My Escape to London Ch. 02


Having checked in we went up to our room. As soon as I entered the room I loved it. To one side there was a king-sized bed with what is called a comforter on it, it was so puffy and soft I just had to jump on the bed and sink down into it before Jon had locked the door. The walls of the room were off-white and its ambience was decorated in matching pastel colours. The carpet surrounding the bed was of a deep pile, which tickled my toes as I walked barefoot across it. Against the wall, beside an open fire place stood a 3 mirrored antique dresser; separate doors led off to the Jacuzzi and wash areas.

Jon pulled me into his arms and gave me a long, deep kiss. I began to frottage against his thigh; he stopped kissing me and gently pushed me away.

“Slow down, we have all night. We’ve less than an hour before dinner.” Jon said as he turned me around and slapped my ass to get me moving. I turned around, grabbed my utility bag and stuck my tongue out at him just as I entered the bathroom to take a quick shower and change into the outfit I had packed this morning. I could hear his laughter as I closed the door.

Thirty minutes later, I opened the bathroom door and stepped out. I was wearing a black silk dress with silver threads forming a stripy pattern on the fabric. Underneath I had on extremely sheer black silk stockings, a black tong and nothing else. I love the feel of real silk against my skin, so I couldn’t resist the chance to be completely surrounded by it. The soft material of the dress hugged my small waist and draped as the plunging neckline accentuated my breasts. Jon loves my hair loose, so I left it cascading down to my waist, with just a few curls pulled up and secured by a gold barrette on the left side of my head. The short skirt swirled around my legs as I, wobbling a little on the black heels I wore, turned slowly around so Jon could see me.

“Wow,” Jon gasped as he reached out and caressed my breast through the soft silk. “You look and smell fantastic.”

I smiled at him and he hugged me close before zipping up the back of my dress. He gasped when he saw my bare ass in the dresser mirror. Cupping my ass and drawing me close to him, Jon started to nuzzle my neck; soon I felt his cock starting to react.

“We better get going now, while I can still control myself,” he mumbled, casually pushing my away before adjusting the front of his trousers with a quick flick of his wrist.

It was only a short walk to the restaurant. Descending some stairs Jon put his hand under my armpit to steady me as I was not used to walking in high heels. Our table wasn’t quiet ready, so we decided to have a drink at the bar. Initially the bartender just glared at me wondering, is she, isn’t she; so when Jon ordered me a vodka and orange; I waited to ask for proof of my age, which, to my irritation frequently happens these days.

When we were seated, I looked around the restaurant; it was real olde-worlde, full of rustic beams and inglenooks with soft music being played in the background.

Jon ordered a bottle of Chablis to accompany our dinner, which I really liked and seemed to taste better as the meal progressed. I smiled happily all through dinner playing footsie with Jon, hoping this was the first of many weekends away with Jon. On several occasions I noticed the other diners sneak glances at Jon and I as we talked intimately between ourselves. This only seemed to enforce the sexual attraction I had for Jon for I could feel my nipples hardening and my body began to excrete that fragrance when us women are ‘erotically charged’.

When we finished our meal, Jon asked me if I wanted to spend some time sat in the lounge. What with the driving plus the wine, my head was starting to spin a little, so I said “Perhaps not, I might fall asleep in front of all these people.” He threw back his head and laughed.

“That’s one of your best qualities.” He said with a smile as he brushed the hair from my cheek with his hand. “You are so honest with your answers. Never lose that; come on then; so we made an unsteady way back to our room.

Jon opened the hotel room door and backed away so I could enter first. Jon whispered in my ear as he came up behind me and put his hands around my waist. “I thought about what you had said about making love with the lights on. The more I thought about it, the more the idea appealed to me.”

As he was talking to me he was unzipping my dress and easing it down my shoulders so that I now had a puddle of silk at my ankles. I was stunned for a minute, not knowing what to do. Jon guided me to the centre of the room and kissed my cheek before undoing the clasp on the barrette and easing it from my hair

“Jonathan, I…”

For ease of writing I’ve taken Jon’s perspective for what follows:-

I could resist this beautiful young woman no longer. As Sarah spoke, I wrapped my arms around her narrow waist and pulled her to me, so wanting our bodies to finish her sentence.

