My Weekend with George , Alice Ch. 01


Author’s note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story. I greatly appreciate his help in improving the story and its readability.

Next, if you’ve read my earlier stories you’ll find this similar, but with a few differences.

The central theme in this story is still Female Domination, mostly teasing and orgasm denial. But there is also a Male Domination theme as well as cuckolding and CBT. The husband is a total wimp. It is a BDSM story! It is about a guy who is dominated, cuckolding, exposed to CBT and allows it to go on.

Originally this story was posted at two other sites where it was well received. One factor is it was in the category of Female Domination, one that Literotica doesn’t have. However the reception of my stories here at Literotica has been much less enthusiastic. Different tastes of the audience or whatever, I’m not really sure. I do know most of the negative comments have regarded the theme of the story, hence this note.

If you like the genre, great. I hope you’ll like this story and I’d love to hear what you think of the writing, character development, etc.

If you don’t like the genre please do all of us a favor, don’t read the story and don’t comment saying you don’t like the genre. Frankly I don’t give a shit if you don’t like the genre. I do and so do many others. And PLEASE, don’t bother telling me the guy is a wimp. I already told you that. If you don’t like stories about wimps you’ll hate this!

Thanks for tolerating this rant, I think it will improve the readers experience.

All of that said, I really love hearing from readers about any and everything except the genre.


I took a deep breath and reached for the doorbell. I could hardly believe I was really going to go through with this. And I was still pretty sure that they would back out at the last minute. But what the hell, I pushed the button.

Let me give you a brief overview of how I got to this point. Not long ago my live-in girlfriend of about five years had run off with a mutual friend. Some friend! And since then I hadn’t met a woman I was even interested in enough to get to know well. I was stuck in a dead end job, in a city that ‘we’ had moved to recently for her career; so I didn’t even know many people. Basically I was mad at the world and wallowing in enough self-pity that I just didn’t give a shit. I was also horny. Sex with her had been great and regular, and I wasn’t used to going without.

I’d started cruising the net. I went to various forums and chat rooms that had a variety of themes, but were always sex oriented. That’s where I met Alice. We were in private chat and I’m still not sure how, but she ended up telling me about her sexual frustrations with her husband. As I said I was in a foul mood lately; so somehow I found myself getting a vicarious thrill out of this her poor husband’s problems. At the end of that first chat I found out when she was usually online and told her I’d look for her again.

I did so, and we chatted several more times. Each involved her giving me more and more intimate details. The short version is that her husband was really pretty much of a wimp. She ran their lives, especially when it came to sex. And he actually seemed to enjoy being subservient. Like many men who are powerful in their daily lives (I gathered he was very successful in business) he was happy to have her run their private life together.

Finally after several chats she told me that they both had a fantasy of her getting fucked by another man while he watched. Frankly, I could never imagine wanting something like that and I told her so. I thought he must really be an incredible wimp if he was serious. Then, as an afterthought, I added that I wouldn’t mind being the guy who did her though. To my amazement she asked if I was serious.

My mind ran a million miles an hour. I could sense that she was serious and felt I’d better be sure what I really did think before I answered. I thought so long she finally asked if I was still there. I told her I’d been thinking, but yes I would be interested. I quickly followed up with a rather lame comment that there were probably a hundred reasons why it wouldn’t work however. Nevertheless, she was quickly warming to the idea. We chatted a bit longer and then made a date to meet online again.

By the next time it was clear she really was interested in pursuing the cuckolding of her husband right before his eyes, with me as the instrument of his suffering. I must admit I was getting rather turned on by the idea myself. We talked at length about the idea over several more chats; about what we were Bycasino each like, how we looked, ages, backgrounds and finally I knew she was totally serious when she asked where I was located. Funny, neither of us had ever even thought about that part, but the Internet does that to you.

Hot damn! It turned out they lived about a two-hour drive from me. This was starting to get real! At the end of that chat we had tentatively agreed to proceed. Alice and I promised to email each other pictures of ourselves, and to exchange phone numbers. The next step was to be by phone. We were getting close to fish or cut bait time. The last thing she asked for on that final chat was that I also email her a picture of my fully erect cock and balls next to a ruler so that she could be sure I’d told the truth.

Several chats earlier she had asked about my size. She bluntly told me it was an important factor in whether or not she would actually go through with this. I’d been completely honest and told her I was very average, maybe a bit more than average, but not much. She actually had me measure my hard cock and give her the measurements. It wasn’t difficult to do, because I’d become so enthusiastic about this that I was rock hard all the time when we chatted. The fact that I’d had no sex for quite some time contributed too.

Believe it or not, I’d never actually done this before. It turned out that measured on the top from pubis to peehole, I was just shy of seven inches and the circumference just below the glans was four and a half. I thought that was pretty normal (and I’m positive it is) but she assured me that, compared to her husband, I was a monster. I could hardly believe that.

