Neighborly Flashes


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[Summer Lovin’ 2018 contest entry]

Two years ago our extremely distressed 40 year old neighbor, Florence, banged on our door while screaming for help. When I pulled it open to see where all the noise was, I met Flo for the first time nearly a year after she had moved in. A quick scan showed me her hair was bloody and completely disheveled; she held a bloody towel against her bare chest and her yellow panties were blood smeared. She was otherwise naked and pressing a hand against her upper right thigh as blood overran it, poured to her ankle and left a trail back to her home.

“He tried to kill me! Please help. Call p-p-police and ambul. . . ” She collapsed at my door. Her towel fell away and I tried hard to ignore the youthful, firm D-cups staring up at me. As I took the towel and dried off her bloody leg and foot, I called for my wife, Sue, to call 911. After scanning the street for some knife wielding killer then quickly carrying her inside, I used the towel to staunch and pressure the open femoral wound. As I held it closed, I examined the rest of her for other wounds—there were only minor, superficial cuts at her shoulders and waist. Since blood still covered both thighs, I separated them and flexed her shapely limbs in search of other wounds. I asked Sue to bring a wet cloth then wiped her upper left thigh up to her groin—no injury there, though there was a sizeable port-wine stain.

Her thick, soft camel toe pulsing became hard to ignore. There was so much blood on her panties, I felt I had to move them aside to look for hidden cuts. Fortunately, her plumped pussy was not injured. I wiped down all four labia and minimally spread her pretty lips open. Sue watched as I cleaned and adjusted her pussy and quelled the urge to totally invade this beautiful woman.

EMTs and police arrived quickly. The police went next door and found her husband on the floor, covered in blood and sobbing, knife still in hand. Her shredded clothes were in his lap. The EMTs packed her femoral gash then cut away her panties and scanned her whole body before rolling her over to check there. They confirmed my observation that her femoral artery was merely nicked and not cut thru. My eyes widened abruptly when I saw the EMT push a finger deep into her ass and slowly move it around. He said that was a fast check for internal bleeding before he could get her to a hospital. I wasn’t sure I believed him, but I wasn’t about to question him

She came to as they told me I still saved her from bleeding out. She sobbed and thanked me before she realized she was completely naked before three men and two women—all strangers. The EMT started an IV then wrapped her in a blanket. She hugged me ferociously just before they took her away. As they took her, Sue asked me if her name were just an odd coincidence considering her heavy blood flow. The question twisted my brows and is still unanswered. The police took a brief statement and arrested her broken husband for attempted murder.

He was a piece of work! When they first moved in, he ignored his doorbell and our reaching out to new neighbors. We tried bringing them our infamous croque-en-bouche, built with vanilla or chocolate cream-filled pâte à choux, but had to leave it at the door when we heard him shouting inside. Our platter appeared at our door the next day with a simple note—”Thank you so much. Sorry about Frank, Florence.”

He ignored or barely acknowledged all greetings ever since. The few times we saw Florence outside her door, she was dressed in bulky layers and ankle length skirts despite the warm weather. She would wave excitedly and her youthful, gleaming smile beamed across our grassy turfs until Frank harshly grabbed her and pushed her inside. I needed to vent my anger forcefully on him—instead, we kept our distance and tried to ignore the abuses while staying alert to help her if needed.

After a 2-month trial, her husband was convicted and sent to serve his 20-year sentence. They divorced after a year. In that time, Flo became close with Sue, but was still embarrassed about being naked in front of me. She visited often, but blushed and left soon after I arrived. She needed more time to cope with the assault and Sue said to also give her that time to get over being so exposed since she was unusually shy. It would be some time before I understood why that was.

Three years after the assault, that began to change while Sue was out on errands and Flo stopped by for support. She was stuck with me and it took several minutes to convince her to stay and confide in me. Shorts and a halter were an audacious change for her since the trial. With shoulders hunched forward and head stooped in embarrassment about still needing support, she gave me a generous and clear view of one full breast hanging freely including, her soft nipple no longer hidden by her yellow halter. Unable to take my eyes off the enticing view, her downcast eyes allowed me to stare istanbul escort endlessly at her shapely hillock as it gently lifted with each breath. I listened to her, but also fantasized nibbling on that luscious nipple. She abruptly stopped talking and I noticed her eyes were locked on mine. Oops! When she looked down at my crotch and noticed the stirring there, she blushed, covered her mouth and ran off.

