My First Time [Real Story]


My First Time [Real Story]So I started dressing at the age of 15 and took every opportunity I got to dress, like whenever my parents would leave me home alone or go on a weekend trip/vacation I would spend the entire time dressed up. Over time I gathered quite a lot of clothes and slowly started to make the first steps to go outside while wearing them. At some point in time I got comfortable with being dressed out in the backyard, wasn’t afraid to lay around in the sun while wearing nothing but a bikini. At this point I still hadn’t thought about having sex while dressed especially not with a man.Now skipping forward 2 years.My parents where going away on a vacation for about a week so naturally I was very excited because I got to dress up again and this time for an entire week without worry, well at that time that was what I thought and I would soon be proven wrong.So my parents had left and ofcourse I immediately went to my room and dressed up, spent the rest of the day as a girl doing some chores and playing games.The next morning I got up did my make-up, got dressed again (wig with long black hair, black and red lace bra and panties, black top with a red plaid skirt and black pantyhose with diamond patterns), went downstairs to the backyard to water the plants.While someone suddenly whistled it made me jump a bit, at first I thought maybe it directed towards someone else but then a voice said “hey you pretty girl over there holding the watering can” I recognized the voice from somewhere, it sounded like my next door neighbour’s. I walked up to the fence and asked what he wanted, he told me to let him in if I didn’t pictures of me dressing to be sent to my parents he said “yes I know what you’ve been up to all this time so how about we talk this out inside” izmir escort reluctantly I opened the fencegate and let him in, we went inside the house and he showed me his phone with some pictures on it of me being dressed up “now then lets get to business” he said, “get on your knees and no talking back” I don’t know why but I did as he said “here is the deal” he said while unzipping his pants “lets start with this” he said pulling out his cock, I had never been in a situation like this and was quite amazed by the size of his cock, “suck it” he said. At first I didn’t want to but then he picked up his phone and showed me the pictures again so reluctantly I started to lick the tip “yes now take it all in” he said, instead I kept licking his cock which he didn’t like, he grabbed my head held it in place and pushed his cock in my mouth “now start sucking” he said, I complied. After a while I started to like it, I even noticed I had gotten hard and ofcourse he noticed aswell and started laughing “see you do like it” not long after his cock started to twitch and he came in my mouth “don’t swallow it and don’t you dare spit it out, open you mouth and show me” he said, I did as he said I opened my mouth and showed him how much he’d cum, he grabbed his phone and took some pictures “now swallow it” I did “good girl, tonight you will come to my house for dinner dressed as you are now there we’ll talk more” he said as he left.Once he was gone I wanted to make breakfast but then everything flashed through my mind again and I thought I’ve had enough breakfast for today, for the rest of the day I just played some games until dinner time.It was almost dinner time and I was asking myself wheter I should head over to his house or not then I though about the pictures he took and izmir escort bayanlar decided to go, I put on my heels.I rang the doorbell and sure enough he opened up (I don’t know why I thought he wouldn’t be I sure hoped he wouldn’t) “good you came, come in” “before we have dinner I want to show you something, follow me” I followed him up the stairs into a room (which turned out to be his bedroom) once inside I heard a click noise and sure enough he had locked the door behind us “you look beautiful” he said as he walked up to be, I stepped back a few steps until I hit the bed. He put his arms around my middle and grabbed my ass with one hand “let me turn you into a real woman” he whispered into my ear “we can’t, I’m not of legal age” I said in an attempt to get out of this situation, “your birthday is next month isn’t it?” “if so there is no harm and besides I doubt you’d tell anyone, remember what’s on my phone?” at this point I started to panic a bit and said “I’ll suck your cock again, whenever you want but please don’t fuck me” I couldn’t believe what I just said and thought to myself *what the hell did I just say, why did I do that!* a grin appeared on his face “well then I’ll let you do your thing” he said. I sat down on my knees, unzipped him and pulled his cock out, I couldn’t believe he was already this hard again, I looked up one final time and started to suck him long and deep I had to make sure he came before he changed his mind (ofcourse I didn’t know at the time that this was all according to his plan and that he never intented to finish into my mouth) “aaah good girl, you’ve suddenly gotten a lot better at this!”after a little while he pulled his cock out and I asked him if something was wrong. He told me to stand up “look at you all izmir bayan escort horny and you’re telling me you don’t want me to take you” he whispered while kissing my neck, he then turned me around and bent me over the bed (at this point there was no escaping it so I just gave in, he was a lot stronger than me aswell so even if I were to struggle it would all be in vain) he grabbed a buttplug lubed it up and started working my ass with it, at first it hurt a tiny bit then I started like it and actually let out a faint moan, he started laughing again “see! you do like it!” he then put the plug away and started pushing against my hole with his cock “don’t worry I’ll make you a girl” he said, I heard him lubing up his cock, “now then be a good girl and hold still”.He held his cock up against my hole and then with one strong push he slid into me he started fucking me intensely, at first it hurt a lot but not quite as bad as I had expected, once the pain had gone away it felt very good and I started to moan a lot harder and told him to give it to me “see you love this, you were made for this” he said, I agreed and started to push back against his cock, the pushes got harder and harder and then one final time he slammed into me and I felt a warmth rushing in (at that point I realised he was cumming inside me) it felt so good that I came aswell.Once he pulled out a lot of cum came rushing out aswell “listen I’m your daddy now, you serve me now whenever your parents are away, and in return I won’t tell them” I complied with “yes daddy I’m yours”.While having dinner he told me to visit again next weekend because he had a friend come over to watch a soccer match on tv and he wanted me to serve them, he told me I didn’t have to worry about clothes because he would get me an “appriorate” set of clothing, I said “yes daddy, I’ll be there” with a smile.After dinner I sucked him off one more time to get my dessert and went home with a whole new look on life.The weekend after is a story for a different time…

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