Mother’s Shoe Mystery Pt. 07


Marion’s taxes were more complicated than Peggy thought, and she was the secretary at an accounting firm, not an accountant herself. She did her best, but suggested to Marion than she go in to see Carl, her boss, and owner of the firm. He would be able to get things settled for her.

Peggy was exhausted. She couldn’t wait to crawl into bed and pass-out. She went to the kitchen for some water and headed upstairs. Peggy put her ears up to Billy’s door and could hear him snoring. She was glad her boy was getting rest. She went in her room and took her clothes off, except for her panties and a night shirt. She sat on the bed and turned on her small lamp. When she did it illuminated her nightstand, and she could see Billy had left her a present. Actually two. Peggy smiled at the two small mason jars, one completely full and the other a quarter full.

“My little stud gave me a little extra.” She said with a smile.

He had even left a spoon for her. Peggy opened up the full jar and started snacking.

“It just keeps getting tastier” she thought.

Peggy savored every spoonful and swished it around her mouth. She wanted to fill as much of her belly with it as possible. Once she was done, she gave a little burp. Peggy started to think about how wonderful his gift was. Especially working harder to make sure she had seconds.

“I really need to do something special for Billy. I need to give him a gift now.”

The wheels in her brain started turning. So many options. She finally thought of one she knew Billy would love. She would tell Billy all about it tomorrow. For now she had to sleep because she had to get up early for work.

The next day on the way to drop off Billy at school, Peggy told Billy she had something special planned for him.

“What special plan is it mom?”

“Well it’s a surprise, but it’s gonna require you to miss school tomorrow.”

“Miss school? Why? Where are we going?”

“I am bringing you to work with me.”

“To your work? Why? How is that special? Doesn’t sound fun to me.”

“Stop being so negative or I’ll cancel the plan, and trust me, knowing you, you would really regret missing out on this surprise.”

“No please don’t cancel mommy. I’d love for you to surprise me.”

“Ok. That’s better. Ill call your principal and tell her you are sick tomorrow.” Now hurry up and get to class. I’m running late.”

After school Billy hung out with his friends and Peggy spent the night out shopping with her best friend Sandra.

The next day Peggy woke up very excited. Today she would give Billy his present. She hoped he liked it as much as she thought he would. She called Billy’s principal and told him Billy wouldn’t be in today. They left earlier than Peggy usually did, and Billy asked why.

“Well Billy, we left earlier because I want to get there before my boss does.”

“Why do we need to get there before him mommy?”

“I’ll explain when we get there. Stop asking questions young man, or I’ll cancel.” She said with a smile.

They got to the accounting firm at 7:20AM. Peggy opened up and brought Billy into the office. Peggy had a large,old fashioned oak desk in the corner of the reception area. The base went all the way to the ground so the front and sides were solid, and gave no visibility under it. Under the desk there was a lot of space as there were only two drawers on either side. Peggy had a large comfortable chair she made her boss order since she was spending so much of her day sitting.

“Here we are Billy. Surprise!”

Billy was confused.

“Um. Not to sound unappreciative mom, but what’s the surprise?”

Peggy laughed.

“Oh yeah, I guess I should explain. Well it’s out in the open between us that you love my feet and how they smell. You love sucking my toes and worshiping my feet right?”

“Yeah mom, but what does that have to do with your work?”

“Well I really appreciated the two jars of your cum you left me. Quite delicious by the way. And I wanted to give you a gift I thought you’d like. So I figured maybe I’d sneak you in before my boss came in. Joanie is off today so I didn’t have to worry about beating her here today.”

“Mom I still don’t understand what the surprise is.”

“Well i thought maybe, you might possibly, want to stay the whole day under my desk, worshiping my feet. You can smell them, lick Escort bayan them, rub your cock on them. Anything you want. You see I even wore a pair of my high heels today with no pantyhose, so I can get them extra sweaty for you. Carl stays in his office most of the day so I can sneak you to the bathroom or out the front if you want to get food at any point. But I thought it might be something you would like since you’d get to smell me all day. You can really say no if it sounds stupid or crazy”

“Mom, I just can’t believe this. Do you know that I have fantasized about sucking your sweaty feet under your desk for a long time! This gift is so amazing! thank you mommy!”

“I’m glad you like your gift! Now get under the desk cause Carl will be here any minute!”

Billy gladly crawled under her desk. Peggy went around doing her normal opening procedures. It took her about 30 minutes. In that time Carl had come in and let her know he was going to be on several conference calls today so he couldn’t take many clients. Peggy finally sat down at her chair.

“You OK down there Billy? You uncomfortable?”

“No, I’m good mommy. Especially now that you are sitting here.” Billy had a big smile on his face.

“Good baby. Now remember, I’ll still have to do my work, and will have to get up a few times, but you do whatever you want with my feet.”

“Thank you so much mommy!”

Peggy began typing, and within a minute she could feel Billy’s breath on the top of her foot. He was smelling her feet and taking little licks.

“I know you like them super smelly baby, but it’s gonna take a couple hours for that.”

