My Curvy, Sexy, Mature Neighbour


My neighbour Veronica had become an object of my sexual fantasies. I was 27 at the time and lived in a terraced house for about a year, to escape life at my parents house. The boredom of living alone and the need to generate additional income meant I had taken on a lodger, a former work colleague called Chrissie who I had an on off relationship (currently off) with and who was 5 years older than me. She brought about a sexual awakening in me and allowed me to partake in some sinful sexual experiences. The arrangement seemed to work at home for now, despite the underlying sexual tension, but we were definitely unattached at the time.

Veronica was my neighbour. She didn’t immediately strike me as a beddable woman on our first encounter. What I subsequently found out about her was that i knew she lived alone, was somewhat of a recluse and never had any visitors, but left every morning to go work where she worked as a school teacher. To me her life was a little peculiar. We can only have had a handful of encounters, but it was enough for us to exchange mobile numbers if I was away for the weekend for example and needed her to look out for the house, but nothing more.

She was 5ft 9 with beautiful shoulder length flame red hair, probably dress size 14 to 16, pale complexion and a figure I would describe as big framed, but certainly not overweight but with curves in the right places. She looked after herself and had good fashion sense. She was in her late 40’s. I had a penchant for curvy mature women for as long as I remember becoming interested in sex, so in theory she ticked a lot of boxes.

My sexual interest in her stemmed and aroused from one weekend when lying in bed at night I was awoken to the sound of moaning coming from my neighbours bedroom, which I shared a partition wall with. If anyone has lived in a terraced house will know the walls are solid but transmit sounds very easily.

At first I thought she was in pain and was concerned enough to come out of bed to put my ear against the wall, even using a glass against the wall to amplify the sound more clearly. At that point I realised quickly she was moaning from sexual arousal. My thoughts started racing as to how she was receiving pleasure. Was it a dildo? Was she pleasuring herself using her fingers? In the middle of fantasising about it i heard a slapping sound and a male voice saying ‘let’s make some memories’ followed by another slap presumably of her ass cheeks.

For 2/3 hours I continued to hear screams, laughing, conversations, then more screaming and moans of sexual pleasure, well into the early hours. I could only imagine the multiple sex positions they had performed, but judging by the slapping, doggy appeared to be a particular favourite. The noise was so much so that I was sure a few neighbours could hear. The sex continued in what i can describe as a dirty weekend, with her fuck partner. I would hear the moaning during the day the following afternoon coming from the lounge and again on the Saturday night and would dread receiving visitors whilst that was taking place next door. It finally ended on Sunday afternoon. I suppose they were exhausted as they were fucking like rabbits in different parts of the house! This all seemed totally out of character for my neighbour. I had no idea who the mystery man was.

The next morning I spoke with my house mate and we had a good gossip about the bedroom antics of our neighbour. Chrissie described it as a complete surprise given how quiet she normally was but said good for her.

“Every woman deserves some pleasure from time to time.” she said.

Following that weekend I expected a continuation, but to my surprise there were no further encounters and I heard nothing again and she went back to a life as a recluse. Staying at home after work and not making a sound. However, it was the start of my sexual fantasies about my neighbour. I would often masturbate about a lust filled sex relationship with her, imagining the dirty things we could get up to. Being someone with a foot and ass fetish, it often involved me sucking her toes and licking her bum hole. Above all, I wanted to hear her scream loudly worshipping my cock and for others on the street to hear that there was some serious fucking taking place.

A few months passed like this. Me and Chrissie had finally given into the temptation of easy sex but an on/off relationship continued. But above everything my infatuation with Veronica was increasing.

It was on one balmy summer evening on her return from work she had accidentally locked herself out of her house and knocked on my door asking for shelter whilst she waited for a locksmith. I was more than happy to entertain.

“Sure come in Veronica I have just opened a bottle of red would you like a glass? It’s Friday night!”

