Musical Chairs at a Party


This story happened about five years ago. My girlfriend and I were invited to a party with one of her coworkers. We had been together about two years. We were both in our early 30’s. Our relationship was going okay. I think both of us were getting tired of being in the relationship but neither of us were ready to break up yet.

My girlfriends name was Paige. She was attractive. She was about 5’5″ and had a toned body. She had long blonde hair. She worked as a real estate agent.

Paige told me one of her coworkers invited us to a party. Paige had only been working for this broker about a year. She said they were a fun group but she also warned me that they had some wild ones in the group. She mentioned a senior broker named Russ. She said he was the center of attention at work. She said he also didn’t have a filter. She thought he was harmless though.

The party was a grill out at Russ’s house. Paige wore skirts and heels almost everyday for work, but didn’t always dress up when she was at home. She wore heels with tight jeans to the party. I wore a polo shirt and dress pants. We didn’t want to overdress but wanted to look nice.

We got to the party and it was a nice house at the end of the street. The house had a large pool with a covered patio area. It was private and great for entertaining. Paige knew everyone there. I had met a few of her coworkers prior to this night but not many of them. The food was great. The drinks were great. It was a good party. Everyone was having a good time.

As the night got later the party thinned out some. It was about 11 o’clock at night and there were only about five couples left. Almost everyone at the party was a little tipsy.

“Is everyone here ready to have some fun?” Russ yelled as he stood on a large landscaping rock near his patio.

Everyone clapped and smiled in excitement to find out what Russ was talking about. I looked at Paige to see if she had any thoughts. She didn’t indicate she knew anything.

“I told you he was one to stir things up. He is probably about to do something crazy. This will be fun to watch.” Paige said smiling and looking towards Russ waiting to see something happen.

“Everyone here is married? Right?” Russ asked to the group.

Everyone signaled yes as the rest of the group were all married couples. Paige and I were the only couple not married.

“Russ, we are not married. Just dating still.” Paige yelled back to Russ through the crowd.

“You two are serious though? Right?” Russ asked.

“Yes, we are serious.” Paige answered.

“That’s good enough for me.” Russ replied. “Ok everyone, we are going to play a game. Now don’t worry, I promise you that you can leave your clothes on for this game. It will be a sexy game but we won’t go to far with it.”

I watched the other couples all makes faces at each other as they were used to Russ pulling some sort of crazy shenanigans. None of the other couples showed any concern about the game we were about to play.

Russ brought out five chairs and put them in a circle. He also brought out ten blindfolds and five handcuffs. They were the play handcuffs with the fuzzy felt. I couldn’t help but wonder where all these handcuffs had been.

“OK guys, take a seat in a chair. Ladies I want you to blindfold and handcuff your man’s hands behind him in the chair.” Russ yelled out and watching to make sure everyone heard.

Surprisingly all the other couples just went along with it. Everyone was laughing and smiling as they got handcuffed into their chairs.

“Are you ok with this?” Paige asked me. “I’m sure it’s nothing but a fun little game. We can stop if you want to.”

“I’m ok with it. Let’s see where this goes.” I replied back to Paige.

Paige handcuffed me in and I watched all the other guys get handcuffed in too. Everyone was still smiling and looking excited. Of the four other couples, three of them were in their late 20’s to early 30’s. One couple atakent escort was in their late 30’s. They were all attractive.

“Ok ladies, now that you got them handcuffed in, its time to blindfold them.” Russ told the group.

“You ready for your blindfold?” Paige asked.

“Yep, let’s do it.” I said with confidence even though I was somewhat nervous about what all I was getting into.

“Ok ladies, I want all of you to take three steps back.” Russ told the women. “After you step back I want you to put the blindfold on yourself. And, I know what some of you are thinking, that you won’t put it on all the way so you can still see some. I have bad news for you, I’m coming around to check them all.”

I didn’t hear any talking for a few minutes. I heard a few people crack a joke or two about what was going on but no real conversations. I felt Russ walk up behind me a tighten my blindfold. He made it tight and made sure I couldn’t see out of it. I heard him continue his way around the group tightening everyone’s blindfold.

After a while he made his way around to everyone, then I heard music. It wasn’t that loud but it started playing.

“Ok, so now everyone is blindfolded and ready to go. We have one last thing to do. I need to move the women around.” Russ told the group.

