Neighborly Lust (Part 5)


Neighborly Lust (Part 5) Don Abdul ©2010On the drive back home, I tried desperately to purge my mind of fantasies of Paige’s hot tongue on my hungry pussy, while Gabrielle sucked and nibbled on my taut nipples. Alas I was unsuccessful as being so close and yet so distant from Gabrielle made me suffer repeated relapse into an erotic daydream about a fantasy threesome of downright debauched strap on sex.I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t even realize that the distant moans that kissed my ears were actually a product of my own self stimulation. In the heat of my passionate daydream my hand had migrated under my skirt where my fingers sought and caressed my engorged pussy lips.My needy cunt twitched and my nipples poked hard at the front of my shirt, while my other hand instinctively rose to the occasion tweaking and rubbing my sensitive nipples and freeing my pleasure cries. Shifting forward in my seat, I began to finger my clit, circling it as waves of pleasure washed over my body. I hoped against hope that Gabrielle would show mercy and relieve me of my pent up sexual tension, but I guess she was having way too much fun to let me off so easily. All she said was “Oh yes bitch! Make some sexual music.”As my fingers worked faster and my hip thrust harder I heard repeated tooting of horns on the edge of my consciousness but I was too engrossed in the act of self loving to care. My head was spinning and my body trembling as my fingers worked even faster. Two fingers fucked my cunt in and out while my thumb rubbed my clit until I was swept up into a whirlwind of sheer pleasure. My body slammed right back into the passenger seat of the vintage car as I climaxed, I could have sworn that Gabrielle chose the very moment of my orgasm to gun the engine, but I guess I’ll never know for sure. It sprinkled my release with a different kind of flavor though. As my eyes fluttered open and my body calmed ankara travesti down, I did notice the raucous tooting of horns, clearly this time. “What the fuck!” I started to curse as I saw the leery, seedy grins on the faces of the drivers of the trucks and SUV’s that flanked us on both lanes on the freeway. I was at first perplexed, then angry and then my cheeks burned crimson as I realized I was also so excited that Gabrielle had deliberately exposed me to all those strangers while I masturbated.Looking down quickly to take stock of what might have been on display, I realized it was all hanging out. My shirt was open and my tits out and my skirt had hitched up so high my dripping wet shaven pussy was open for all to see. I suddenly became aware of the breeze fluffing my hair about and realized the bitch Gabrielle had taken off the roof of her convertible vintage ride and thus left nothing to the imagination. It seemed she was making a statement of her claim. I was her bitch, and she could do whatever she liked with me. If I ever had any doubt about that fact, now I knew it for sure.There were lots of whistling, salutes and adulation from my naughty audience and I was shocked to find myself enjoying all the attention so much I actually smiled and began to wave right back at them too. Looking in the rear view mirror I noticed that we had built up quite a heavy traffic spot around our car too. Gabrielle must have done the math too as she immediately raised the roof and gunned the engine once more and weaved us through the traffic and away from the fading cacophony of tooting horns.The rest of the journey home was short and uneventful, Gabrielle dropped me at my front lawn and then almost as an after thought said. Come on over tomorrow at 7 p.m. We’re having a few friends over for dinner. She scribbled a something on a piece of card and handed it to me, but before I could even read it her car ankara travestileri was already rolling away.***************** The next day I dashed out into the Saturday morning traffic and went shopping for an outfit to wear for the dinner party as she had commanded in her note, and then I tried to keep busy with other mundane stuff through the course of the day. My mind kept drifting to the possibilities that awaited me at the dinner later that night. Gabrielle had tortured me enough and I had taken all of her teasing without complaining, so I figured it was about time I got some kind of reward, but she had been so cryptic. She hadn’t even hinted at the dinner until the very last minute before she drove off.Later that evening, I laid out my outfit on my king sized bed, and then slinked into the shower to prepare myself for the great night ahead. First I lathered up my pussy and then with great care and attention shaved the stubble that had begun to emerge on my crotch. I needed my pubis to be clean shaven and irresistible tonight, which should improve my chances of getting fucked. I felt a shiver run through my body as I imagined myself being gang banged like whore, ‘I should get so lucky!’ I thought feeling forlorn.After shaving everything baby smooth, I continued my ablutions with a long, hot shower, and then I inspected myself with a practiced hand ensuring there was no stubble or stray hair anywhere. The trick for me was ensuring that a finger could slide along my wet cunt and feel nothing but smooth skin. As my finger grazed the rosebud of my clit, I inhaled sharply and paused for a moment, wondering how best to get Gabrielle and Santos to use me the way that my body craved. Rubbing myself with the water streaming down my back and over my breasts; I imagined their fingers, tongues, and the hot sting of their hands as they spank my ass. The mental image in my head was so vivid travesti ankara I had to scream out to stop myself from cumming yet again. I needed to reserve my energy for the unknown pleasures the dinner would bring; deprivation always heightened and deepened my orgasm.After shower, I applied a subtle but sensually stimulating fragrance, weaved my hair into long pigtails, and skillfully applied light make-up that made me look so fresh and natural. I devoted extra to my eyes applying shades and liner to my eye lids to accentuate my eyes and make them look large and mesmerizing. I did my lips into a tantalizingly glossy pout, and looked myself over in the mirror with a feeling of pride, and quickly put on the rest of my outfit. When I was done dressing up, My cleavage was subtle, but definitely captivating. Just a hint of swell came up over my ruffled, Lacy bra. I smiled at the prospect of showing off my cleavage to the dinner guests and making their cocks and pussies tingle.Beneath my short skirt, I wore absolutely nothing, as instructed in her note. I could feel my pussy lips rubbing each other each time I moved. I gave my cunt a quick squeeze and my clit tingle in its sheath, making me even more excited than I already was if that was possible.‘Oh my God! Some vagrant might just rape me before I make it to the fucking dinner party the way I’m looking right now.’ I thought to myself. Next I put on my black, knee length overcoat, tying the belt around my middle and giving myself a final once over in the mirror. Finally I took a deep breath and then made my way towards the front door.********************************** I rang the door bell which was hidden from view by the leafy branch of a nearby potted plant and as I was about to press the button a second time the door swung open. Standing there with a very warm welcoming smile was Santos; he was looking painfully handsome with his new hair cut which showed off his powerful jaw line. ‘Oh my God! Isn’t he so fit, and hot and sexy?’ His dark good looks started to kindle my lusty desires, and I was so tempted to turn his proffered kiss on my cheek into a full blown French kiss.

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