My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 26


Okay, so obviously I am very interested in Hayley. I would like to say this chapter is all about her, but you all know me and my wild ways, ha. I’m going to start close to where I left off last time. If you remember, or even read my last chapter, Mandy had spent the weekend with mom and me. It had been an amazing weekend full of spectacular sex. My favorite part is whenever Mandy would watch mom doing something to me. Something about that just made me go crazy. Especially her knowing it was my mom. It was just so erotic.

So on Sunday night, I was talking with mom and I told her how much I loved being watched, and she agreed that it was “a rush”. She loved it too, but she reminded me that it was best that not too many people knew. I told her I wished we could move away so no one would know. It was weird, she just started making out with me. I think she took it as I wanted to have a relationship with her. And I suppose in a way I do, but I just meant that we could have sex with more people without our family finding out, lol.

Anyway I slept with her that night and we had the most passionate sex. The next morning though was back to the real world and pretending to be something I was not. I had to keep my personal life a secret at work. Letting students and staff know I was a lesbian was just out of the question. High School is High School regardless if you are a student or a teacher. But it wasn’t great for me as I was starting to become accustomed to being real down at college and not worrying about what people thought of me.

So as time passed by and the first semester moved along, I was really wanting to open up to someone. I mean Mandy was there, but I didn’t feel comfortable with her. She wasn’t a friend really, she was just a sexy older woman who loved to get kinky. I thought about opening up to Emily, but I honestly wasn’t sure I could trust her. She just seemed a little to prissy and little miss perfect so that was no good. Then I thought about Hayley, but I was too scared to. Then I actually thought about just being honest with Leanne. She seemed very interesting to me, and very intelligent, and I actually felt like I could trust her more than Mandy. In fact I thought I wouldn’t even tell Mandy that I told Leanne.

So I went for it. After school one day I went to her room and luckily she was alone. She smiled as soon as she saw me. I was very forward and I wasn’t sure why. I had went to her room to make a new friend and hopefully find someone I could open up to, but as soon as I saw her in her sexy low cut top and her tight black pants I was so turned on. So I sat in the front row and said, “So you were wild in college, huh?”

Leanne looked at the open door. So she was shy about it now that she was sober. I liked that. She sort of answered, but not really as she went across the room and closed the door. Then she got a huge smile on her face and said, “Why do you want to know?”

She was good. She put it right back on me. I felt like we were playing a game. One I wanted to win. So I just decided to ignore her question and asked, “I’d love to hear what your idea of wild is.”

Leanne sat behind her desk and leaning forward she showed me her beautiful cleavage. She was such a tease and I was starting to have a great time. I so wished I was wearing something more revealing at that point. She actually looked a little red in the face when she said, “Oh I experimented some, sexually, what about you?”

Well there it was. My heart started pounding, but her saying that was all I needed to hear. “I’m a lesbian,” I admitted.

Her eyes got really big. I think I shocked the hell out of her. She took a couple of seconds to compose herself, and then just as straight forward she said, “I think I’m bi.”

“I’m not sure my stories are actually very wild,” I said. “Maybe that’s all Mandy meant.” That was a total lie of course but I wasn’t willing to tell her anything yet.

She gave me a funny look. “I don’t know, I have the feeling that Mandy is pretty wild, so if she hinted that you were, there must be something.”

Again I didn’t like how this was going. She kept taking control of the situation. So I changed tactics. “Well I had the feeling that you might be someone I could open up to and talk about girls with or whatever.” I wanted her to know that I was here just to talk, although I wasn’t sure myself.

“Well if talking is all you want, why come to me. You’re already friends with two lesbians.”

Two? Now I was confused. “Who do you mean?”

“Are you kidding me? Are you telling me you didn’t know Mandy was a lesbian?” Leanne said with a puff of air.

“Oh, no, her I knew about,” I said smiling, “but who else is a lesbian here at work.”

“Oh wow, I just assumed you knew,” Leanne said, and I could tell she wished she hadn’t spoken out of turn.

“Who?” I said and hoped I didn’t sound like I was pleading too much.

“No, I’m sorry I was supposed to keep that a secret.”

