My Personal Alarm Clock


I’ve been a reader of Literotica for a couple of years now and this is my first writing. I appreciate any feedback or thoughts. I have several chapters already in mind for our close knit little family.

I groggily wake up to the feeling I’ve woken up to every day for the past 2 years… a warm mouth softly surrounding my cock. Barely moving, but clearly there and suckling like a baby from a bottle. The sensation is amazing. To this day it makes my body quiver and the giver of this magnificent gift lets out a small moan when she senses me awakening. I look down and place my hand in her soft hair, grabbing it slightly, pulling it slightly… another small moan… she loves giving to me and especially enjoys when I acknowledge her presence.

As her head starts to glide up and down every so slowly and silently, I allow my mind to wander… remembering back to the first morning I woke up to this gift… It was my 18th birthday… How can this be? A live in girlfriend at that age? A girlfriend sneaking into the house at dawn? No, not quite… There she goes… wow, all the way down… her mouth and throat still amaze me every single morning… the way she angles her head slightly, the way she can control her throat to open fully… An experienced woman to say the least… the perfect blow job, the perfect cock sucker… the perfect mom. I’m 20 years old and still living at home as I go to the local university and my mom has my cock down her throat… all the way.

That’s right, my fingers are tangled in my mother’s hair at 7:15am on a Tuesday. I feel her slide a hand up and down my thigh. I instinctively open my legs a little, she runs her fingernails along the inside of my thigh… up one, down the other as she very slowly continues to suck me… all the way down… all the way to the head. I feel her tongue flicking the very tip as she holds the head between her lips. Her hand still tracing, moving… She knows exactly what I like. She should, she’s my mom.

Raging hard, as always, I lay there in a state of calm and pleasure that can’t be matched. She’s never in a hurry, never rushing… enjoying this as much as I. Something she loves to do, truly loves to do. I know because in the early days I asked her. It was awkward and I didn’t understand and I wanted to be sure she was doing this because she wanted to. I’ll get more into the history of this later, but for now I’ll focus on the moment, the pleasure of starting another day on the right foot. I can say that Bahçeşehir escort in the past 2 years I’ve never gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. Amazing what an earth shattering orgasm first thing in the morning can do to lift ones spirits and make every day a true joy.

As the strokes of my cock with her mouth and throat become longer, slightly faster and more rhythmic I float away with my eyes closed. Then I hear the door to my room open and my dad pokes his head in to say that he has an early meeting and is headed to the office and won’t need breakfast. He smiles at me, winks and closes the door. Only a minor distraction… along with hearing my younger sister up and moving around as she prepares for school… Focus Matt, focus… relax again… that’s it… feel the warmth, the wetness from your mothers mouth surrounding you, taking you in deep long strokes… amazing… never gets old. Never.

As mom feels my muscles begin to tighten, she moves faster, kneeling on the bed, her head bobbing up and down I move my hand from her hair down her back. The way she’s angled (as requested), her ass is slightly in the air next to me… I move my hand down and lift the bottom of short nightgown… always touching and exploring… finding and feeling… I trace a finger down the crack of her ass and reach underneath… stubbly… I always wonder what the current state of her pussy is in… shaved, stubbly, softly furred… I told her a long time ago to mix it up, surprise me each day. I love to play and touch and I enjoy the mystery of the current state. One thing is certain, it’s always damp… make that wet… I told you, mom loves to give and she loves what she does for me every morning and as she told me early on, the proof is right there between her legs. She gets soaked simply by sucking me off. I slide a finger in her modestly tight little pussy. I’m surprised by how tight it can feel sometimes considering what dad and I sometimes do with her. Again, another story for another day…

Sucking, bobbing, stroking, touching, fingering… the mornings are amazing in my house. Why would I ever move out. Focus Matt, you feel it, mom senses it… faster, faster, deeper… oh fuck here it comes… “Yes mom, yessss… just like that, keep going… oh fuck yesssss…”

My body stiffens, I hold back as long as I can letting the force build up and then the explosion… my hand reaches up and holds moms head down against me, hard, holding her as my Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan cock explodes straight down her throat… feeling her struggle a little, trying to pull back but not letting her. It makes her throat constrict and tighten around me as she tries to move back… Not yet mom, not yet… after 5 or 6 strong spasms I relax my hand and my pulls back gasping for air, me almost crashing back down to earth as my body collapses and relaxes… holy cow what a feeling. Mom still catching her breath kisses the tip of my cock, kisses her way up my stomach, my chest and then, yes, my mouth… a deep passionate kiss with my tongue exploring… I can taste myself… the perfect ending to the perfect wakeup call.

