My Favorite Birthday


I could hardly believe what I was watching. My girlfriend Nikki and her best friend Suzy were giving me a private strip show for my birthday.

We had all been drinking when Suzy suggested to Nikki that they give me a special present. Nikki responded by turning the music up and starting to dance in front of me. Suzy meanwhile, had dimmed the lights in the room and was now also gyrating in front of me. Nikki told Suzy to remove her shirt for me.

As Suzy took her shirt off, Nikki started to remove her jeans. Suzy, who was 5’5″ with curly red hair and beautifully petite breasts, was now wearing a sexy green lace bra and a very short black skirt, and giving me one hell of a hard on. Nikki was 5’8″ with long, flowing blond hair, and fabulous 36 C breast and an incredible butt. Nikki loved sex. She was always horny and she drove me wild. She was now behind Suzy, wearing just a plain white t-shirt and pink lace panties. They were giving me quite a show.

Quickly, Nikki had Suzy’s skirt off. To my surprise, Suzy wore no panties. I was mesmerized by her beautiful red bush. I wanted to taste her badly. Then Suzy turned around to face Nikki ucuz escort and they began to kiss passionately. This drove me crazy. They looked so sexy together.

Suzy lifted Nikki’s shirt off. Her breasts fell free. Nikki never wore a bra. Suzy’s lips went straight to Nikki’s pink nipples. She buried her face in Nikki’s tits. Nikki, meanwhile, had removed Suzy’s bra. Her light red nipples got so hard. I loved it. Of course by now they had forgotten me. I didn’t mind. I love to watch.

My dick was so hard; I pulled it out and started to stroke it. It was all I could do not to cum immediately. By now Suzy had Nikki on the floor and was removing her panties. Nikki pleaded with Suzy to eat her. She was begging Suzy to make her cum hard.

Suzy drove her tongue deep into Nikki’s wet pussy. She fingered Nikki while her tongue danced on Nikki’s throbbing clit. The look on Nikki’s face drove me wild. She was in ecstasy and it took only a couple minutes before she exploded in Suzy’s face. Nikki said she wanted to eat Suzy, but Suzy said she wasn’t finished yet. So they compromised and repositioned themselves ümraniye escort in a 69 position.

Seeing this made me explode all over myself. But they weren’t done and neither was I. My dick never even got soft. Nikki’s face looked so good buried in Suzy’s hot red pussy. Suzy’s moaning was an indication that Nikki was quite good at what she was doing. And although she was slightly distracted by Nikki’s tongue, she obvious was not finished with Nikki.

She told Nikki that she wanted her to cum even harder this time. She sucked long and hard on Nikki’s clit till Nikki was cumming harder than I’ve ever seen her cum. This was enough to bring Suzy to an incredible climax. Nikki climbed off Suzy, then looking at me stroking my dick, told Suzy to get up and suck my dick. Suzy complied quickly and before you know it, she had swallowed all eight inches. She looked so fucking sexy with my dick in her mouth as she stared up at me. Nikki told her to make me cum, and before you know it, she did just that.

Then Nikki took my dick and started to suck it before I could get soft. She was an expert üsküdar escort with her mouth. I lay flat on the couch as Nikki sucked me so that Suzy could sit on my face so I could taste her. She tasted incredible. I wanted to make her cum myself. As I sucked her clit, Nikki sat on my cock and began to fuck me. Suzy was panting hard as I ate her. Breathlessly she told Nikki to fuck me harder. She said she loved watching my cock slide in and out her pussy. Then suddenly Suzy came hard.

Her legs clamped hard on my face and she screamed wildly. Then Nikki said it was time for me to fuck Suzy. She got up off my cock and told Suzy to lick her juices off of it, which Suzy did gladly.

Then Nikki told Suzy to get on her hands and knees above her in another 69. Nikki wanted to eat Suzy while I fucked her. I got behind Suzy and Nikki took my dick in her hand and led it to Suzy’s pussy. Nikki told me she wanted me to fuck her friend right. She said she wouldn’t be happy unless I made Suzy cum. I was ready for the challenge.

I plunged deep inside her. She was so hot and so wet. Nikki sucked her clit as I fucked her hard. Suzy fingered Nikki furiously while rocking back to meet my every thrust. Then Suzy screamed out to Nikki that I was gonna make her cum. Nikki went wild and began to cum like crazy. This brought Suzy over the edge and she came violently. Certainly no man could take this and I exploded deep inside Suzy. It was the best birthday of my life.

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