“It’s OK mommy. Your feet are so pretty, I just like looking at them and kissing them anyways.”

“They are yours to do with as you like.”

Billy thought heels were very sexy. They accentuated a women’s feet and legs. His mother’s legs were amazing as well. She had given him permission to do what he wanted so he started kissing the top of her right foot, working his way up slowly over her shin, his tongue never losing contact with her skin. He continued to trace his tongue to her knee and then along her inner thigh. Peggy tried hard not to moan. She was so incredibly turned on. Her stud son was under her desk licking her legs and thighs. She so badly wanted his tongue on her pussy, but she wasn’t sure if they should cross that line. Billy repeated his tongue trace on her left leg. He reached her inner thigh. Billy kissed further up his mother’s smooth thigh this time. His nose was inches from her panties. The wonderful, familiar scent of his mother’s pussy filled his nose as he breathed in deep.

Billy truly loved, and was addicted to the smell of his mother’s pussy. He had been grabbing her unwashed underwear from her hamper, and from the laundry room since he was very young. The more soiled her panties were, the more Billy enjoyed them. He got very good at being able to tell if his mother had showered the morning she put her panties on, or if it had been a day or more. He could tell when his mother had been to the gym, even if her panties had dried by the time he got to them. He knew the fragrant scent of his mommy’s pussy sweat. He could tell when her panties had ridden far up her beautiful bubble butt. He loved the smell his mother’s asshole left in her underwear, especially the days that she had obviously had to go

more than once. He desperately wanted to pull her panties down and spend hours licking his mommy’s pussy and asshole. This had been one of his fantasies about being under his mom’s desk at work. Only in his fantasies she hadn’t showered for several days, and was especially ripe.

Billy was too nervous to push the envelope like that. He started kissing back down her leg and to her now bare feet.

Peggy was enjoying her son being her foot-slave but decided he might get bored soon doing the same thing, so she started giving him directions.

“Baby boy. I want you to take my 4 inch heel in your mouth. I want to see you suck it.”

Billy eagerly complied and started sucking off her left heel, then her right.

“That’s so hot baby boy. You like doing that?”

“Mmmmhmmm.” Billy mumbled.

Billy started to take the initiative and kissed and licked along her entire heels, leaving no spot untouched by his tongue. Billy then slipped off both Peggy’s heels and began to suck her Bayan escort toes feverishly. They weren’t sweaty and stinky yet, like he wanted, but they were still delicious. Billy spent a while licking her soles, and then her arches, and then finally he sucked each of her toes, and in between them. Billy was in heaven, and so was Peggy.

“That feels so good Billy, but I’m sure you would enjoy it more if my feet were a bit stinkier right?”

Billy just nodded yes, looking a little bashful.

“Don’t be embarrassed that you like mommy’s feet when they are stinky. I think it’s really hot you want me like that. You go out and stretch your legs and grab a bite, and come back in an hour. I’ll turn off the AC and keep my feet in my heels.”

Billy smiled and hurried out the front door. Peggy continued working, and was munching on some breakfast she had delivered to her. A short while after finishing her breakfast, Peggy began to feel stomach cramps. And soon she got gassy. Fortunately her son was not under her desk at the moment, since she had to fart a few times, uncontrollably. She soon felt better and was thankful it was not worse.

Billy finally returned after an hour, and quickly crawled under his mother’s desk.

“Good new Billy. My feet are quite sweaty now.” Peggy said with a smile.

“Awesome mommy! Let me get a good whiff and lick.”

Billy slightly slipped off his mothers right heel, at the heel so it was dangling. He was hit

with that sweet aroma of his mother’s foot stink. He loved every second. He pulled her heel off and went back and forth licking her foot and her heel. He could live drinking her foot sweat he thought. That and her pussy juice. How badly he wanted to pull her underwear aside and lick her pussy. He had sucked her fluids from her panties for years but it wouldn’t be the same as licking her wet pussy itself. It was right there in front of him, but he thought he should just stick to her feet. Peggy noticed he had slowed up quite a bit, and seemed distracted .

“You OK down there baby? You don’t seem super into it anymore.”

“No mommy, it’s not that at all. I just keep thinking of something else.”

“Don’t be shy baby, what is it? Is it my pussy being so close, and you wanting to lick it?”

“What?! How did you…”

“Baby boy, I know you love sniffing my underwear and sucking the juices from them. You probably love licking the stains, don’t you naughty boy?”

Billy just nodded his head yes.

“You know I purposely left my soiled underwear outside my door for you the other night, don’t you?”

“You did! I thought it was an accident! That’s so hot mommy!”

“What’s hot, would be if you…”

Peggy didn’t finish her sentence. She reached down to her panties and pulled them aside, revealing her juicy, wet pussy. Billy moved his face in close. He couldn’t believe the moment was finally here. He was going to be able to eat his sexy mother’s pussy. As he got inches away he could smell a mixture of her pussy, and what was probably the residual smells of her farting. This made Billy even harder than he was before. He had fantasized about licking his mother’s dirty asshole before too. He would lick every inch of her perfect body.

