My First Visit to a Gloryhole


I was married young to an ambitious man, moved across the country to a wonderful big home, and saddled with two beautiful daughters to raise while my husband continued to work and make his fortune. I don’t blame my husband for anything, and I love him very much, but the stinging loneliness of raising two infants while being so disconnected from everything I knew hurt me. One by one my friends stopped making the effort to stay connected, and I had little time or success establishing new friends locally.

I found myself being a mother, socially isolated and sexually frustrated. I turned to the internet, online porn and sex chat rooms. Every moment I wasn’t a perfect mother I was prowling on line, masturbating and expanding my sexual interests in ways that would have shocked me when I was younger.

When I turned 21 my oldest daughter started pre-school, and the next year so did my youngest. I found myself with even more time alone, and my sexual fantasies and longing for male contact was overwhelming. My husband was no longer coming home at all. He was fooling around with a series of younger women, and if I saw him on our daughter’s birthday, it was a special occasion.

My obsession with online porn was an obsession with male genitalia, cock. Videos and pictures of horny pornsluts drooling over and worshiping cock obsessed me. Eventually I came to enjoy bukkake, blowbangs, gloryhole videos and more. Just the thought of these images made my cunt ache and drool. Part of me regretted having been married and I dreamed of being one of those women who did anything on video without shame or dignity. But I loved my daughters, and they needed a mother.

Still, the need persisted. Though my husband was never around my daughters and I were well provided for. I never had to work, I enjoyed plenty of spending money, a large SUV to get the kids where they needed to be, a house with maid service and gardeners, everything a bored housewife needs to plunge into a life of loneliness, depression, booze and drugs and infidelity.

I was at the gym, having just dropped my girls off at kindergarten and pre-school, working the exercise bike hard. I was one of those women who worked up a lot of sweat at the gym, and if I pushed myself hard, and worked it just right, I could orgasm, quietly, on the bike. I knew that some of the people around me were aware of this, and I could feel their eyes on me, but women who do this aren’t exactly uncommon, and good gyms prevent obvious ogling and rude behavior.

My mind went to its happy place, thinking about cocks and cum, when a news announcer on the television mentioned arrests at an adult bookstore. I slowed slightly, and listened intently, afraid beylikdüzü escort to look up at the screen and show an interest in such a lurid subject. From listening and catching a peek, it was obvious that these men were arrested for participating in lewd acts in the peepshow booths at the store.

I was fascinated, and when I got to my car, still soaked in sweat, my skin steaming in the cool outdoors, I looked on my phone for more information. The store where the arrests took place was in my state, but there was a string of such stores just over the border, the closest just under an hour’s drive. I had four hours before I had to pick up my daughters. Without even thinking about it, I started to drive.

An hour later I was in the parking lot of the adult bookstore and arcade. It was a drab building, with only a few cars in the lot. Across the street was a strip club that didn’t open until 4pm. Still dressed in my gym tights and tank top, I put on a sweatshirt, pocketed my ID and some cash, and hid my purse under the car seat.

I walked quickly to the door of the shop, head down, not wanting to be seen, but then, who would know me out here, in a town I’d never visited before? I pushed the door open and entered the shop. It was a sex shop, and I had never been in one before. The man behind the counter, older, white, fat, smiled briefly at me when I entered. I pretended to be interested in the sex toys, the DVDs, even the pot pipes they sold.

In the back of the shop was a stairway leading to the basement, with a broken neon sign that said, ARCADE. I stared at the rules posted under the sign – a minimum of $5 in tokens was required to go downstairs.

“Can I help you, Honey?” said the man behind the counter, who I would later learn was Ed.

“I – I need $5 in tokens,” I said nervously, pulling a $20 from my pocket.

Ed smiled. “$20 gets you an extra $2 in tokens. It’s a better deal.”

Without thinking I immediately agreed, scooping up the tokens into my sweatshirt pocket.

“Thanks,” I said, heading for the stairs.

“Have fun, Honey,” said Ed with a smile as he put my $20 in his register.

The downstairs was dark, and it took my eyes a second to adjust. From behind the doors of the various peep booths, I could hear the grunting, moaning, screaming sounds of porn. I saw a man, younger, skinny, looking at a frame where the video boxes of the movies available for viewing inside the booths were showcased. He looked at me with some embarrassment. I felt the same.

I walked around a little and realized that the basement arcade was bigger than just one hallway. There were actually three beyoğlu escort sections, and at the back of the third section was mop and bucket, in the same room as a dingy toilet. It was at this time I started to understand the smell of the place. Bleach, sweat, breath, mildew, piss and lastly, the faintest hint of cum.

