My Sexy Sister


My Sexy SisterOur parents were on a one-week cruise Mom earned at work. It was for two people only so they decided to make a second honeymoon out of it. The k**s had to stay home. I was the youngest, having just turned eighteen that spring. It was my last summer in high school. Mom and Dad wanted me to enjoy it. My brother joined the Marines when he graduated two years ago. My sister, Susan, was going to start her senior year in college. She offered to stay home and be sure that I stayed out of trouble. Just what I needed, my sister who was four years older acting as my babysitter. I need to tell you a bit about my sister. She stands at five foot four inches. Her light brown hair hangs down to her waist when she lets it fall loose. And when it is over her chest, it emphasizes her tits. Her pair is not big, only about thirty-two inches of heaven. They are topped with nipples that make flannel look sexy. They are big enough to stand up under almost anything when the weather is cold. In the summertime, I try to be around her when she is in the frozen food section of the grocery store. Many are the night that I jerked off thinking of getting my hands on those tits.I worked part time as a stock boy at the local Sears. It gave me money for the summer and left me time to have fun. Susan was in sales at the GAP in the same mall. Sometimes we rode to work together.Susan’s car was a small Honda. It gave me a chance to be close to my sister. By close, I mean that I could smell the light perfume she wore and see the points her nipples made in her blouses. She wore a bra, but it was thin enough that everything just pushed through. That must have been why she was the leading sales clerk at her store.Susan and I had the same day off early in the week of our vacation from Mom and Dad. I woke and headed for the bathroom. I didn’t hear Sis awake so I didn’t cover myself. I walked down the hall stretching and scratching my balls. The bathroom door was open so I walked in.I was standing over the toilet when I heard footsteps coming down the hallway. They stopped at the door.“Morning, Billy.”Best way to stop pissing is to have your sister walk in on you.“Excuse, me, Sis. I’m trying to do something here.”“Gee, k**, it’s not like I’ve never seen one before.”“You haven’t seen mine.”Sis laughed.“True, at least not in fifteen years.”I stood there with my back to her, waiting for her to leave. She stood there waiting for me to finish so she could use it. I couldn’t because nature declared that males could not urinate when sexually aroused or embarrassed. So, I turned with a half-filled bladder and saw Sis was dressed the same as I was. In other words, she was naked too.Now I was aroused and embarrassed. Sis watched as my best friend grew to the occasion. I rushed past her and down the hall to my room. I shut the door behind me. The image of my sister lingered in my eyes. Her hair, sometimes, red, sometimes brown, depending on the light, framed her face, over her shoulders, and stopping just above her breasts. Those breasts with the nipples that teased me so. I had a glance between her legs. The same reddish-brown fuzz was there. I closed my eyes and let my hand relieve the problem my sister started. It didn’t take long. Two quick strokes and BOOM. I was cleaning up the spill on the floor when my sister tapped on the door.“I’m finished. Give me a ten count to get to my room.”“Okay, Gloria.”After my morning hygiene, I found Sis in the kitchen fixing breakfast. We looked at each other and laughed. It was like we were trying to compensate for our earlier nudeness. We each wore heavy sweat suites. “I’m sorry, Sue. I should have locked the door.”“I could have gone back to my room and waited.”The day went smooth after that. That is, until each time I saw Susan. The after image of her in the door of the bathroom raced from my brain to my cock. I kept excusing myself from her presence to make it go down. Twice, I had to help it.I ate dinner that night in the living room in front of the TV. I managed to keep her from my thoughts. I was doing fine until she joined me. I managed to keep it down by thinking of Roseanne naked.Sue shocked me. She sat across from me. She spread her legs and reached into her pants. Her eyes glazed over as her hand bounced the fabric. My sister was masturbating in front of me. “I’ve thought about you all day, Billy. I know you had to go whack off at least twice. I did.”Susan stopped when an orgasm shook her. She continued when she caught her breath.