My Grandma & Me – My First Time


My Grandma & Me – My First TimeAnother true story of my family – my grandma was the first woman I ever made love with. This all started when I was younger. Ginger was a toddler and Mikey was a baby. Mom and dad were going on a much needed vacation cruise and Grandma came to stay and watch us. It was August in Florida, hot as sin both night and day. Like I’M said before, going naked in our house was just another day for us.One night, Mikey and Ging were asleep and grandma and I were settling down to watch tv. She was sitting on the sofa in one of her house dresses. In fact, she had not been naked at all at this time with us. I came out of my room, naked as the day I was born, and I jumpped up on the sofa and sat right next to grandma. She smiled, put her arm around me and turned on the tv. After a while, grandma started to fan herself with a magazine. I looked up at her and asked what was wrong. She said she was just so hot and sweaty. I told her to get undressed and cool off. She thought for a second, smiled and said she would be right back, got up and went to her room. sincan escort A few minutes, grandma came out, completely naked and sat back down next to me. She looked like a woman in her 60’s. Her cunt was full of hair and her boobs hung down a bit. But she was my grandma and she was beautiful to ke. I smiled at her and layed down with my head in her lap. I remember I could smell her pussy and it smelled good. She put her hand on my shoulder and started to rub it up and down my body.We watched the movie for a while and I switch over and layed on my back. Grandma continued to rub her hand across my chest and down across my stomach. I really wasn’t paying too much attention and I guess she wasn’t either, and soon, she started rubbing across my hips, moving over my crotch. Soon, she took my little d**k in her fingers, rubbing it back and forth. Like I said, I wasn’t paying attention and soon, my d**k was rock hard. Well as hard as 3inches could get.It must have felt good because I started moving my hips up and down and grandma started giving me a hand mamak escort job. I moaned and said that what she was doing felt good. Wow, it was like I hit her with a pie. She jerked her hand back and said, “Oh Donny, I am so sorry! I didn’t realize what I was doing!”. I said it was ok, that it felt good. Grandma smiled and said it was a long time since she felt a man’s dick. (My grandpa died about 8 years eariler.)I just smiled and said she could feel me cause it felt good. She smiled, leaned down and gave a long kiss on the lips. While she was kissing me, I just reached up and started rubbing nipples, which made her squirm. After a few minutes, she got up from the sofa, took my hand and walked back to her bedroom.She layed me down on her bed and sat down next to me. She smiled and said that this was just between her and me. I said sure, what are we gonn do? She pushed me back, leaned over and took my still hard dick into her mouth. She licked and sucked me, and I came hard and fast. She leaned up so her boobs were in my face and I started licking and kızılay escort sucking her nipples while she rubbed my still hard d**k. She climbed over me and lowrred her so very wet pussy on my mouth asshe started sucking me again.This went on for several minutes. My head was swimmin and I was so turned on. Grandma moved again and soon her pussy was lowering down on my d**c, sliding right into her warm cunt. She kissed me , moving her tongue across my teeth and tongue. I rubbed her nipples and grandma started cumming , hard! She squirted all over my dick as she screamed and screamed. I never saw a girl cum before and she scared me, but she rubbed my face and to me that was how women made love. She said, ” Donny, pump your d**k in me, baby. Make your grandma cum again.” I pumped and pumped my d**k in and out of her pussy, and soon, we both came hard. As we were cumming, we held each other so tight. I felt so loved by my grandma at that moment! It was so beautiful.Grandma and I slept naked together. When I woke in the morning, grandma was laying across me, her pussy rubbing my leg and she was holding my hard d**k in her fist. I just lay there, knowing jy grandma really loved me.I miss her so much. We made love to each other for years. She was a truly a free spirt and a lovely woman. And god, could she make me cum!

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