Moving Day


Heat caused the air to shimmer. Shannon had been enjoying the Indian summer. She was on holiday from university and after working for most of the summer months she had decided to take September off from work and just relax. Unfortunately it was now time to go back to university. She had found a tiny one bed flat and today was moving day. Her boyfriend Sean had offered to help her move as she didn’t have a car. Shannon planned to reward him for all his hard work but first they had to carry her things up to the second floor and unpack the essentials.

After a half hour of carrying things and making the bed and setting up the TV they were both sweaty and tired. Shannon’s tight white vest was clinging to her full breasts and her short denim shorts were just the right side of legal. Sean couldn’t help staring as Shannon stretched, trying to work out the kinks in her back. He walked up behind her and began to massage her back and shoulders. He moved aside her long blond hair as he began to nuzzle her neck. Grabbing her hips he pulled her back against his growing erection. Shannon wiggled against him before pulling away.

“I’m feeling really dirty. I think I need a shower,” sancak escort she said as she pulled off her vest and dropped her shorts to reveal a white lace half bra which revealed her nipples and a tiny white thong. She knew that Sean loved to see her in sexy underwear and Shannon loved surprising him with her sexy new underwear. She allowed Sean to look his fill before slowly removing her bra and thong and strolling into the bathroom, throwing Sean a flirty look over her shoulder.

Shannon climbed in the shower, set it to the right temperature and waited for Sean to join her. It wasn’t long before a naked Sean appeared in the doorway. Shannon loved the sight and feel of his naked body. Sean wasn’t that tall, maybe 5ft9inches tall but she was only 5ft3 inches so they fit together well. He was really into sports which gave him a well muscled body. All that time spent outdoors had given his light brown hair blond highlights. Shannon just loved to run her fingers through his hair.

Shannon reached up and pushed her wet hair back from her face. Her heavy breasts rose with the movement, her pink nipples hard sarıyer escort and inviting. Sean climbed into the shower with her and pulling her naked body against him began to kiss her. Shannon moaned at the feel of her nipples rubbing against his chest. They both pulled away at the same time, not wanting things to get so intense so quickly.

Shannon reached for the shampoo and began rubbing it into her hair. Sean moved close, his erection nudging against her stomach as he took over rubbing in the shampoo. The feel of his fingers in her hair was so sensual that Shannon just rested her head against his chest and savoured the feeling. Finally she moved under the showerhead, rinsed out the suds and moved to Sean to repeat the favour. Pressing close and rising on tiptoes she shampooed his hair. After rinsing his hair they shared another intense kiss before reaching for the shower gel. Sean dribbled the coconut scented gel onto Shannon’s chest. He rubbed the gel into her skin creating suds which slid down her wet stomach and into the curls between her legs. The blond curls glistened with suds, water and Shannon’s arousal. sefaköy escort Sean massaged Shannon’s breasts, holding their weight in his hands and thumbing the nipples.

He continued rubbing shower gel over her stomach before kneeling down and washing her legs. Sean nudged Shannon’s legs apart and spreading her pussy lips he leaned in to tongue her clitoris. He ran his tongue around it before stabbing it repeatedly. He then began to suck it strongly while pushing two fingers into Shannon. Moaning with pleasure Shannon leaned back against the shower wall. Shannon knew she was on the verge of coming and pushed Sean away. She wanted to come with him inside her. She grabbed hold of his erection and began to stroke it. She stroked up and down, squeezing lightly as she reached the tip. She increased the pace of her stroke before Sean grabbed he by the waist, pressed her against the tiles and allowed her to slide down onto his throbbing erection. Her weight forced her down hard, Sean was in so deep Shannon clenched her muscles hard. That started her orgasm as Sean started thrusting into her. He kept thrusting through her spasms, burying himself deep inside her with each thrust before finally he came, spurting hotly inside her. He pulled out and allowed her to slide to the floor. Turning off the shower they stepped out and dried off before hearing to the bedroom and collapsing on the newly made bed.

“Thanks for helping me move,” Shannon said as she looked over at Sean.

“You are more than welcome,” he replied.

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