Mother’s Friend Ch. 02


Part 1 of this story was posted under “Mature”. Part 2 picks up with Ron and his mom on the way home from a New Year’s Eve party where Ron had fucked his mom’s best friend, Pam.


“Where did you get off to there at midnight?” his mom asked on their way home. “I couldn’t find either you or Pam.” Ron offered some excuse that he had been talking with some other people in another room and hoped she didn’t push the issue. Fortunately for him she didn’t.

Ron returned to school a few days later and shifted back into his normal routine. He thought about his encounter with Pam often, but he had no contact with her over the next two months. His spring break was approaching rapidly and Ron, having turned 21 shortly after Christmas, had been looking forward to a trip somewhere exotic with some of his friends. Things didn’t work out and those plans fell through so Ron decided to just head home for spring break. Ultimately he wasn’t too disappointed as he hoped to maybe have the opportunity to fuck Pam again.

He arrived home a couple of days early as his finals ended before the end of the week, so it was Wednesday night when he pulled up to his house. He settled in quickly and spent the night talking with his mom and catching up.

The next day his mom told him that she had been planning a surprise party for Pam and that she hoped he would attend. He gladly agreed, although for far different reasons than his mother suspected. The plan was that Nancy had assembled a big group of friends who were going to gather at Pam’s house. Sandy would keep Pam out until the designated time and they would all surprise her upon her return. The occasion was Pam’s 50th birthday.

The party kicked off just as planned and Pam seemed completely surprised when she arrived. Ron had been carefully waiting for an opportunity to talk with her but hadn’t yet been successful. In the meantime he busied himself drinking and talking until he felt someone grasp his upper arm. He turned hoping to see Pam but instead found Sandy.

“Follow me,” she said quietly as she led him upstairs and into what appeared to be her bedroom.

Ron didn’t know what was going on but he was excited to find himself alone with her in her bedroom. As usual, she looked hot that night and wore a low cut top that perfectly showed off her cleavage.

“What’s up?” Ron asked trying his best to sound cool.

“I know what happened on New Year’s Eve,” she bluntly stated. Ron replied with a puzzled look so she continued. “I went looking for mom and thought she might have gone up to her room to refresh her makeup. I opened the door to her room and saw you fucking her brains out.”

Ron’s jaw simply dropped open in shock and he truly didn’t know what to say. He stared blankly for a moment and started to stutter some sort of excuse or apology, he wasn’t sure which, when Sandy interrupted him.

“You don’t have to give me an excuse,” she said as she moved closer to him, “I know mom is hot for her age and that she has been needing a man. Frankly, I got pretty hot watching you fuck her.” She paused slightly and Ron jumped in surprise when he felt the touch of her hand on his crotch. “I thought maybe you’d share some of that with me.”

Without waiting for his answer she initiated a deep kiss with him and let her tongue wander all over inside his mouth. Ron immediately returned her kiss and wrapped his arms around her back. His cock immediately started to grow hard as their bodies rubbed together while they continued their wild kiss.

Sandy parted the kiss and sat on the edge of her bed in front of him. “Did she suck your cock?” she asked softly. She easily unhooked his belt and opened up his pants. She smoothly pushed his pants and boxers down his legs. His cock sprang out and pointed directly at her face. Sandy wrapped her lips softly around its tip and spent a few moments just letting her lips glide easily around his sensitive tip. Ron groaned in excitement and then groaned again when she opened her mouth wider and took nearly his entire length inside her mouth.

He watched her closely as she sucked and licked at his cock with wild intensity. She eventually released him from her mouth and let her fingers softly slide up and down his shaft lubricated by her own saliva.

“Tasty,” she said playfully, “but I want to feel you fuck me like you fucked her.” She reclined back on the bed and Ron quickly pulled his shirt up and over his head and stepped out of his pants. He otele gelen escort stood naked before her and watched lustily as she pulled off her top and then unhooked her bra. The tits that he had so often stared at and fantasized about where now exposed to his hungry gaze.

He knelt on the bed next to her as she began to remove her own pants. He took hold of them at her hips and began to slide them down her legs. She shifted to help him and soon he had them off and tossed onto the floor. He paused to look down at her naked body for a moment until she took his shoulder and pulled him down over her.

They met in a greedy kiss as they each probed the other’s mouth with their tongue. Ron quickly moved his hands to her tits and began to caress and softly explore them as Sandy’s hand returned to his cock. Ron parted the kiss and lowered his head to her tits before sucking her nipple into his mouth. He rolled his tongue around and around her excited nipple as she let out a low groan. He could have kept sucking on her big tits all night, but she pulled his head up and whispered, “Fuck me.”

He quickly moved between her legs and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He found that she was already quite wet as he slowly drove his full length into her. She pulled his face down to hers and they kissed wildly with their bodies pressed tightly together as he started fucking her. She wrapped her legs tightly around him and continued their kiss as he settled into a steady tempo with his thrusts.

