My First Time Ch. 05


This is a contribution to the Survivor Revival Challenge, organized by Tara Cox. My first eleven stories were called My Junior Year Abroad. Next up was the little story, “Why I love Wives.” This is my sixteenth story in the Survivor Revival Challenge. I hope you like it. Personally, I’m wasting away in Paris, where shelter in place is unfortunately called “confinement,” and I’m beginning to go bonkers! I hope you’re doing better than bonkers.


Melissa is tricked into a 3-some, but she is fine with it


It was two weeks ago that my brother Leo and I had sex, breaking the incest taboo. We had been sort of carefully avoiding each other ever since. It wasn’t easy to do, since we are all sheltering in place, together with our parents, in our family home. Leo and I were each finishing our semesters using Zoom. It was in fact Zoom that brought us back together.

My hi-tech professor was using some fancy features of Zoom that I couldn’t get to work. I needed help, and Mom and Dad had only recently learned to include attachments with email, but only if it was gmail. They were hopeless. There was one other person to ask: My older brother Leo who had the problem that he made my panties wet whenever I was close to him.

I did it. I went to ask Leo for help with Zoom. He showed me the amazingly simple thing I was missing. I felt like an idiot.

“Thanks, Leo,” I said.

“We need to talk,” he replied.

I kind of knew he’d say that, so I stayed and we talked. I was ashamed, and I thought that he thought I was a slut, who’d just about fuck any man who crossed my path. He thought I was angry with him for having seduced me into incest, even though I was the one who crept into his bed, and fucked him in the middle of the night. We eventually both laughed and were glad we cleared the air.

We waited, and waited, and waited some more, in the hope that Mom and Dad would go to the bar our family owned (not closed, due to COVID), or to Grandma’s, or to someplace where they’d be out of the home for a while, but the only place they went was to the market to buy food, and that was only Mom. Dad stayed home. He was drinking, more and more. I was worried, but I figured once we all defeated COVID-19, and people returned to the bar our family owned, he’d bounce back. I hoped so!

Leo had an idea. We’d go visit his friend George. George’s parents were away, and his older sister was married, so George had the place to himself. George would go for a long walk, and we could use his bed and his bedroom. What did I think? It took a bit of persuading, as I didn’t want to make, inadvertently, yet another porn video, as I had done with my (very) former boyfriend and lover, Eric! There were other issues, too, involving George. He would know, of course, what we were doing in his home. Leo gave me tons of reassurances.

“Has George seen my porn video?” I nervously asked.

“Melissa, everyone has. I’m sorry, but men love porn, and to have a video of a hot-to-trot little sexpot like you, naked and fucking, well, anyone in town who knows you, which is everybody in our small town, will have seen the video, and probably more than once,” Leo said.

“How many times have you seen it, Leo?” I stupidly asked.

“More than once. Let’s not go there, okay?” Leo wisely replied.

“Do you suppose, then, that George has fantasized having sex with me?” It was hard to believe someone as magnificent as George would have fantasies involving me, Leo’s awkward little sister, but who knows what happens after a guy sees a video like the one Eric made of him and me fucking like animals?

“Of course, he has. Melissa, like I’ve told you before, it’s safe to assume that every guy in town has masturbated to the idea of being in the role of Eric in that video. It’s just the way men are. It’s the way the world is. Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about it,” Leo said.

“I don’t know if I can face George, Leo,” I said.

“You have to face reality sometime,” Leo replied.

“George is a special case, though. You know that, right?” I asked.

“Everything will be fine. I’ve got it all planned out. Trust me, Melissa. I’m your Escort bayan brother, and I love you,” Leo said.

“Going over to George’s place to fuck me, is not exactly brotherly love, Leo,” I said, and I giggled.

I was terribly nervous because when I was a teeny bopper, Leo used to bring his friends around, like any older brother would. When I was truly little, I would imagine playing house with his friends. When I was older, I would imagine other things. George was always my favorite, especially when I was imagining the other things. I had fairly hot fantasies, too, especially when one realizes I was only a teeny bopper. I mean, they were sizzling hot. Even now, I blush at my memory of them.

Now I’d be going over to George’s place, that same George who played such a prominent role in my teenage fantasies, in order to have sex with Leo? My emotions were too complex to parse, but fear was a dominant component of them.


We did it. We went to George’s place, the very next day. He had already had the virus and recovered fully from it, so we figured it was fairly safe to go to his place. We arrived, we all said hello, and it was awkward. The way George looked at me, looking me over, up and down, it was obvious to me he had seen the infamous video and that he was undressing me in his mind as he looked at me.

George is a nice guy. He’s my favorite, of all the friends of my brother. Like Leo, he’s two years older than I am, and he’s also a junior in college. He’s good looking, intelligent, kind, and well spoken.