Nearly a week passed before she dared come back. “I hate to be such a pest, but I’m still a mess,” I overheard her tell Sue as I entered the pool patio. After greeting her, her furrowed brow and hollowed cheeks showed her conflict which she painfully disguised by tilting her eyes to the floor. At least she didn’t run. She and Sue were side by side on a lounger so I sat across from them. “Al, I’m sorry for running away the other day,” she blushed. “I haven’t had a man look at me that way, react that way,” her eyes fluttered to my groin, “since before I married Frank. He was always controlling and jealous and made me dress fully covered and shapeless, just a step away from a burqa.”

That day she was in a daring white halter, free swinging tits hardened her thick nipples and pressed them against the translucent top. I sighed as I stared at their growth and my loose shorts stirred again. Flo stared and this time smiled a tight-lipped smile as she boldly said, “You, um, seem to be doing it again. Is that really because of me or do you have some sort of medical condition?” Teasing sarcasm? Sue looked at my crotch and laughed lightly. I looked down and had to pick my words carefully.

“Yes, Flo, this,” I dared to draw more attention to my swelling, “is all because of you today as well as last week. Now you don’t need my words to tell you how attractive I find you. You can see for yourself.” My dick twitched again. Sue laughed and slapped my knee then hugged Flo. That made Flo’s low cut halter billow and reveal her sizeable, full tit and now hard nipple to me; it also forced Sue’s loose bikini top to pull away from her chest. Sue deliberately kept Flo scrunched to extend my view of that delicious tit and purposely exhibit her own breast as they both watched my dick swell and move closer to escape.

When I saw Flo’s spread culottes reveal her upper thighs and her bright yellow panties, I moaned lightly. Were they both teasing me now? As Sue looked down Flo’s top at her bare tit, I fantasized she would pull it out and bite the demanding nipple. Flo knowingly allowed Sue to hold her as she silently stared into Sue’s oversized, billowed bikini and studied her tiny tit and perfect nipple in the bright sunlight. She stole glances at my obvious, unrestrained third leg as it grew. Her breathing got deeper and I noticed a small wet spot on her panties quickly expand. “I-I-I better go before . . . I um, mean I’ll see you tomorrow.” Before we could change her mind, she raced home.

“Well, that was interesting,” Sue commented as she removed her top. Her tiny tits swung freely as she wiggled out of her bikini bottoms. “I sort of hope our shy neighbor comes back and catches me like this,” she bragged as she flared her sexy, exhibitionist body. “Lose the suit, Al. No need to get it wet. Take it off and hope she comes back at just the right moment, before we’re in the water. You know she wants to see your cock now.” No such luck. We stood pool side an extra minute or two, my cock wishfully pointing straight out, in the vain hope we could entice her to join us. She’d left our street side gate open, as usual.

Though not as flagrant an exhibitionist as Sue, I stiffened again at the possibility of Flo catching me casually naked in the sunlight. After I told her how wet Flo got, I asked, “Tell me, Sue, how much do you want to suck her big tits and finger her wet and pretty pussy? How long before we ease her, naked, into our pool, or bed?”

“About as much as you do, and as soon as we can. I smelled her arousal and it was heavenly. Yes, I saw her staring at my nipple so there’s that happy possibility.”

Flo came back the next day in exactly the same outfit. Her translucent halter top seemed a bit looser and her yellow culottes were definitely starched stiffer and pulled up tighter. Their seam appeared to be inside her seam which was plumping and erotic. Sue wore the same blue bikini and I changed into the same dark, short trunks. When we sat opposite each other again, it felt like a practiced deja vu. “I apologize again for my rude escape. I dared to presume you all were teasing and flirting with me. I-I-I know that’s absurd, but I felt flattered and, umm desired. When I realized you were allowing me to stare into your open bikini, Sue and you, Al, took away my thin excuse for staring at your, umm, evidence, I was too overwhelmed to think clearly.”

In answer, I slowly pulled my shorts higher up my legs, “You weren’t wrong, you know. While Sue and I are always kadıköy escort happy to listen to you, neither of us can ignore how beautiful and sexy you are. We both enjoyed the view you gave us of your shapely mound, the one with a hard nipple that is, and you can tell by my repeat swelling, that I am enjoying it now. Don’t bother covering it up.” When she looked at my bulging suit, my dick surged and lifted the legging. By the way she gasped, I was sure she had a solid look at my bishop. I forced it to rebound then stand tall without touching it.

