My Sister Dogging

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I can’t wait to tell you what happened last night.

My wife was feeling really horny when she got home from work last night and said that she fancied getting finger fucked by a load of total strangers while she wanks them off over her face.

We have done this several times before and when we get home she makes me lie on the floor while she sits on my face in her very sticky panties and rubs her wet cunt over my face. All the while describing to me in detail how total strangers fingers she had inside her sloppy pussy fingering her to orgasm and making her panties soaking with her cum.

Telling me in detail how she loved to wank them off or even sucking the odd cock and letting them cum in her mouth.

She loved to be a dirty whore in front of me.

So as we pulled into the darkened carpark she sounded a bit deflated as there was another car already there three guys grouped around the front of it obviously surrounding a women who was leaning against the bonnet with her legs spread.

It was very dark and only lit by the mobile phones videoing the situation.

I said to my wife can we go and watch for a while

she said that it would turn her on to watch me wanking over another women while she stood next to me. So over we went.

The women was wearing a black lace Basque with black lace panties, stockings and suspenders with black high heels. She was a little on the plump size long hair and huge breasts that were being fondled, I couldn’t really see her face

She was rubbing her pussy through her panties with her right hand and wanking off a cock with another. There was an older guy getting his cocked sucked by her. The scene in front of me made me very hard I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my hard cock and slowly started to wank myself. One of the guys shot his load into the women’s mouth and immediately made a hasty retreat. The guy she was wanking was not far behind her he shot his load over her massive tits to her obvious delight. He then left as well.

She Alanya Fetiş Escort beckoned me forward so she could get a better look at my cock. As I did my wife let out an OMG NO in my ear. She stopped me and whispered in my ear that the dirty slut in front of us was indeed my older sister Julia!!

I nearly passed out to think that I was wanking myself off over my own older sister with my wife standing by the side of me watching.

My sister leaned forward and grabbed hold of my very hard cock and pulled me towards her.

Slowly wanking my cock “You have a lovely big cock I would love to suck on it”

She was rubbing her cunt through her panties “Your cock is making my cunt very wet, let me suck you.” I could not believe my own sister was asking to suck her younger brothers very hard cock. I look towards my wife and in the dark could just make out her nodding. I could not believe this.

I was so turned on I took a step forward and Julia opened her mouth and took the end of my cock just inside and drooled all over it, then she bobbed her head down and deep throated me sucking hard on my engorged cock.

I instinctively held my left hand out and started to play with her huge tits her nipples were massive and very erect.

“mmmmmmm play with my tits while I finger my hot wet cunt.

I remembered back to when we was younger and she masturbated herself off in front of me and my brother. I recalled how I used to watch her getting finger fucked by her boyfriend and steal her soaking wet panties and sniff and lick the sticky cum out of them. Then shoot my load into them and replace them on the floor knowing she would be putting them back on and my spunk would be all over her wet cunt.

I could hear her fingers squelching inside herself and asked her how wet her cunt was.

“Feel for yourself.” She said and pulled her fingers out she held her panties to the side and I immediately put my hand between her legs and slipped two fingers right into my own Alanya Gecelik Escort sisters wet cunt. Right in front of my wife who was busy rubbing herself through her panties.

I buried two fingers right up to the knuckle and rasped my fingers against her inner walls and could feel her slime leaking out over my hand.

I loved finger fucking my own slut of a sister I wondered what she would do if she realised it was her own brother with his fingers jammed in her wet cunt.

I told her she look hot and said to her that she reminded me of my older sister.

“Would you like it if I was?” Julie Asked. I told her I thought it was perverted but I liked the idea. She said the very idea of her younger brother finger fucking her was going to make her cum.

“You have made me cum into my panties they are absolutely saturated.”

“I bet they smell nice. I said.

“Try it if you want, tell me how good I smell.”

I knelt down in front of my sister and put my face almost in contact with her pussy, I could feel the heat and the smell of sex was very pungent. I took a deep sniff and told her I loved the smell of her cunt through he knickers. Sweaty and cummy, used and hot. The best smell.

I told her I used to sniff my older sisters dirty panties and wank off almost every day. I told her I loved to lick her panties tasting her wet cunt and smelling her dirty musky scent.

“I like you pretending i’m your sister its making me even wetter. Sniff my dirty panties.”

“I know my own younger brother used to steal my dirty panties and sniff them while I was in the shower. I even cum in them a couple of times just before so he could really taste me.”

“I masturbated myself while watching him as well.”

As she was telling me this I wanted to fulfil one of my ambitions and that was to lick my sisters cunt to slip my tongue right inside her and then suck on her clit until she cums in my mouth.

I pulled her panties to the side and pushed Alanya Genç Escort my face right into her cunt lapping at all her wet juices.

“Keep that up and I will cum in your mouth,” Julie Said. I did as I was told and eagerly tongue fucked her.

I didn’t realise my wife had got in on the act and a stranger was finger fucking her from behind making her moan in ecstasy. She asked my sister if she would you of let her own brother finger fuck her. “Yes she would.” she said. “It has been a fantasy of mine to be finger fucked and then licked out by my younger brother, I always wanted to catch him sniffing my dirty panties and wanking and then force him to pleasure me for my silence.”

“Picture your brothers face between your legs now licking at your cunt. Cum over your brothers face.”

With that she screamed in ecstasy and grabbed hold of my face thrust it right into her wet crotch totally coating me in her womanly goo. I eagerly licked and swallowed her juices.

I looked up at my wife’s crotch and my sister had two fingers embedded deeply in cunt roughly finger fucking her. When my wife came she pulled my sisters fingers out and put them in her mouth.

“Pretend it is your sister in-laws pussy that you are tasting.”

I asked Julie for her soaking wet panties and she took them off telling me to enjoy eating her cunt juice out of them. She then slipped her tongue into my mouth and whispered in my ear. “I wish my own brother would fuck me and cum inside me.”

I quickly slipped three fingers deep inside her cunt and told her “he has always wanted to fuck you.” I took my cum covered fingers from my sisters cunt and offered them to my wife to lick.

“Try this tasty cum Fran.”

“That’s my sister in-laws name,” My Sister said.

I then slipped two fingers into my wife’s cunt and then slipped the cum coated fingers into my sisters mouth letting her taste my wife.

“I think my husband wants to cum in his big sisters cunt, do you want your own brother to fuck you?”

“I want his lovely cock in me.” I got between her legs and with one thrust was all the way inside her. It only took a few thrusts and I shot my load into my own sisters cunt. It was one of the best orgasms I have ever had.

Julia told me she will be there the same time next week. I can’t wait…

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