It was very awkward. We chatted for a while. George asked how I liked college, how had I adjusted to finishing my freshman year using Zoom, and what I planned to major in. When we ran out of small talk, George announced he was going to take a walk.

There was nothing for George to do, nowhere for him to go. Everything was closed. I felt a bit guilty about kicking him out of his own house so that, well, Leo and I could have incest. It just seemed to be to be in bad taste.

Once George had left, however, Leo had me naked in no time. He got me naked so fast, in fact, that when George returned for an umbrella (it was threatening to rain) he walked right into his front hall where I was standing, and I was stark naked.

George was mortified, and terribly embarrassed, but I had my usual aplomb. I comforted him, and we sat together on the couch while Leo seemed to disappear somewhere. George was muttering incoherently, and I don’t know really how it happened, but suddenly George and I were kissing. We kissed for a while and then George began to paw at my breasts, which turned me on. George was still clothed, and I was still naked. That fact kind of made me hot, too.

Where was Leo?

George continued kissing me, and he gently pushed me down onto the couch so that I was horizontal. His fingers entered my snatch while he continued to kiss me. I began to groan in pleasure. My lust befuddled brain began to realize that making out naked with George was not part of the plan! The plan was for Leo to fuck me to the point where I climaxed, maybe (hopefully!) with two fucks if need be. George had no role in the plans.

What the fuck was I doing with George? For me, I had slipped down the submissive rabbit hole in the world of my teenage fantasies, and I was acting out one of the best of those fantasies, and believe you me, there was stiff competition for the ‘best’ of my fantasies! This had not been a conscious decision. For George? Well, Leo told me later he was acting out one of his quite recent fantasies inspired by my porn video that Eric and Doug had released to the world. Peas in a pod, George and I were.

Nevertheless, there I was, naked on my back, kissing George, with his hands on my boobs and his cock between my legs.

What? When did George get his cock out? How did that happen? What the f**k was going on?

“Here’s your umbrella, George. It took forever to find it,” Leo said, as he re-entered the room. There was a knowing smile, almost a smirk, on my brother Leo’s face.

“Thanks, Leo,” George said. “Say, would you mind if I gave Melissa a little warm-up fuck, first? Assuming she’s willing, that Bayan escort is. She’s matured into such a delicious little woman.”

I was busy kissing George’s chest and playing gently with his cock as he conversed with Leo.

Leo must have said okay, although I didn’t hear anything. I was so horny, and so turned on, I was up for anything. But was George proposing I fuck both of them? Wouldn’t that be a threesome? Wouldn’t I be entering into serious slut territory? None of my friends had ever had a threesome! Or at least, none of them had ever admitted to having one. Maybe I wasn’t so much entering into serious slut territory, as just sinking deeper into it?

By the way, shouldn’t George be asking me if he could fuck me, and not Leo?

“Not okay,” I said, breathlessly, but I was a little too slow. George was already inside me, and I groaned out my pleasure when his cock began to pump. Leo watched from a ringside seat, and that turned me on even more, to have Leo as an audience.

It felt so good to have George’s nice cock inside me. His cock wasn’t long, it wasn’t thick, but it was George’s cock, and dammit, I liked George! I always had. When I was younger I used to fantasize having sex with George. (I fantasized having sex with several of Leo’s friends, but George was always my first choice.) Now I was living the fantasy!

I began to push back when George would thrust his cock inside me. He remarked at how wet I was, at how tight my pussy was, and he slobbered over my boobs while he pounded me with his cock. I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled him deeper inside me. I think George enjoyed my loud moans. Suddenly, almost without warning, it came!

The orgasm I had been chasing ever since that horrible porn video of me had become public, the orgasm that had eluded me while I masturbated, the orgasm that even fucking my brother could not quite bring, finally, and suddenly, arrived! I had been breathing faster and faster, and was squealing incoherently, and then WHAM, my climax overwhelmed me and I exploded in an endorphin wave.

“Cum inside her, George. She’s on the pill and she loves that,” Leo said. Once again, it was my role to say things like that! Leo was right, though. He’s always right. It’s one of his most annoying features.

I mean, who wants a brother who’s always right? There should be a law.

George began to fuck me as if his life depended on it. He pumped faster and faster, harder and harder, and he was even sweating! I saw tiny beads of sweat on his brow, as my naked body lay beneath him, my breasts heaving with arousal. He finally exploded inside me, dumping God knows how much cum inside me. Okay, I’m sure that only God knows how much, but it was obvious to the three of us that the amount could be summed up in two words: A lot.

George collapsed on top of me. He lay there, as I kissed his chest, and he kissed my neck. “Melissa, I could fall for you,” George said,

“Even after everyone in town has seen that pornographic video of me fucking Eric Schmidt?” I asked. “You still could fall for me?”