I heard movement that sounded like the women moving. It sounded like one at a time. A few of the women were wearing heels. I could hear them moving on the pavement. Russ was scrambling them around well though. I couldn’t follow who was who.

“Ok, I think we are ready.” Russ told us. “So I’m sure some of you are wondering what is going on. We are playing musical chairs, but with a twist. The point of the game is to guess who is in front of you. There are some rules. The first rule is that you can not talk or tell the anyone else who you are. You have to figure it out based on smell and touch. Another rule is that any body contact has to be limited to dance moves. So no secret hand gestures to tell the other who you are. I will play a song and the the couple will have the duration of that song to figure out who they were just with. After each song I will come around and ask you to guess who you were just with. The couple with the most correct wins a bottle of wine. I would ask if you have any questions at this point, but since its against the rules for you to talk, we will just begin!”

My mind was racing. I was not sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure what Paige was thinking either. I was very attracted to a few of the women, so I was hoping Paige would just go along with it. I didn’t hear anyone speak up and I heard the music start. I felt a hand touch my leg. I assumed whomever it was had their hand out to feel where they were going. I then felt her legs on my legs as she got on top of me. Her hands were on my shoulders. I felt her get in place facing me and sitting on my lap. She was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt. She started doing a riding motion type of dance. Her feet were on the ground and she was going from a seated position to up into my chest. She did this for a moment and then sat on my lap. The dance she was doing was nothing special, but it turned me on just to feel her body on mine as I was blindfolded. I could sense she was unsure what exactly to do. She sat for a while and started up the dacing motion again. The music stopped and she got off my lap.

I heard Russ go around and the women whispered into his ear who they thought it was. Then he asked the men. I guessed one of the wives but it was just a guess. I knew one of the women had on a black skirt. I knew another one had a longer dress. The other two were in shorts and Paige was in jeans. So I just guessed based on what I knew.

“Ok, next song.” Russ told the group.

All the women took a few steps to the side and to the next person. The music started and I felt another hand on my leg. This time, the person ataköy escort on me was more aggressive. She hopped right on me. I felt her legs against mine. It felt like she had on shorts. She sat on me with her hands on my shoulders. She grinded her pussy into me. Her grinding was rubbing my cock making me hard. She kept working me until she felt me get hard. She then unbuttoned her top and pressed her bra up against my chest. Her hand pulled up my shirt as she rubbed against me. Her forehead came to mine. I felt her breathe as she continued to grind on me. I kissed her. It was just a small kiss at first but she then kissed me back. She unzipped my shorts and put her hand in my underwear to feel my cock. The music stopped and she kissed me again before getting off me.

Just like the time before, Russ asked everyone who they thought was on them. After a few moments the music started again. The women all stepped to the next guy. My pants were unzipped and the tip of my cock was poking out. My shirt was half way up my chest.

I felt a new set of hands on my body. I felt the longer dress against my legs. I felt her hand reach out to me. She first touched my chest But her hand quickly moved downward. Moving downward, her hand touched the tip of my cock. I felt her pause. I wasn’t sure what she would do after that. After about a five second pause, I felt her turn around and lift up her dress. She then put her ass down on me. She started grinding my cock. I felt thigh highs on my legs. I remembered her from the party. She was the woman in her late 30’s. She was wearing a longer black dress with heels. I remembered her wearing some sort of hosiery underneath. I felt it touching my leg. My shorts started falling down as she grinded on me. I felt her hands pull at the bottom of my shorts. She pulled my shorts down taking my boxer briefs with them. I could still feel her facing away from me. She had her dress up and pulled my shorts and underwear down. I was sitting there with my cock hard and exposed. She sat back Sown and I felt her ass lower onto me. I could feel she was wearing a thong. She rubbed up against me hard. She was trying to make me cum on her ass. I could feel her thong getting wet as it was rubbing me. The song ended but she kept going. She had me to a point we’re i was about to cum. I heard her breathing hard. I could feel her rubbing her clit with her hand as she was grinding on me.

“Alright now, music is over .” Russ yelled. “I know it’s fun but when the music stops you have to stop.”

After Russ’s announcement, the woman on me slowly got off. Neither one of us wanted to stop, but we had to continue playing the game. I also didn’t want to be called out by Russ and have Paige find out how far I was going.

The women all stepped to the next guy and once again the music started. I felt a hand touch me on my leg. She felt my shorts as they were pulled down but still on my thighs. I wasn’t sure if she felt exactly how far down they were. They were only pulled down enough to have my cock out. I heard the clicking of heels. I knew it was either Paige or the women with the short black skirt and heels.