Having made my way to the back of the arcade, I now had the attention of at least three men. All were different – younger, older, skinny, fat. They were all white guys, and they all had a way of looking at me that said lust and maybe more. Hopefulness, maybe?

I entered a random booth, as much to find some solitude as anything else. As I closed the door a hand stopped it. A man asked, “Do you want company?”

I panicked a little and closed the door, locking it from inside. He didn’t stop me.

I sat down in the plastic chair inside the booth and inserted a token in the machine. Immediately a girl was on the screen, moaning as a man fucked her hard in the ass. I noticed the stains on the plastic shield that protected the TV, and knew instantly it was cum. With the light from the porn I could see those cum stains everywhere. When I stood up I saw that I had sat in cum stains. Some probably soaked into my gym clothes.

I should have been disgusted, but I instead I was excited. My pussy throbbed. Something moved to the left of the TV screen, two fingers were rubbing the inside of a four inch hole connecting the booth I was in to the booth next door. I knew what to do. I knelt on the sticky floor, and peered through the hole. I saw a man in the dark, illuminated in porn. He was unzipping the his fly and pulling out his cock.

I licked my lips and as the cock came through the gloryhole. I took it in my mouth, tasting his strange, sweaty cock, only the second cock I had ever had in my mouth in my life. I shuddered a little. It was an almost religious experience, to be here on my knees in this dingy booth in the middle of nowhere, worshipping a stranger’s cock.

I did all the things girls did to cocks in the videos I watched. I pushed it deep, over and over, fucking my mouth with his cock, doing the work to pleasure him. I spit and drooled and moaned. It took him only minutes to cum, and when he did it surprised me. Cum filled my mouth as his cock twitched and throbbed. I slurped up his cum, using my hand to catch some that spilled out. I swallowed and grunted, choking a little. I had a small amount of his cum in my hands, on his fingers, and as he pulled his cock away I licked my fingers clean, looking through the hole and saying, “Thank you, Baby,” in my true voice – the voice of a whore.

As bizimkent escort he left the booth, he skinny kid I saw when i first entered took his place. He had a bewildered smiling on his face as he pulled out his really large cock. Bigger than my husband’s, and he was seven inches. Certainly bigger than the last guy’s four inches.

I immediately went to work, challenging myself to take this cock down my throat, working hard to not gag. I gave him long, slow strokes with my mouth and throat, over and over, letting my brain settle as I tasted this big cock. When he came, I did my best to not swallow, but keep it in my mouth. He came in spurt after spurt, and I was challenged to keep it all in my mouth without spilling or swallowing, but I did.

After he withdrew his cock I could see him looking at me. I showed him the cum in my mouth, gargling it like the porn whores I worshipped on the internet, and then, in an instant, I closed my mouth and swallowed it. “Thank you,” I said, with a contented sigh.

As the kid left another man took his place. Another small cock, this one took longer to cum, and when it did, it was only a leak of cum, not a squirt. I didn’t care. I just wanted cock in me. Any cock.

After that I lost count. I think I sucked five more cocks, all shapes and sizes. It’s hard to know because I found myself in a contented mental space I couldn’t really explain, and also because the skinny kid with the big cock and at least one other guy went in for seconds.

My pussy was dripping wet. I needed to cum, but more than that, I needed more cock. Then, all of a sudden, I had a terrible thought. I checked my phone. I had forty minutes before I had to pick my daughters up at school.

I pushed out of the booth and made my way past the men in the hallway and to the stairs. At the top of the stairs I saw Ed, smiling.

“Have fun Honey?”

I looked at him and said, “yeah” as I ran across the store and out to my car.

I broke every speed limit and got to the school only a few minutes late. Getting out of the car I realized I was a mess. I was still in my sweaty gym clothes, I had cum and spit on my chin and stains on my sweatshirt. I also had over twenty dollars in porno tokens in my pocket. I smelled like the basement of a porno arcade. The people at the school didn’t seem to think anything of it as I got the kids into their car seats and took them home. My daughters were chatty and eager to tell me about their day.

I got them home, got them their snacks, washed myself in the kitchen sink, and let them watch some television so I could be alone for a few minutes. I got to my room, stripped out of my gym clothes, and looked at myself in the mirror. Part of me couldn’t believe what I had just done. I touched my pussy, it was still wet inside, when I parted my pussy lips. My clit was hard as I thought about the cocks I had sucked off. I touched my clit, rubbing it gently with two fingers, and instantly began to cum hard.

It may have been the best orgasm of my life.

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