“I figure that if we do it while watching each other, it will be out of our systems.”She pulled her pants and her top off. My sister sat in the chair playing with herself. I stripped down and had my cock in hand.I watched her fingers go in and out of her pussy. She watched my hand go up and down my shaft. I missed her cumming. My eyes closed when I came so I didn’t see her. I’ll tell you now, it was the best hand job I had in a long time. She came over to sit next to me. She leaned her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her. My hand landed on her breast. My thumb and forefinger found the nipple real quick. It grew as I played with it.“Is this the first time you held a boob in your hand?”“No, but that one was dressed.”There I sat. I was naked with my nude sister in my arms. I had one hand on her luscious breast. And there, within arm’s reach, was her pussy. All I had to do was reach out to touch it. Under her hair, was the opening to her womanhood. “Don’t you want to find out what all the fuss is about?” she asked me.I cupped her groin in my hand. The downy hair was wet with her moisture. I was unsure how to proceed. I extended my middle finger down through the tangled fur. I felt the outer lips of her pussy. She moved. My finger opened her. I found a little bud of flesh. I rubbed it. Susan moaned. I rubbed it again. Got the same reaction again, only louder. “That’s the clit. My my, you have good instincts.”I rubbed my finger to get familiar with the way a girl is designed. Sure, I read the health books and seen a few skin flicks, but until you have a girl in your hand, you’re not sure how to get your hand in a girl.I followed Sis’s moans, groans and sighs till I found the right hole. It was warm, wet, soft and very tight. I pushed my finger in.“Fore! You found the hole. Now you need to do a little putting.”I guess Sis gets a little nutzoid when someone does this to her. She hates golf. I discovered that if I held my hand a certain way, I could move my finger inside her and thumb her clit. I used the one finger, pushing and pulling and wiggling it. I then tried two fingers. Susan liked that. Sis pulled my hand from her breast and took the middle finger into her mouth. It took a few seconds to realize she was doing a mock blowjob. The thought of Susan’s lips on my dick made me blast with no touching. I didn’t know I had any thing left in the tank.“Damn, Billy, you should have told me. I hate wasting food.”Sis pulled my fingers out with a big sigh. She leaned into my lap and licked me clean. That gave me a chance to play with her tits some more.The late show came on. It was time we went to bed. We both had to work the next day. We walked to the bathroom door together. Sis went first then watched me. This time I got the job done.“Here’s where we started.”“Thanks, Sis. You gave me lots of memories to use.”I went to bed. Sis knocked on the door and stuck her head in.“Billy, use this in the morning and return it. I want to wear it tomorrow.”Susan tossed me a pair of her panties. “You want me to do your panties so you can wear them?”“Yeah, so I can keep you close all day.”I got out of bed. I made it to my dresser and back before I remembered I was naked. I gave Sis a hankie.“I feel a cold coming on. I’ll be needing a hankie all day.”Sue turned the light out on her way to her own bed. I held the panties she gave me. I was tempted to use them right away. She wanted them fresh in the morning, so I saved my wad for then. It was difficult getting to sleep without a hand job.The next morning found me over the toilet hoping I could finish this time. It felt good to empty my bladder. I made it to applying the Burma Shave when Sue walked in. She plopped down on the crapper.I don’t know what was harder to do with Sue watching me, shave or piss. I felt like I had the Grim Reaper’s blade in izmir escort my hand. She just sat there watching me. “What?” I asked her.“I’m waiting for you to finish so I can take a shower.”“Oh, no, Sue. I was here first. You’ll use all the hot water. Do you know what it is like to take a cold shower?”Sue replied with an impish grin.“I’ve had a few in my day.”“Please, you’re making me nervous. Not a good feeling with a sharp item next to your jugular.”“Here, bro, let me do it before you cut yourself.”I must admit that I stepped back a bit. What did Sue know about shaving? Sure, she did her underarms. But, a face? No way was I letting her near mine.“Sue, I’ll do it myself, thank you.” “Oh Billy, I’ve shaved places a lot more delicate than your face.”I glanced down to Sue’s fun house. It had a full bush. She saw my look.“Not mine, silly. I like to have a little mystery. What you don’t see is more arousing then full view. “The girls back at college pay me ten dollars to shave them. No one have ever complained about being nicked.”I relaxed and let Sue shave me. She wasn’t leaving and it was getting late. We both had to work. That done, we had another dilemma.“Who’s first?” I asked her.“Conserve water, shower with a sister.”