My Massage in Thailand


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Warning, this is male on male erotica.


While I’m thankful to have a job that pays handsomely, at times I wished that I didn’t have to travel so much. Now that I’m 26 I’m starting to think about family and other aspects of life and hoping that I get promoted to management and a desk job. My current project was to perform an audit on one of the hard drive manufactures. I had been in Thailand for a week and was feeling crappy with too much pent up energy. This time of year was monsoon season, which meant the days were oppressive, humid, and hot. Thankfully, the hotel and office had great air conditioning.

Now my first week in Thailand was amazing as the county is beautiful and exotic as are the people. I’m bi-sexual and find the people very attractive. One of the things that I find funny about traveling is how easily it is to spot tourist and on this trip I wasn’t sure who was drinking more, the American’s or Germans. In a way, they were having a contest as to who could consume more liquor and be louder than the other group. Needless to say, I did my best to avoid the tourist traps.

I’ve been in Florida during the summers but rain over here was more intense. its almost like a flip switches and the sky becomes liquid. People deserted the beaches in favor of the shops and bars. The nightlife was still fun but pouring rain put a damper on the daytime fun and walking around meant you were going to wear a plastic poncho or get soaked to the skin.

One of the wonderful things about traveling is to relax with a massage. In Thailand, there must have been a hundred massage parlors within walking distance. AT first I was leery about these places as feared they would be some sort of sex club but one of my coworkers told me about a spa that he had been to which set me at ease.

I was pleased when my business associated handed me the parlor business cards. Then he went to describe how relaxing the massage was where he almost fell asleep from the masseurs hands. All I could think about was an experienced masseuse and to feel his oiled fingers massage all the knots out of my back and neck. I called the number and scheduled an appointment.

Traveling was taking a toll on my body and I would visit the parlor every day and quickly became a regular. My favorite masseur had a remarkably beautiful young man with raven hair, big lovely brown eyes and coffee-colored skin.

Yesterday I was a little bored and didn’t have anything to do until work the following day. The rain was coming down in a constant downpour. I had worked out until my muscles and joints were hurting and needed a break. I decided to take a walk when the rain lightened up.

I walked through the parking lot and asked if there was an opening. Because there was no-one waiting and the lady at the desk said this masseuse was their best, I scheduled a two-hour block with her. They led me to a back room, quiet and private.

There were windows up high letting in a soft warm breeze and a radio softly playing some Thai music; the table was covered in immaculate white sheets and some nearby incense smelled like lavender. Very nice. The receptionist instructed me to undress and lay on the table, and the masseur would be come to me in a couple moments.

Most oil massages I had there were in the nude and the lady was blind, so off came all of my clothes and I settled face-down on to the padded table, placed a towel over myself, listened to the music and let my mind wander. A few moments later there was a soft knock at the door and in walked a young man dressed western style with tan shorts and a tight white polo shirt.

He introduced himself as ‘Ken’ and I’m sure that wasn’t his real name, but his ‘American’ name to make it easy on the tourist.

Ken’s hands glided over my back, letting me know he was there and probably professionally appraising me. He reached up to my head and down to my feet, understanding gebze escort more about the person before him.

Ken put some oil on his hands and started the massage in earnest. As he moved around the table he never let his hands leave me my body. Have to say that is touch was nice and I enjoyed his connection as he kept at least one hand on me.

Ken was amazing.

He knew intuitively how deep to go, how hard to press, what was knotted and what just needed a soothing touch. In a few minutes, I was pleasantly relaxed. After an hour I was almost asleep and hoping the massage would never end.

Ken fingers were quickly able to remove the knots in my body.

He spent the first half of the massage primarily on my back, shoulders and legs. All the tension from working at a computer desk and the long cross-Pacific flights was gone. Ken’s hands were nearly magical and wondered how long he had to sturdy to learn how to do what he was doing?

Ken enchanted me.

Now the massage progressed as Ken had run his hands across my back and down to my legs, across my butt so many times that the towel was in the way and he had tossed it aside. This man had to know the body better than anyone I had known. Not distracted by what he was seeing, his ability to understand my body with his hands surpassed anyone I had known.

Then my mind started to wonder what Ken could do as my lover?