To summarize about the three of us, I had described myself (honestly as I saw it) as reasonable looking, though I don’t think of myself as really handsome. 32 years old, six foot, 190, light brown hair, hazel eyes. Physically, in good shape. That’s it. She had described herself as 43, pretty her word, 5’6′, 130, nice figure, light brown hair and dark brown eyes. That sounded like a nice package to me. She described George as 47, barely taller than her at 5’8″, small frame and slightly overweight and out of shape at 175. She didn’t describe him further and I really didn’t care what he looked like. She told me that they were quite wealthy and a well-known couple in their community.

We exchanged the pictures as agreed and that was my first shock. She’d sent a close-up of her face and a full body shot in a swimsuit, a one piece interestingly. She was quite pretty and while no model, had a very nice figure. She had been very accurate in her description, but that wasn’t the real shock. She could have been my recent ex’s 10 year older sister, she looked that much like her. Somehow that made it all the better, but gave me a slightly new slant on this whole scene.

We’d had one phone conversation and covered most of the ground rules. My hands were shaking a bit and my palms sweaty as I dialed her number for what was going to be the final phone call, one way or the other. Part of me hoped it would fall through, but I was extremely turned on and ready to go for it if she was still game. She answered the phone and I started the conversation with the bottom line, “Well, is it yes or no?”

A pause and then what was obviously a very nervous, “Yes.” Nothing else.

“You’ve told George and he has agreed?”

Another one word response, “Yes” again.

I was getting bolder. “Tell me exactly what he knows and expects, in detail.”

She was clearly still very nervous, but was getting slightly more confident. “As we agreed, I told him only the very basics. That I met you on the Internet, that we’ve talked by phone, and that you will be coming over some Saturday afternoon soon. You and I will have sex and he will watch while tied to a chair. That’s all he knows or is going to know until it happens. He doesn’t know how long you will stay or anything else. He knows nothing about you. I’m not even going to tell him when, until the day before.”

“Okay, I’ve thought long and hard and I’m willing to do this, but now I have some rules that you must agree to or the deal is off.” She’d wanted to just tie her husband to the chair and then tell me what to do while berating him and making him watch her have sex with me. I had a slightly different idea. I think it was because she looked so much like my ex.

“Your goal is to berate and mortify your husband, right?”

“Yes,” she said with a wary tone.

“Okay, then you will be my slut for the rest of the weekend once I arrive. You will agree to do anything, and I mean anything sexual that I tell you. I won’t injure you, Bycasino giriş but that’s the only condition I have. You will have to tolerate a little pain, nothing severe I promise, but some. Spanking, nipple clamps, dildos, butt plugs are all fair game. Okay?” My heart was pounding and my cock throbbing. I didn’t know for sure if I’d gone too far, but if she agreed I knew I was going to have the time of my life and she would certainly get what she wanted for her husband, in spades!

There was a very long silence, but I knew if I spoke it would be over. Finally, “It would be the perfect humiliation for him, but I’m really not into pain. Would you at least promise nothing worse than a spanking and easy on the nipple clamps? I’ve never done that before.”

I had her! “Does the idea excite you?” I was sensing she was ready for a man to take charge and have his way with her after all these years with that wimp.

“Kind of, I have to admit, but I’m very nervous about it at the same time.” BINGO!

“I’ll take it easy, I promise. So do we have a deal?” I asked, knowing what she would say.

“When?” was her only reply.

We set the date for two weeks later. And that’s how I got here.

“Bing, bong,” I heard from inside the door.

It was only seconds before she answered the door. Evidently waiting, excited for the adventure to begin. Her pictures hadn’t fully done her justice. She was a very attractive woman, especially for her mid forties. She smoothly came to me, I set down my bag that contained some “items” I would need later and she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. We held each other at arm’s length and looked each other up and down. We were both smiling with pleasure.

I looked up and saw what had to be George.

He was even mousier looking than I had imagined.

He stood erect and moved to introduce himself. “Hello, I’m…”

“Georgie, I’m sure,” I cut him off. I looked at his outstretched hand and made no move to take it. I looked up to his eyes and back to his hand. He lowered it. I looked back at his face with my most evil grin. The air went out of him and he slumped, well on his way to defeat already.

“Georgie, just let me be sure we understand each other. Your beautiful wife has invited me here to fuck her while you watch. She needs satisfaction from a real man and you can’t give it to her. So you have agreed to let me have my way with her and you’re going to just sit and watch. Do I have that right?”

He was silent. Alice still hadn’t spoken a word. “George, answer the man!” The way she emphasized the word ‘man’ caused George to shrink a little more.

Scarlet with embarrassment already her husband finally squeaked, “Yes, that’s right.”

Just to rub it in and take full control of the situation I said, “So let me be sure, you actually want me to fuck your wife while you watch?”

This time he didn’t wait for Alice to yell at him. “Yes,” he said even softer than before.

I was surprised at myself. I was getting marvelously turned on and the feeling of power was positively narcotic.

I turned to Alice and put my arm around her, she put hers behind my back and I slid my hand down and cupped her nice round ass. “Where to?” I smirked.

She led me toward the back of the house; George scuffed along behind as she said, “This way. Come along George, let’s get started.”

