My Bali Vacation


This is a story about a guy I know and our first getaway. We met at a hotel where I used to worked. He stayed as a guest and became infatuated, obsessed even, after he saw me at the reception desk. Today we are great friends but of course back then he was kind of a stranger to me. After some occasions and dinner dates he invited me for a vacation. I was taking care not to get noticed at the hotel with him because we were not allowed to get involved with guests. Plus he proved that he was a gentleman. So after a few weeks of his begging and my hesitation, I finally decided to go. That vacation really changed our relationship and we got very close.

He wanted to take me to Bali. I’d never been to Bali and heard awesome things about it. It’s just that I was a little cautious about spending two weeks with a guy who I barely knew. Even though I found him attractive, handsome and respectable. He wanted to pay for my tickets and the entire stay. I finally said okay but told him that I’d get my own plane tickets if he could get a beautiful place for us to stay.

We flew in separately because he’d lived in a different city but he was there first and met me at the airport.

I saw him at the meeting point and gave him a hug, “Hello handsome, I’m finally here! It’s so hot, I’m ready for some sun.”

He brought a driver and we went to the hotel. It turned out to be an awesome place. I was very pleasantly surprised when we entered.

“What a nice little villa… Ooh and a private pool!”

He gave me a little tour of the place and I was very pleased and glad I came.

“But there’s only one bed…where are you gonna sleep?”

He was very confused when he heard this. Mind you at this point we didn’t have sex. I was keeping a distance. And he just couldn’t bear to wait for access to my naked body. It was one of the reasons he wanted me to go on this vacation, if not the only one! But you know I’m the queen of teasing.

“I’m just teasing ya, but you have to behave!”

I unpacked and went for a shower. He fixed me a drink and some fruit. I came out after the shower to meet him on the terrace. It was kind of hot outside and I threw on a simple white sleeveless top that was long enough to cover my bottom, it was a very seductive little thing. The sides are open enough to show my side boobs and enough to see if I’m wearing my underwear or not. I wanted to tease him even more now that we were alone in this setting. But I also meant to have a serious talk about expectations. So I asked him about what we were going to be doing these two weeks.

And then I pointed out, “I’m here for some good romantic time. We are not gonna rush things. I’ll be your girlfriend. I’ll hold your hand, kiss you good night, stuff girlfriends do. But no monkey business! It doesn’t mean we can’t have sex… But only if I get hungry for some cock!”

I think this left him a little worried but that’s exactly how I wanted to be. I didn’t want him to suddenly get relaxed and stop trying hard now that he has me in the same room for two weeks of days and nights.

We both were feeling hungry and decided to go out for dinner at one of the beach restaurants. I told him to wait outside while I changed. I put a loose pink dress that had a low neck so I could show off my braless cleavage to get him as horny as I possibly could.

Then asked his opinion, “How do I look? You don’t think it’s too revealing? It’s just so warm and I didn’t feel like wearing a bra…”

It’s not easy to go braless in a loose summer dress, my boobs constantly try to escape.

“Here hold my purse, just need to fix my boob here. And I’m good to go.”

I think he nearly went blind when he saw me do that.

At the restaurant he had trouble staring me in the eyes because I sat right across the table and had my boobs propped up with my arms. I could see the struggle he had and it made it so hilarious. I was playing with the fabric of my dress and fixing my tits just to put him on the edge. I bet he had a huge boner under the table at that time.

After dinner we took a little walk along the beach. I was feeling tired after the long flight. Plus I had a couple of cocktails so I was feeling very relaxed and at ease. The beach ataşehir escort was already dark but the stars were bright and the sound of the waves and crickets made the night feel very romantic.

I took his arm and whispered, “This is a nice place baby… You’re so sweet. And the beach is so romantic tonight…”

We sat on the sand, I put my head on his shoulders to enjoy the peaceful sounds, my eyes were closing but I think my mouth was a little open. Because I felt his lips touch mine. It was a good move and felt so sexy at that moment.

I returned his kiss and moaned… “Oh god, your lips feel so amazing, mmm, you’re a good kisser!”

This probably gave him ideas because his hand moved to my butt like he was trying to probe me. But his touch made me feel aroused a little, even though I decided to stop him then…

“Ah… mmm baby, not here! Let’s go back to the villa, I’m a little tired…”

We walked back to the villa holding hands and at one point in one of the dark corners of the street I stopped him, “Hold on! I just wanna kiss you one more time…mmm…”

His kissing was so passionate, I could tell he was already mine, ready to jump me any second. We got to the villa and once we were through the gate he grabbed me again for a long kiss…

I was feeling jet lagged and ready to crash, “Alright, I’m gonna jump into shower, then it’s bedtime.”

With that I walked toward the bedroom taking my dress off until I was completely nude. I knew he would be watching me.

I turned to look over my shoulder, “Hey, turn around! I can feel you eye fucking me.”

After the shower I came out wrapped in my towel, “Baby, hand me that robe.”

He was drooling at my curves visible as I changed from the towel into the robe.

