My T-Girlfriend


My T-GirlfriendThis is a true event that took place over a month ago. Lila is my sexy mature T- GirlfriendBy bottom_bullI met Lila outside a bar in the West Hollywood section of LA, she was outside smoking a cigarette, I started a conversation with something stupid like “you come here often?” she laughed and we started talking had a couple of drinks and exchanged numbers. Lila is about 5″8″, shoulder length dark hair, nice green eyes, and full red lips…..our first date we met at her favorite restaurant and she was dressed casual jeans high heels and a tight t-shirt, showing me her great ass, long legs and big round tits. we had a good date nothing happened but a small kiss outside her cab……..Date number to we met at a theater and saw a movie, then coffee afterward where we talked the good part of the night in an all-night diner………..Our third was dinner date at a nice restaurant and quiet drinks in a small bar where we talked. We asked all kind of questions and talked extensively about each other. Lila had told me she was well off financially, some internet thing, we talked sex as well, I told her I was Bi, by the third date I tell my partners about this, she was ok with it and said she was as well, we started to click and were really feeling a connection, but as the night drew to a close she stood outside smoking and waiting for her cab. We kissed and said we would call each other, but I wasn’t holding my breath, no sex after three karşıyaka escort dates…it’s done. Just another night jerking my 7 1/2 inch cock thinking of Lila’s tits and mouth, thinking of her sucking me made me cumm hard and fast and tasting my afterward was icing on the cake…..Would think of her riding my cock and watching my cum shoot on her big round tits……Two days later she text me asking me to come over for dinner at her house at 7 pm. I got to her house rang the bell she answered wearing at thigh white blouse and short black skirt with just enough cleavage. Lila gave me a kiss and took my hand leading me in. We have a wonderful meal then adjourn to her living room. He sits across form me lights a smoke and has a drink, she’s so sexy showing me her curves as she moves around the room, we have some nervous chit chat, as we try and relax I make the first move and kiss her as she sits on the edge of the coffee table. we kiss harder and harder my hands run over her tits as she unbuttons her blouse and I undo her bra setting them free…….I suck each one hard then both, she throws her hair back as I nibble each one, her hand pulls me closer and hold me there “That’s it baby suck em hard, fuck yeah…” she tells memy cock swells and throbs in my pants, her small hands reach down and rub hard, I gasp “Oh yeah fuck honey……” as I kiss her, her hands unbutton and pull out my hard cock she strokes me escort karşıyaka saying “Mmmmmmm very nice, I fucking like baby” her head goes down as she sucks the head and bobs up and down swallowing ever inch down where her nose is buried in my thick pubic hair. I wiggle my pants off down, Lila stops and lets me take the off, she pushes me back against the couch. With my legs up and spread Lila sucks down on my cock I watch as her head bob up and down the full length until I give her my precum……Lila stops at the top and sucks the head letting my cock pop out licking her lips she says “yummy mmmmmmmmmm” then bobs hard and fast till I’m about to blow then stops and says “NO, not yet honey……..” She takes each ball and sucks then both of them at once, then continues down to my hole, licking softly, then sucking and tongue fucking me making me whimper and moan telling her “Don’t stop……..OMG don’t stop baby….” Lila then licks her way back to my cock and suck down swallowing all the shaft, then sliding two fingers in my ass fingering me as she sucks……….I can’t hold on I throb and swell “Lila baby I’m cummin, can’t hold on honey…….FUCKKKKKKK” three shots of thick creamy cum coats her mouth and throat, some escapes out the corner of her mouth. She lets me finish cummin but doesn’t swallow, she come up and kisses me sharing my cum with me.As we kiss and both of us swallow my cum, I ask “Is it my karşıyaka escort bayan turn? Can I suck your cock Lila?” she sits back a little puzzled and asked “You know how?” “Just the questions you asked before, and it was just a good guess, wasn’t really sure till now……….so can I?” “Yes baby.” as she unzipped her skirt and pull down her panties……Lila’s big 7 inch long circumcised thick cock was reviled to me, she was very hard “You like?…..” she asked I reached and run my hand from tip to balls then back up feeling her stiffness in my hand made me hard again. I cupped her balls with my left and pumped her shaft with my right making the head swell. She pushed my head closer to her waiting cock, I eagerly took it and sucked her salty head, then swallowed as much of the shaft as I could. I slowly worked her cock in and out of my mouth, stopping only to lick the full length and suck her balls……….Lila started moaning and grabbing my head, she thrust slightly with her hips fucking my mouth as she throbbed and gasped “Honey, you want it?……OHhhhhh fuck here it comes…..” just like that the head of her big cock swelling just past my lips, her balls tightened and she gave me her first cream load of cum…….the first rope hit the back of my mouth and down my throat, the second and third creamed over my tongue. I sucked hard letting her empty all of her cum before I swallowed, I showed Lila her big yummy load, she reached down and shut my mouth and said “swallow baby, that’s it.” Then she leaned down and kissed me………She got up and lit a smoke and asked “you like you first tranny blow job?” “Yes very much honey.” I answered we took a bit of a break before our first fuck……..I’ll tell you next time……….

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