My Freatest Weekend


During the course of our marriage, my wife had remained sexually neutral. That is to say, she tolerated sex when she absolutely had to, when there seemed to be no way out for her. It was always a disappointment to me that other men seemed to have such a more fulfilling sex life. We had moments sure, but they were rare and not to be repeated. We separated for a half year at one time, and for a variety of reasons I returned home.

Soon after I returned, sex as it was, resumed. I was always puzzled by the female sex drive, assuming that she was a normal representative of the gender. One day, I received a call from her sister. She needed some information regarding property that was willed to the two of them by her Mother two years earlier. I said I’d look for the papers, and call her back. I don’t pry into my wife’s personal belongings or private spaces, but she needed the papers and my wife was in Philadelphia on an audit for her CPA firm and couldn’t be reached.

A few years before I had bought her a lingerie chest, and I knew that she kept a few pieces of jewelry there so after checking her desk, I thought I’d check the lingerie chest. The top two drawers were filled with underwear and bras that were her everyday things. The third drawer yielded a surprise. There was a pillowcase among her things that appeared to have something inside. I took it out and withdrew from it several books and small boxes. The first book was soft cover with well-worn edges entitled “Go Fuck Yourself. A guide for a Single Woman on the Art of Self Love”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The second book was a book of porno photos of women with women, using tongue dildos, fingers, and other appliances of a sexual nature. Every kind of masturbation and mutual masturbation technique as well as girl-girl, and girl-guy oral sex was graphically depicted. In one of the boxes was an eight-inch flesh colored jell dildo. Inside a felt bag was a seven-inch silver colored, battery operated dildo and a smaller one for the anus. Other pocket books and magazines were in the bag as well, all related to lesbian love and masturbation. I was dumb struck.

Here was her secret. She had been finger fucking herself for quite a while it seemed.

Well well, I thought, this is going to be interesting. As I was replacing everything in the bag, the phone rang and I dropped it all on the floor. A few moments after the phone interruption, I put the bag of things back in the drawer as best I remembered its position and went off to work.

A few days after she returned from Phili, we took off for a planned weekend on Fire Island, at a time-share we rent on occasion. She was looking forward to three days of sun, surf and eating out. I was too, especially the eating part.

We took an early ferry over so as to make the time last as long as we could. She looked good; I missed her for the four days she was away. I told her about the call from her sister, and how I tried to ‘look around’ for the papers, not to find them. We held each other, and seemed to get closer as the mainland got farther behind us.

After a relaxing day on the beach, we changed and went to Ocean Beach cevizli escort for dinner. There was a beautiful sunset as we walked along the Bay Walk. The night was perfect, early summer and warm. We enjoyed a seafood dinner and desert and came back slowly along the surf side. “ So do you want to do anything now”? I asked.

She looked up at me with a slight smile “why, what did you have in mind”? Her smile turning to a grin. This was always a good sign, possibly it would turn into a good night.

I said “ nothing specific, but I’d like to get an early shower, it’s been a long day”.

A shower was always our signal for sexual activity to follow, although I had long abandoned that strategy.

Still, she grinned even wider, and agreed “yes a shower sounds good”.

We walked the rest of the way quietly, watching the ocean and the seagulls. We turned up to the dunes and over to our rental.

I poured some wine in two glasses, then sat out on the deck. She took a glass, wrapped herself in a terry robe, went into the bathroom and closed the door. As I watched the surf I heard the shower and saw the window fill with steam. A while later, she came out, her hair in a towel and said “it’s all yours”.

I had finished my wine and poured a second, which I took with me to the bathroom. Her wineglass was empty. Also a good sign.

A short time later, I came out feeling revived. My cock had grown thick in the steam as I thought about my plan and it was all I could do to calm myself down. I had put on a pair of cotton short pajama bottoms, nothing else. My cock and balls were swaying, my chest bare, hair damp. I slid into bed. She was reading a magazine; her glass of wine was refilled on the nightstand. All I could see was thin spaghetti straps above the blanket but I recognized their color and knew it was one of her sexiest nighties. I snapped off my light and slid under the sheet before she could notice my rising cock.

She shut the magazine, then the light and snuggled up to me in a spooning position. I slid my arms around her silky nightgown and pressed closer,inhaling her fresh scent. My penis felt that she was naked under her nightgown. “Hello there, what is that”? she giggled as she felt my hardness.

I laughed, “It’s only me” I slid my hand up to cup her breast and her nipple responded instantly.

“How about a backrub” she said, and I knew it would be a good night. A backrub following a shower was an instant win.

I pulled the sheet down, sat astride her lower back and started to press my thumbs into the muscle of her neck and shoulders.

“Hmmm” I said “I think this nightgown might be in the way”, and I pulled it up the back revealing her bare ass and lower back.

“My my, you forgot your panties Miss” I said, “how naughty of you.”

She laughed and then groaned with pleasure as I kneaded her lower back and ass. We had done this game many times before, but now instead of just rolling her over and fucking her, I slid further down and continued to kneed the backs of her thighs. Her legs parted slightly. She reached up and erenköy escort pulled her nightgown over her head and threw it on the floor. I slipped my shorts down my legs and dropped them at the foot of the bed. My erection was now pulsing and resting on her leg. I lowered my mouth to the back of her thigh and mouthed her skin keeping my hands on the globes of her naked ass. As I worked my mouth up to her ass cheeks, she moaned, slightly parted her legs and raised her ass up to me. I decided it was time to reveal what I knew.