I felt her walk up on me. I felt skin from her legs. I knew Paige wore jeans so I knew it wasn’t her. I felt something touching my lips. It was her nipple. I realized then that she was topless. My shirt was still pulled up and my chest was still exposed. I felt her skirt bunched up on her waist. I then felt her shaved pussy against my chest. Feeling her without panties got me very hard. She lowered her breasts down to my face again letting me lick her nipples. She then lowered herself down on me. Her pussy landed right on my hard cock. I went right up inside her.

“Oh god!” I heard her whisper.

She paused for a second. I wasn’t sure if she knew my shorts were down or not. Either way, I was now inside her. She started fucking me. We fucked harder and harder. She kissed atalar escort me and put her chest into mine as she rode me. She was so tight. She started moaning and I felt her starting to cum. That made me cum. I came inside her. The song ended and we just sat there, my cock inside her. She got up off me and moved to the next guy.

I couldn’t believe I just fucked another woman. It happened so fast I didn’t really have time to think. To make things worse, Paige was up next. I felt her hand touch me as the next song started. Paige knew it was me and I knew it was her. She got right on my lap. Paige was still wearing heels but she no longer had on her jeans. Her boy short panties were soaked. She felt the cum on my cock. We both paused. She got off me and she bent over infront of me and started sucking me off. I was shocked she wasn’t upset. I thought maybe she felt guilty about taking off her jeans for one of the other guys. I was glad she wasn’t upset.

It felt like Paige was standing in front of me and was bent at the waist. I was getting hard again. She was really working my cock with her mouth. I was getting very hard again. I was still turned on by fucking the other wife. I was also now getting turned on thinking about Paige with her jeans off and in nothing but her panties and heels standing in front of me sucking me off. She then slowed up with sucking me. She seemed to be distracted. I heard her start moaning. I felt her head moving. She was trying to continue giving me a blowjob.

“Oh fuck!” I heard Paige whisper quietly.

She stopped sucking my cock and put her head down in my lap. I could feel her moving. Her hands were gripping my upper thighs. She started squeezing me harder. I felt Paige open her mouth trying to aim for my cock in front of her. Her mouth seemed to be all over the place. She couldn’t seem to connect. I felt her trying but it seemed like she was being pushed or something. Something was going on.

“Don’t cum.” I heard Paige whisper.

“Um, OK.” I whispered back. “Not in your mouth?”

Paige’s hand left my thigh and grabbed my cock. She then took me in her mouth and started sucking me off again. She started rotating between sucking me off and giving me a hand job.

“Shit, oh god, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Paige said trying to keep her voice down. “Don’t cum in me.”

Paige was moaning more and more as she worked me with her hand. I could feel her moving. It seemed strange, but I was so hard and turned on, I just wanted to cum.

“Paige, take me in your mouth, I want to cum. I’m close.” I whispered.

Paige’s mouth took my entire cock. She was working it good.

“Can I cum?” I asked.

I didn’t hear a response as Paige continued to work my cock.

“Paige, I’m about to cum. Can I cum in your mouth?” I asked.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. God it feels so good.” Paige said as she came up from sucking me off. “Yes, cum in me. Fuck me hard and cum deep inside me.”

Something just seemed off. My gut told me Paige was being fucked from behind by someone else. I wasn’t sure what to think but I was so turned on. Paige went back to sucking my cock and I couldn’t last any longer. I came in her mouth. As I was cumming, I felt Paige also cum.

The music stopped and we all paused.

“Ok, so I’m going to get your last guesses and then we will crown a winner.” Russ said sounding out of breathe.

We waited a moment and then Russ told us we could take off out blindfolds.

“Ok ladies, take off your blindfolds and then the blindfolds on the man in front of you.” Russ told the group. “And the winner for tonight’s game is Jim and Brooke.”

Jim and Brooke were the late 30’s couple. I looked at Paige as she took off my blindfold. She was standing in front of me in just her top and her heels. Her jeans were somewhere else and her panties were on the ground behind her. I could see the cum running down her leg.

“Did you have fun?” Paige asked nervously.

“I did.” I answered after a pause to take in everything that just happened. “This was a fun game.”

“I think we should head home now.” Paige said.

One of the other couples came over to us and invited us to a party they were having next week. We happily accepted their invitation. Paige and I went home and had some great sex!

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