She Esenyurt Escort reluctantly agreed saying that was very kind and she hoped she wasn’t putting me out. We sat in the lounge on separate sofas making small talk. For a ‘recluse’ she wasn’t too shy about conversing. I wasn’t put off by her appearance. She was pretty. She wore a denim jacket and a long flowing black skirt that revealed quite a shapely ass, I was struck by her open toe footwear with painted red toe nails. I kept looking in that direction as she moved her feet about and I think she noticed.

I plucked up the courage to ask her why such an attractive woman lived alone. She was taken aback by the question and didn’t know how to respond. She went red like a plum tomato.

“Oh well thanks, but that’s a long story.” she gave a bemused look.

I then surprised myself and went further and asked her whether she was interested in a no strings sexual relationship and said that the both of us needed some fun and decadence in our lives.

“Umm well that’s a bombshell, can I think about that. Do you often ask women that directly?” She laughed awkwardly.

I was encouraged but it wasn’t quite the response I was after. I would have preferred an instant reaction where we embraced french kissing, ripping each other’s clothes off whilst heading upstairs to the bedroom.

She quickly downed her glass and said she would think about it again and luckily at that point the locksmith called to break the awkwardness. I apologised for being so direct and said there was no pressure, but she can just call me if she was interested.

“I won’t pester you about this again.”

“I don’t want you to think I will harass you about this!” I said.

“Oh don’t worry I understand!” she said.

She said thanks for the drink and said bye and closed the door and went to meet the locksmith. I felt like a total fool thinking I had embarrassed myself and tried to forget the whole thing had happened.

I was non the wiser of her intentions. She gave nothing away.

My housemate returned and I told her about the drama next door and how I shared a glass of wine. I was remiss in giving her the full details of what occurred as I didn’t know how she would react.

Later that night it was 915pm and I was sat downstairs having established that my neighbour had safely gained entry into her property. Still not able to get the incident out my head when I suddenly saw my mobile ringing with Veronica’s name on the display screen. It was my neighbour. The excitement was unbearable.


“Hi, well sorry about my reaction earlier, but I was in shock that some one like you would ever have interest in me. But I am waiting for you. I have showered and am clean and would like it if you were clean too. What would you like me to wear?” she said.

My erection was instant.

“Thank you I thought I had blew it and of course, I am looking forward to a bit of Friday night love making. I have been attracted to you for a while now. I’ll see you in 15.”

“I am really flattered, let’s go with the flow and see where this takes us. You didn’t tell me what I am to wear” she said.

“Umm, okay a nice silky robe with your skimpiest thong or knickers and bra please would really be a turn on.”

I thought about requesting something particular for her feet like a toe ring or anklet but didn’t want to come across as perverse and left it. Plus there was plenty of time to reveal each other’s perversions.

“Hmmm I’ll see what I can find.”

Straight into the shower and out i went. Chrissie was in her bedroom so may not have noticed me leaving.

I knocked on her door and she opened and was dressed as requested. We were both conscious of curtain twitchers and prying eyes from neighbours but I entered quickly. She had a body made for sex. Her hair was flowing down to her shoulder. Her robe was like a Japanese kimono flowing down to just below her knees. It was figure hugging, revealing ample breasts and wide hips. She wore thong sandals and the added attraction was the gold anklet she wore around her left ankle (did she read my mind), which sent me over the edge with anticipation. The sense of excitement over what was lurking behind her robe was uncontrollable.

We proceeded to her lounge which was tidy enough with a fire running. We actually sat on separate sofas initially, which seemed a bit too distanced for me. And initially small talked on the locksmith and general conversation about her house decoration.

Suddenly, she changed the subject matter and got straight down to business.

“Well I was totally blown over by what you said earlier, but I enjoy sex, but only get to engage occasionally, so I am looking for sex on tap, well hopefully orgasms on tap.” Avcılar Escort she laughed.

“I am up for it. I am being honest when I say I would like to bring some pleasure to you.” I said.

“That’s so lovely.” she said.

At which point she got off the sofa looking directly at me. She moved her hand towards the belt on her Kimona and slowed pulled it to untie the knot. What was revealed was nothing short of fantastic, pale white skin, a fleshy belly, a black bra and black knickers that barely covered her pussy. She grabbed my arm taking the lead as a mature woman should. We embraced in a warm sloppy french kiss. I could already hear gentle moaning. I dropped my shorts and she grabbed my mighty erection.

