My Cousin’s Milk


When I was about 18, my adult cousin was in her very early 20’s. Her brother (he was 17) and I were spending the night in her house since her husband was down south visiting his sick mother who was close to death. This left Ann alone with her young baby who was barely 6 months old in an old country farmhouse so when she invited us to spend the night, I was glad if only for another chance to see Ann and dream up a few more fantasies.

I was always very attracted to Ann. And she was always playful with me in return but I just knew she was only being nice to her young relative – she loved her husband and that was obvious. She was gorgeous – about 5-4, long dark brown hair and eyes that would melt a glacier. She had a great figure too and my best guesses were that she had a 36″ inch chest were not exagerated as I was to later find out. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

That night, a dark and cold January Saturday evening with snow flurries falling softly outside, found all of us sitting near the TV watching some old horror movie. It was late and Ann had already excused twice to feed her son but I noticed she wasn’t gone very long each time. I also was fairly sure she was breast feeding him but she never revealed that information to me so I thought that perhaps it was just more teenage boy fantasy stuff.

Anyways, after the movie was done and the popcorn bowls and bottles of soda were cleaned up, Bill and I said our good nights and went upstairs to the spare bedroom. The house was very, very cold upstairs due to the fact that it only had one heat source – a large vent at the top of the stairs that allowed heat to rise from below. Being an old farmhouse, I’m sure insulation was next to none so the occasional wind gust would whistle in the siding from time to time.

Having spent the better part of the day rabbit hunting near Ann’s house, I fell asleep pretty quickly after warming up to the icy bed. I swear – you could see your breath in that room but somehow, the downy comforter and blanket along with the flannel sheets and pillow case made it so snuggly in a matter of moments. In an instant, I was sound asleep.

It seemed as if I had just fallen asleep when I felt someone gently shaking my shoulder. In my sleep induced state, I first wondered if Bill was sleepwalking since he was in an identical bed to my left across the small room. But I could hear him snoring at the same time a female’s voice was heard to say, “Shhhhh… don’t wake Bill. Come with me, ok? Just be very, very quiet…”

It was Ann who was rousing me from my slumber. My first reaction was to think, “Heck no! I don’t want to get out of this warm bed!” But then as I began to gain some lucidity I realized that there was some urgency in Ann’s voice so I pulled the covers back and slipped my feet to the floor. Luckily, I was wearing some athletic shorts to sleep in – at home, I always slept nude but didn’t want to be so brazen in the company of my male cousin. At this point, I was definitely glad for my foresight!

Following Ann from the room and out into the hall, I felt an immediate rush of warmer air from the register beneath our feet. At first, I thought she was going to go downstairs but we didn’t – she beckoned me to continue to follow her into her room which also had the crib in it. I was at a loss – what was she wanting with me at this hour???

As I stepped into her bedroom, I could see better because she had a small table lamp on that was sitting on the dark nightstand. The baby was sleeping in the crib as an electric space heater was whirring, keeping the bedroom a comfy upper 60* temperature. She reached behind me and locked the door with a quiet, metallic ‘click’.

“Come… sit by me” she instructed so I followed her over to the bed. I noticed that the bed was barely disturbed, much unlike when I sleep! We sat near the foot of the bed which was high off the floor as many older beds were made back then.

As I sat down next to her right side, I could smell the deliciously intoxicating aroma of her lotions and perfumes. She was so stunningly beautiful in the low light and the shadows crossing her face made her eyes seem like black diamonds. At first, she just sort of fidgeted a bit but then she seemed to gather herself and began to speak.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’ve got a… er, a problem.”

She paused but I didn’t know what to say. I started to say something (I don’t remember what) but she immediately placed her fingers across my mouth and whispered “Shhhh!!! You’ll wake the baby and maybe even Bill. We don’t want that right now, so please, if you have to speak, be very, very quiet.”

I decided that maybe it would be best if I just listened.

“You may not know this but I’ve been breastfeeding the baby. However, for some reason, he just doesn’t seem to want to nurse Escort bayan and I don’t know why. He’s eating ok from the bottle but this has created a problem for me – what to do with the milk.”