Ron couldn’t believe what was happening and savored the vision and feeling of Sandy’s tight body under his. Her pussy clenched at his cock wantonly as they fucked and he marveled that she fucked so differently from her mom, but that they were both equally amazing.

“Harder,” she groaned between kisses. Ron pushed himself up onto his hands and began to fuck her both harder and faster than before. She spread her legs wide and kept her hands on his shoulders as she closed her eyes and seemed lost in the sensation. He watched her big tits wobble and sway on her chest and watched her facial expressions change as she built toward her own orgasm.

Ron desperately wanted this fuck to last but was too overcome with his lust to wait any longer. “Oh God,” he grunted before he drove himself deeply into her and started cumming. He shot load after load of cum into her as her pussy alternately clenched and released him. When he finally finished cumming he opened his eyes and looked down to see Sandy staring back at him with an absolute look of wanton desire on her face.

He desperately wanted to make her cum and watch her hot body react as it came so he started fucking her now soaking wet pussy. They fucked until his cock grew too soft to continue and slipped out of her. She gave a disappointed moan when he slipped out of her but he quickly turned around and brought his tongue to her excited clit. As he began teasing her clit with his tongue Sandy let out a long, low groan of satisfaction.

He loved sucking pussy and busily got to his task of bringing Sandy to the absolute edge of her orgasm. He tickled and teased her clit and when he knew she was ready to cum he softly sucked her clit into his mouth and simultaneously teased it with his tongue. Sandy’s body immediately tensed and she called out as she was overcome with a wild orgasm. Ron kept teasing and sucking at her clit all through her orgasm and for several long, lazy minutes after her orgasm finally subsided.

They lay together and kissed for a few minutes and Ron again let his hands roam over her naked body. Ron could have stayed with her like that all night but after a few more minutes she whispered, “We’d better get back downstairs before we’re missed.” They threw their clothes back on and just before she opened her bedroom door she kissed him deeply and said, “Thanks, that was great.”

He returned to the party with his head still a bit in the clouds from what had happened. He made small talk with several other guests and chatted with some of his old friends from high school, but the whole time he couldn’t stop thinking about Sandy and how hot she looked and felt as they fucked. He also was quite excited by the thought that he had now fucked both Sandy and her mom.

It was a few hours later and nearing the end of the party when Ron wandered into the kitchen to get another beer. He was bent over looking at his choices when he pendik escort felt a hand caressing his ass and a voice whisper, “Hey loverboy.” He stood up and spun around just about ready to say hello to Sandy when he bit his tongue. Pam took a quick glance to the kitchen door to make sure they were still alone before she quickly cupped his crotch and whispered, “I was hoping you would be able to give me my birthday present now.”

She took his hand and led him out through the back of the kitchen and away from the rest of the party. If they would have gone upstairs they would have had to have gone through the living room and surely would have been spotted by one of the few remaining guests who had all clustered there.

Instead she took him back through the foyer at the back door and through another door into the den. She closed the door behind them and immediately met him with a wild kiss. Ron responded to her kiss and they stood kissing and groping each other like a couple of high school kids at the end of a date.

She reached down to his waist and pulled his shirt up over his head and then quickly followed by removing his pants. Ron now stood for the second time that night naked in front of woman. She guided him to the desk and he sat down on its edge as she took a seat in the desk chair in front of him. She rolled herself up to him and lowered her mouth to his cock. It was still mostly soft when she first wrapped her lips around it but she soon had teased and excited it until it stood at a full erection. As she sucked on him she started pulling off her own clothes until, before too long, she was also naked.

Ron leaned back and watched Pam’s hot mouth engulf and then released him. He couldn’t believe how his night was turning out. Pam finally released his hard cock with one last long lick of its tip and she stood up from her seat. She brought her face up to his and they kissed deeply again. When the kiss parted Pam looked at him with a look on her face that Ron couldn’t initially place.

“Hmmm, Ronny boy,” Pam said with a slight slur. It was pretty clear that she had had quite a bit to drink. “It seems like you definitely are getting around tonight.” She paused clearly waiting for him to say something.

“What do you mean?” he asked still not really sure what she meant.

“I mean,” she said with a teasing tone that let Ron know that she wasn’t really upset, “that I’m not the first woman you’ve fucked tonight, am I?”

“Umm, well, I guess…” Ron stammered as he fumbled for the right words.

“Shhh,” she said with her finger up to her lips. “I can taste her on your cock.” Ron felt a surge of excitement jolt through him as he realized that she was tasting her own daughter’s pussy juices.

Pam lowered her head to his cock and let her tongue swirl around and around its hard shaft. “It tastes sweet,” she said lustily. “Was she a good fuck?”

“Yes,” Ron whispered still holding his breath that she wouldn’t ask for the name of his other lover.

“Did you cum?” she asked.

“Yes,” Ron answered.