Sue giggled as she pointed to my swollen cock. “It’s only fair you should see him, us, naked since we both had such a long look at your naked self that night. If you’re not ready yet to enjoy catching some rays naked with us, we can wait. Just know, we both want you to relax with us.”

“Flo, I’ve been wondering, imagining, about how much scaring you are left with.” When I pointed and plainly looked up her starched and open shorts, she blushed and slowly, wordlessly spread her legs wider to offer me a clear view. That’s when she hugely surprised me; I confirmed that she’d come over commando. Instead of her bright, damp panties, I saw her neatly trimmed bush and her damp, fuzzy labia begin to gape open. Sue’s brow rose when I reached across and pushed Flo’s shorts higher as I squeezed her firm thigh and asked permission, after the fact, to see her scar. Her smile blossomed as my hand slid up along her shapely leg. “Beautiful,” I whispered. Her nod and sigh gave full permission, but her shorts bunched at her groin.

As I pushed them around, her glistening pussy appeared in the bright sunlight and my cock head immediately escaped my shorts. Her breathing doubled and she licked her lips as she stared silently at my exposed manhood. It twitched in response. “I did this when examining you before the EMTs arrived,” I said as I pushed her labia apart and lightly entered her sightly moist womanhood. She didn’t resist or object. Sue leaned forward for a clear look at the pretty pussy I was once again exploring, and smiled. “I was looking for blood and internal wounds then—that was my excuse for finally entering the beautiful woman of my neighborly dreams.”

I began to explore deeper, now including her stiffening clit. “When the EMT arrived, he cut off your panties so you were completely naked for us. We were all still worried about any other injuries, but it was impossible to ignore those firm, shapely tits and your exposed, open pussy. When he quickly pushed his finger all the way into you and twisted it around, like this,” She grunted and acquiesced when I deeply explored her steamy sex. “I nearly pushed him away to preserve some sense of your modesty, but you were unconscious then, so I watched closely instead. He said he’d seen victims of intense abuse and assault cut internally, so he routinely checks for lacerations and blood. You had none. He had one more test you’re probably not aware of, but I can’t show you now unless you remove your shorts.”

As I cocked my head and looked for an answer to that subtle request, I kept exploring her wet and warm haven. Her eyes closed, her head tilted back, and she pushed her hips up to slide my fingers deeper into her. The texture and scent of her blossomed pussy were heavenly. She leaned back on her hands as she enjoyed the beginnings of an orgasm. Sue took the opportunity to untie her halter and slip if off. Flo’s two flawless mounds gleamed in the lustrous sun. Sue stood to our sides and, when she was sure Flo was watching, removed her bikini top and shimmied out of her bottom. She winked at me as if acknowledging her delight in being the first one fully naked. Flo, being too distracted by the intense sensations in and around her exposed pussy, barely looked at my naked wife’s beautiful, shaved kitty.

Sue reached out to one hard nipple and treated it to our PPR touch—Pinch, Pull and Roll. Flo groaned. When Sue shifted to the other hard nipple and sucked the first one with a little nibble, Flo groaned much louder. I licked my lips then took the other demanding nipple between my teeth. Flo began to shudder, gasp and moan. Her head rolled around as we watched her belly, chest, tits, neck and face grow crimson. She clamped her teeth and screamed “YES!” as her orgasm peeked and she flooded my hand with her fresh nectar. Hoping she had another release in her to flood my face, I watched her intense cum face soften and her breathing slow as she continued to gently hump my fingers. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped.

“Oh . . . my . . . God! I-I-I don’t think I ever had that big, umm, a climax with anyone or even just by myself. Frank rarely got me off and we hadn’t had sex for two years before he tried to kill me. That was his reason, you know, when he cut my clothes off and tried to rape me. So, I guess it’s been five years since I’ve had sex with anyone. That was kağıthane escort wonderful. Thank you so much . . . ” Excellent! No STDs to worry about. Her eyes misted.