We kissed again. It began beylikdüzü escort as a gentle kiss that evolved into a mutual expression of passion. Her reluctance dissolved into arousal as her lips and tongue worked their youthful magic on me. While my own tongue sought hers as a prelude to even more intimacy, my hands began to roam her body, dropping first to her ass. That sweet ass that been antagonising my thoughts all evening.

Sarah murmured approval at my surrender to her overtures.

We continued kissing, probably for several minutes. Though the intensity of our physical need for each other was increasing, neither of us wanted to rush. I began to let my kisses find their way over her lips, chin, and neck. She rewarded my exploration with vocal encouragement that heightened my desire for her. I found a warm spot at the base of her neck by the shoulder. The instant she felt my lips there, she tightened her arms around my neck to pull me even closer. Then she moved astraddle my left thigh. I felt her begin to rub her barely-clothed pussy against it. My continued oral attention to this hotspot only intensified her frottage. The sounds from deep inside her affirmed her pleasure and heightened my own.

Unable and now unwilling to contain my own lust, I allowed my hands to seek the warm eroticism of her skin. When my warm hands found the skin of her lower back and began to travel upward, she gasped audibly. She entangled her hands in my hair and forcibly pulled my mouth from her neck. Her mouth sought mine and upon finding it, she thrust her tongue deeply into me. I allowed my hands to continue their upward excursion to her shoulders, unimpeded by any brassiere.

Her bare skin was a tactile aphrodisiac. Its allure sent the electricity of arousal to all parts of my body.

We continued kissing with nearly violent sexuality.

The slowness of my movement and the warmth and friction of my hands against her skin seemed to stimulate her even more. My hands moved slowly along her rib cage, lingering briefly to caress her sensitive underarms, I stepped back slightly to get a better view of her breasts. Her eyes penetrated mine. Sarah was totally unashamed of her nakedness. Indeed, she seemed to become further aroused as I alternated my focus between her pussy and her breasts. Never before have I seen such an exquisite creature.

Sarah reached out and unbuttoned my shirt before pulling it out of my trousers. As she pushed it back and pulled it off, her naked breasts pushed against my bare chest. Her warmth was titillating. Her own body’s movement to completely remove my shirt and let it drop to the floor caused her nipples to harden and lengthen when their tips moved across my chest. Each gentle touch sent an electric shock through my body.

Again, for several minutes, we held each other close and kissed passionately. I allowed my kisses to again wander over her face, biting her lips and ear lobes gently, letting my tongue tip caress her most sensitive spots, letting my erotically suggestive whispers into her ears inflame her.

Now, with our upper torsos completely exposed to each other, I began to move my lips downward, eager to reach her breasts, to take those nipples between my lips and tenderly suck and pull them into my mouth. Her smallish breasts were incredibly sensitive. She rewarded my advances with sounds of lust, first softly, then louder. I felt the urgency in her fingers when they clawed my back. Oh, how I wanted this young woman!

Again, she moved to straddle my upper thigh and rub her pussy against it, more feverishly than before. Each grind of her pussy against me pressed her against my now very hard cock.

Our sensual struggle became more animated, more intense. While my lips continued to kiss her breasts and tug on their nipples, my tongue encircled and tweaked them. My hands fell to her waist. Without looking, Sarah took my cue. She unfastened my belt, unhooked then unzipped my trousers.

Together, eagerly, we removed the rest of each other’s clothing so when we again stood upright; we were naked for each other.

We once again came together, standing, kissing, and running our hands over each others body. Her swollen, moist, pussy again rode up and down on my upper thigh. So close were we that my fully-erect cock was captured between our bodies.

With my left arm around her lower back, I stepped to one side, placed my right arm against the back of her shapely thighs, and swept her up into my arms. Her right arm around my neck, and she again kissed me deeply while I carried her to the bed.

Once there, I laid her gently down, then stepped back to admire her beauty. It was truly amazing that this lovely young woman could find me sexually desirable. While I watched, she allowed her hands to travel over her own body, stimulating herself and me at the same time. Clearly she was unashamed of pleasuring herself.

“Jon,” she whispered, “Masturbate beyoğlu escort with me. Please.” It was an enticing request, not a plea.