“That’s ‘With a friend’. Sis.”My sister fondled my cock. She pulled my face to hers and gave me a deep, penetrating kiss. I about gagged on her tongue.“Is this friendly enough?”Sue and I shared the shower. It was more fun than sexual. I wished that we were at a beach by a lake or ocean. I tried to imagine her wet, nude and the sun shining on her.She really like the way I washed her hair. I guess that with it as long as she likes it, it must be hard for her to keep it clean by herself. She asked me to brush it out in the back. It had a nice silky texture to it. The ends of it kept brushing against my cock. My cock was behaving itself until now. It was growing to its full glory. The lightness of her hair on my cock was the gentlest feeling I ever had there. It reminded my of a gentle breeze on my skin. Our eyes met in the mirror. She found it erotic too. Her eyes were approaching that dreamy state of total relaxation. “Umm. That feels so good, Billy. What’s got you so excited?”“It’s the way your hair rubs against my cock. It is just so…. so… so much a turn on.”Sue reached behind to touch me. She found me hard, dripping and ready to cum.“No you don’t, fella. You don’t cum in my hair. It would take too long to wash it again.”She turned to face me. Sue put her hands on her hips, her narrow, smooth hips. The hips that framed her Triangle of Delight.“Dammit, Billy, what are you doing? You said you would do that in my panties. Not in my hair, my panties.”“Sorry, Sis. If you don’t get a pair quick, it’ll be on your feet.”Sue stepped forward and cupped her hands under the head. Thank you lady! I let it pour into Sis’s hands. She massaged the jism on to her pussy. She painted herself between the legs with my cum. She licked her hands when she finished the rubbing. She knelt down and licked me clean. Sue headed for her room.“Don’t forget my hankie, Sis.”She turned, silhouette against the window at the end of the hall. The back lighting made her glow. “Sorry, I can’t do that now. I want to keep this on. I’ll have to owe you.”I felt that Sue betrayed me. I had to live with it, we had to go to work and no time for fun.I had a good day even without my treated hankie. I’m sure Sue smiled real nice with my cum drying on her cunt. The day was over and we headed home.We had a nice dinner. After that, we sat on the couch watching the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie. Why is that girls don’t see the humor in those two? Sue fell asleep with her head in my lap. I must have been tired too. I had my hand on her breast and did not get a hardon. I knew it was time for bed then. I guided Sue to her bedroom, and helped her under the covers. I went to my own bed. Thus ended Thursday. The folks were due home in three days, on Sunday.Friday morning found us sharing the bathroom again. We worked around each other. I let Sis shave me again. She got it so much closer than I ever did. We had a fun shower. No sex, just a lot of soap and water. Again, I did her hair.That day, Sis made the most of her hair and my dick. I got so hot I was ready to give her a special hair treatment. Sue was ready. She had a pair of panties in the bathroom. She listened to my breathing. That wasn’t hard, as my lips were in her ear. She pulled the bloomers out of the drawer and held them under Old Faithful just as he erupted. Sis milked him for all he was worth. She had a nice puddle of cum. She slipped on the shorts before any dripped on the floor.Damn, she did it again. For the second time she did not fix me a hankie. I should have know better. Sue reached into the same drawer and pulled out a small cloth. She got it so juiced I had to wring it out. I put it inside a second hankie so it would not make my pants pocket wet.I had to wipe my nose a lot that day. Good thing I worked back in the storeroom. I never would have hidden my hardons on the sales floor.We made arrangements to have that Saturday off. We figured we would need it to clean up the house. Since we spent most of the time on the couch watching TV or making out, the house was neat. We did make sure there were no cum or other strange stains on the furniture. We spent that night cuddled watching a chick flick. I figured it was the right thing to do. This time I went to sleep with my head in her lap. I fell asleep as Sue stroked my hair. The last thing I remembered was the touch of her hand and the scent of her womanness, if there is such a word.The tears woke me. Sis’s tears dripped on my face and woke me. That damn Hanks-Ryan movie. Gets her every time. Brother, and she doesn’t understand “Squirrel and Moose?” Oh, the mysteries of interpersonal relationships.“Bill, Bill, wake up.”“Bill?” Who the hell is Bill? Can’t be me, she always calls me Billy. She shook my shoulder and blew in my ear. I guess it was me she wanted.