“Wow someone is excited, hmmm.” she said.

We carried on kissing deeply with our tongue’s exploring all corners of each other’s mouths.

I was fully engorged reaching my full 6 inches. She led me away from the lounge holding my erection. It was the stuff of fantasies. Whilst on the stairs she then dropped her kimono so i had full view of her peachy ass and black thong that disappeared in her ass crack.

“I am mesmerised by your ass and your figure Veronica.”

“Umm I love this teasing.” she said.

Anyway, the image of her butt cheeks moving and wobbling up the stairs will stay with me and my wank bank forever.

In the bedroom, we lied on the bed, I removed my T-shirt, she slipped off her sandals, and I kept looking down at her feet but that was a feast for later. We carried on french kissing, whilst fondling each other. I slipped my hand down her thong and started rubbing her pussy. She wasn’t shaved, but not overly hairy too.


“Oh Veronica!” As she rubbed my penis.

I removed her bra and started sucking on her ample breasts and pink nipples. I worked my tongue down her belly digging my tongue into her belly button

“Ooooooo!!” She shouted. She seemed to like that.

I continued down to her hips and then grabbed the edge of her thong with my teeth. I looked up at Veronica and she looked back yearningly.

“Take them off!” She said huskily.

Wow! I then took them off partly using my teeth and hands. Down the thong went past her knees and which point she raised her legs to reveal her open pussy and generous ass. I got the thong around her ankle. My face was right against her feet.

I then took the thong, squashed them in my hand stuffed it into my mouth to taste.

“Ooo that’s kinky.”

At the same time I pressed my face against Veronica’s right foot. Her left foot was rubbing my cock. I was tasting her ass and pussy off her thong and sniffing her foot at the same time, which smelt more of her shower gel. This was as close to heaven as I could get.

Veronica laughed at this point.

I took the thong out of my mouth and threw it across the room. It was tasty I was completely lust filled and began to feast on Veronica’s toes. She had beautiful shapely feet! “Hmmmm hmmmm.”

“Ohhhh! Oh my god that’s so ticklish.” She said with pleasure.

“I have never had anyone suck my toes before. Oooooo!”

I stuck her big toe in my mouth moving up and down it as if to indicate to Veronica what I wanted her to do with my own cock. I looked into her eye and she licked her lips knowing exactly what I meant. I took the rest of her 4 toes into my mouth and sucked on them as one, slobbering my saliva over then. I then sucked each toe individually and slid my tongue in between all her juicy toes.

“Oooo that is ticklish, but nice. Carry on please.” She moaned.

She was clearly very sensitive but responsive to it too and most importantly not put off by it which was a good sign for the future.

My tongue then moved down her wrinkly sole and then slobbered on her heel which was slightly cracked but my saliva soon moistened it I then licked up to her ankle, beside her sexy gold chain anklet. As I looked up i noticed Veronica with closed eyes rubbing her pussy. My first instinct was to move up to taste her pussy juice. It was warm and moist and odourless. Perfect.

“Ahhh mmmmmmh.” I groaned.

I licked her pussy sloppily playing with her clitoris for a good few minutes. I then stuck two fingers up her pussy.

“Arghhhhh! I wasn’t expecting that but carry on pleaaase.”

“Hmmm. Keep going.”

By now it was sounding very wet with my saliva mixing with her pussy juices. It was heaven.

“Urghhhh! I need to taste your cock right now.” Veronica groaned.

“How about a 69!” I said. “So we can pleasure each other.”

I lay down and watched with absolute wonder seeing Veronica manoeuvre her curvy body to straddle over me and position her shapely ass over my face. I put a cushion underneath my head to get a better reach. I caught a slightly musty smell coming from her ass crack but that didn’t put me off I started tonguing her pussy again.

“Argh.” I screamed as she placed her mouth over my cock, moving rigorously up and down my shaft.

Animal instincts had taken over. Plenty of her saliva was being used as lubricant.