Without any hesitation I moved my right hand to my fully erect cock and began to slowly masturbate. Sarah’s eyes focused on my cock’s swollen redness, its girth, and its length. Her own fingers increased their lovemaking with her own pussy. Her clit emerged noticeably from beneath its protective hood. She gasped each time her wet finger touched it.

Both of us clearly enjoyed the intensifying urges of our masturbation, but neither of us wanted to orgasm.

Sarah stopped her hands and lay quietly. She extended her arms outward to me, summoning me to her. I released my cock, now bobbing pendulously as I moved to her. I lay beside her, and once again we began kissing, first delicately but soon passionately, hungrily. Again, lying side by side, our hands roamed each other freely.

I began kissing downward from her mouth, to the base of her neck, down to her breasts. My lips and tongue sought her nipples to pinch and pull them. My tongue traced circles around her areolas. She gasped audibly, frequently, at the sensory attack of my tongue. I began to let my kisses journey downward, slowly and patiently.

When my chin just barely grazed her erect clit, Sarah cried out. Then she spread her legs even further apart, entangled her fingers in my hair, and forced my mouth down hard on her pussy. My tongue shot out quickly and hard, thrusting in between her outer lips. Again she screamed and pulled my head in harder. I forced my head backward to relieve my assault and to allow my tongue to trace around her lips and find her clit.

Using just the tip of my tongue, I moved it from side to side, each time barely grazing her sensitised clit. Her body spasmed with each flick. She released her grip on my head and stretched her arms out to her sides, grasping and pulling at the sheets.

I placed my arms around her thighs to steady my head whilst I allowed my tongue to travel the length of her delicate slit, exploring as it went. I blew my warm breath across her clit, and then tenderly touched it again, repeatedly, with my tongue’s tip. I probed her separate folds with my tongue, finding the places that made her moan and cause goose bumps to rise on her skin. Again Sarah rewarded me with shrieks of pleasure. Her hips bucked against my face, and her shapely young legs tightened around my head as her body rose, fell, and shook in orgasm.

I continued my oral lovemaking until she begged me to stop. She pushed my head away from between her legs and was gasping to regain her breath.

After a few moments to allow her to recover, I kissed my way back up her luscious young body until our lips met and she tasted her own love juices. We lay together for several minutes, kissing, caressing, saying with our eyes and touches what words could never express.

After perhaps a half hour, she reached down and played with my partially-erect cock, loving its lengthy foreskin and the way she could bury her fingertip and circle my glans. Her touch brought it to life. It began to harden again. After a few strokes of her tiny, soft hand, it was fully hard, erect and leaking precum. She kissed my lips gently then kissed her way down my body, biting in some spots, sucking in others, but always stroking my manhood slowly. I simply lay on my back and enjoyed the sensations of her youth.

She took my cock in both hands and began kissing its tip, licking away the never ending dewdrop before progressing up and down the shaft. An occasional tongue-lashing from her caused it to twitch and me to cry out. She kissed her way from its base to its length, and then slowly took it into her warm, moist mouth. Her sucking was exquisitely slow and erotic. Up and down she went, occasionally but lightly scraping my shaft with her teeth, which seemed to add height to this erotic act. Never had I felt so aroused, so long, and as hard as with Sarah’s beautiful young mouth making it so. She slowed when she sensed I was nearly ready to cum.

“Jon, I want to feel you inside me,” she whispered.

I opened my eyes. She had already positioned herself over me. She lowered herself until the tip of my cock just touched her clit. Sarah allowed my cock’s tip to kiss and lick her clit. She gasped at the sensation of wetness, heat and hardness she controlled. An arc of sexual electricity jumped from her clit to my tip and surged throughout my body.

My cock, still wet from her mouth, was ready, and she lowered herself down upon it. Slowly, oh so slowly I entered her. Each fraction of it she consumed seemed to revel in the sensations surrounding. Further and further she drew me in until I disappeared completely inside her. We rested quietly for a few moments, each of us wanting that moment, that wet, hot sensuality, to continue for hours, though we both seemed to know we were seconds away from bizimkent escort explosions of fire and light.

From my reclining position I ran my hands up her thighs and began to use my thumb to stimulate her clit. She began snaking her hips so my cock moved in and out while my thumb kept up its touches. Sarah pushed my hand away, so strong was the sensation. I reached up, took both her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers, and commenced to pinch and pull in rhythm with her thrusts, now increasing in both frequency and intensity.