“Bill, come on. Let’s go to bed.”I followed Sue. I got confused when she went into mom and dad’s room. “What’s up, Sis?”“I want to wake up with you in the morning. This is the only bed we can do that in comfort.”Sue took my hand. She led me into the room. My sister undressed me. She did that in a slow way, not like the time we ripped our clothes off in the heat of passion. When I was nude, it was my turn to undress Susan. My reference to her was now like that of a lover, or my wife on our wedding night. I don’t know how else to describe the way I felt. The look in Susan’s eyes told me she felt the same way.We went to the bathroom. After using the commode, we got into the shower. Susan lathered up the sponge glove mom and dad had there. She started at my feet and covered my body with bubbles. I used a washcloth and soaped her as well. Our hands touch every square inch of our bodies. After a rinse, we toweled down. I brushed out Susan’s hair. All this we did in silence. Not one word uttered since we left the living room.Susan went to the bed. She pulled back the quilt that grandma gave mom for a wedding gift. Once on the bed, she pulled the sheet up until it covered her to just under her breast. Her hair was like shavings of sandalwood on the white pillows and her breasts. She beckoned me to her side. I went to the bed I was to share with my lover. We would not be siblings after this. Before, we were exploring life and our bodies. Now we will become closer than brother or sister. We would become as one.I keep the sheet between us. I lowered my lips to within an inch of hers. I looked in to those hazel eyes. They shined line a morning sunrise, reflecting off the Rockies Mountains. Not green, not gray. Blinding in their brilliance, yet I could not move my gaze from them. As I marveled at her eyes, our lips were separated by one inch, maybe more. I hovered over her, our breaths mixing our souls. Susan lifted her head to me. The space was just millimeters. Our breaths mixed to where we took in bits of the other’s soul.When our lips met, it was the only place our bare skins touched. It was a gentle touch, more reminiscent of the stroke of Leonardo’s brush on the mouth of the Mona Lisa.The tentative meeting of our tongue was so different this time. The degree of difference was awesome. izmir escort bayanlar The best way I can describe this one kiss now is the time I picked up a piece of dry ice. It was burning hot and freezing cold at the same time. I left bits of skin. This was the same sensation. My whole body was dipped in dry ice. Somehow, I felt I will never feel that way again.I became more aware of our surroundings as our kiss became more intense. Susan’s body caused the shaking of the bed I noticed. All her muscles quivered. Her legs shook. I touched the side of her neck. Her pulse had the beat of a rock drummer on speed. “Thank you”, said Susan.”For what?” I inquired.”My first, and I pray my only, orgasmic kiss.” Photos rested my head on her stomach. I looked to her face. Her hair and her breasts framed it. Susan sat up, propped by her elbows. I lifted my head and she slid back to the headboard. I replaced my head in her lap. Now, I looked up at her. She bent over a bit and her breasts hung over my face. A scene from my favorite book came to me. It was the last page. The Joads were in the barn with the boy and his dying father. The father was starving himself to death to feed his boy. It was Rosasharon who gave the ultimate gift: her milk-swollen breasts that would never feed her dead baby. Without hesitation, she gave herself to a stranger. She bared her breasts so he could drink and live.I saw in Susan’s eyes the same look that I imagined that man saw in Rosasharon. The look that said “I will give you every thing I have.” I took it. Susan cradled me in her arms. I swear to you she sang a quiet lullaby to me. The singing and the rocking nearly put me to sleep in her arms.It did put Susan to sleep. I looked into her face to find it at peace. A smile appeared. I shifted my position to take her other breast. This allowed me to move a hand to between her legs. I cupped her gateway to life in my hand. It was warm and moist. The downy curls kept my hand from touching her flesh. A reflex pulled her legs apart. A gap opened in the fluff beneath my palm. Heat touched my hand. The gate opened wider. My finger twitched to touch bare skin.It was more than skin. It was wet flesh. It was muscle that quivered and tightened as the finger grazed against it. Susan sucked in a heavy breath at the touch. She stirred, but did not waken. She dreamed on. The tip of my finger rested on the rim of her vortex. It rested there many times this past week. This time was different. Susan was different, as was I. The opening beckon me