Mr. Graham was a family friend


I had three encounters with Mr. Graham over a 25 year period.I grew up in the church.  Everything in our family seemed to revolve around the church.  When you are young, you just accept things for what they are.  This was the norm for me.The Graham family also belonged to the same church as us and they were close family friends.  It would be safe to say that the Grahams and my parents were best friends.  I had known the Grahams all my life.Lindsay Graham was my age and since our parents were close friends we grew up together.  It was not uncommon that we had weekend sleepovers at each other’s house.As we got older, we went from playing with dolls to playing with boys. When I was 19, I had long stopped going to church.  By this age, I had friends that were outside of the church but Lindsay and I still had a connection. I still hung out with Lindsay occasionally.  She had a mischievous streak just like me.One weekend when I was visiting, we had met a couple of guys we knew and sneaked them into the house when her parents were out.Being sexually active at this point, I took my guy into a back room in the basement to make out. Lindsay took her friend into her bedroom upstairs. We thought we had at least an hour before her parents returned.Of course, her parents returned home unexpectedly early.  Lindsay heard her parents entering the house and scrambled to hide her friend in the bedroom.  She managed to hide him and went into the kitchen to try and distract her mom from going upstairs.  Being in a back room in the basement I didn’t hear her parents come home.Things were moving fast with my guy.  He had gotten me out of my top and my white shorts.  I was topless in just my panties on my knees giving him a blowjob as he sat on the couch.  In the heat of the moment, I thought I heard the room door open but maybe it didn’t.  I was facing the opposite direction of the door.  I glanced up at my friend, but he didn’t seem to be concerned so I ignored it and continued on.Just as he was cumming he let out a loud strange moan.  I thought nothing of it other than maybe he was a screamer.  I just continued sucking him taking his load in my mouth.  All of a sudden he pulled out, jumped up, yanked his pants up, and bolted for the door. I was somewhat startled by his actions as I was still on my knees with cum dripping out of my mouth.  I thought şişli escort maybe Lindsay had come into the room to warn us of her parents coming home. As I casually turned to playfully show Lindsay my mouthful of cum, I saw Lindsay’s father Mr. Graham standing there.  I just about had a heart attack.  How long was he standing there?  He must have been watching for a while.  My mind was racing.  The sound of the door I heard was over five minutes ago.  OMG was he watching that entire time?  Shit, I have cum all over my face.There was dead silence.  I could feel my heart pounding.  I started to panic as I swallowed the load I had in my mouth as if I could hide it.  Mr. Graham reached back and closed the door.  I didn’t know what to say or do.  We were both silent.  I was busted and this was bad.  As I reached to retrieve my top he moved closer and put his foot on my top.  I was still on my knees.  I felt so small.  I just wanted to disappear.  As I looked up at him, I could feel cum dripping from my lips and chin. He just stared at me with a look of disappointment.  I quickly wiped my lips and tried to cover my breasts with my gooey hands.  I was a mess.  He couldn’t have walked in at a worse time.Mr. Graham was like a second father to me.  I had known him my entire life. I knew I was in big trouble.  He sat on the couch in front of me.  Still, he did not speak.  Was he going to give me a lecture about sex?  Was he going to tell my father?  As I was starting to stand up he grabbed my arm and yanked me over his lap in one motion.  It happened so fast. I had no idea what was happening.Then with one motion, he pulled my panties up like a thong and he spanked me…hard.  I gave out a little yelp with the first blow.  It was more out of surprise than pain.  I have never been one to cry so I remained silent as he continued to punish me. This was the first time in my life that I was spanked.  My father never laid a hand on me. He took his time and spanked me about three to five times on each bare cheek as he held my panties up with the other hand.  It hurt but I didn’t cry.  I was more than willing to accept my punishment and move on if this meant he wasn’t going to tell my parents.  I just wanted it all to end.After the spanking, he held me there over his lap for what seemed several minutes. There was silence.  He ran his hands over mecidiyeköy escort my ass beneath my panties as if to soothe it.  