My Future Wife and Her Mother


Hello My Dear Readers…

Thank you so much for all the love & support you have given me so far – Every feedback has helped me improve, and I sincerely appreciate the time you have taken to send me your views.

I have been writing a lot of late, trying to move in new directions, and open up more possibilities, and the following is the romantic tale of a young unmarried couple, that turns into a twisted affair when the girl’s mother enters the scene.

I do fully realize that I have too many Works kept Pending, and I know I am being unfair by starting a New Series, but I assure you all that I am trying my best to bring each of My Stories to a proper conclusion, and there will be updates soon.

‘My Future Wife and Her Mother’ has it’s plot set in India, and is narrated by Vimal – The Character has already found a mentioning in my Erotic Universe, and was part of one among the many accounts discussed in ‘Opening Up To My Mother’.

This is a small episode, told in a slightly non-linear pattern, and I really hope that this fresh attempt of mine is enjoyable.

Happy Reading!!

Namitha & I had been following each-other on Instagram, for almost a year now, but it was only a few months ago that we started exchanging texts & talking!!

I was interested in Photography, and I had been getting decent amount of appreciation for my Posts – I had also started making money from the Sponsored Content I uploaded, and everything connected to the idea of turning my passion into my career seemed perfect!!

As time went by, I was getting more and more closer to Namitha, and before I knew, we were already dating!!

I fell in love with her and I wanted to marry her, just a month after we started going out – It all seemed a bit too fast, but I was sure she was the one.

At 25, I was still a young man, and at 20, she was still in college – Life was only beginning, but I was certain it was her that I wanted to survive this world with!!

One of the first things Namitha told me, during our very early conversations, was how much her mother enjoyed going through my Instagram Feed.

“My Mother just loves your posts, Vimal… She says you click such wonderful pictures!!” was the exact message she sent me.

I had very formally thanked her for the compliment, back then, and seriously had no idea how important she was going to end up being for me!!

The following weeks saw us telling our family about the relationship, and what we wanted out of it – They were of-course surprised to hear the news, but did not stop us in any way.

That was all what we were hoping for, too, and we only did not want them to say NO right away – We were ready to wait, until everybody involved were fully convinced!!

“Ohhhh… Fuckkk… MMMMM… Yessss… You make me feel so good…” Namitha moaned, pushing my head deeper into her pussy, with both her hands, as I licked her clean!!

She was not a virgin, when I met her, and she had told me about that even before our first official date.

I was not at all bothered about her chastity, but what hurt me a little was that she had been deflowered only a week before I told her I like her – It really made me feel I should not have delayed expressing my feelings for her!!

“I am so sorry, Vimal. I just Beylikdüzü Esmer Escort did not know you would ever ask me out. I always wished you will, but I felt I did not deserve you.” she said, crying, after telling me her truth.

“It is okay…” I tried to console her, though I felt a little staggered with the timeline of events – I never knew she had a boyfriend all that while.

“No… I am sorry… For being a slut that night!! And, it was not with my boyfriend, or my lover… I have never even been in a relationship, before!!” she herself explained, clearing my doubt, but also making me curious regarding who her partner was.

“But… Please!! Don’t!! Please… Never ask me who it was, Vimal. I really don’t think I can tell you… And, I don’t want to lie to you… So… Please don’t ask!!” she further added, quickly.

I did not know what I should have told her – But I knew she was very hurt, and she did look very disturbed, as she told me the details!!

Rightfully, we never talked about it, after that day – Honestly, I did not want to, either!!

I just did not feel it was important to know who my girlfriend got laid with – I just felt it did not matter!!

I loved her & she loved me – That was all I had to care about!!

Also, she never asked me anything about my past, and if at all she had quizzed me, I am not sure if I would have told her all the happenings in my life, until then.

I was somebody who enjoyed porn & all things related to sex, and I had lost my virginity in the very first year in college, though it now felt like ages ago.

I had spent a good amount of time in bed, after that, and had been with more than just one woman, during the last many years!!

But after I met Namitha, she was all I ever wanted – She was the perfect solution to all my reckless desires!!

“Will you always be by my side, Vimal?! I know you will keep me happy… But, if you ever get to know something very wrong about me… Will you leave me?!” she asked, teary eyed, a few more days later – I had never seen her so broken, and it bothered me.

“Is there something you want to tell me, Namitha?? I know we have decided not to talk about the… Incident!! But, I think I should ask you this now… You can be honest with me… Where you forced that night??” I questioned her, sounding as less rude as possible.

“No!! Noooo… Vimal!! I mean… I don’t know what to tell you.. I was not forced… See… I am just… ” she left the sentence incomplete.

“Is there anything I can do to make you forget it?? Is there any way I can make you feel better!!” I enquired, immediately.

“What do you mean?!” she queried, with a very uncertain face.

“I can avenge the event… I will do anything for you!!” I said, with all the enthusiasm of a responsible boyfriend & a caring lover & a future husband.

“Nooooo!! Vimal!! Look… I don’t think I want to see any kind of hurt being caused to… I mean… Please!! Let’s just not talk about it.” she uttered, wiping her tears off, and hugging me tight!!

I embraced her back, straightaway, with a lot of love, feeling sorry for her misery, but also not able to stop myself from acknowledging the fact that her wonderful pair of big tits pressed against Beylikdüzü Eve Gelen Escort my chest!!

Groping her busty melons soon became my favorite pass time – Wherever we went, and how ever crowded the place was, I still would manage to fondle her boobs, and at times, even mauled her D-Cup breasts in public!!