to enter. No, not at this time. I journeyed up the Grandest of Canyons, looking for the Guardian.I found Her, proud, erect, waiting to challenge any intruder, to warn Susan of siege. I watched Susan’s face as I challenged the Guardian. First Contact made Susan inhale. Her lips separated. She moved. I lifted my head from her lap. I wanted her to have freedom of movement. Another assault on the Guardian formed her lips into a circle. Her tongue traced those lips, moved across the twin white picket fences behind the lips. Her sleep-closed eyes squinted, searching her dreams for a view of the intruder. In her dream state, she sees this intruder. It is welcomed. The Gate opens fully, an invitation to enter is given.The Vortex pulls my finger to it. Like the danger to the ancient mariners, this vortex pulled me into it grasp. My Sailor went in deep. Stopped only when his shoulders caught on the rim. He struggled to get out and was pulled back in. This conflict between Sailor and Vortex, Man and Woman continued and intensified. Susan slept in a sitting state, supported by the headboard of the bed. Deep in Susan’s sleeping mind, millions of years of genetic coding told her body this was not the desired position for this activity. Clenching the sheets in her hand and flexing her knees, she pulled herself down, onto her back. The movement woke her.Susan looked to me. Our eyes locked. Her hips moved against my hand. Her eyes became windows with the shades half drawn. Sweat beads formed like dew on her face. Susan’s eyes followed my arm to her bottom. She offered herself, lifting and presenting her fruit to be plucked. The Sailor’s other legs became trapped. The two members kicked at the walls of the Vortex. The Vortex collapsed, pinning the legs together. It threatened to pulled the Sailor down. The Sailor’s arms caught on the rim of the Vortex. One arm flailed out to grab the Guardian. The Guardian did not help the Sailor, it told the Vortex to swallow him.Her eyes returned to mine. Her hand explored my body. She found her goal. It was long and hard. It was salivating with hunger, as was she. She pulled me down, my ear to her lips.“Make love to me.” came in a whisper.She lifted her hips, spreading her legs even more. It was an offering, an invitation. I knew Susan offered herself to others. This did not matter. Now, she was offering herself to me. “I’m not prepared,” I answered. “They are in my room.”“They” being the box of Trojans she got me earlier in the week.“I don’t want them. I want you. I want you to fill me.”Our lips met and it was dry ice again. Susan helped me to position myself. I paused a moment to take it in. I was between the knees of my sister. I took in the view of her body, from one pair of starving lips to the other. She moved her hips, begging me to make love to her.Her legs funneled my vision down to her sandalwood shavings. A hint of pink tried to show through the curls. The pink she offered to me. It led to the deepest secrets of her womanly soul. I lowered myself until Man met Woman. My Tip met her Vortex. Susan used her hands and feet to force me forward. There was little resistance to my entry. One smooth push had the fullness of Man in the well of Woman. The differences in our heights did not allow us to kiss. When I was in her, the crown of her head was just under my chin. Her mouth was in my chest. I held myself up on my hands to look into her eyes. I understood the difference between making love and having sex. I cannot explain it. It is different for every one. I learned its true meaning for me.After a pause for our bodies to adjust to the new condition, movement started. Inexperienced as I was, I let Susan set the pace. I let my primal Man do what Nature implanted.The pace started at a gentle walk. I watched the rise and fall of her chest. Her breast brushed mine when her lungs were filled. I watched the pulsing of the veins in her neck. I willed my body to match hers. I concentrated on her eyes. I kept my movements in time with Susan’s. Our hips moved in a dance that needed not training, just lots of experience.Our eyes stayed locked together from that moment on. I watched her eyes dilate and contract. I saw them glaze over and light with an inner fire. They looked past me at something far away. They burned into my brain with the intensity of a laser.I’m sure my eyes did the same. I lost sight of her at times, though I never wavered from her eyes. I did not want a joint orgasm. I wanted to watch her face, her eyes as she released. I wanted to see how she looked at the moment of absolute pleasure. I prayed that she wanted to see my face with I reached that pinnacle of love.Her body told me she was close. The pulsing veins were like the clicking of the wheels of a rocket