“Slop slop slop, slurp slurp, oooooh mmmmmmmh.” Reverberated around the room for the next few minutes. It was pure filth.

She really knew how to give a BJ. After a couple of minutes I had to tell her to stop so that i didn’t ejaculate early. We both yearned for penetration. I got up onto my knees she stayed on all fours. Her bubble ass was sticking out and she gave it a shake. I wanted a taste of it.

I went down close to her ass and started licking around her ass crack.

“I am not sure how clean i am, well I cleaned it but it might not be…oooooooo!”

As she reacted to me prising apart her butt cheeks and I sought her rosy bud. There was an enticing aroma, which was not enough to off put me.

“I can’t resist it Veronica.”

“That’s so dirty!” She said.

I applied my tongue to her browny rosy bud.

“On my god!!” Veronica screamed and laughed so loudly it echoed around the room. (just like she had those few months ago). I then feasted on her ass running my tongue up and down her ass crack slowly leaving no part of her butt untouched. Using my tongue to lubricate her bum hole. I resisted sticking my tongue into her butt hole, but long term had some anal fantasies that I wanted to play out!!

“That’s enough! can you just stick it into my pussy.” She demanded.

I then penetrated her from behind as she guided my fully erect penis into her tight warm and wet love tunnel.

“Oooooooo!!” She moaned.

I thrusted in and out until I found some rhythm. The sight of her ass cheeks wobbling as I pounded her pussy from behind was a beautiful image.

“Oh Veronica that’s a stunning ass! Oh!!”

I carried on the rhythm with all the energy that I had for a few minutes and we both starting building up a sweat that I could feel forming on both our skin.

“Hmmmm! Oh god!! oawwwwww!” She screamed followed by more laughter.

“Keep it going.” She was barely able to mutter.

She was definitely reaching an ecstasy and I kept it going to make sure I could give the orgasm she craved.

“Arghhhhhhhhhh!! Oh my days!” She screamed.

It came, the moaning was incredible with that release of pressure and she released her sex juices and drenched my cock with it. I withdrew my cock and we fell onto the bed gasping for breath.

“That was incredible Veronica.” I said.

“It definitely was, let’s rest a short while and try some different positions!” She suggested and at that point we embraced and kissed and i grabbed her tongue with my lips, tasting her saliva, such was the lust I felt even post coital.

“I don’t know how you didn’t cum through that.” She said.

“We are going to have a lot of fun.” She said.

The remainder of the session involved some cowgirl, reverse cowgirl with a magnificent view of her butt and wrinkled feet. I finally came whilst in missionary and some more french kissing and climaxed releasing my seed into her. We were both sweating buckets and the room was filled with the scent of sweat and sex. Hedonistic indeed and with more of it to come, life was good. I wondered how many neighbours were able to hear the steamy sex session. I then thought of Chrissie.

I departed just after midnight.

Saturday passed without contact from Veronica. But my housemate approached me the next day saying that next doors mystery man had returned.

“Really!” I said trying to look surprised.

She looked at me trying to sus me out by my body language.

“Umm, yeah sounds like another wild shag happened.”

“I remember her screaming oh my days at the end! Classic.”

“Wow!” I said knowing that she got me.

“It’s funny that you seemed to return home at the same time that it all stopped and you mentioned you shared a glass of wine with Veronica in the evening. Have you got something to tell me?” I sensed a hint of jealousy.

“Hahaha!!” I laughed.

“I think you will find that was a coincidence. You must be mad if you think that was me next door getting my wicked way.”

“You have a wild imagination Chrissie.” I said before walking away.

Deep down Chrissie knew it was me.

Eventually the truth will out, as I would be inviting Veronica over to my bedroom for sex and so that we could use our large jacuzzi bath. I secretly hoped that Chrissie would eventually not be able to resist getting involved in some way or another.

Sunday morning came and I was having the urge once again, it was timely that a text arrived from Veronica at that moment saying;

“Are you up for some Sunday lunch at 2.30pm. I am hungry for some meat and two veg!”

To be continued…

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