She paused, looking at my face for some sort of reaction. However, I was stunned just to hear my beautiful female cousin utter the word “Breast” in my presence and that fact alone was causing a stirring of emotions within me.

So, I kept silent and just nodded – fearful that if I even dared to speak that it would be a squeaky, hormone-laden response similar to that of a bad violin note.

“Anyhow… Jack is gone as you know and my pump is broken.”

She saw a quizzical look on my face at the word “Pump”.

“Oh… sorry. I have a breast pump for times like this to help me express the milk -” (more arousal now on my part just from my feverish mind creating all sorts of images of Ann holding her bare breasts in her hands) “- because I hate doing it manually. I usually end up all sore and frustrated so usually, Jack just sucks it out for me. There – I said it.”

Oh-MY-GOD! My mental video screen was now running full bore with images of Jack suckling my cousins milk engorged breasts. I shifted as gently as I could to try and dissuade my cock from bursting forth in my shorts, but I didn’t do a good job of hiding it. Anyhow – I tried.

She continued in a husky whisper and I thought I saw a blush in her cheeks.

“What I would like to ask you is if you could help me… uh,… get the milk out? If you think this is gross or something like that, I’ll understand but I’m in pain since JR won’t nurse tonight. I suppose I’m just going to have to give up but my body makes so much milk I just don’t know what to do with it…”

I could see her eyes moisten… obviously, she was indeed in a fix and I felt immediately guilty for making this into some sort of sexual masturbatory fantasy. I decided to risk a whisper…

“Ann, what ever I can do to help, I’ll do. It’s just that… well, you know… I’ve never ever been with a girl, much less one that has milk so I’m not sure what to expect. Are you sure you want me to do this?”

Now, it was me who had the bad case of nervousness. My erection had long faded as I now knew it was go time or get-the-hell-out-of-Dodge. I was about to become face to face with honest-to-God breasts and I was almost ready to bolt. Still, something kept me steady on the outside so I waited for her response.

“Dean, you’ve always been very nice to me. I know that in some ways, you may have even found me attractive based on the glances I’ve seen you cast my way. But I also know you are a gentle person and that someday, you will make a woman very happy. I just need some relief tonight and I can’t ask my own brother. Would you please help me?”

She paused…

“And please, you can’t speak a word of this to Bill or anyone! No one must ever know, ok? If you go through with this, can you promise me that?”

I stumbled again, not knowing what to say. Oddly, a stirring was felt beneath my belt again but I din’t know why. My heart was pounding in my ears as I meekly nodded “yes”.

“Ok, what I’m going to do is sit back against the headboard. I’ll need you to lay across my lap and we’ll go from there, ok?”

God, her whispers were turning me on as much as the thought of having her breasts exposed to my eyes and lips!

Again, I nodded “Yes”.

She then scooted back against the headboard near the wall, her long dark blue robe barely covering her beautiful legs, and propped a pillow behind her back. She then patted her lap and motioned for me to lay upon it. Sliding my body down onto the bed and curling around with my body to her right, I then lay my head upon her robe covered lap, thoughts of the close proximity of her womanhood scant inches from my face. I wondered if she had panties on…

But I couldn’t even speak because just as I was mentally debating the idea that Ann’s genitals may be naked beneath me, she pulled her robe aside and revealed the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in my young life – a bare, milk engorged breast that was so full, a trickle of the white life-giving substance could be seen cascading slowly down her breast and disappearing beneath the shadows. There was no denying it now or turning back – I was rock hard and didn’t even care if she knew it. I couldn’t think of anything else other than to suck her nipple which was dark brown and distended, sticking out nearly 3/4’s of an inch and nearly a half inch in diameter. I was in heaven just looking at her nakedness.

She reached down and pulled my head toward her breast at the same time leaning forward. My mouth instinctively opened and as it did, I could feel a spider web-like stream of milk begin to letdown onto my tongue. In an instant, I sucked her nipple in Bayan escort full and was immediately rewarded with what seemed like a mouthful of milk! It was warm and sweet, unlike anything I had ever tasted!