train. Click. Click. Beat. Beat. Thump. Thump. Her breathing was in short, explosive pants. It was the same rhythm as taught in birthing lessons. Amazing. A woman breathes the same when receiving life as when she gives life. My hip action was so rapid that I feared I would pull out. I was going so fast and hard, I would hurt myself or Susan if I came free. She solved that worry by crossing her ankles behind my butt. This kept me from pulling out and gave me added thrust forward.We were in harmony when IT happened. Her eyes rolled up as did her head. All breathing stopped. All energy focused inside. She arched up to receive everything I had to give. I pushed down to give her all I had. Her Woman begged my Man to seed her. I felt the grip of Woman. I felt Man plant the seed. I lost physical awareness. I became aware of my soul, my spirit, my life becoming one with Susan. We shared thoughts as well as sex. We were ONE.I cried as we returned to our own bodies. The ONENESS departed, yet remained a part. izmir bayan escort We parted. We faced each other on our sides. We kissed, we touched, and we went to sleep. We woke often during the night. We talked and kissed. We did a lot of touching. We did not make love again. We found something special. To try to find it again this night would spoil it. We had tomorrow to spend together. Morning would bring us a new world.Saturday morning brought a new day and old cares. Certain bodily functions do not stop during lovemaking. Sue used our parents’ bathroom and I used ours. She joined me for our morning shower. Under the water, behind the giggles and talk, we did not know that an important life change entered the house. The historical “efficiency” of the United States Postal Service prevented us from receiving a card from the folks saying the cruise was one day shorter than expected. They would be home early Saturday morning. They must have found the rumpled bed with the cum stains. The clothes on the floor told them who used the bed. They found our bathroom.Dad pulled open the shower door. He found me with my tongue in Sue’s mouth and my fingers in her pussy. Sue’s hand was around my cock. I came as dad opened the door.“What the fuck are you doing?” asked Dad.Sue spoke.“Actually, Dad, we’re finger-fucking.”I saw Mom was shocked by what she found. She was stunned but I saw her eyes drop below my waist, but not too low. The sudden entrance of the parents caused me to ejaculate. Mom watched my cream drip from the end of my cock. I stepped to Sue’s side. Sue stood in all her glory for the folks to see. I watched dad’s pants bulge. Mom had a sharp intake of breath too.Mom stepped to me. She ran her hands and eyes over my body. She cupped my balls in her hand. Mom wiped the dripping cum off the end of my cock. She licked her finger. Her eyes closed. A look of delight eased her face. “Tastes just like your father’s”Embarrassment did not keep my dick from growing in mom’s hand. The soft touch of her hand, the hand that guided me through my c***dhood, relaxed my tension. I took the time to look at my mother. I now saw where Sue got her charms. Mom’s breast were also medium size, as well as could see with her being dressed. She had a nice ass too. Mom saw I was enjoying her body. “Let’s go where we have more room.”She saw dad with an extreme hardon. His Levi’s had to be painful. Dad was shifting his package around, trying to be comfortable.“Howard, go make yourself comfortable. I’ll bring the k**s.”“Okay.”Mom stepped back a pace or two to look at us. I was getting nervous. I was standing naked in front of my mother, next to my sister. Well, I wasn’t nervous about my sister. We had done more than just stand and look at each other. Mom had touched me, held my genitals in her hand. She wiped the cum off my cock and licked it. She should have been beating the shit out of me for fucking my sister. But, mom stood there looking at us like we were dress for church or some special occasion.“Come with me,” said mom.We followed mom back to her room. Dad was naked and changing the sheets on the bed.Mom removed her blouse and slacks. She wore only her bra and panties. She looked like an older version of Sue. Mom turned her back to me.