my lungs and could barely hear the sound of my own voice over the ridiculously loud music. I wasn’t sure Ashley even heard me.

“Colin came here with me a lot,” she answered, the volume of her voice just as loud as mine, ergo I could barely hear her.

Ashley grabbed my hand and dragged me to the bar, she definitely knew her way around the place. She ordered four tequila shots and downed two like an experienced alcoholic. She had this smirk on her face as she told me to drink up, almost as if she was daring me. I was surprised to see my sister act this way, she was just full of surprises. I had barely downed my second shot before she dragged me to the dance floor.

Alcohol does a lot of different things to different people, but I think the lowering of inhibitions was universal. But for me it had the added bonus of making me incredibly horny. I don’t consider myself sexually repressed at all, but I spent a good deal of my life trying to earn society’s approval and to that end I’ve mastered the art of denying my more animalistic urges. But a little bit of booze definitely strips the facade of being in control of my urges away fast, but that doesn’t mean I’m a lightweight.

To be honest I think I was just blaming the booze because if I was honest I would have to admit to myself that everything I did on the dance floor I did while fully lucid, and I was not ready. I mean what would that mean; I definitely was not attracted to my baby sis, not in the least. The erection I had as I danced lewdly with my sister was just because I had gone weeks without sex and I was horny as hell, couldn’t be because of my sister. I wasn’t a pervert.

Ashley was incredible. She was grinding her ass on my erection as she danced with her back to me; it was incredible. She grabbed my hands and moved it all over her body, and I definitely did not resist as she brought it to her tits, In fact I squeezed. I could feel her hard nipple through the fabric of her dress as it poked the palm of my hand. Her tits were firm, but not too firm. It moulded perfectly into my hands as I squeezed.

Putting my hands on her shoulders I turned her around. She put one leg around my waist and ground her crotch on my hard cock; I thought I might come right then. The pressure of her crotch on my cock was making me desperate for release.

I returned my hands to her tits and squeezed harder, causing her face to contort as if she were in pain. She looked so sexy with her eyebrows bunched, and her mouth was slightly open as she moaned silently. I could see the sweat on her neck as she threw her head back, and leaning in I licked along her throat. I could taste the saltiness of her sweat on my tongue.

I grabbed her ass and humped faster, an almost sadistic smile appeared on her face as I did. Reaching the hem of her dress, I slowly dragged my hand up her thigh slowly until my hand slipped into her dress and I grabbed her ass through the thin fabric of her panties. I could feel her bare ass cheeks with my fingers as I kneaded her ass. It was warm and smooth. I felt my cock surge as more blood pulsed through it.

I had no doubt I had raised the hem of her dress above her ass, exposing her panties to onlookers. I guess we would have stood out in any other club, but a quick look around the dance floor assured me we were safe as there were other couples pushing the limit of propriety further than we were.

We danced like that for a few minutes, her leg around my waist, one of my hands squeezing her tit and the other kneading her ass through her panties. After a while she pushed me back, adjusted her dress, then grabbed my hand and led me to the bar.

“That was fun,” she said as she sat on one the stools. She had a broad smile on her face, and her eyes were fixed on me, I could tell she was watching for my reaction.

“Yeah,” I said as I sat on the stool beside hers. I was trying to act nonchalant but was in turmoil inside. A million thoughts were going through my head, and I was feeling conflicting emotions. I knew where the night was headed, I just couldn’t decide on what I wanted.

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