My First Party


I expected it to be another crazy Friday. Most people love Fridays, I hate them. Clients are always rampaging, the kids always want a friend to spend the night, and my husband has to work. After the week I had had, I just wanted to curl at my master’s feet and please him. I didn’t want to be the responsible employee, wife, and mother. Then I opened the email.

“Princess, the children are at my mother’s for the weekend. After work, go straight to the airport. I will bring anything you might need and meet you there. Master.”

Things started looking up and the anticipation made the day fly by. I don’t know if it was the excitement or not, but even my clients were pleasant. Before I knew it the day was over and I was headed to the airport. On the drive, I started thinking about what my delightful master had in store. By the time I arrived, the moisture between my legs had soaked even the tops of my stockings. I trusted Him and knew I would enjoy anything he had in store.

When I saw Him waiting at the front door, my heart started racing. He had always been my husband but had just recently become my master and the thrill never ceased to amaze me. Every time I saw Him, my heart raced, my pussy drooled, and my breasts ached for His touch. I was the luckiest woman in the world I thought as He smiled at me.

“Are you ready Princess? ”

“Yes, Master. May I ask a question?”

“You may ask, but I may not answer.”

“Where are we going?”

“I’ll answer when we are in the air. Trust me.”

We then checked in and proceeded to do the airport thing until finally we were in our seats and taking off. Once the plane leveled off, He turned to me and told me the plan, or as much of the plan as He wanted me to know. We were going to San Francisco for the weekend. He had arranged with my boss to give me Monday off and He had a room for three nights. I belonged to Him for the weekend and there would be no interruptions. The thought made me warm inside and I slept for the rest of the flight.

Once Tipobet we checked into the hotel and were in our room, Master ordered me to strip. I was to stay naked unless we went out. Then He put on my collar. I have mixed feelings about that collar. I love the submissive feeling of Him placing it on my neck, but it is 3 inches wide and makes me unable to bow my head. He wants me to be proud of my place and I must wear it until He decides I don’t need it any more.

We relaxed for the evening and made love until the early morning. I thought we would sleep in the next morning and spend a lazy day in the room. I was in for a surprise. Master woke me up at 7 with a cup of coffee and said I was wasting the day. He told me to forget the normal morning shower and just get dressed. My outfit was in the bathroom.

I walked in and saw jeans, no underwear, my cupless bra, t-shirt and sweatshirt. On top of the pile was a pair of small nipple clamps. Now the bra made sense. I placed the clamps on my nipples and felt the familiar pain that turned into ecstasy. I hoped we would come back to the room soon. If we were gone too long, I would melt into a pile of mush from wanting Him.

We were tourists for a few hours and made it back to the room by noon. Master then informed me that we were going out that night and we needed a nap. No sex, just sleep. After we woke, I was sent into the shower. When I came back into the room, a costume was lying on the bed and Master was already dressed. He wore purple and black with a black velvet robe and a mask that hid most of His face. I looked back at my costume. It was matching colors. It was a corset, under the bust, with a detachable skirt, matching cloak and a mask for me. Apparently my breasts would be bare. I started to get scared about where on earth we could be going.

After covering me up with my cloak, He ushered me out the door. I was so busy trying to figure out what He had planned, I didn’t realize that my collar was Tipobet Giriş still on and we had arrived at our destination. I was still very nervous about publicly displaying our relationship. He must have felt my nervousness because He hooked my chin with His finger and pulled my head up to look in His eyes.

“Princess, I know you are scared, but you have to trust me. We are going to a Dungeon Party. Do not embarrass me.’

I nodded with my stomach in my throat and followed Master into the building. I had seen dungeons in the videos we had watched but seeing one in reality was very different. Fear mixed with arousal was running through my blood. Was He going to take me in front of all these people? I was so scared, I couldn’t speak. We walked through several rooms full of people in various states of dress and undress. My mind was so blurred by what Master might make me do, I didn’t see anything until He stopped and ordered me to look in the room.

There was a woman blindfolded in the center of the room. Her hands were cuffed and tethered to a hook in the ceiling. Her body was taught as her Master tested her bonds. He attached clothespins to her areolas around the nipples. To those, he attached clamps and let the chain swing. Then he stepped back and chose one of the whips hanging on the wall.

First he wrapped her body in the whip and let it caress her like a lover. I watched her shiver and thought, I know that feeling. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she reacted to each lash of the whip. She was enjoying the feeling of each sting. When he caressed her with his hands she shuddered with her orgasms.

Then he untethered her hands and led her to a cushion on the floor. She was ordered to spread her legs and had her hands cuffed behind her back. She smiled as if she knew what was next. I did. He was going to allow her to suck his dick. I was so envious; I could almost feel the smooth head in my own mouth.

‘”You’re next, Princess” Master whispered in Tipobet Güncel Giriş my ear.

My heart skipped a beat and I wanted to argue with Him. My brain screamed No, but my body screamed Yes. Instead of saying anything, I just continued watching the couple. She was now bent over a padded bench and her Master was sliding a dildo into her pussy. She must have been very wet because it slid in with no effort. Once it was in, he started smacking her ass and legs with a crop. I knew from experience her screams were of pleasure. Then her Master told her “Now”. She started squirting. The dildo fell out and each slap of the crop brought a spray of moisture. He threw down the crop and replaced the dildo with his cock. He pumped furiously until they both came with loud groans. He uncuffed her and she turned around and licked him clean.

Master turned to me and attached my own nipple clamps to my already sore nipples and reminded me that I was next. I expected to be led to the middle of the room, but was instead led, by the nipple clamps, to a room with large overstuffed chairs. Master sat in one of the chairs and pulled me to my knees in front of Him. He placed the chain under his feet so that the only way I could stand up was if I pulled the clamps off my nipples by straightening my back. He opened his pants and pulled out his cock. I love that piece of his body and eagerly took him into my mouth.

Watching that couple had turned me on so much, I didn’t care that people watched me. I was proud to be able to suck Him off. I wanted to show off my ability to please my Master. I must have done a good job, because within minutes, I was rewarded with His come sliding down my throat. He pulled me into His lap and slowly took off the nipple clamps. As the blood surged, I heard someone crying. I looked up to see the couple from earlier in the chair next to us. She was cradled in his lap with a throw across them both. She was shaking and tears were running down her face. His hands were caressing her hair and he kept kissing her tenderly. When she finally looked up, the love in their eyes made me cry. Then Master told me to look at him.

When I saw the same look in His eyes that the other Master had, I knew everything would be ok. I was looking forward to the next dungeon party.

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