“Billy, would you unhook this, please?’I removed her bra. Mom bent over to remove her panties. Mom stayed bent over after removing her panties. It was like she was inviting me to dog-fuck her. I looked at Sue and she looked at me. We both shrugged.Mom looked back at me. She had a look that begged me to stick it to her. Sue was not confused. She was hot. She had her hand between her own legs. Her thumb was playing with her clit and had two fingers up her cunt. My cock pointed like a compass needle to a magnetic north hidden deep in mom’s womb. It pulled me closer. My cock was an inch from her ass. Dad stood with his own erection watching me and mom.My quivering dick was just a short space from the opening to his wife’s, my mother’s, hot, dripping pussy, stuck up at me. I saw her hair fluffed out between her legs. Her ass was up, the crack divided her cheeks into two firm, white globes. Her scent wafted up to my face. I closed my eyes. I was torn between lust for a hot, sexy woman and disgust that I wanted my mother sexual. It did not phase me that I spent the last week reaming my cock in my sister’s body, six ways from Sunday. Later, I would tell myself that I was just returning to my first home.Dad looked at me, waiting for me to make my move. “Billy, she likes it in her ass then in her cunt.”I took the option to just use her vagina. I went in deep, my mother gasped as it went in. I looked up at dad. That was when I saw him for the first time. He had two inches on me, and I push close to seven inches. He stood in front of mom’s face. She held her head so her mouth and throat were in a straight line. She opened and took the entire length of my old man up to his balls. Mom was taking us both. Dad and I matched hip movements. Mom started to lose strength in her legs. I got a few more strokes into her before her knees buckled. She slid off from around me. Mom did hold onto dad and received a huge load of his cum. I don’t know how she was able to breathe. That humongous cock of dad’s filled her mouth and I saw it throbbing in her throat. I swear it was below her larynx. I’m surprised she didn’t drown the way dad pumped his jism into her. I still had a hot load in my gut. I needed to shoot something or someone. I heard Sue mutter “Oh, my God,” as dad shot wad after wad into mom’s belly. “Billy, I want you.”I turned to face Sue. She dropped to her knees, taking my cock into her mouth. It was slick with mom’s wetness. Sue tried something wild.She soaked her finger in her pussy then inserted it up my ass. I don’t know where she learned this trick. She rubbed hard on my prostate. I shot into her mouth. She kept the massage going until, like mom, I collapsed.I woke up in our parents’ bed, next to mom. She wrapped her arms around me in her sleep. Dad had Sue on her back, her legs over his shoulders, driving that meat into her. While pounding Sue, he had a vibrator at work on Sue’s clit. Sue was enjoying a continuous orgasm.I don’t know how dad did it with all that he poured into mom. He came so much into Sue it leaked out around dad’s cock. I stared in rapt admiration of dad’s skill and stamina with women. I admired mom for being woman enough to keep him at home. Sleep brought much needed rest to us.I woke alone with mom. Dad and Sue were showering together. I heard the sound of water and giggles. I turned to mom. She was awake and smiling at me. I asked mom the one thing bothering me.“Why aren’t you and dad ready to kill us for being i****tuous?”Mom took on a dreamy look. A deep, pleasant memory floated in her mind.“On your sister’s eighteenth birthday, I asked her what she wanted. ‘Daddy between my legs,’ was her answer. I didn’t see Howard in the room with us. “ ‘What’s in it for your mother?’ your dad asked.“ ‘My tongue,’ replied Sue.“We took her to our room. I don’t know where she learned to eat pussy, but she was, and still is great. While she was muff diving, Howard was filling her cunt with his sperm. Sue then turned and ate your father while I licked out her father cum.”“Did you ever include Jimmy?” I had to ask about my brother, the Marine.“Sue and I taught him all he needed to know about women before he left for boot camp.”Before I could talk anymore, mom went down on me. Her teeth raked my dick as it slid into her mouth. She took it all in until she got to my balls. The back of my cock was tight against the back of mom’s gullet. It was like a long pussy channel.She shifted to bring her dripping hole over my face. Her box was filled with all manner of sex juices, mine, hers, and dad’s cum. The perfect cocktail. All I needed was a straw and tiny umbrella.I brought mom to orgasm. She sat up straight, her weight pushing her cunt tight to my mouth. The juices flowed straight down into my throat. Mom had me in hog heaven. I barely noticed when someone started sucking my cock. “Daddy,” cried Sue.Now I knew who had my dick in his mouth. I must say dad did a fantastic job. Like they say, it takes a man to please a man. Right before I came, dad sat on me, driving my dick up his ass. Dad sounded like he was definitely a bisexual. Not me, I love the ladies too much to consider it.We ended up buying two king size beds. They were shoved together. From that day on, we used only one bedroom. The main shower was enlarged to hold the whole family in one use.

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