“Are you sure it’s OK mommy?”

“Yes baby! Lick mommy’s…”

Carl suddenly came out of his office.

“Well they fucked up the Remmings account again. Fucking moron’s! Peggy I have to leave the office for the next couple hours so feel free to lock up until I come back, or you can head home.”

“You got it Carl.” Peggy responded in a quivering voice.

“You OK Peggy? You seem out of sorts.”

“No I’m good Carl. Good luck with the account.”

Carl left, and Peggy locked the door behind him.

“Billy, we have the place to ourselves, You can come out.”

Billy came out from under the desk.

“I guess we should just go home, right mommy?”

“Oh my sweet, sweet Billy. Mommy wants her pussy eaten out, and we are not leaving until you do.”

A big smile spread across Billy’s face again. Peggy undid her skirt and dropped it, and her panties, to the floor. She sat on top of her desk, facing her chair. She called Billy over with her pointer finger.

“Now baby boy, you are going to sit in my chair, pull it up to the desk, and eat my tasty pussy. Can you do that for mommy?”

“Fuck Escort yes mommy. I’ve been dreaming about this since I was about 13.”

Hearing Billy’s admission made Peggy even wetter than she already was.

Billy sat down and pulled the chair close. Another fantasy was about to come true. He was finally going to lick his mother’s pussy, and drink her juices straight from it. The first thing Billy did was to trace his finger up and down Peggy’s outer pussy lips. Her whole body began to shudder. He slowly parted her pussy lips and buried his nose in her, as he breathed in as deep as he could.

“Oh God mommy, your pussy smells so fucking good.”

Hearing her son talk so dirty to her, turned Peggy on even more. She didn’t think that was possible, the way she was already feeling towards her stud son.

Billy then started at the bottom of her pussy with his tongue, stuck it out, and dragged it slowly up her mommy slit. She was soaked, and his mouth was filled with her juices. It had the most amazing taste. Her sweat and juices mixed were beyond delectable. He wanted to put a straw up to her pussy and drink, it was so spectacular.

Billy began making out with her pussy, uncontrollably licking and sucking it in it’s entirety. Peggy threw her head back in ecstasy as her young son devoured her cunt, like he was starving, and it was the last meal he would ever have. He was a natural at pussy eating. An expert in her opinion. Nobody, not even the women she had been with had ever eaten her out this spectacularly.

“You are insatiable aren’t you baby?” Peggy cooed at her son.

Billy momentarily paused to answer her.

“I am for your pussy mom. I want to eat it forever.”

Billy quickly went back to exploring every millimeter of his mother’s pussy with his tongue.

Peggy could cum at any moment, but it felt so incredible, she wanted to prolong it as much as possible. Billy was grunting, enjoying himself beyond all expectations. He spread her legs even further, giving his probing tongue more access. Billy fucked his mothers cunt with his tongue, driving it in as deep as he could. Peggy tore open her shirt and took her bra off, exposing her sagging, but beautiful and sexy DD breasts. Billy shifted his eyes up to see his mother’s bare tits for the first time. Billy was already hard and horny as can be. The sight of his mother’s breasts was almost too much pleasure all at once. He wanted to suck them so bad. She played with her nipples as her son continued to dine on her. Billy kept thinking how he could eat her forever, and never wanted to stop. Peggy was close to cumming, and her screams were a good indication.

“That’s it my baby boy! Eat mommy’s filthy, sweaty pussy! Do it baby, do it! Eat me raw little stud! Suck my pussy dry! Here it comes Billy. Here comes mom’s cum all for you, and you alone!”

Billy was holding his mother’s legs up and out by her calves as he ate her. She began to shutter and her orgasm built, and built, until she finally erupted. Peggy had been quite a squirter her whole life. The more excited she was, the more she gushed. Having her pussy eaten by her own little boy, got her more turned on than she had ever been in her life. Her squirt was like a water spout, and Billy hit Billy right in the face. She squirted for what seemed 20 seconds, and by the end, Billy’s face was covered in his mother’s juices. Billy was not expecting that, but he loved it. He had eaten his sexy mother’s sweet, delicious, magnificent pussy, and made her cum a bucket full on him. Both mother and son stared in each others eyes. Without words they both knew they were looking at the love of their life.

Peggy broke the silence.

“I guess we should get cleaned up and head home huh?”

Billy began to use his fingers to put as much of her juices around his face, in his mouth.

“Mommy, your cum is so delicious. I want you to start saving it in a jar for me like I did for you. I want to drink your juices everyday.”

Peggy was drained from her intense orgasm. But her son’s words turned her on that much more.

“Baby, I will give you my juices any time you want. You can eat me anytime you want.”

“Can you not shower for a few days and then let me eat your pussy.” Billy said with a devious grin.

“Of course baby. I know you love me as sweaty and dirty as possible.”

“Mommy. One more thing.”

“What is it baby?”

Billy was scared to ask, but this time was as good as any.

“Next time, will you let me eat your dirty asshole too?”

Peggy shuddered with excitement.

To Be Continued…

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