“Oh honey, that wasn’t sex. It was just foreplay,” Sue smiled as she pulled Flo to her unsteady feet and hugged her, nipple to nipple. I unfastened her shorts as Sue continued, “I’m willing to bet you have many more orgasms in you that we are about to release.” Still looking at Sue, she blushed, numbly stepped out of her shorts and shoes and inhaled deeply as the sun gleamed off her sweat-coated naked beauty. She tried to cover her hairy pussy, but Sue added, “Neither of us is afraid to crawl thru some bushes to get to a picnic.” She moved Flo’s hand to her mouth and began sucking her fingers as she gently rubbed Flo’s clit. My cock was pointing nearly straight up and fully exposed when Sue pointed to it and told her, “That’s the sex tool. He nicknamed it ‘inspiration’ and loves to instill it in me and some close friends. We want you to be one of them.”

Her eyes bulged at the offer. When she looked at my slightly above average, in length and thickness, cock, she said in awe, “I’ve never seen one that big. Frank’s was half as long and only as thick as my thumb. May I . . . touch it?” In answer, Sue placed Flo’s hand on my throbbing, happy cock and she lightly checked it up, down and under. “It’s so dense. I only had one man before Frank and he was much smaller too. I’m not sure . . . “

“No need to rush things, honey. I’m sure you can accommodate my inspiration in all three warm spots—deeply.” As I stood and thrust my cock forward, my foreskin leapt behind my crown and startled Flo. Foreskins were new to her too. Sue pushed my trunks to the ground and my cock popped up firmly. Flo gasped and switched to an underhand grip. As she began to slowly pump me, Sue moved her other hand to my balls. “Just be gentle with them, Flo. You can taste them too as long as you only bite softly.” I winked at her and savored the unique pleasure of a first-time-naked-gathering with a new, intimate, friend. Flo examined and marveled at my balls as if it were her first time.

After another minute of gentle stroking, I asked Flo to sit again and open her legs wide. She blushed as she gingerly spread her legs for me, then blushed again when I knelt between them and put my face within a breath of her shining pussy. “I really did want to see your scar,” I admitted as I rolled her thigh flesh and rubbed her sparsely covered pussy. “It’s very hard to see. You were so lucky it wasn’t deeper or wider. It makes a great ice breaker on a date or one of our parties—’hey, can you find my death defying scar?’—can’t wait to dare a certain friend to find it.”

I leaned in and gently kissed the scar, then her rose-wine stain on the other thigh, then her damp pussy. She pulled away slightly. “Don’t do that. My stain is ugly and I’m so dirty there, especially now after just, you know . . . No one has ever kissed me there. And your gate is wide open so just anyone can walk by and see us touching each other, outside in this bright sunshine, and naked as we were born.”

“Oh you poor thing. I bet your mama told you your pussy and ass are filthy places—’the devil’s playground’.” She nodded her head swiftly. “Well, they are not filthy! Especially when you cum. Nature takes care of that during arousal in foreplay by making chemical changes in your pussy that kill bacteria and release this,” Sue slid her finger deep into Flo’s surprised pussy and withdrew it thoroughly covered in her heavenly scented and tasty nectar. She held it under both their noses until Flo inhaled her own aroma then Sue lapped and sucked her finger clean. “Delicious. You will soon enjoy this sweet and tangy flavor, yours and mine, maybe even today. This slippery fluid is loaded with pheromones and is divinely scented, delicious nectar. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Just wait until you experience rimming.” Her eyes flicked back and forth as she tried to figure what that meant.

“Your birthmark isn’t ugly. It’s distinctively you and smooth and interesting. I wonder what kind of tattoo can make it stand out and scream at the world, ‘This is me. Fuck you if you don’t like it!’ A tongue lapping at your pussy maybe?” I grinned at her shock.

“Oh lord! Such language. What a daring idea I never dreamed of.” When I held her labia open and rested my flattened tongue on them and her clit, she moaned deeply. “What are you doing to me? Did you do this when I was unconscious too? Oh God, it feels so, soh, ohhh . . .”

“No, sweetie. I know he wanted to eat and fuck you, but you were in deep trouble and he contained his instincts. You’re not in any danger now, but you might be in a little trouble. The good kind.” I mumbled nothing in particular with my tongue still firmly, warmly against her clit and she gasped and moaned in ecstacy. “I wonder how much you have done sexually. Never gone downtown on a woman, I bet. With just two small dicks in your past, you’ve never done deep throat, but did either of them plunder your ass?” She reached under my chin and rubbed Flo’s puckered hole; Flo lurched up in horror. “Relax honey. You’ve been here over an hour so your rear should be nearly clean. We have baby wipes to further clean it as needed. Have you swallowed cum?”

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