My New Swimming Pool Pt. 03


The days after I had an awesome threesome with my hot neighbor and her friend next to my backyard swimming pool, my streak of good luck came to an end. Summer was showing me the middle finger. The weather turned bad. Clouds were covering the sky for a few weeks straight. The temperature dropped — no, it wasn’t freezing, but not going for a swim hot either — and rain was pouring down nearly every day. Needless to say, my pool was closed.

All I did on weekdays was working, staring out of the window, viewing the weather forecast, hoping that the sun would make a comeback. And my neighbor would show up next to my pool again. In the best case accompanied by her hot friend. But it wasn’t happening. The weather stayed bad.

About a two weeks later I was seriously thinking about walking down the street, knocking at my neighbors door, doing some chit chat and then making a move on her. Hoping that she would be in it too. But knowing me, that just was a fantasy. A fantasy that I would never turn into reality.

Luckily I wasn’t the only one missing the time next to my pool. My neighbor down the road was having similar thoughts while she was staring out into the rain. Her situation, her state of the mind was in about the same as mine. But with one big difference: She clearly wasn’t getting any younger anymore. So came up with the conclusion that it was time to act. And acting she did.

Exactly two weeks after her last visit at my place, the weather still sucked outside, it was in the middle of the morning, someone knocked at my door. I was expecting no one, but I live in a more than just save neighborhood, so I opened up the door. It was my neighbor. She was standing in front of my door. Dressed to impressed. And yes, the moment I saw her, I knew what she was up to.

I asked her in, I showed her around the place, because I never gave her a proper tour before. She played interested in the stuff I told her, then we sat down. I offered almanbahis her a cup of coffee, she gladly accepted and we had some chit chat about the neighborhood and what was going on. And yes, people were talking about what was going on in my backyard.

Smiles appeared on our faces when we came to the backyard fucking topic. Alone talking about it gave me a raging boner. My neighbor constantly offering me a next to perfect view down her cleavage enhanced my experience. My horny levels were on the rise. I wanted her. And she clearly wanted me.

We kept on talking. While we were undressing each other with our eyes. More and more tension built up. Until I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. I made a move on here. My hands landed on her boobs. A shiver drove through her body when it happened. Her eyes, the expression on her face told me one thing: “Keep on going. Fuck me.”

And I kept on going. I stood up, walked over to her, took her by her hand and led her towards my living room sofa. When we arrived at our destination passionate kissing set in. We were still standing while it happened. Our hands were all over each other’s bodies. Our hands were ripping the clothes off each other’s bodies.

Once all our clothes were shattered throughout my living room I made her sit down on the sofa. Then I gave her a couple of gentle kisses on her mouth before I went down on her. I spread her legs, I enjoyed the view of her pussy for some time, then I dug in. Her taste was even better as I remembered. I dug in as deep as I could. It didn’t took long and her moaning was filling my living room. She clearly was enjoying herself. While my dick got harder with every minute I was eating her out.

But I held my back. I suppressed the urge to jump onto her and stick my dick inside her. I wanted to take my time. So I made her suck on my fingers. I told her to make them wet and slippery. She complied. Then the fingers went inside her pussy. Again, almanbahis giriş a shiver went through her body when the first finger went in. The same happened when the second one went in. And with the third one. In the end, she asked for a forth finger.

I was finger fucking her while my tongue was playing with her clit. More and more tension was building up. She was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Her hands were holding onto my head, were going through my hair. Until the stopped and fell of. Her legs, her whole body was trembling. She had an orgasm. I wanted to stop, to pull out, to give her some time to regain herself. But she moaned out one thing: “Don’t stop. Keep on going.”

And I kept on going. My tongue kept on playing with her clit, my fingers kept on sliding in and out of her pussy. And it worked. It didn’t took long and her moaning was filling the room again. It didn’t took long and her hands were going through my hair again. And it didn’t took long until her body was trembling again. She came again. Now she told me to stop and pulled me back up, to give me a few gentle kisses.

While kissing me, one of her hands began to jerk me off while the other one was squeezing my balls. It felt nothing but awesome. She still knew what spots she had to hit to make me happy. To make me moan out loud. It felt so good. It all turned me on even further. She realized what was going on inside me. And she knew how to keep me on the edge.

She kept me on the edge for some time. She made me moan out louder and louder. She made me more and more desperate for a relief. The moment I nearly lost it, she stopped. She looked me in the eyes and told me one simple thing: “Fuck me.”

No need to say me something like that twice. I drowned my dick in my saliva and slid him inside her pussy. I had to concentrate, to focus to stop my balls from emptying themselves after the first few thrusts. And I somehow was able almanbahis yeni giriş to pull the stunt. I was able to fuck her for more than just a minute or two.

It all felt so damn good. More and more tension was building up with every thrust I gave her. Her hands were burying themselves into my back. She came closer to an orgasm every time my dick went in and out of her pussy. So did it.

Our moaning was filling my living room. Just a couple of thrusts left inside me. Another one. And the next one. And then one hard and deep one. Boom. My balls emptied their load. I came. I came hard. She came with me. Her legs were shaking, her body was trembling. It was nothing but an awesome fuck.

After I carefully pulled out I collapsed onto the sofa next to her. Two sweat covered bodies enjoyed the hormone cocktail in their bloodstream. And were regaining their breaths. It took us both some time to get back inside our bodies.

When we were ourselves again, we looked each other in the eyes. While having some huge, satisfied smiles on our faces. Not need to talk. We just shared a few gentle kisses and then we went to pick up our scattered clothes and one after the other went to the bathroom to fix himself up as good as possible.

Once we both were civilized, clothes human beings again, we exchanged our first words since we came together. We came to the conclusion that we had an awesome fuck. We also came to the conclusion that we should spent some time together more often. And we came to the conclusion that it probably was better to ignore the weather. The last thing made us both laugh out loud.

Then it was time for her to leave. No, I wasn’t throwing her out. But she told me that she had an appointment with her oldest daughter. The were planning on having lunch together. And my neighbor was already running late. So she left in a hurry. But she gave me a goodbye hug and a gentle kiss on my check on her way out. She also told me that she would be back soon.

Once she was gone I grabbed myself something to eat and went back to work. While hoping that she would show up again soon. And also hoping that she would bring a friend again. And yes, my dreams, my fantasies should turn into reality soon.

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