Her eyes closed, her lips parted, and her face took on a dreamy look as she drove me deeper inside her and forced herself closer to orgasm. I felt her pussy’s muscles tightening around me now, quicker and quicker, pulling harder and harder trying to suck me into her womanhood.

We were both now gasping for air, crying out in sexual abandon, using words and sounds to spur each other on, closer and closer, louder and louder, faster and faster. Her fingernails dug into my nipples as I began to buck upward against her. I continued to pull and pinch harder on her nipples and thrust my cock into her. She clawed, scratched and screamed as she felt the inner explosion begin. I cried out, feeling my white hot liquid beginning its unstoppable eruption.

We both came together in a flurry of wanton orgasmic detonation. I felt my hot cum flowing unstoppably into her; I felt her pussy contracting and releasing over and over again to suck me dry. I heard her crying out my name as she thrashed in her own ecstatic ballet on my hardness. With one final simultaneous cry of release, we both gave our last gasp of exhilaration. Then she collapsed on my chest, my still-hard cock pulsating inside her. We breathed hard, raggedly, erratically and erotically as our lust subsided.

She lay on top of me, now quiet, waiting, feeling as my cock wilted inside of her. We whispered, talked, kissed, and caressed each other gently.

“You have such gentle hands and a gentle heart.” Were the last words I heard before I succumbed to sleep.

I woke the next morning and saw beams of golden sunlight coming through the window. It was still early. I sleepily smiled, remembering how we started out all those months ago. But this time it was different. Here, in this room, it was just us…Jon and I.

I savoured the feeling for a moment, until the sensations caused by Jon’s probing fingers caused me to moan and tremble with arousal.

“About time you woke up. I was getting lonely.” I jokingly complained.

Throwing the duvet aside, Jon shifted our bodies so that I straddled his face and his hard erection close to my mouth. Not being a slow-witted person, I quickly enclosed his cock with my lips and gently nibbled on the sensitive tip with my teeth. Jon groaned and raised his hips up, trying to get more of his cock inside my mouth. He bent his legs so that I could ease my hands under him to tease his balls and ass with my fingertips and nails.

I slowly took his entire length into me, relaxing my throat until he was completely engulfed by my warm, moist mouth. I probed between his balls with a finger, tickling him slightly. Jon’s reaction was to start fucking my mouth, so taking this as a sign I teased his ass with a finger before gently inserting just the tip of it into his rectum. We had never done this before, and I wondered if he would like it.

Surprisingly I felt Jon lick my ass then using spittle as a lubricant, I felt a finger prod then worm its way into my rectum. “Two can play at that game,” mumbled Jon as he concentrated on getting his finger deeper into my soul.

By now my cunt was under serious assault, not only was Jon hitting my g-spot with one hand, the finger in my rectum was joined by its thumb and slowly began caressing that thin piece of membrane just behind my perineum, knowing I had to do something quickly I began to hum as I deep-throated Jon’s cock.

He came almost immediately, pumping my mouth as his cum shot down my throat into my eager tummy. I love the taste of Jon’s cum and eagerly swallowed it. Jon drew my throbbing clit into his mouth and sucked on it while fucking me with his fingers. I climaxed quickly, drenching his fingers with cum. I slowly eased Jon’s cock from my mouth, keeping my lips tight around him to milk the last remaining drops of cum as they leaked out the opening at the tip.

“Sarah, have you ever thought of shaving your pubes?” asked Jon whilst still trapped between my legs.

Swallowing the remainder of Jon’s cum, I explained that normally I would, once in a long term relationship, but the way things had been over the past few months I just hadn’t bothered.

“Would you consider shaving them for me? I have my razor and shaving cream here; I could shave you if you wanted me to.”

“That sounds like fun.” I said with intrepidation. “What if I get cut?”

“I promise no nicks or cuts. I could never hurt you.” Jon said as he quickly rolled out of bed put his arms under my body and carried me to the bathroom. He sat me on the edge of the empty Jacuzzi and told me to spread my legs as wide as I could. I bit my lip, still slightly hesitant, watching him get out his shaving cream and put a new blade into his razor. He crouched down on his knees in the tub in front of me and turned the water on for the hand-held shower.

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