Mom reaches down and continues to play with me as I soften… tingles, makes me shiver and jump a little… she knows just what to do and how to make me happy and make my body respond to her. She loves it. I may control her in some ways, but she controls me in others. A perfect match.

She smiles and looks at me and as always, says, “Good morning baby.”

“Good morning mom… wow…” Her eyes shimmer a little when she sees and hears how satisfied I am.

Mom is pretty, certainly not a beauty queen, but at the age of 42 she’s still quite attractive and I catch men glancing at her when we’re out shopping, etc. Yeah, I’d say mom is a MILF. The eyes are what grab your attention first, then you notice the beautiful hair, straight and shiny as you can imagine, a little longer than shoulder length. She’s not bone thin, but she isn’t fat either… soft in all the right spots. I love touching, caressing and exploring every inch of body when we have the chance.

Mom gets up and heads down to make breakfast for my sister and me. Susan is 17, soon to be 18 in a couple of weeks and it’s just the 4 of us. The typical American family… well, typical as far as others know… not quite Leave it to Beaver typical within the 4 walls of our home. Perfect privacy with neighbors far enough that they can’t just pass by and see in, yet close enough to all that we need in our wonderful community.

Growing up, mom and dad were not bashful or shy about their bodies. They walked around naked or near naked almost all the time. It felt natural to me and I never thought much about it. Of course when Susan and I had friends sleeping over, everything was respectful and everyone was covered up. We’re not weirdos and don’t expect others to join Escort Bahçeşehir in our lifestyle. We live the way we want and we keep it private.

I shower, dress and head downstairs. Susan is at the table finishing the last of her homework as moms puts together a quick meal for us before we head out to fill our brains with another day of classes. Mom is wearing her short nightie with nothing on underneath as usual and I enjoy seeing her move around the kitchen. Susan doesn’t notice or pay attention. I always wonder how much she knows, or thinks she knows. She’s cute in her own right, dark brown hair, same length as mom’s with straight cut bangs. Nice body… oh hell, there I go again… Horny and 20 years old… they go hand in hand I guess.

Sound of a car horn gets Susan’s attention and she finishes the last of her breakfast and throws her stuff in her backpack, gives mom a peck on the cheek and is gone.

I have a little time before my first class of the day and I have a 2nd cup of coffee as mom cleans up… Watching her clean, wipe down the table and counters… her tits swaying, her ass moving side to side… Damn, hard as a rock again… Mom knows what she does to me and I think she puts a little extra sway in her movements… gotta love when your mom teases you…

As she’s washing a couple of dishes by hand, I get up, walk up behind her, reach around and cup my hands under her heavy tits… I have to say, I love mom’s tits… they do sag a bit after having 2 kids, but they’re big and they feel amazing in my hands when I lift them. I kiss her on the side of the neck and mom pops me on the head with a wet hand… “What are you doing Matt? It’s never enough any more my morning alarm clock routine, is it?” and she chuckles.

“Never get enough of you mom, you know that.” She reaches back and feels around til she finds my cock and of course finds it hard, as always, and she gives it a squeeze.

“What do you want now young man? You know it’s Tuesday so when Susan goes to volleyball practice this afternoon, your dad will be home early so we can have some ‘family time'”.

“I know mom… but sometimes I can’t wait that long…” with a big smile on my face.

“Too bad… your dad is insistent about Tuesdays… morning wake up routine, but nothing more until we’re all together.”

“Alright mom… I can wait… even though I don’t want to. But tell me, what does dad have in store for us this time, do you know?”

Mom smiled and said “Nope, he wouldn’t say a word… he knows how that excites me, so we’ll find out together… here (mom reaches down and lifts her nightie, drags two fingers along her pussy lips and brings them to my lips) taste how excited I am just thinking about what it could be…” Sweet nectar to tide me over until this evening.

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