My Plane Adventure


Author note – ‘thanks to lovesexandmore and a couple friends for helping to edit this story’.


Well I have always had plane fantasies but I sit here now with a row to myself and only one person who is close to me; a chick in seat A across the aisle, with your instructions to masturbate and story ideas and think it will totally be the best flight to try use my vibease as well. I have been hesitant before; but have touched self over and under panties to cums before on flights. I’m thinking I should wait till after we get food… maybe I could just put vibe under my dress now… maybe I should read my plane story…

I half read my story and started to enjoy it when breaky came, ate some of scrambled eggs but full as had food at airport and now back to plane story. I’ve read my story now, I’m curled up on my seat with legs to the side with my jacket over my lap. I just pulled my dress up and slid my fingers under my dress an along outside of my panties which definitely are wet and can even tell my scent on finger from that quick moment… attendants coming back to collect rubbish now.

I watched them with hand under jacket rubbing self over panties, feeling quite cheeky. I grab my vibe and turn it on in my bag then bring it out over my lap and under my jacket. I rest it between thighs as some people walk past… then I slip panties aside and put it in place… fingers have my scent on them just from handling panties… though you said I should masturbate… and whenever you say that I think fingers in pussy so I’m going to do that for a little before I turn on buzz… mmmm just for a moment finger in me was good and I licked my finger just after chick on other side got up. Mmmm I can’t wait, I must try vibe. I don’t think I can feel vibrations even in seat next to me… but hard to tell when I’m the one vibrations are going through… it’s on an off/medium jump pattern and as I curl legs up more it presses harder into me…

Mmmm flicked the vibe to mountain pattern. So, both of your wicked story ideas you gave me have kind of merged in my mind. Here’s what I’m thinking as an erotic story that uses them, as I let my vibe wind me up slowly, I’m going to write it up now for you.

Fantasy : I’m in the 4 point rope harness which is partly under my dress and part on exposed skin, I’m sitting on you for take-off and your hard cock twitches inside me as we taxi about and get the safety talk, as we take off you grab my hips like you’re just holding on but you are holding me very hard which makes me clench my pussy around your cock and then the pressure of take-off presses me back into you, your cock going even deeper and you bite my neck and I cum hard around you.

Reality: ***My pussy pulses each time someone walks past.***

Fantasy: I can feel you Bycasino moan deep in your throat. I feel you tense and swell as you cum in my spasming pussy I look back at you to see if you want me to move off but you say “You’re not getting off my cock for the whole flight” my eyes widen but I relax back and enjoy my afterglow from cumming. You can tell each time my body settles and finger my clit slowly under my dress and build me up till I’m flushed and pulsing around you again. I am thinking you’re keeping me revved up till we land, I wonder how we have not been noticed… but unknown to me you had paid the attendants to not “notice” us, so they were aware and were being entertained watching me as I tried to composed myself each time so I not look like I was in a blissful sex fuelled haze.

Reality: ***Playing with vibe a little, sooo wet.***

Fantasy : You had just got me to the edge again… and an attendant came up and whispered to you “Please I know you don’t want be noticed, but it’s clear you guys not just a couple just having a quick play, could you have your slut come and service the crew as we are needing to land manually and they are having anxiety attacks and cannot focus.” You don’t even ask me if I will, confirming her thoughts about us.

“Sure, it’s our duty to help keep everyone safe and happy, but can I come fuck her while she does so? I’ve always wanted to fuck in the cockpit its only section I have not fucked in.”

“Certainly Sir” with eyes down cast. “And the attendants could use some calming down too Sir if it would please you to do so, especially me it’s my first flight with issues and I’ve not even joined the mile-high club yet.”

You give her a wicked grin “Oh I’m sure we can help you with that, lead the way.”

Reality: ***Sooo good… I pushed vibe to strong and reached down and moved with fingers against me and cum hard with legs out on seat was perfectly quiet and near still, breathing hard though. While controlling my breath, I took vibe back to a low pulses.***

Fantasy : You stand up pulling me off you, tuck your still hard cock away and walk me with hand around the rope harness at my back and your other hand gripping the back of my neck as you’re aware my legs might not be working great and pulling on ropes will keep me spacy too. I had barely registered the conversation other then we were being taken to cockpit to help. We stepped into the cockpit and both pilots already had their cocks out; it is the cockpit I thought and giggled sillily. You grab my hair and the harness and push me to the floor. “On your hands and knees Slut, you need to suck these cocks and relax the pilots, so they have confidence to land the plane.”