“I know a secret” I said as my tongue traced circles on her ass. “I know who has been a naughty girl”. She was silent and purring under my tongue so I continued. “I accidentally came across your fuck books in the drawer of your lingerie chest” I said, “and I have a little surprise for you”.

I reached under the mattress where I had pre set the jell cock from her bag of goodies. I stroked it down her ass crack as she quivered beneath me. “ Guess what this is my little finger fucker” I said with my voice quivering “It’s your own jell cock from your drawer”. She let out a moan and spread her legs wider. “And I’m going to fuck you with it until you beg me to let you suck my cock”. She was moaning now and squirming on the bed.

“Do you like to finger fuck yourself when I’m not at home”? I asked shaking.

“ Yes” she whispered, her voice husky.

“I want you to show me how you do it” I said, “show me how you finger fuck yourself when I’m not at home”.

After a moment, she raised her ass up higher, opened her legs and with her chest supporting her weight she slipped one hand to her now parted cunt and stroked her open cuntlips for me.

“Show me” I said, and she slipped her fingers over her swollen labia and revealed her clitoris and plunged two fingers into her cunt with a squishing sound.

She moaned out “Ugghhhh”.

I said, “now pump your fingers in and out of your cunt. You’re a little finger fucker aren’t you baby”? I said breathlessly.

“Yeessss” she said, “Yes I am, and I want you to see me use my jell cock too”. I handed her the jell cock and watched it slowly disappear slowly into her cunt. As it did I lowered my mouth to her ass and licked the length of her ass crack. I licked the bud of her anus as she plunged the cock in and out of her own cunt.

“Do you see me baby, do you see me fucking myself”? she said with a quivering excited voice. “This is how I do it when I’m horney and I want you to fuck me”.

I was licking around her asshole now as she plunged the cock in the whole eight inches.

“Are you fucking yourself baby.. do you like my tongue on your ass”? Now I was shaking with excitement as to what was happening.

“Oohh yes, and I knew that you found my things, because you put them back in the wrong drawer. I was so glad that you knew. I wanted to have you watch me fuck myself and have you lick my cunt while I did it to myself but I didn’t know how to ask”.

I thoght I’d just ejaculate right then when she said those things to me.

I put my mouth over her cunt opening esenyurt escort and licked from her cunt up to her anus. I began licking the jell cock too as it came out of her cunt and plunged back in. The sound was wet and her scent filled my nose.

I jabbed my tongue tip into her ass with each thrust of the jellcock into her cunt.

I couldn’t wait much longer and she finally said “I want to lick your cock and balls while I finger my cunt”.

I came around the bed and sat at the head of the bed with my cock at her face. My pre cum was dripping and while still fucking herself with the jell cock she opened her mouth and let me guide my cock into her. Her mouth was molten hot and she took my balls into her mouth. Then she licked the tip of my cock as the jell cock continued to be thrust into her. In an instant I began to squirt streams of cum onto her face. My asshole was puckering and I was convulsing in the strongest orgasm I had ever had in my life. I shot a dozen jets of cum before I stopped.

She screamed with her self-given orgasm.

My cum was running down her cheeks and breasts which were now plastered to the bed. The jell cock had been forced out by her orgasm. We were spent like we had never been before. When our breathing subsided, I got up and got two damp washcloths and cleaned us up. After a rest I went behind her and began to lick her ass again. She giggled, “haven’t you had enough”?

I said, “I am going to fuck you now, raise your ass up”. She drew her knees up and raised her ass and gave it a wiggle. Her cunt was open. She willingly exposed herself to me, something she had never done for me until now.

“Lick me” she said, “lick my cunt first, oh please”. I put my mouth on her open cunt and slipped my tongue inside and licked all around. Her taste was heavenly. Her ass was spread wide and aimed up high and I licked around her ass again as well. I used broad wide strokes with my wet tongue and passed over her ass several times.

“Do you like it when I lick your ass”?

“Yes oh god yes” she gasped.

“Say it”, I said. “Say the words, tell me the dirty things you want me to do”. I said huskily.

“I want you to lick me, lick everything you see. Lick my open cunt, lick my asshole, fuck me with your mouth. Suck my nipples bite my tits”.

“Are you a dirty girl”? I said, “are you a finger fuckergirl”?

“Yes, yes I am. I‘m a dirty finger fucker”. We were speaking faster, more lustful and dirty than we ever had. I was loving the control, and that I was making her speak this way to me.

“Open your cunt with your fingers, spread your cunt mouth open for me” I said. She reached around and spread her lips open and I slipped my tongue deep inside.

After several minutes I said, “taste your cunt, show me how you taste it”. She took three fingers and plunged them deep into her cunt then put her fingers into her mouth and licked the wetness off of them. I knelt up to her and slipped my cock deep into her cunt at that time. All the way up to my balls. If I could have gotten them in as well I would have.

She was moaning and calling me to fuck her deeper. “Like a little finger fucker I said in her ear”

“Yes, oh yes” and she convulsed as I came deep inside her and she orgasmed again and again.

We spent the rest of the weekend rediscovering our love. I awoke with my penis in her mouth one morning. She sucked me until I came, then ‘made’ me lick her to orgasm. It remains my most wonderful memory.


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