Though only in her late adolescence, Namitha had a very voluptuous figure – She was not at all fat or unevenly bulky, yet had the perfect amount of flesh everywhere it mattered.

She had a firm 34-25-34 sized body, and her beautiful round butt very well complimented her tight bust.

Grabbing her asscheeks while sucking her tits was going to pure pleasure, and I was certain she was a chick any man would want to spend a night with – In-fact, I myself had dirty nasty thoughts about her, even when she was merely an Instagram Follower!!

Namitha undoubtedly was the hottest girl I had ever been with, and I had no qualms about her capability to keep me sensually satisfied, forever!!

I had seen her topless, more than once, over the last few weeks, but the oral encounter mentioned a while ago, was the first time she pulled her pants down for me, and her shaved pussy looked just too irresistible!!

“Aaaahhhhh… Ohhhh Vimallllll… This feels so goooooddddd!!” she groaned, as I continued to eat her dripping cunt – She was initially not very comfortable with idea of me going down on her, but now greatly enjoyed it.

I knew she was fully aroused, just like she had been all the 7 times we made out, and I was notified I had also made her cum, when a fresh stream of hot juices came flowing down her love-hole.

But more importantly, I also knew that she was going to struggle to hold back this time, and it was as good as confirmed that we were finally going all the way!!

On a detailed introspection, it was actually funny that we still never tried to have some real action, despite all the chances we had. Namitha’s parents were mostly never home, and we had the space for ourselves during the day.

Yet, we very rarely spend time at her residence – We sure were a very patient couple, but that was all going to change!!

“Fuck Me!! Right Now!!” she almost ordered, just like I was hoping she would.

I wanted it too, and I was certainly more excited than I was during all the gentle sessions we had so far!!

I gleefully unzipped my pants, and pulled my cock out of my trunks, and had just began stroking my hard meat, looking straight into my lover’s enticed face, when I shockingly heard the bell to the main door ring!!

“Shit!!” Namitha gasped, searching for her panties on the floor.

“Mummy Is Back!!” she gushed with fear, checking her watch – Her mother had said she would be home early, that day, but Namitha had completely lost track of time!!

“What took you so long, Nami?!” I could hear her mom ask, as she opened the wooden door – My Future Wife did take a little too much time to pull her leggings back up, and make herself appear less flushed, and her mother’s question was very valid.

“Errr… Sorry, Mummy… Actually… Vimal… You know… Vimal is here… And… Errrr… I was just showing him around…” she explained, very very unconvincingly – I was definite Beylikdüzü Evi Olan Escort that I was going to be shortly summoned, and I made myself look presentable, and as less carnally influenced as possible!!

“What?!” her mother almost screamed, completely taken aback by Namitha’s statement.

My Future Mother-In-Law was just not expecting her daughter to bring her boyfriend home – But then, she only sighed & smiled, on seeing me walk towards them, with a sly grin!!

“Ohh, Hi… Hello!! Hello, Uma Aunty…” I said to Namitha’s mother, as she introduced me to her female parent, who however did not seem to be very impressed – She had previously spoken highly of my creative work, and also acknowledged me as a possible suitor for her girl, but she still rightfully believed that none of it gave us a license to have indecent fun!!

Surprisingly, my lover’s mother did not directly express any displeasure of having literally caught me at her place, and it left me baffled – I did not know whether there were going to be consequences or whether we were going to be forgiven.

I was supposed to be worried, but interestingly, I only found myself being greatly amused about the reality that the mature lady looked at-least 10 years younger than in the photos her child showed me!!

“You better start calling her Mummy!!” Namitha quickly intervened, indicating to me that her parents have almost said YES to our alliance, and causing the tense situation to lighten – I had all the right to be overjoyed, but I only continued to feel lost, and I believed I had enough reasons to remain so!!

My Future Wife’s Mother, Uma, was exactly what one would call a “Desi MILFY Aunty” – She was simply the ripest woman I had seen my whole life, and unfortunately for me, she was listed among the very minimal number of women I was not supposed to wank for, and it caused me distress!!

I was only getting in terms with the very obvious truth that ‘Mummy’ was a Hot Juicy Item, and I was even pondering the possibility of rushing to the washroom, for a desperate release, to shut down my sexual frustration!!

I was supremely turned-on, and even had to take an effort to hide the obvious bulge, in my bottoms, when Namitha luckily suggested that we all talk over a cup of coffee!!

“Yes!! Yes… After all, it is the first time I am meeting your Vimal… I mean.. Our Vimal!! Hehe… But, you two better sit right here!! I will be back very soon… And… Don’t Sneak Around!! No More Home Tours!!” Uma Aunty said in a stern tone, but also laughing, as she walked towards the kitchen!!

I was relieved she was not angry, about our deed, but I just could not take my eyes off her thick swaying butt, and for a second, I even wondered how appealing she would be without the clothes that covered her – The inviting siren sure looked gorgeous in her tight green kurti & yellow tights, but I was convinced that she equally deserved to be imagined naked!!

I was slowly starting to enter my world of fantasies, and almost rubbed my poking manhood, even as her daughter & my girlfriend, Namitha, stood right next to me!!

Stunning me further, Uma Aunty’s sultry movements suddenly stopped, as she turned around, and gazed at me, giving a provocatively teasing smile, clearly letting me know that she had a fair idea about what was happening inside her house, all this while!!

However, what shook me even more was the harsh actuality that she had unhesitantly cared to check out the erectness of my hidden yet throbbing penis, and not just this one time, but on multiple occasions, in the last five minutes!!

To Be Continued…

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