“Good,” she said with a wide smile. “Then you’ll be able to last a good long time for me.” Pam stood up again and pulled Ron down from the desk. She spun him around and guided him so he was sitting in the armless desk chair. She straddled his lap and lowered herself onto him as she guided his cock into her with her hand. She let her weight sink his whole length into her and sat on his lap as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and behind his head.

Using her legs she began moving up and down over him and soon they fell into a slow and steady fuck. Ron let his hands move from her ass to her soft tits as he otherwise sat still and enjoyed being ridden by such a hot and experienced lover as Pam. Pam clearly knew what she wanted and just how to move to please herself as she calmly rode him until she was breathing heavily and her own nipples stood out from her tits with excitement. She continued riding him for several more long minutes as her own excitement grew higher and higher. Finally she drove herself down hard on him and Ron felt her pussy start to spasm as she began her orgasm. Pam tossed her head back and let out a long moan as her orgasm continued and then ultimately passed.

She gave him a long, soft kiss as his hard cock still filled her pussy. They stayed like this and kissed each other for a while longer before she finally pushed herself up and rus escort stood up off of him. For a moment Ron thought she was done with him but instead she climbed up on the edge of the desk and spread her legs wide inviting him to fuck her. He stood up and moved to the edge of the desk. The height of the desk put her pussy at the perfect height and he easily slipped his cock inside her as she wrapped her legs around behind his back.

They paused and kissed deeply again before Ron began fucking her. Pam leaned back on her elbows and watched his cock sliding in and out of her as Ron grasped her hips and fucked her. Ron also watched his wet cock moving in and out of her wet pussy and loved the feeling of control he felt as they fucked. Despite the fact that this fuck with Pam was wildly exciting he knew he could control himself for much longer due to his earlier fuck with Sandy.

He increased the pace of his fuck and she groaned in appreciation. Ron decided that he wanted to see if she would cum again for him so he slipped one of his hands over to her clit. She moaned loudly as his fingers began teasing her clit as his cock pounded into her. She reclined flat on her back and brought her own hands to her tits. Soon she was teasing her hard nipples with her fingers as Ron teased her clit and firmly fucked her pussy.

Pam withheld a few minutes more of this treatment before she couldn’t take anymore and started cumming again. She cried out as she rolled her nipples in her fingers and her body tensed around Ron’s cock for the second time. He continued his firm fuck all throughout her orgasm and after it had passed.

After she finished cumming she released her tits and just lay flat on the table as Ron continued his fuck. Finally she sat up and then got down from the table. She turned around, putting her hands on the desk, and sticking her ass towards Ron. Ron immediately got behind her and guided his cock into her waiting pussy as Pam groaned and spread her legs wider to allow him easier access.

“Cum for me,” she moaned. “I want to feel you fill me.”

Ron grasped her hips and began to wildly fuck her. This was the position in which Ron always had the hardest time controlling himself and, despite his earlier fuck with Sandy, he knew that this position and pace would soon make him cum. The sound of their bodies slapping together soon filled the room. Pam continued telling Ron how much she wanted to feel his cum and soon Ron reached the edge of his control. With a loud moan he pushed his cock deeply inside her and started cumming. The sensation almost made his knees buckle. He continued fucking her long after he had shot the last of his cum in her pussy.

It was Pam who finally shifted forward causing his softening cock to slip out of her pussy. She turned around and they kissed a long, slow, deep kiss. As with his earlier fuck with Sandy Ron would have been happy to stay that way the whole night, but Pam soon whispered, “I need to get back to the party.” After they both got dressed Pam pulled Ron close and said, “Thanks for the present.”

When Ron and Pam returned to the party nearly everyone had left. The last of the guests were just gathering their coats when Pam got to the living room. She thanked them warmly for coming and stood with Nancy at the door talking with them for a few more minutes.

Ron had waited in the kitchen so it wouldn’t be so obvious that he and Pam had been together. He watched Pam walk over to the group at the door when he noticed Sandy out of the corner of his eye. He turned to her and she whispered, “So, was she good?” She had a really sexy smile on her face that let Ron know that she had figured out exactly what he and Pam had been up to. “You should have let me know what you were up to earlier,” she paused before adding, “I would have loved to have watched.” She gave Ron a sexy wink and then gave him a quick kiss before she turned and went back toward the room where he had just fucked her mom.

Ron stood in the kitchen in shock at how the night in general had gone and at Sandy’s parting comment. He quietly stepped into the living room and was surprised to see his mom embracing Pam. They were kissing each other on the lips and parted as soon as they noticed him enter the room. It was entirely possible that Ron had just caught a simple peck on the lips between two good friends, but something about their body language suggested otherwise. He couldn’t be sure but he suspected that the kiss had been going on for a while before he arrived.

As he drove home with his mom a little while later he reflected on all that had happened and on his suspected kiss between her and Pam. If he was right, what did that mean? He replayed the scene in his mind as he got ready for bed and still didn’t have an answer. As soon as he got in bed he fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

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