My mind was racing. She assumed I already Escort bayan knew so it had to be someone she knew I was friends with. There were three or four possibilities, but Emily and Hayley were the two most likely. Emily could have been putting on a huge show, but Hayley seemed the most likely, so I guessed.

“Hayley,” I said it more as a matter of fact than a question, and I saw it in her eyes that I was right. “Wow, no I had no idea,” I said more to myself than her. My mind was running a mile a minute. I started smiling like a fool.

“And I don’t think she has any idea about you either. I know I didn’t. I assumed you were just bi like me after Mandy hinted that you had been wild at school.”

I was snapped out of my dream. I hated it that Mandy had talked about me with her. I wasn’t going to worry about that now, though I really needed to have a heart to heart with Mandy about it.

“Well obviously you are better at keeping secrets than her, but how did you find out about Hayley?”

“Well she sort of had too much to drink one night at one of our get-togethers and well I took her home,” She said not sounding like she was bragging, but more remembering it fondly.

This time I was in shock. My eyes must have been as large as apples. I was just staring at her with an open mouth. It’s not like I could be jealous or anything, but I definitely had a moment of panic. I had gone from thrilled to an utter state of astonishment.

“Are you okay, Lucy?”

I couldn’t even answer at first. I cleared my throat and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t really know why I am so speechless.”

“I do,” She said, “You like her.”

I just nodded.

“Well if it makes you feel any better it was just the one time,” Leanne explained. “I mean we did kiss one other time before she started dating her ex again, but . . .”

“She’s seeing someone?” I said more loudly than I should have. I was immediately embarrassed and sunk in my chair.

“Yes, honey, I’m sorry. I suppose she couldn’t tell you because she couldn’t talk about her.”

I was ready to just go home. I felt slightly sick to my stomach and I honestly couldn’t think straight right now. I stood up and just started walking to the door before I realized how rude I was being. I stopped and apologized, and she of course said I had nothing to apologize about. Then I asked her not to tell Hayley I knew, and I just walked back to my office in a stupor.

Well I had no clue what I was doing or what I should do next. When I got to my desk there was a student there who needed my help so I had to snap out of it, and help him. He was the nicest kid and even though I had no desire to be there, I felt obligated to do so. While I was helping him Emily came in and she joked around and even made me laugh, and soon the student was gone. Emily could tell something was wrong with me, but I lied and said I was just tired. I gathered up my things and was about to leave and then there she was. Hayley walked in my office.

Emily told her right away that I wasn’t feeling well, which wasn’t far from the truth, and Hayley looked genuinely concerned for me. I couldn’t explain why I was so upset, not even to myself honestly. So I decided to just remove myself. I needed to talk with mom. I started grabbing up my things and walking and Emily said goodbye, and wished me well, but Hayley began walking with me down the hall. I decided to be bold.

“I really like you, Hayley,” I said walking beside her but not really looking at her.

“I really like you too, Lucy,” she said back quickly.

I stopped in the hallway and looked into her eyes, “No Hayley, I mean I REALLY like you.” She just stared at me while my heart leaped out of my chest. Her eyes were so beautiful and I could tell they were darting this way and that as she was thinking. I hated that she was silent, but I didn’t know what to say next. Finally I couldn’t take the silence anymore. “I have ever since the first time you walked into that copy room. You are so incredibly beautiful, but getting to know you and becoming your friend . . .” She started looking off and I saw tears welling in her eyes. “I just wanted you to know. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“No,” she said quickly and then looked down to compose herself before meeting my gaze again. “I’m glad you did.” She looked off again and I was so unsure what she was thinking that it was killing me. I found out soon enough. “I’m seeing someone.” She paused again, and actually wiped a tear from her eye. “I didn’t even know you were gay. I just was thinking here is this amazing girl. Here is this totally sexy, gorgeous girl that wants to be my friend. I am actually sort of shocked right now. I’m seeing someone,” she said again, and I understood.

She had feelings for me. She had been falling for me too, but it didn’t matter as she thought she had no chance with me just like I thought I had no chance with her, but now everything was different and yet we still couldn’t be more than friends.