Ann leaned back slowly against the pillow, soft murmuring sounds coming deep from within her as relief of the pressure began to be felt. I sucked as best I could know how and was rewarded with spurt after delicious spurt of her milk into my mouth and down my throat. Yet, in a few minutes, the milk came less and less and that was when I knew that this breast was indeed empty for the time being.

She shifted slightly and tried to free her other breast but because I was laying upon her robe, she couldn’t quite get it free. She whispered again…

“Sit up… I need to pull this robe apart some more.”

She was smiling at me now in a way I had never seen Ann look at me. It was almost mischievous what with the twinkle in her eye.

I leaned up on one elbow across her lap and was shocked again when I noticed that she undid the belt tie across her waist and watched her pull her robe nearly completely open from mid thigh on up. Both of her breasts were now exposed as was a dark triangle that diappeared between her shapely thighs.

Yep, she had no underware on. She noticed me staring and smiled.

“Now you be good and just keep your eyes on the job at hand, ok? It’s nothing but a little hair so don’t go getting all silly on me, alright?”

I was speechless. In less than 10 minutes I had gone from a mid teen age boy who only dreamed of naked women or saw them in the few Penthouse or Playboy magazines to one who was staring a real live bush and a beautiful pair of lactating breasts front and center.

Beads of sweat were on my forehead and I could feel them.

Ann sat back against the pillow again and whispered, “Come on… lay back down, ok? Just help me with the pain, please…”

She closed her eyes as I did as she asked. I placed myself at her right breast and began to suckle, this time slower since I didn’t want this to end. The milk again was immediate and forceful, rewarding my amature attempts with volumes of liquid. I gulped and drank hungrily, as might a person lost in a desert upon finding that wonderful, cool oasis in the barren land.

As I suckled, my erection was now full bore. I couldn’t hide it, no matter how I tried to position myself and I was hoping that Ann (who seemed to be all business like regarding my nursing her) wouldn’t see it. But then she surprised me again.

She let a slight sigh escape her lips as she stretched out her right arm as if to unkink it. But then, she allowed her hand to slowly descend to the bed, brushing my cock as it passed; almost pausing for a split second with the back of her hand against the swollen flesh before she let it fall.

Was it my imagination? Did Ann just cop a feel?

Before I could even collect these thoughts, she answered them with her hand. She lifted it up softly and then grasped my manhood solidly, the soft cotton of my shorts the only thing that separated her hand from its throbbing presence.

I was so shocked!! What to do? I even stopped suckling for a moment, my mouth agape, not knowing what was coming or what was going to happen.

With her eyes closed, she whispered again, this time with even more huskiness in her voice.

“Dean… do you jerk off?”

My god, coud this woman stun me any more tonight? I began to suck her nipple once more, in spite of the obviously reducing amount of milk, hoping that perhaps I did not hear what I thought I heard.

“It’s ok, my husband does it too. Does this feel good, Dean?”

She began to slowly slide her tight grip up and down my shaft, all 6 inches of it. (No, I’m not going to embellish and lie like most other men do. It’s 6 inches long, very thick and I’m quite satisfied with it! Now, back to the story…) I nearly came with the first movement of her hand but somehow managed to hang on.

I had to speak. Er… whisper. So, I let her nipple fall away from my mouth.

“Ann, what are doing?”

She looked down at me across her bare breasts that I had just emptied and smiled a decidedly devilish smile.

“I want to help you as you have helped me. Remember, we can’t tell a soul, ok? Especially Jack! Just consider this my way of thanking you for helping me. Here, move up here against the pillow.

As she moved over to allow me room on her pillow, she sat up slightly and allowed the robe to fall away completely. My eyes caressed her nakedness and drank in the sight (limited as it was) of her hair covered mons. It was absolutely exquisite. I wanted to touch it but dared not ask in light of what was about to happen – I didn’t want to risk her changing her mind!

She then decided to stand upright on the Escort bed but still on her knees. The robe was now fully open and I looked at her body shamelessly. She smiled at me as she slowly slid the robe completely from her shoulders.