At about the halfway point he stopped and motioned for me to roll over. This was the first time I got a good look at Ken. Guessing that he was probably late 20’s, toned, and short black hair. He was wearing glasses that framed a pleasant face with classic Thailand features. Ken’s had his eyes closed while he worked. I wondered if he was in the same aroused state of mind that I was in? That’s when I noticed how defined Ken’s arms were which made sense due to his work.

“I have to say that you have very strong hands,” I said. “Even though you have an amazing soft touch I can tell your arms are like steel.” I had to suppress the urge to reach out to feel how muscled they were.

With out even so much as a glance, he located the towel and draped it across my hips for my modesty. Not that it hid what I was feeling. Then I noticed a change, I think he smiled when he noticed how much I was enjoying his massage.

I was embarrassed.

I just lay there and sighed, settled on my back and practically purring with contentment. Once I settled down Ken went back to work. Dripping the warm oil over my chest, he stood at the head of the table and started in on me again. The music played and I thought, “This must be what heaven is like.”

Now I could smell the oil on his hands as he bent over me. Ken had positioned himself so that his stomach was pressing against my head and he was reaching down across my chest and slightly lower. I could feel his warm breath. Each time he reached down low, his chest lightly pressed into my face.

Up to this point I was just enjoying the best massage of my life. Now he had added a more sensual element and I was having a terrible time trying to keep my body from reacting.

Again and again his fingers softly traced lines across my chest, my stomach and slightly lower until they pressed on my pubic bone, then went back up again. Ken’s fingers seemed to feel and understand everything they were touching. My mind was almost lost in scent from the oil and the feel of his body gently touching me.

The will of my body was winning. My cock began to fill and grow under the towel. When he pressed down on my pubic bone, his fingers seemed to linger there. I could feel him going under the towel covering me. Had he meant to do that? How could I think with his chest now against my lips and head on my chest?

About that time I finally realized that this man knew exactly what he was doing. Ken was a master of his craft. He was exploring my body’s reactions. He knew every part of me as if it were his own. He was touching me in ways to bring out pleasure.

I was far from home, more relaxed than I had ever been with a man and he was now subtly indicating more göztepe escort was to come. All I had to do was let it happen. Surrender to pleasure.

So I did by closing my eyes. I breathed deeply and let him do whatever he wanted. My body would respond however it would, I wouldn’t fight it. I just surrendered.

His hands on my chest to monitor my breathing, he must have heard the sigh, feeling my body relax under his touch. Ken moved to the side and started rubbing my shoulders, then down my chest, then to my hip, doing gentle circles there. He added more oil and moved his hands inward under the towel but not touching my cock, only inwards just missing, then moving away.

Ken was now teasing me with out mercy.

More circles, more pressure in places only lovers touch me when they are headed for my manhood. He was avoiding all contact with my cock. His skilled hands massaged every inch around my cock but careful not to touch my growing member. He was now rubbing, massaged, stroked with his fingers and occasionally his fingernails.

Ken went up and down my thighs, back to my lower stomach, inside my thighs, then to my stomach again. The pleasure was excruciating. My cock was now full and wanting attention. I just let it go, let whatever was going to happen just happen. His fingers brushed gently against my cock and I was positive he now knew how I was reacting, hard and ready.

Ken then went back to my chest and shoulders, rubbing deeply and concentrating on my muscles. Had I misread him? Was he avoiding going lower because my body was reacting to his touch?

Ken kept working on my chest and shoulders, my cock reluctantly going flaccid and body realizing that now might not be the time. But then after a few minutes he slowly went lower, then lower still, until again he was on my hips, again he went under the towel and inward, rubbing and stroking the skin all around my cock.

Ken again explored all the muscles in and around my hips, my whole abdomen, my upper thighs. His fingers moved magically across the places just beside my cock and again my body began to respond. I grew and grew and his hand just grazed it so softly I wondered if I imagined the touch. Then he moved away, this time going to my legs and feet.

For the next hour this incredible man kept me on the edge of the most intense desire I have ever felt. He would go slowly towards my cock, rubbing all around and everything near; my cock would grow again to its hardest, then he would move away and massage something else, letting my excitement smolder. My cock would go down slightly and my breathing must have gone regular again, then he would start all over.

When he went back and was massaging the perineum between my legs, doing circles and giving just the right amount of pressure, I let out an involuntary moan. My cock was as hard as steel and must have been dripping precum like crazy. He responded with a quiet “hmmmm…” and moved away again towards my legs.

This man was a virtuoso, playing me like a tuned instrument.

