“I can’t believe you convinced me to do this,” Karen said teasingly. “You better not show anyone!” Jack walked to his sister to position her on the chair. He didn’t know how he convinced her either, but he had. She was allowing him to draw her erotically for his portfolio. He was just starting out as an artist and needed to make a better name for himself. He had the talent, but not the exposure that he needed. He hoped this series of erotic pieces would help him.  “Okay now what I need you to do is sit perfectly still while I draw you. If you move too much it could mess up the whole drawing.” Karen nodded to Jack that she understood. “And you’re 110% sure that no one I know is going to see this, right?” “YES, I keep telling you this is just going to go in my portfolio so potential employers can see this scope of my talent. Just follow instructions please, I need to concentrate and you’re distracting me.” Jack walked her over to the seat he had prepared for her. It looked just like a normal school bus seat would, minus the horrible bus stench. “The outfit I have for you is in the bathroom in a bag, change into it and take a seat so I can get your position ready.” She saluted him, and with a mocking tone barked out, “SIR YES SIR!” He watched her march to the bathroom to change. She had this way about her that was naturally sensual. She wasn’t intentionally trying to seduce anyone, but if you spent more than a minute with her you would fall in love. Friends would constantly barrage him with questions about his sister all the time, was she single, were they her type, etc,. It wasn’t just his male friends either, female friends would ask as well. She could turn straight women gay just by walking down the street.  She came out of the bathroom, arms folded, blushing. “This is embarrassing. What did you do, go to the sex shop and pick out a school girl outfit?” She was wearing a gray Catholic school outfit that he had borrowed from a younger friend. “Ha-ha, you promised you would help, and it’s supposed to be erotic.” “Let’s just get this over with,” she said as she plopped down onto the seat. Jack walked over and got on his knees, placing a hand on her legs. “What the hell are you doing, perv?!?” “I’m positioning you so I can start drawing. I’m not trying to finger fuck you, just relax.” She relaxed somewhat, but her skin was tense. She seemed more nervous than angry really, but he just shrugged it off as he went back to positioning her. istanbul travesti He moved her knees closely together and placed her feet underneath the bench, so the tips of her feet were against the ground. He placed a hand on hers and felt a bit of a shock, jumping back before moving them again. Her hands were palm down right next to each hip, arms pushed straight so her back was up slightly. He reached his arms behind her in a mock hug, running his hands along her spine to push her chest up and out.  While he was ‘adjusting’ her she began to blush. She wasn’t used to a guy getting that close to her in any other context other than a romantic one. She was turned on from his touch, but embarrassed because it was her brother.  “Are you okay? You look hot… I mean you like like you feel hot. You know what I meant.” “Y-yeah, I’m fine,” she said in a mousy voice. He placed a hand under her chin, moving her head over her shoulder, looking up like a hero posing. “Okay, I want you to look cute. Try to look innocent, but seductive at the same time. That shouldn’t be too hard for you.” She giggled after he said that and smiled, making her lips look almost like a 3, but in a subtle way. Her eyes widened a little bit more than usual, and the whole thing had a tremendous effect. “Perfect!” Jack walked over to his pad of paper and picked up his pencil to start drawing his muse. He drew her basic figure, tracing out her long thin legs, her curved hips, her defined upper body, and her beautiful head of flowing hair. He draw in the chair, and the bus window that she was supposedly looking out of. In the studio it didn’t exist, but here it did. Now was time to start detailing. This was the part he loved the most. This was where the drawing started to come to life. He wanted to work from top to bottom, so he drew her white/blond hair. It curled and moved like living fire that was difficult to capture on paper. Her hair fell on her shoulders carelessly. He could have adjusted it, but he wanted that part to be natural, so he left it. He moved to her eyes, the huge emeralds that they were sparkled in an almost unnatural way. The brows of her eyes were done neatly. She kept them trimmed and defined so they weren’t bushy, but they weren’t pencil thin like some cheap harlot.  Her lips were incredible. She had them pursed up in the shape of a w or a 3 depending on how you looked at it. They were fun for him to draw on. He finished istanbul travestileri up her face with her chin, with a cute little dimple in the middle of it.  “You can relax your face now if you want to, but try to stay as still as you can, okay?” She hummed a quick ‘mhmm’ to signal that she understood. He drew her neck, and shoulders. He started thinking about how much he wanted to kiss that neck, but quickly shooed the thought away. Detailing the ruffles of her shirt was difficult, but after what felt like hours he finished. He drew her arms and hands, taking careful detail to draw each finger exactly how it looked in real life. He finished her upper body and started working on the gray shirt as a thought came into his head.  “Stay perfectly still,” said Jack as he slid onto his knees in front of her. He started undoing her shoe as he looked up at Karen, who was looking at him out of the corner of her eyes. “I think it would fit better if the character was barefoot. It shows how free she is in this oppressive, uniformed school. That’s the same reason I didn’t want you to do your hair in any way.” He was only bullshitting her. It was a good reason, but the real reason was that she had sexy legs and even sexier feet that he wanted to draw. He removed her shoes and placed a hand on her left upper thigh on ‘accident’. Karen was hot, almost burning up at this point. His moved his hand down to her sock just above her knee and slid it off, putting her foot back in the same position that it was in before. He did the same with the right. When he finished exposing her legs he had another idea.  He ran back to the pad of paper and erased a section of the shirt that he had already detailed in. He ran back to her and reached his hands out to her chest, unbuttoning the top most buttons to reveal a significant amount of cleavage.  “What the hell are you doing?” She was blushing even more at this point when she asked. “I told you, I want the character to be free, almost bursting out of her oppressive bonds.” Karen closed her eyes this time, trying to hold back whatever she was going to say. Jack ran back to the pad of paper and picked up his pencil, detailing in the subtle lines of her cleavage. She didn’t have large breasts, they were probably a b-cup or maybe c. That didn’t matter though, to him they were beautiful. She was inspiring him! He wanted to tear off all of her clothes right then and there but travesti istanbul he had to show restraint. Hell it was his sister, which is probably the only reason he didn’t take all of her clothes off.  Putting the finishing touches on her cleavage he moved back down to her legs, drawing every curve and line of her defined muscles. She had always had beautiful legs, but he never was able to see them like this until now. If he had looked at her this way before without a pencil and paper in hand he would have gotten the shit kicked out of him for days.  He started in on her feet, curving around her heel, down the side of her foot and to her little toe. He put even more time on her feet than he had on her hands, getting each toe just right. Several times he would stop and get on his knees in front of her to run his hands over them, excusing himself by saying he ‘had to get closer to get all the details right’. He did this with both feet, taking an excessive amount of time with each one. He could tell that Karen was making a note of this, but kept drawing anyways.  “Okay I’ve got all the details in, now I have to ink it all. I can put in some music if you want so you don’t get bored.” “Sure, but is inking really important?” “It’s the most important part of the drawing process. When you ink a drawing in you feel the drawing. You feel the texture, each and every little curve of the body. So yeah, I guess you could say it’s pretty important.” She blushed when he said each and every little curve which Jack took notice of. He plugged his iPod into the speakers and put it on shuffle. The first song to come on was Alive With The Glory of Love.  Oh how appropriate, he thought.  The song started playing: When I watch you, wanna do you right where you’re standing. Yeah! Karen was blushing more now than ever before. “If you don’t like the song I can chan-” “NO! I love this song!” The interruption made him chuckle a little bit. The inking didn’t take too long, and by the time he was finished the drawing not only looked lifelike, but it was as if you could almost reach out and feel it.  “What do you think,” he asked.  “I LOVE it!” “Great, would you like to come by tomorrow and do another? I’m thinking I want to do maybe five for this series of drawings give or take. I can do less if you get bored or don’t want to.” She walked over to him, pecking him on the cheek and said, “I would love to have you do me again… I mean draw me! Oh god,” she buried her blushing face in her hands. “I understand what you meant.” He gave her a tight hug, “see you here tomorrow sis.” She gathered up her clothes and walked over to the bathroom to get dressed. He started picking up, and noticed that the door was propped open somewhat so he walked over to look inside.

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