“Yes, I could,” he said.

“That’s the sex talking. You’re not serious,” I said. I really wanted him, just then, to be serious! Why was I trying to talk him out of falling for me? “Do you always speak in the conditional tense, George?”

“My turn, George,” Leo said, and he symbolically tugged at George’s shoulder.

“Yes, of course. Thanks for my umbrella. I’ll take that walk now,” George said. George is always polite and correct. Sometimes, I guess, he’s too damn polite, and too damn correct. This was one of those times!

“No, wait,” I said. “Stay and watch. I’d like that,” I said, and even as I got the words out, Leo was on top of me. I wanted to tell him that we were not done, George and I, but I was too ashamed.

“I’m kind of sloppy down there, Leo. Are you sure you want to…I mean… Oh My God!” I exclaimed, as Leo’s big, thick cock entered me with the force of an out of control Mack truck!

Leo was driving me nuts, fucking me like there was no tomorrow, and I saw George watching in awe, and that doubled my arousal, and I lost it! Only a few minutes after Leo began fucking me, I had a Escort second orgasm! I had been trying to cum and failing, ever since that video hit the streets. George had made me cum, and now Leo had, too?

Not only that, but this was the orgasm from heaven, the one I had been waiting for, hoping for praying for. The men knew I had climaxed, because my entire body shook and quivered. Leo just kept right on fucking me, right through my climax, and beyond, and I kept right on pushing back, groaning and even moaning at times, as Leo pummeled me with great force. My brother was brutal.

I loved that George was watching, and as I lay there on my back being fucked to smithereens, I kept blowing air kisses to George, who pretended to catch them. Leo pulled out, turned me over onto my hands and knees, and then slammed his cock into me from behind! His cock felt different when we fucked doggy style, and my endorphin level was beginning to enter my sexual tachometer’s red zone.

I saw George studying us in awe – well, he was studying me, actually – and I said, “Come here George.” I opened my mouth, and that was all the invitation George needed. He stuck his semi erect cock inside my mouth. His erection went from semi to full, and hard, in no time.

It’s not that easy to suck off a man, while you’re being almost brutally fucked from behind. I figured it out, however. After all, I’m a college student, right? I was still sucking off George when Leo unloaded inside me.

I had now had two back-to-back orgasms, one from each man, and when Leo exploded inside me I had felt I was close to a third. I was still sucking George when he surprised me by pulling out of mouth. Exhausted, I collapsed onto the couch. The two men picked up my cum-filled, naked body and carried me off to the bedroom.

We sat on the bed and talked for a while. George brought us all margaritas from a pitcher of them that he had made up for our visit. None of this was happening as I thought it would, but I had finally cum, and I was finally sexually content. George wanted more, though.

The men blindfolded me, and they told me I had to guess which man was fucking me. This was going to be easy, since their bodies were different and their cocks were different; but they tricked me, and put me into a position with my pussy at the edge of the bed, my feet on the floor, and my legs spread wide apart.

One man would enter me, then the next man, then the first man again, and then they began to make it complicated, and the same man would enter me a few times, then the other, then a reversion back to the first, and after a bit my mind had turned to Jell-o. It was highly erotic, and I was going crazy! They stopped. “Okay,” I heard Leo say. “Which of us was the last man inside you?”

“I don’t know,” I said.

“You win, George,” Leo said, and George jumped onto me and fucked me silly, all the way to Chicago and back. I came a third time during the fuck, and the orgasm was beautiful, like a work of art. After he had unloaded inside me for his second time of the day, I told them that was enough. I was done.

I posed for pictures, naked of course, with George. He was dressed in the pictures, but I was nude. In one, he had a finger inside me; in another, we was tweaking one of my nipples, while we both smiled. Some of the poses bordered on the obscene. Leo loved them. Leo and I thanked George for his amazing and enthusiastic hospitality.

“Can I see you again, Melissa?” George asked.

“George, you just fucked me twice, and I sucked you. You’re damn right you can see me again! You actually have no choice but to see me again! When do your parents return?” I replied.

“They’re in quarantine for the next ten days. So, I have the house to myself for the next ten days,” George said, smiling broadly.

I smiled right back. Leo said, “Come on, you little sexpot. Mom and Dad will wonder what we’ve been up to!”

“Let me kiss George goodbye,” I said. That delayed us another ten minutes, but eventually we left. I surreptitiously slipped George a little love note. I had written the note in advance of this visit, just in case what had happened actually did happen. I guessed I had a new boyfriend. Leo approved, and he was especially glad I had once again become able to cum!

Leo and I visited George every day until his parents returned. After all, he was all alone, and the poor guy could benefit from the company, you know?

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