After a time he pulled over a stool and seated himself by my hips. This time his hands stayed around my lower stomach and upper thighs, concentrating again so near my cock it leapt up and begged for attention. I expected him to tease again but this time something different happened; in a deliberate move he hand ran across my balls, then back again to my hip.

Ken’s hand then lightly passed across my skin and his fingers grazed the side of my cock, drawing the length of it with a feather-light touch. I must have been breathing as though running a marathon. My cock had been teased so long, too long that I was silently begging him for release the pent up pressure.

Finally, I felt his hand wrapped around my shaft and he slowly pulled away the towel that had been covering me. I was softly moaning with his warm oil-covered hands. Ken slowly began to massage my shaft with tender squeezes as if he was milking me.

When his thumb found the tip of my cock, I’m sure he was rewarded with an nice amount of precum. He took some time spreading a mixture of oil and precum all around halkalı escort the head, rubbing it around and feeling the velvety skin there. He milked out some more and again spread it around, covering the whole head with slickness.

I could see Ken smiled as if he seemed fascinated to just touch it, feel it, and stroke it. I began to think that perhaps he was enjoying himself by toying with my hard cock. Oh how I loved having a man there to tour, to explore every part of him and his sex. He would sometimes let his fingers trace the veins; sometimes his fingers would press deeper, feeling the details of my hardness, what was underneath the skin.

My hand was near the edge of the table and his arm brushed against mine several times, moving it towards and over the edge. It settled on warm firmness and I realized my palm was touching his thigh, my fingers ever so gently wrapping around the top. Ken made no move to put my hand back and as he milked and stroked my cock. I began to explore the muscles of his thigh, enjoying the hardness and strength.

Ken moved closer on the chair and increased the tempo of stroking. His hands would tighten, then relax, then tighten again. Involuntarily my hips bucked, it would not take long to pull a huge orgasm out of me. My hand raised of its own up to his firm stomach, tracing it and touching there.

He kept up the treatment on my cock, bending it downwards and then back up, his oil-slick hands pumping me. My hand reached out touching his firm smooth chest. I wanted to pull him down onto of me as I massaged him. I sought the nipple under the polo shirt and found it erect. He giggled and I held his nipple gently in my fingers as his own hands sped up again.

Ken had me completely. I was so close. His body felt firm and good against my touch. I felt it rising deep within me. Ken must have felt it building ready to release. My whole body began to tense and my back arched as my cock swelled in his moving hands.

Like a lightning flash my orgasm hit me, and the following thunder of huge squirts of come flowing out of me with such force they splashed my chest, my shoulders, the table beside me. I must have moaned, but I have no idea. I came and came in his hands.

Ken kept pumping, slower and slower, pulling the last of the come from me. I collapsed back on to the table. He didn’t stop, milking gently every last drop from my cock.

I felt like a greyhound after a race. He had taken me to the edge numerous times and finally my body erupted in his hands. I could only lay there and breathe, my eyes not focusing on anything, in the most blissful state of afterglow imaginable.

After he completely milked me and was satisfied there was no more Ken had reached for some towels to clean the streams of cum. In broken English, he said he would return in a minute with hot towels. Ken stood up and left the room allowing me to regain my thoughts and conscious. I felt spent but content. When he returned he started wiping the come from my chest and shoulders. He would find it with his fingers and then clean it up. I think he was impressed with the amount from my release.

Then he added the finale. Ken started massaging me again, this time a soft relaxing touch to enhance the incredible pleasure. Maybe this part of the massage was to allow my energy to move through my body after such a release? He touched me all over, his fingers so light as though they were kissing me. This really must be what heaven is like.

After a few more minutes, Ken indicated that it was time to finish. He bowed and left me alone, dazed and making a few clumsy moves to get dressed again.

I went to the front desk and the receptionist was still the same lady as before. I paid for the massage, then gave a ridiculously large tip to Ken. She just giggled and thanked me as I handed it to her.

I left into the rain and to my hotel. I hoped I could stay awake for the short walk. As I tried to dodge the rain I hurried back knowing the sky was about to release. After such a wonderful experience I didn’t want to be caught in a monsoon downpour, I realized that I just had the most intense sexual experience of my life, thanks to a virtuoso in Thailand who had played me like a musical instrument.

I slept like a baby that night, and the rest of my workweek was enjoyable.

The end

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