I Bayan escort reached out and took her hand and smiled, “Well we are very good friends, and I want to stay that way.”

“Absolutely,” she said and wiped another tear.

I was a mess after that, but I didn’t let her see me that way. So that was that at least for now. I certainly wasn’t going to interfere with their relationship although there was a huge part of me that at least wanted to see the competition, I was in no way going to act on my feelings with her unless she broke up with her girlfriend on her own. I’d just have to wait.

That night I went to bed early sort of wallowing in self-pity, but the next day I woke up and mom surprised me with a huge breakfast. We talked for a bit and I told her a little about my situation, and she said some things that made me feel better about myself and just the whole situation. She was great and I was in a better mood when I got to school.

Well nothing much happened in the next couple weeks. Then something unexpected happened. The JV cheer coach quit and I jumped at the chance. Won’t go much further than that, but I got the job and I am so thrilled to be coaching these girls. They are all just really fun and sweet and so much less drama than the varsity squad. The head coach is a nice woman and we get along great, and suddenly I was so much more busy and slightly unprepared, but was enjoying the season and the team.

Now during that 2 weeks mom and I had been intimate most of the time, but neither of us were doing anything with anyone else. Then suddenly I got a phone call from Kayla of all people and I don’t know what I thought about that, but I decided to see her again. In all honesty I was sort of horny at the moment of the call and wasn’t thinking wisely or even about her, which I know is wrong, but I still was upset about Hayley and just wanted to be wanted I guess.

So the next weekend, I had a game on Friday night, but then I went to go visit her Saturday morning. I was excited to see her and also somewhat nervous as I had not left that relationship well and I had no idea what she had told her parents, and as she still lived with them, this could get very interesting. Plus in case you haven’t read my other stories I had some very weird moments with her possibly bi mother. Still I was up for an adventure.

When I got there Kayla answered the door and she gave me a hug right away and her dad came up and hugged me too. I was actually surprised, but he was always pretty cool. Her mom wasn’t home and I was disappointed. I realized right then that I wanted to see her even more than I had wanted to see Kayla. I wasn’t there to have sex with Kayla. I liked the idea of her being interested in me, and I also still just loved hanging out with her as she is just really fun. Thing is, what I really wanted was to feel dangerous, to feel nervous and secretive. I asked her where her mom was and she told me she was grocery shopping. I couldn’t wait till she got home.

I lounged around in Kayla’s room for a while and then when her mom got home, we jumped up to help bring in the groceries. When her mom came in she seemed thrilled to see me and I had been worrying for nothing. (Her name is Carol by the way. I never told you this before, because at the time I thought I might end up with Kayla, but oh well we know how that ended.) I didn’t lead on at all that I was in anyway interested in her, and Kayla and I went back to her room and just talked for hours, but I was thinking about her mom the whole while.

At dinner I was very helpful setting the table and then afterwards Kayla and I both helped her mom clean the kitchen. I really like her family.

Now her mom had not flirted with me at all, and I was starting to wonder if she was not interested anymore, so I decided to heat things up a bit. When we played cards I wore a tank-top with no bra. I noticed her dad looking quite a bit, but he only played a few games with us and then went to watch TV. The whole time we played I did my best to show them off, and after a while her mom finally started looking. All I could think about was getting alone with her so I could tease her or just talk to her. I guess I really enjoy older women, must be because of my mom.

So anyway it took forever that night, but finally Kayla decided to take a shower. I hung out in the kitchen with her mom and we finally got to talk. The first thing I did was apologize.

“I guess I sort of ended things on a bad note with Kayla last time, but I don’t want you to think that was anything that you did, or that we talked about.”

Her mom smiled at me, “No Kayla explained everything, about Lyndsey, and I admit I was a little nervous about what we discussed, more because I was afraid that you might tell Kayla, but I’m glad you two are friends again.”

“Me too, she’s a good friend.”

“And is that all she is?” She asked me.

I was going to be honest with her. “For now, yes, I am not looking to date her. What Escort is she thinking?”

“Your guess is as good as mine,” she said smiling. “But I’m sure she is still interested.”