He ran his hands between my thighs and a finger slid under my panties and gently brushed my wet lips.  It suddenly occurred to me I was wet.  Yes, I was soaking wet.  My panties wet soaked.   I must admit the spanking did arouse me in a strange way.As I laid over his lap with my ass up in the air and Mr. Graham soothing my cheeks I could feel a bulge growing beneath me.  I must be mistaken.  Mr. Graham wouldn’t get hard, yes it’s probably something in his pocket.He then motioned me to kneel down in front of him. He didn’t say a word. He didn’t have to, I could now see the bulge in his pants inches away from my face.  He just glared at me.  I was scared and humiliated.  That’s when he reached down and unzipped his pants.  His pants dropped to his knees.  Holly shit I just about crapped, was this really happening?  What’s he doing?  He pulled out his cock and it was big and hard.  I couldn’t believe he was hard; this was Lindsay’s father!  He was a family friend.  This was Mr. Graham who used to bounce me on his lap when I was a child.His cock was large, much thicker than the boys’ cock that I just finished sucking. My mind was racing.  Was this really happening? He put his hand beneath my chin and raised my head towards his hard cock.It was all happening in slow motion. He finally broke the silence by saying “you know what to do.”  Those words sent a chill through my body. I didn’t know what to say or do as his cock rest against my lips; time just stopped.   I was too scared to get up and run so I just closed my eyes and slowly parted my lips.He gently slid his cock through my parting lips into my mouth.  He held my head and began slowly moving his cock in and out of my mouth.  My tinny lips barely fit around his thick cock. I conceded and began sucking him without his guidance.  My mind was starting to un-fog.  The initial shock of what was happening began to clear.  I understood what my punishment was, and I accepted it.I had my arms crossed trying to cover up my bare breast.  He reached down and pulled a hand off my breasts and placed it on his balls.  I began to squeeze and massage his balls as I sucked and stroked him.  I recall thinking about how my hand couldn’t even reach around his monster of a cock. I just closed my eyes and went into automatic mode.  I wanted to get through this as fast as possible. Mr. Graham was correct…I knew what to do.I felt him reach down and play with my breasts.  He pinched and tugged on my nipples.  It was strange and awkward to think Mr. Graham was aroused by my boobs. As his breathing rate increased he started to moan.  I sensed he was close so I opened my eyes and watched him as he trembled and shook before erupting in my mouth.  He held my head in place as he emptied a very large load into my mouth.  His cock was so thick there wasn’t much room for his sperm in my mouth. I coughed and gagged, as I tried to swallow his load.  A large amount poured around his cock and dripped down my chin and over my breasts. It felt warm as it dripped down over me.He stepped back and we locked eyes.  I licked my lips and fingers clean as we stared at each other.  In an act of defiance, I reached for his hand and used his finger to scoop up the cum on my tit and I put in my mouth. I instinctively sucked his finger.  Maybe it was my way of letting him know “Yes I know what to do”.Without being asked I licked his limp cock clean.  I could tell he wasn’t expecting this. It was my way of letting him know his secret was safe with me. I remained topless on my knees just watching him as he stepped back, pulled up his pants, and left the room.He never said a word to me other than those words that still haunt me today “You know what to do.” I think of him every time a guy says those words to me. I think they are engraved in my mind.I stayed in the basement for a while longer trying to compose myself and thinking about what just happened.  Did I just have sex with Mr. Graham?  It was so surreal.  Mr. Graham was the last man on earth I thought I would ever have sex with.  What would I say to Lindsay?I was hoping to sneak out of the house but as I was going up the stairs Mrs. Graham saw me and insisted I stay for dinner.  OMG can this day get any worse?  I ended up sitting across from Mr. Graham at the dinner table.  We made eye contact numerous times throughout the course of the meal.  I have to admit I had a tingling feeling as we locked eyes.  We both just carried on as usual just like nothing ever happened.  As I was eating I couldn’t help but think how just minutes ago I had Mr. Graham’s cock in my mouth.  What would Mrs. Graham think? I couldn’t help but lick my lips when Mr. Graham was looking at me from across the table. Yes, I can be very naughty.

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