“Hell, it’s hot in here, I think – don’t you? You’ve seen it all anyways so why fight it.”

I liked the way she thought!

“Now, lets get you out of these shorts” she whispered again. Reaching up to my waistband, she began to tug at the material. Meekly, I lifted my hips up a bit and she quickly had them down to my knees faster than I even think I could have! She continued to pull and had them to my ankles and off in a blink of an eye. My heart felt as if it was about to explode – no female had ever seen my cock and now, Ann was not only looking at it, she was going to make me come. Even now, my heart races a bit reliving this event…

To my surprise, she moved her body between my legs, her ass cheeks full and curvaceous as she was lying on her stomach. I parted my legs and noticed that my sac was full and heavy while my cock pulsed with every heartbeat. Its shadow was evident upon my thigh as it moved rhythmically to the coursing of the blood in my veins. Ann’s right hand grasped its girth and at the same time, her left hand pulle my balls full into her fist, kneading them slowly and tenderly as she began to stroke my cock.

It didn’t take long before I felt the boiling within my loins. I embarrassedly reached my hand down upon hers to stop the movement so that the stroking might resume without ejaculation. She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and smiled.

“Too soon?” she murmured.

I could only nod my head. That was when she shocked me again…

“Dean, if I ask one more favor of you, would you do it?”

NOW what was she going to ask? I hadn’t a clue… so, I could only nod “yes”.

“Ok, then stretch out fully on the bed, ok?”

She saw the questioning look in my eyes.

“Just trust me… you’ll enjoy it, I promise. If you don’t, we’ll stop and go back to this ok?”

“Ok…” What else could I say? So, I did. I slid down into a full reclining position as she sat aside, her breasts jiggling softly in the light as she moved.

When I was stretched out completely, she then began to turn and then – she straddled my chest, opening up her vulva directly before my face! Slowly, she lowered herself toward my face and I could only do one thing – stretch my face upward in anticipation of sucking her labia.

Which I did.

The musky smell was the stuff delusions are made of… her wetness was apparent and in abundance – her pubic hair was slightly matted and even in the dim light, I could see her inner lips spread slightly, inviting me to lick, to suck, to enjoy. I buried my face into her wet folds and drank once more of my cousin’s liquids.

She continued to move her sex upon my face until she had helped me find her clit, which I immediately began to lick, having read all about this in the magazines. At that time, I knew I had found my calling in life – to perform oral sex on women.

While I was face deep in her genitals, my nose inhaling the musky scent of her womanhood, I felt her hand once more grip my member. But then, another sensation was upon me – a wet, smooth, sucking sensation!!! Oh-MY-GOD! She had my cock in her mouth!

I wish I could tell you that I let her suck me for hours but the truth is that I exploded into her mouth on about the second stroke. Amazingly, she must have swallowed every drop but I couldn’t tell you – I think I nearly passed out. When I did get a clear head, I realized once more that a female’s backside was in my face and I began to try and resume my ministrations upon her clit as she gently suckled my still hard cock.

In only a few minutes, I heard her moaning deeply and felt her pressing more forcefully against my mouth. In moments, she began to grind hard against my face and lips and then bucked slightly, orgasm apparently overtaking her.

She collapsed for a few moments upon me, my cock in her hand as she slowly continued to stroke it lovingly and her ass at my chin, my head upon the pillow in exhaustion.

In what seemed like an eternity, she finally stirred, sitting upright and pulling her robe across her shoulders, her breasts still visible.

“Dean… what we did here is only between us, ok? Remember that. Please, a lot of people could be hurt if this got out. I really should probably apologize but I think you understand… do you, Dean?”

This time I reached up to touch her face. Her lips were wet and shiny and I wanted to kiss them. So… I pulled her near me and for the third time, experienced something never felt before – the kiss of an adult woman on my lips with passion.

When we broke our kiss, I whispered to her…

“I won’t tell a soul Ann. But I do have one request?”

She smiled. “What is that, Dean?”

“Can we do this again sometime?”

She leaned back and thought for a moment.

“We’ll see, Dean. We’ll just have to see…”

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