My gay (true)story


My gay (true)storySeveral years ago, when I was about 18, I slowely developed a fantasy – Old men. Why I really don’t know – girls had always been very interested in me, and I was and still am very fond of them too. Anyways, I started my “gay career” very slowly. The first few years I didn’t do anything about it other than browsing a couple of websites for gay men. Just watching pictures and videos, and also reading stories and fantasies – which slowly added to mine and fueled them. There was something about a older man’s cock that really got me going. At first i just wanted to look at it. This led to touching, which led to sucking, and much later into getting fucked. Doing these things, on the other hand, I did not dare to do. I was getting into cam sex and phone sex with much older men which I thought was exciting and hot. At this time I also started to watch other types of porn, heterosexual porn that is. Gangbangs, gloryholes, dogging, sex in public and stuff like that. And I think this helped push güvenilir bahis my fantasies further. Soon I was constantly thinking about dicks, cum, getting fucked, sucking off older men in parking lots, getting gangbanged in a hotel room etc. I also discovered I had a “type”, which is the steroetypical trucker. Big belly, a bit hair, older and of course the truck. I then knew I had to do something about this. I started to activly search for guys around me. I started getting messages from men in their 50s and upwards, saying all the tings they wanted to do to me. It really turned me on, but after talking a bit to them, I was put off. I didn’t really match with any of them. Some wanted me to be the active part, some wanted to make out, some seemed scary, and so on.. One evening I logged on to this gay meetup site, and I instantly got a message from a man who was 59. He was parked at the truck stop a couple of miles away from me, and was looking for a young guy to suck him off in his truck. I was interested, türkçe bahis and I asked him for a picture. When I opened his message, my cock got rock hard in an instant, it was gigantic! I wrote to him I’ll be there in five minutes. I jumped in my car and drove there and parked. Nervously I walked up to his truck, and watched him stare at me all the way there. I don’t really care what these guys look like, I don’t really find any of them handsome. He had some facial features that made him seem older than his actual age – I don’t mind. I climbed up, and shook his hand. He closed the blinds and sat down beside me on his bed. He could obviously see that I was nervous, and asked if I had done this before. “Never” I said. He took my hand and put in on his cock. I could feel he was already very hard under his pants. I felt it for a couple of minutes, and then told him to take it off.The massive thing was pointing straight out while he was undressing. I was feeling a bit more comfortable now, watching güvenilir bahis siteleri his straight A+ body lie on the bed. I slowly started to touch his cock and balls. The balls was smooth, big and clean shaven, the hair around his cock was well trimmed. Yummy. Touching a cock which wasn’t mine was weird, but also hot as fuck. I put his cock in my mouth. I had to open my mouth wide to fit it. It felt so fucking good to have it in my mouth, it looked like he thought so too.I worked my ass and jaw off to suck him off, but it was worth it even though my jaw started to hurt after like two minutes. I worked the shaft with my mouth and hand – up and down with lots of spit. The other hand was massaging his balls. I tried to deep throat him a few times, but I didn’t get that far down. I did work, though, because it didn’t take long before he started making noises and pushing back. I finished him off by hand, as I was afraid to swallow. He came all over himself(and my hand), and started cleaning himself off. I put my jacket back on and left with a goodbye. I have sucked him off one time after that. I wish he could come by more often, but our scheduals doesn’t seem to match. Anyways, that’s my gay story. Hopefully I can add some more soon!

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