I crawl over to the first and take him in my mouth. He moans and just watches as you unzip Bycasino giriş my boob tube dress from the back letting it fall to floor under me so I’m naked apart from the rope, you grab my hips and thrust into me making me moan around the pilots cock, you chat to the pilots and the two girl attendants as you fuck me. To the attendant who got us you say “You want to join the mile high club then you need to help out, it is your job to help keep the pilots happy after all, we are just assisting, you need to learn, undo your blouse and your bra but leave them on”, she blushes but complies. “Now hike your skirt up, bend over at the waist and give the other pilot a hand job to keep his nerves at bay till my slut is ready for him.” Then to the Pilot “She’s a Slut you can use… her” it was the only encouragement that he needed, he stands and starts thrusting into my mouth in time with you so I’m impaled at the same time in my pussy and mouth. You look at the other attendant and notice that she is staring at me and rubbing her legs together… “If you like the show you should spread your legs and masturbate.”

“Yes sir.” She says instantly reaching under her skirt.

Reality: ***oh at one-point vibe stopped I was too involved in writing to notice… I went to loo looking at people as walk down the isle wondering if anyone else was reading or doing kinky things.***

Fantasy: You watch the pilot while your fucking me and see he is about to cum so you start fucking me hard and fast making me moan around his cock; he cums pumping into me and you growl and do the same.

Reality: ***I put vibe back on just used buttons as they said coming in for landing and cum a 2nd time within 30sec.***

Fantasy: While your cock twitched still hard inside me, I cleaned the pilot up. You reached over and groped the bent over attendant’s arse and run your fingers over her panties pressing them into her pussy a little “Mmm you have soaked your panties like a good slut, I like them wet…” she looks back clearly not expecting to be fucked as just watched you cum. Her eyes widen as she sees you pull out of me still hard.

“Oh I’m not finished yet” you grin wickedly at her and grab her panties tearing them making more than enough room for your cock, as you pushed her against the back of the pilots chair as he had got up and was standing in front of me, hands in my hair rubbing his cock over my face.

You bend her over and press on her back as you ram your cock into her cunt, making her scream! You give her a moment to adjust and enjoy her squeezing you as she adjusts to your size you start fucking her hard and fast. You look over at the attendant still frigging herself and say “I want my slut to be kept wet for me; I will want to fuck her again while we land.” You knew Bycasino deneme bonusu I would stay wet regardless while I was being used but you wanted to see what the attendant would do while her inhibitions were lowered.

Within moments I felt two fingers enter me. Then they pulled away and I felt movement under me. She had lay down under me! Then her fingers were back, and her other hand reached up and started twisting my nipple. I moaned and the guy finally shoved his cock into my mouth and I lowered my hips a little that was all it took; I felt her tongue on my pussy and her fingers pushed into me faster and harder as I sucked on cock and moaned from the rough handling.

Reality: ***landing touching myself, two fingers in me as touched the runway, then rubbed clit and cum just before fully slowed down.***

Fantasy: He came just as I did, I moaned and shook as she continued to lick and finger fuck me. I heard you and the attendant cum and from her gasps, I knew she could feel you still hard in her. The pilots now said, “It’s time to land this plane!” *full of confidence now*

“Hi, Slut miss me?”

“Mmm yes Sir” I stutter from being fingerfucked. You reach down an tug at her hand.

“That’s my hole now” she started to wriggle out, but you stop her with your foot.

“No stay under there and lick and torture her nips and tits for me.”

I feel the decent start and a pilot says, “Go for it guys the sexual energy is giving me a rush” and you grab my hips and start fucking me and the attendant now has her fingers twisting both nipples while mauling my tits.

Reality: ***I’m standing. Holding and leaning against a pole, legs spread so I can still type on the transfer bus surrounded by people.***

Fantasy: We descend lower and lower and you’re getting faster and faster and as the plane lands the force of the landing is even harder than normal with the manual landing; it pushes me very hard back onto you and I start cumming and the chick sucks on my clit and I scream and keep cumming in waves and you growl and cum as I pulse and milk you. As the plane comes to a stop, we all collapse and clap for the pilots who are laughing in relief and we all join in. One of the pilots gives you a card with his mobile on it. “If you want a flight with more time and fun in the cockpit be sure to give me a call first” winking at you.

The chick’s ask if you would like their numbers “Sure, here write them on Slut” as you pull me to my feet by my hair and rope harness and grab and hold my arms out to them. You pick up put my dress around me and zip it up as they write names on me with slut in front and their numbers and give me a kiss. And we turn and walk out; you leading me just in front of you by the harness until I am steady on my feet but as you are pulling tight on the ropes this is enough to make me weak kneed, I feel I’m going to need to be held the whole way back to yours after that trip.

Reality: ***And now I’m at domestic security. So soon be able to sit and get back online. :)***

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