I got brave and whispered, “And are you still interested?”

She blushed and got up from the table, but then she paused. “I could use a drink, what about you?”

I could tell she was nervous as hell, but I could also tell she was tempted. I took a chance and pulled down my tank-top on one side. Making sure that if her husband walked in my boob wouldn’t be seen by him at least immediately, so that I would have time to cover it up. My boob plopped out and she took in a deep breath and turned a darker shade of red. She walked into the kitchen. I covered up and followed her. She started pouring herself a glass of wine and then she turned and not looking me in the face she asked if I wanted a glass.

“Carol, I’m sorry, but I have never stopped thinking about you and what happened here. I have no idea what you want, but I will strip for you if you are interested. Or if you’d rather have my mom strip for you, I bet she would. You are very attractive.”

“Oh my lord,” she said and she took a big gulp of her wine.

I positioned myself so my back was toward the entrance to the kitchen and I pulled my tank-top down again, this time letting both of my boobs out. Her hands went right to her own chest. Her forehead wrinkled up and her mouth dropped, “Oh Lucy, this is not a good time for this, please stop.”

I did. I pulled my tank up right away. Mostly because I knew how much she wanted me. I didn’t have to do anymore. The problem was getting alone with her. I did move in closer.

“Which one of us would you like to see strip,” I asked again.

She took another drink and looked down at my nipples that her pressing out hard against the fabric.

She whispered, “Lucy you know I think you have the most perfect body.”

I smiled and looked her up and down, “I like yours too.”

She turned away and said, “I wouldn’t want Kayla to get hurt.”

“You can come and visit Patty, and then I can put on a show for you.”

“But what excuse would I have to visit your mom?” She asked obviously interested, but still nervous about it all.

“Oh I would tell her exactly why you were there,” and I stepped very close to her taking a huge chance, but I was so horny I couldn’t help myself. With my nipples just inches from her chest I said, “If you’re lucky who knows what could happen. Maybe she would dance for you too.”

I actually thought I would kiss her right then, but instead I did the opposite I just walked away, straight to the guest room.

She followed me of course. I didn’t even get the door shut and she was walking right in behind me. She looked nervous as hell. She shut the door behind her and she started pacing. I sat on the bed looking up at her and didn’t say anything.

“Is your mother as wild as you make her out to be? I mean, does she know you are like this? Are you just talking shit, or would she really be okay with you stripping for me?”

OMG, she totally wanted this to happen, and I wanted to get her even hotter for me. I sort of leaned back on the bed and was sticking my chest out and trying to look sexy. When she looked at me, it was like I had taken something from her and she wanted it back.

“Carol, my mom is very, very wild, and I’m serious when I say who knows what could happen.” She watched me rub my hand down my chest over the top of my shirt and when I got down to the bottom I started to pull it up and her eyes were glued to me. “I could dance for you, she could dance for you, I could dance for you while the two of you have sex.” By the time I said those last words my shirt was up and one of my boobs was out and I was squeezing it. “Or do you just want to make love to me?”

She put her hand over her mouth and then she bit her index finger. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking. She almost looked like she was going to cry. I pulled out my other breast and she just froze. I decided to move in closer. I slowly stood up and walked over to her with my hands over my nipples and I leaned right over and started kissing her. She was a little reluctant at first but soon she was kissing me back. It wasn’t very long before I pulled away and went back to the bed. She still wasn’t saying anything, and just standing there totally dumbfounded. I wasn’t sure how much further I should go, and I could tell she seemed terrified to come over to me.

Finally she spoke, “Kayla can never know about this.” I nodded, and then she continued. “I haven’t kissed a girl in a very long time.” I smiled and began massaging my boobs again. “Do you really think your mom would do those things? I just can’t believe it.”

“I think she’ll surprise you, and I know she wants you. She’s told me, and I’ve told her I want you too.”

At that moment we heard the shower shut off. She looked disappointed at first, and then horribly nervous. “I better go,” she said and started toward the door.

She made sure I had covered up first before she went out, but before she opened the door I said, “Will you come back tonight when everyone is asleep.” She didn’t answer me and just walked out.

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