Mrs. Jones


Mrs. JonesBev Genes is a pompom girl at West Bell High School. she is two weeks from 18yrs. and in between boys. Going home after a long day on the field she hears moaning and groaning as she opens the door to her house. On the floor is her 42yrs. mom and Kat her mothers new friend. Her mom has her legs spared wide while Kat pile drives her with a huge strap-on both women into it so much they don’t notice Bev till after her mother has a orgasm and easies down. Then Bev is sitting there wide eyed and smiling wide know she has one on her mom a big one too. Getting up she says don’t stop for me I’ve already seen all I need to. When your done come see me cause you now owe me to keep quiet. Knowing Bev the way she does her mother thinks I had better get all I can now so she did finish giving Kat as good as she got. Soon after Geary came home so it would have to wait till later. Fixing dinner then doing dishes her mom knew not to ask her for help. Dad watching TV mom came to Bev’s room trying to keep her cool she asks what is it going to take honey? Bev knew she had the upper hand but didn’t go there she just said I need help that’s türbanlı bolu escort all! Karen her mom took a deep breath ok how can I help? Not your help I need Kat to help me to well I want to I just need Kat that’s all. Karen says ok I’ll call her right now and dialed the phone asking Kat if she would please meet Bev that she needs help with something then she’ll keep quiet about today. So Kat agreed and Saturday morning Kat and Bev meet at the school field. After hem and hawing around Bev told Kat see that woman there in the blue shorts? Yea I see her. Well that’s Mrs. Jones my History teacher and I want her. Kat looks at the young woman WANT HER? Yes want her like you had mom I want to have her. I want you to teach me how to get her and what to do when I do get her. Have you been with a girl? NO! a boy? NO! you haven’t had any sex and you want to fuck your history teacher as your first time? YES THAT’S WHAT I WANT! OMG OMG LITTLE GIRL ARE YOU NUTS? Mrs. Jones has been a crush for three years now I was in the gym and she was running we both were in the shower at the same time and türbanlı bolu escort bayan seeing her opened my eyes and mind I have seen naked girls even gym teachers but her body did something to me I can’t explain. Then watching you and mom seeing her moaning your name begging for more it came to me Mrs. Jones is going to spread her legs and moan my name begging me to fuck her harder and your going to help me or dad finds out. Is that so well first off I could care less if he finds out and then she’s your teacher she could and would lose her job if she did as you want and got caught. Not to even say your u******e. I’ll be 18 in a few days.Kat left her head spinning this was Karen’s problem not hers. And Bev knew nothing about getting a grown women in bed or how to keep her there. The next couple of days she tried to think how or ever why she should help then she ran into Gail Jones at the store Kat coming in Gail going out the wrong door and ran into Kat. Kat hands reached out to hold her up and grab her tits Gail eyes buried into Kat’s and one hour later Kat was in Gail’s türbanlı escort bolu bed and the teacher’s tongue deep in her twat. The teacher taught Kat a thing or two about lesbian love but when Kat laid the 11″ thick strap-on to her Gail was in total lust humping her hips to meet Kat’s thrust begging for much more.On Bev’s birthday Kat bought her a strap-on then took her to one of Kat’s ladies to fuck after a weekend of total slut hammering Kat set up her plan to make Bev’s dreams come true. Calling Gail Kat set up a date night laying down the rules 1st very short dress 2nd no panties or bra 3rd no phone 5th she wouldn’t be coming home that night. Gail agreed and Kat picked her up taking her to get some drinks then bring her back to the lake house Kat says that she needs to blindfold her and tie her to the bed. Striping Gail naked Kat then backed off letting Bev have her way the moaning and groaning told her the training helped and the teen did the teacher proud. Pounding Mrs. Jones silly the whole night in the morning Gail woke to her pussy being eaten then another thunderest fucking before letting her loose. The blindfold removed and Gail was shocked gathering her stuff Kat drove her home and she never said a word. Monday morning in history class Mrs. Jones ask Miss Genes could I please talk to you in the hallway? Bev thinking OMG I’M COOKED NOW> In the hall Gail looked both ways before kiss Bev then ask CAN I PLEASE SEE YOU AGAIN SOON!!………………………

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