We reached what was obviously the master bedroom. It was large. There was a four poster oversized king bed that dominated the room. There was also a strait-backed chair sitting next to the bed. Obviously not its normal position.

“Okay everyone, last chance.” I looked straight into George’s eyes, “You sure you want to go through with this Georgie?”

He looked miserable, so much so that I almost felt sorry for him, almost. But he responded right away, though quietly, “Yes, I’m sure.”

I turned to Alice and looked right into her pretty face and asked the same thing.

She enthusiastically replied, “Oh yes! I’m sure.” And then she turned and smiled at her husband.

I continued, still looking at Alice. “Exactly as we agreed?”

George’s face developed a puzzled look, but he said nothing.

This time she hesitated for a minute, but took a deep breath and then, “Yes, exactly as we agreed.”

Alice continued, “All right then, let’s get started. George, get undressed.”

While George was disrobing, Alice started to tell me more about their life. “This is probably going to be really hard on George, he hasn’t had his dick in my pussy for months. In fact it’s been a few weeks since I last even let him cum. I just love teasing his little pee pee and making it Bycasino deneme bonusu ache to cum, and then denying him. You see, most nights I make him lick me to an orgasm or two and either before or after, or sometimes both, I tease his little penis until it just about squirts, but not quite. His dick is just too small to make me cum, so I almost never bother letting him put it in me.

“You see, George really likes to please me, it’s because I can be, and am, such a terrible bitch if I don’t get my own way. Can’t I George?”

George realized no answer was necessary. I was starting to understand this whole situation better.

“That’s why George is going along with this. He will do almost anything I ask. Besides I promised him I’d consider letting him cum when this is all over. Usually I don’t even consider it!” she laughed. She had a wonderful laugh.

By now George was totally naked and, much to my surprise, fully erect. Well, if you could call George’s hard-on ‘fully’ anything. He had one of the smallest penises I’d ever seen. I couldn’t help but chuckle, “You weren’t kidding about his dick, it really is tiny! That definitely doesn’t qualify as a cock, just a dick, maybe even only a dickie!”

George seemed to deflate once again. However miserable he may have been, he was clearly being turned on by the whole situation. Something I most definitely did not understand.

“Sit in the chair George. I’ve told our friend that he is not allowed to touch you once you are tied up, but I did ask him to do that part since I’m not very good with ropes.”

George sat, and in minutes I had him very securely attached to the chair. Arms behind his back, knees spread so Alice could have good access to his cock and balls, waist held back against the chair. He was comfortable (I didn’t want anything to distract him from observing closely) but very immobile. He was going to be there a good, long time.

“Alice, are you going to give him a little tease just to get this started?”

“Oh yes!” she said as she went over and kneeled in front of George’s chair and started to stroke his dickie. She had him pulling against the ropes in no time.

“There, that should make him enjoy watching all the more,” she said as she stopped.

“Oh, please don’t stop!” George whined.

“Since he asked so nice, why don’t you push him just a little closer?” I egged Alice on.

“Well, my aren’t you nice to him, okay,” and with that she went back and stroked him some more, going slower and slower as he moaned. Finally when I could see his little dick start to twitch she stopped again. “There, that ought to make him think twice about asking for more next time,” and indeed George just groaned, but didn’t say a word.

I dropped the bombshell. “Georgie, you probably think I’m going to fuck your wife while you watch, and then leave. Wrongo! Alice is really a bit of a slut you know. What’s caused your problems is the fact you’re so nice to her. She really wants a man to take charge and make her stop her bitchy ways. And that is exactly what I’m going to do, for the whole weekend!”

George’s eyes went wide. “What! Alice, this isn’t what we agreed at all!” It was the first sign of manhood he had displayed. Too late of course.

Alice smiled rather wickedly, “George, we didn’t AGREE to anything. I told you what was going to happen. I just didn’t tell you the whole story. Now sit quietly unless we ask you something or you will ruin any chance you have of cumming, before we even start.”

George was evidently quite desperate to cum already because he instantly shut up.

“I may as well tell you the whole story George. You are going to see your wife used any way I feel like. And with this sexpot, I’m going to feel like using her a lot, and in many different ways.” Then I went on to tell him the details of the agreement that Alice and I had made.

Finally I gave him one last thing to think about. “And Georgie, Alice has agreed to endure a bit of pain for me, I really have a bit of a sadistic streak. But she did tell me she really isn’t into pain much, she’s just doing it so I’ll fuck her good and hard. As I said, I think we’ll find she really is quite a slut. Anyway, I’m going to give you the opportunity to convince me not to do some of the things I have planned. I won’t, and I won’t ask or tell Alice to do anything to you that you don’t ask for, but I’m sure the more successful you are at helping Alice avoid pain, the more inclined Alice will be to let you cum at the end of this, won’t you Alice?”

“Hmm, that’s quite a good idea. I really don’t like pain. The more you can spare me George, the more I’m likely to be nice to you at the end.”

“Well, enough of this talking, I want to get a better view of this package. Come here Alice and let me take off your clothes,” I said. She complied instantly.

To be continued…


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