My First Bi Experience


This is a 100% true story. Because of that, I might forget some details, as I am trying to explain my experience from yesterday.

I get off early every Friday. I typically like to celebrate getting off early by downing a couple beers, and smoking a spliff or 3. Yesterday, my back and neck were feeling a little tight from sitting at a desk and staring at my computer screen all week. I decided to head to a massage parlor that was on my home from my work. I smoked a couple of spliffs on my way there. I stopped at the gas station next door so I could wash my hands and get the smell of tobacco and weed off of me. I walked in and the receptionist asked what kind of massage I wanted and asked if I preferred a male or female masseuse.

Now before I proceed, I have received a blowjob from a female masseuse in the past. It was the first and only time I have ever cheated on my girlfriend. I have a hard time not getting an erection when I get a massage. This experience was the first and last time I did not wear underwear when the masseuse told me I could leave my boxers on or strip naked. I had no where to hide my erection when I flipped on my back. No, I did not pay for this service, it was a family friend I had known for a long time. Ill refrain from going into the details of this that don’t pertain to the story.

Back to my story, I responded by letting the receptionist know I would like a 90 minute full body massage, and I would prefer a female.

She responded by saying, “that will be roughly a 1 hour wait. One of our male masseuse is available now if you prefer.”

I shrugged and said, “ah that’s fine. No worries, Ill take the male.”

A couple minutes later a late 20’s male walked out and said, “I am ready for you, follow me this way.”

We walked into the room and pointed me to the table. He said, “Go ahead and strip down Esenyurt Escort Bayan and lay face down on the table. I will be back in a couple minutes.”

I started to strip down, and said fuck it, I’ll just go naked, it’s a guy and I am not worried about getting an erection. I laid down and covered myself with the towel and he came in the room about a minute after I laid down.

He walked in and asked, “Any areas you want me to focus on?”

I replied, “My neck, shoulders and glutes.”

He began to massage my shoulders. The massage was a typical massage for the first 15-20 minutes. After he got through my neck, shoulders and arms he moved down to my glutes. He spent a long time on my glutes / ass muscles. After 5 or 6 minutes on my glutes, he moved the towel down to my legs, so my bare ass was showing. He started massaging my ass cheeks and was getting dangerously close to my hole. I thought it was a little weird, but I did tell him my ass was sore from doing squats yesterday morning.

A little bit about myself before I continue. I am 6’3 180, I have some tattoos, and I have an athletic build. I work out pretty regularly, but I am not a muscle ball by any means.

After continuing to massage my ass cheeks he removed the towel completely and put it over my shoulders. He began to massage my legs and separated them so he could get my inner thighs. He was starting to pick up the speed a bit and he was going so high on my inner legs he kept brushing my balls with the back of his hand. Okay, now I was getting a little weirded out. He kept doing it every time he went up my legs. He then went back to my ass cheeks and definitely touched my butthole this time. I really didn’t want to say anything because maybe he wasn’t doing it on purpose, and I didn’t want the massage to get awkward.

He then moved the towel Avcılar Escort Bayan over my ass and proceeded down the back of my legs, a couple minutes later he asked me turn over.

He placed a smaller towel over my face so my eyes were covered. He then started on my front side by doing my legs. He then reached my upper thighs and moved the towel up so my dick and balls were barely covered, he probably could see them at the right angle. He massaged my upper legs and was doing something similar as on my back side, but this time he was touching my penis with the back of his hand every time he went up on my legs. I was starting to get hard, and started thinking about it too much apparently because within a minute of him continually brushing my dick he said, “nice one.” I am 7.5 inches, so there is no hiding it under the towel that was barely covering me at this point.

I had never been hard in front of another guy before. My mind was racing. He then moved the towel!! I was shocked and so embarrassed. I literally did not know what to do.

Before I even had time to think he grabbed my cock in his hand and said, “don’t worry I won’t leave you like this.”

All of the sudden he began to stroke my cock in his hand. He then placed his mouth on me and began sucking me off.

My mind was racing, I was here with a guy sucking my cock, what the hell is wrong with me.

He then said, “Don’t worry this can be our secret, tell me if you want me to stop.”

I didn’t say anything and then he got onto the table and go between my legs and was working my cock in his mouth and hand. He then asked, “like having that cute ass eatin?”

I loved it actually, but I simply said, “yeah, sure.”

He rolled me over and went to town on my ass hole. He pulled my body up and he put me on all 4s. I was in heaven and then all of the sudden he started working around my ass with his fingers. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined being on all 4s while a guy is licking my ass, fingering my ass with one hand and stroking my cock with another.

He then asked, “would you rather get fucked or suck me off? Don’t think you are getting out of here without getting me off too.”

I could not decide, Ive never thought about it either way. My girlfriend has fucked me before with a strap on but Ive never put anything in my mouth before.

So I stuck with what I knew and said, “fucked.”

He said, “perfect, I then heard a wrapper being opened and turned around and saw him putting a condom on.” He was smaller than I was, maybe 5.5-6.

He then got behind me on the table and squirted some lube on his dick and my ass. Within 30 seconds his tip was inside of my hole, and within another 30 seconds he was all the way inside and I let out a, “oh shit.”

He began to go in and out, pretty slowly as he knew I was still getting used to the feeling. After a minute or two he began to pick up his pace and when he did this he reached around and started to stroke my dick. He would only give me a few strokes here and there. Enough to keep my cock rock hard, but not enough to get me close to cumming.

He then said, “flip over.” I obliged and proceeded to fuck me in the missionary position. He started to stroke my cock and he knew I was close, he pulled out and took the condom off and started stroking his cock in one hand and mine in the other. I let out a “oh fuck I am going to cum.”

Right as I said that I felt some warm hot cum shot on my stomach, dick and balls, but it wasn’t mine. This took me over the edge and moved his hand out of the way and started stroking like I never stroked before and I came 6 or 7 huge shots of cum all on my stomach, chest, and one reached my chin.

He then put on his clothes, threw me a towel and said, “clean up yourself, and Ill come clean up the room after you leave. Come back sometime.”

Should I go back for some more?

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