“It’s my favorite…a little seethrough but still covering the nipples…Although my areolas are peeking when I lean, they’re quite big, you know,” I said teasingly.

I took special pleasure in every word because I could feel how restless he was growing at the sight and at the idea that I was right there in front of him practically in the nude with my tits jiggling in the sheer robe.

I wrapped my hair with the towel and my arms pulled the robe up to reveal my landing strip, “Oops I forgot how short this robe is! Stop sneaking peeks! Naughty boy… But I don’t care, you can look, haha!”

He sat there speechless, his face red, from shame, arousal or anticipation I really don’t know but the teasing was doing its work.

After a long day it was time for bed. He was in the shower and I was putting lotion on my naked body under the robe. The night was quiet and I felt very relaxed even though I was with a guy who I didn’t know so well and never had sex with before. I was going to share this bed with him. I didn’t know what to expect really. We had a few passionate moments and we had done a lot of kissing…

Was he going to move on me? I definitely wanted to play with him some more. But I felt so tired and jet lagged.

When he got out of the shower I asked, “Ah, my neck is killing me from this long flight. Where’s that massage you promised me?”

He was surely happy to oblige. I sat up on the bed with my back to him and pulled down the top of my robe baring my shoulders. He was eager to put his hands on me and his touch felt so great. He was tender yet very strong.

“Ah! That feels great! Your hands feel amazing, how do you do that!”

I pulled my hair up in a knot to give him more access to my skin. Bringing my arms up freed my tits and they were now hanging on either side of my torso. They swung back and forth as he moved his hands across my back and shoulders. I then decided to get more comfortable.

“Here let me lie down on my belly…”

I lay down on the bed, the robe was still on me but I wanted to give him a tease.

“Can you help me with the robe?”

I lifted my butt so he could easily pull the robe away and I heard him say, “Ahem! Your privates…”

I smiled back, “Huh, what? My privates are showing? Don’t worry, I’m not shy. Come on, it’s not like you haven’t seen a grown woman naked.”

I avcılar escort was lying there in front of him completely naked. With my huge ass in full view.

He was hesitant to continue, being shocked by the nude show, so I instructed him, “You can look and you can massage my back and my legs and my butt too, it’s a little sore, but no touching me there!”

He said, “Where exactly is there?”

I said, “Where my pussy is… keep your fingers away from my little holes.”

He started rubbing me down. And it felt better and better as he was getting closer and closer to the lower back…

Eventually he cupped my ass cheeks with his hands or should I say he tried to he was grabbing my thick ass and letting it sway like jelly in his hands. All the while enjoying the view and I was enjoying the touches.

“Ah there, yes, you hit the spot! Mmm, a little lower too…watch it!”

I felt his fingers get dangerously close to my crotch. He continued to my thighs.

“Oh, that feels great…mmm!”

He massaged my inner thighs and was testing the bounds. At one point I could have sworn his hands went over my pussy that was in full view in all its glory.

“Um baby… Your fingers, I can feel them brush against my lips. Yeah…”

He apologized and kept rubbing but now his fingers got bolder and he kept getting close to the forbidden spot.

I was tired and only whispered, “Please…my pussy is very sensitive right now, I can feel your every touch and every breath… Just be careful. I know my pussy lips are puffy, so they stick out and can get in the way. Especially without any underwear.”

These words had the opposite effect on him.

“Ah! You’re doing it again… Oh my god. Hands, baby, hands…no hands on the private parts. Pussy’s out of bounds!”

I pretended that I was dead serious but I was actually enjoying his moves. And somehow he felt that. And then it happened…

I could only gasp…

“Ah…are…are you…Oh my god…Ah! Did you…did you just lick me…there?” I pretended that I was mad, “I thought I said…”

He responded grinning, “No fingers you said, didn’t say anything about the tongue…”

“Yeah, but the tongue…ooh!” He licked me down there again.

“Oh god baby, what are you doing…We can’t…this is wrong… Please ba…ahhh! Oooooooh…”

His licks were stronger and longer. His tongue felt so warm in my thick pussy lips, they were burning.

I moaned, “Ah please stop…sto…stop, stop, stop, oh god no! Don’t stop, don’t stop…”

I couldn’t bring myself to end this pleasure that was overwhelming me at the moment.

I was moaning with my mouth open frozen with sudden orgasmic wave, “Oh god…Baby….ahhhh! Fuck!”

I ordered him on. “Lick my butthole…”

His tongue gladly moved to the crack between my cheeks as his hands spread the buns.

I was taken over by the pleasure, “Oh yes, flick it, flick your tongue on my butthole… yeeeeeeah! Oh yes, tongue fuck it…Oh god, this is not good but feels amazing! Ah…”

He was leaning over my huge ass with his face buried in it and his head was bobbing up and down.

I whispered, “Baby, this is practically sex, you know? Come on, on the first night? I’m too tired…My eyes are just closing…”

My eyes were indeed closed now and I nearly fell asleep from the pleasure… The jet lag was taking its toll.

