My Love


It was early in the morning and as usual i woke up alone in my room with morning wood that almost hurt. As i walk to the bathroom i have to step over the sleeping bodies of my roommates. I open the bathroom door and stumble to the toilet, where i start to piss. As i look around i notice a figure standing in the shower. Not paying any attention to said figure, i finish my business and start to leave. A hand flies out from behind the curtain and grabs my still hard cock. I look, baffled, at one the most gorgeous woman i have ever laid eyes on. She looks me square in the eyes and says, “If i knew your cock was that size I’d have been in your bed last night instead of hiding in the shower.”

“Why were you in the shower? You could have gone home at any time.” I said, while she still has my hard cock in her hands.

“I was told that this was gonna be a swingers party and i wanted to try it out. I didn’t know it was gonna be a frat party.”

“Well I’m sorry you were disappointed but i wasn’t at the party. I was out with other friends and came back too tired to care what they were doing. So are going to let go of my dick or are you gonna make me cum on you?”

With a look of sexual hunger this gorgeous woman steps out and drops to her knees and proceeds to swallow my cock. In one move she had dropped the dress she was wearing and my underwear. As she gave me a sloppy blow job i was in heaven with no thoughts other than “don’t haramidere escort cum in her mouth.” However her head game was relentless. She looked up at me took a breath and asked if i was gonna cum already. Once back in her mouth she did something he had never felt. He was in her throat and the heat and pressure from her mouth was too much. As he leaned back she knew he was about to cum and closed her throat around his cock and swallowed his entire load.

When he had finished she stood up and said, “Hi my name is Rebecca.”

He said, “My name is David and i think I’m in love with you.”

“Silly boy it was just a blow job” she said. And she walked away.

Dumbfounded David stood there with his softening cock and watched this woman walk away. But he would never forget her and vowed that he would find her again.

Over the next few weeks he searched the campus and the campus directory to try and find her. He went to every party on campus hoping to run in to her but to no avail.

So he put out a message that his frat house was throwing another swingers party. As he waited for people to start showing up he became distracted by the early party guests and was being pulled into one of the group sessions that was starting. Just as his belt was coming loose he glanced over and saw her standing there with wanting eyes drinking in the scene.

Once David’s içerenköy escort pants hit the floor Rebecca was already on her knees in front of him with his half erect cock in her hands, doing her best to bring it to a full erection. Once his cock was hard she repeated what David had dreamt about the last few weeks. But instead of Rebecca being the only one doing work, David stopped her and pulled away. He said,” As great as you feel i must return the favor.”

So David picks Rebecca up and places her gently on the couch. With a puzzled look on her face, David opens her legs and runs his tongue over her pussy. Her reaction was what he had hoped it was going to be. With another moan of approval David attacked her pussy with such force that all she could do was wrap her legs around his shoulders. When David found her clit and started nibbling and sucking on it Rebecca lost all control. Her hips where gyrating against David’s face in such a way that looked like she might break his neck. Then David did the unthinkable and place not one but two fingers into her pussy and found her spot. After only a few seconds of this she let out such an animalistic moan a that everyone else at the party stopped to stare. And with all eyes on the two of them she came so hard that she was squirting, something she never thought she would do. Once Rebecca finally stopped shaking and let her innovia escort legs fall from David’s shoulders, everyone there was either staring or clapping. David, a little confused, didn’t know what to do next. So Rebecca slid off the couch and kissed him as deeply as possible, not caring that she could taste herself on his skin.

Immediately after the kiss David realized his cock was so hard it almost hurt. So slowly pushing Rebecca to the floor he slid his cock in just enough to see her reaction, which was pure ecstasy. She whispered to him to go all the way in, to which he nodded and slammed his cock into her pussy. Her reaction was all he needed to see, and he never stopped. She wrapped her legs around his waist to try and keep pace with him, but it was no use. By the time she wrapped her legs around him she had cum twice. Her legs and body were in such a state of bliss as his cock just barely hit the back of her pussy. All she could think was that he fit so perfectly in her, and hit all of her spots without trying. He bent ever so slightly and asked, “Do you want me to cum on you or in you?”

To his surprise she said, “I’m on the shot so fill my pussy with your cum.” At the sound of those words he picked up his pace just slightly. Just before he came her body tensed and he knew she was going to cum as well. Once she started he couldn’t stop. David came so hard every muscle in his body was contracting, with ever second that passed he could feel his cum fill the space between his cock and Rebecca’s inner pussy walls. Once his body stopped convulsing he looked down and saw that she was staring at him in wonder.

“What are you staring at me for?” David said.

“I think I love you.” Rebecca said.

“Silly girl it was just the most incredible sex of my life.” David returned.

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