I rolled over, “Yeah I’m just gonna…Can we just spoon a little?” He brought his body around and lay next to me.

I pressed my naked butt into him, “Here, put your arm around me, while I go to sleep…”

This was so relaxing, I felt that his touches and licking really took the pressure off. But I knew that it also aroused me.

My sex drive was fighting with my sleepiness, so I asked him, “Mm, can you caress my butt a little? You massaged my buttcheeks so well I was nearly falling asleep.”

He wasn’t finished with me I could tell because he was a little disappointed about my jet lag. I knew I was giving him blue balls. So his hands were now eagerly rubbing my butt as we spooned in the dark.

“Oh that’s nice, avrupa yakası escort yeah just like that. ” I moaned quietly. “Your hands feel so nice on my naked butt”.

He took this as a sign and moved his hand in between my butt cheeks.

I whispered “I’m so tired. Ooh baby….not again. You’re getting aroused again. Here, just touch my belly a little. Yeah, that’s nice.”

I guided his hand across my belly and he was moving it between my underboobs and my landing strip. Then he continued his exploration to my bulging tits brushing his hands against my nipples that were getting hard and becoming erect.

“You feel my nipples? Careful, they’re very sensitive… Rub my belly… Not there… I can feel you’re touching my pubic hair.”

His hands were impatient now. He was all over my naked body now. And his fingers were slowly touching the prickly hairs of my closely trimmed landing strip.

“You like it? It’s a landing strip. I didn’t know if you liked it or not. I just figured I could shave it off if you didn’t like… Oh okay, well then I’ll keep it.”

This sounded like an invitation to him because I felt his hard cock pressed against my back.

I whispered, “I just read you mind…oh! Is that…? You’re hard, baby! Yeah I can feel your boner with my back!”

It wasn’t very comfortable then, not for me, not for him, so I asked him, “Well can you put it somewhere so it’s not poking me in the back? I don’t know, it just feels uncomfortable…”

Then I felt his boner slip in between my legs.

“Ohhhh…right in there? Between my thighs? Oh okay…” He definitely had the idea in his mind.

I felt I should warn him before he gets more ideas, “Just don’t spread anything. Just lie still, stop moving… Ahhh… Mmm… Oooh…”

I felt his tip pushing against my pussy, “Baby your cock…ah…it’s growing…longer and harder…oh… I can feel the tip touching my…clit…mmmmmm…”

He started rocking his body back and forth and his shaft now was moving up and down between my puffy lips, this felt so amazing that it made me gasp loudly, “Ah! Ooooooh…baby… Oooh…mmm…hehe… I think your cock is…ah!My pussy! Ohhhhh baby…”

I felt how my pussy was grabbing his penis with the lips and he enjoyed the feeling.

“My pussy is kissing you…can you feel it? Oh I’m still wet from your so-called massage.”

I felt so aroused myself that I didn’t want to stop, “Okay, just poke it, poke between my lips with the head…Yeah just like that…mmmmm just like that…Careful, don’t penetrate me…”

This felt way too good for me, I could barely speak, “Ah my god…fuck! Oh baby…this is…oh ohhhhh…This is…I…Oh god my pussy…Right between my pussy lips…with your…ahhh!”

It was such a sexy feeling, we lay there spooning in the middle of a beautiful Bali night and we both felt the urge.

So I gave him my permission, “Okay I want you inside me, yeah… Aha, don’t worry, I’m clean, you’re healthy, and I’m on a pill… Yes, just the tip…. Go slow.”

His cock inched into my slippery hole.

“Ah!..oooh…oh…oh…oh…mmmm… Fuck!”

He was penetrating me now deeper and deeper.

“Holy shit, baby you’re huge! Just be careful, my pussy is so sensitive…ah! Oh my god! Your fucking cock! Yes…yes baby yes! Oh my CUNT!!!”

I couldn’t hold it in anymore I was screaming now. My jet lag was somehow gone.

“Oh baby your fucking cock! Oh god…oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh! Aha…aha…yes! Oh my god… Right in my fucking…cunt…”

He was pounding me from behind grabbing my hips.

I was groaning,”Grab my tits… Oh oh yes! Grab…my tits…pull…pull my nipple…oh! Yes, twist it a little…oh!!! You’re gonna impale me…with your cock! Oh my pussy…my pussy…mmmm… Yes…oh god… Oh baby, it’s so big… Oh…it’s….it’s…yes…cum! Cum inside me, yes, ah…ah… It’s okay, you can cum inside me.”

I felt him getting closer to the edge. In that moment he growled and pressed his body against mine trembling. His tip was pressed against my cervix.

I was urging him on, “I want your cum in my pussy…yes…yesss! Ahaha, fucking amazing… What a cock you got, baby Whew! ”

When he pulled out the jizz just poured out my vagina, “Look at this mess… Creampied me like your bitch! So much for the first night in Bali!”

After that I slept like a baby until I wanted more in the morning. But this may be another part of my Bali vacation story because it was full of more sexy adventures that became really unforgettable memories.

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