Never Enough Ch. 08


The alarm went off right at 7:00am, scaring the hell out of me. I quickly turned it off so it wouldn’t wake up Amber. I looked over, expecting to see Steven lying next to me but he wasn’t there. I could faintly hear the television downstairs in the livingroom. I felt relieved that he hadn’t left. Slipping on a terrycloth robe, I headed downstairs, noticing Amber’s bedroom door was still partially closed.

“Good Morning.” Steven greeted me as I entered the kitchen.

“Good Morning.” I responded, giving him a long, soft kiss. “Thought you might have ran off.”

“No, I’m just an early riser.” He replied. “I’ve been up since 5:00, catching up on the latest news.”

Steven and I sat at the diningroom table, sipping our coffee. I lit up a cigarette, my first of the day and certainly not my last. Amber came padding down the thickly carpeted stairs, wearing just her bikini panties. She’d obviously forgotten about Steven being there, quickly covering her bare breasts with her arm.

“OOPS! Sorry!” She exclaimed, rushing past us towards the kitchen.

Amber poured herself a cup of coffee and joined us at the diningroom table. She didn’t bother covering herself, realizing Steven had already seen her topless at the club. Walking around bare breasted seemed normal to her.

Steven and I drove to his office, leaving the apartment shortly after 8:00. Steven parked his car in the reserved spot and walked me to my car, carrying my attaché for me. I opened the car door and turned to face him. We kissed for several moments, not really wanting to pull our lips from each other’s. Sarah, Steven’s secretary pulled in right next to my car. I was sure she got an eyeful but I didn’t really care. I doubt if Steven did either.

“I’ll call you as soon as I check the contract one last time.” He stated. “OK?”

“Yeah, maybe we can get Scott and Melissa set up with an appointment so we can wrap this one up too.” I stated. “I really need their check.”

We kissed one last time before I pulled the Eldorado out of the parking lot, heading for the studio. I still had plenty of time to make the meeting on time unless I ran into road construction. Just as luck would have it, I ran into one detour after another, arriving almost a half hour late. I noticed Jackie and Amber’s cars already there alongside one I hadn’t seen before.

I entered the studio, walking down the hallway that separated the two offices. Everyone was sitting at a large folding table drinking coffee. Scott was sitting next to Melissa. I assumed it must have been his car in the parking lot that I didn‘t recognize. The strange look on his and Melissa’s face wasn’t what I wanted to see. I wasn’t prepared to hear any bad news but I was positive it was forthcoming.

“I hate to break the news to you at this late date but I’m afraid Melissa and I are going to have to withdraw from forming a partnership in your enterprise.” Scott stated.

His statement sounded like he’d rehearsed it over and over. He looked at Melissa as she handed me her keys to the studio. She couldn’t look me in the eye. She was focused off somewhere in the distance.

“Do you mind telling me why?” I asked, choking out the words.

“Well, we’re having some financial difficulties.” Scott stated. “I don’t feel getting involved in another business right now is the best thing for Melissa and myself.”

Another fucking rehearsed statement if there ever was one, I thought. Melissa sprang up from her chair and rushed out. Scott put his hand out to shake mine, offering another apology.

I didn’t want to shake his hand but I felt it was the businesslike thing to do. I really wanted to tell him to “go, get fucked”. I listened to his footsteps till he exited the building.

“Now what are we going to do?” Jackie asked.

I didn’t answer her question right away, taking a couple of minutes to think before I spoke.

“We keep going!” I exclaimed. “I’ll finance it myself. I’m not going to let this setback take me down!”

“Hon, are you sure?” Jackie inquired. “It’s a hell of alot money!”

“I’ve got no choice.” I responded. “With my ready cash and income from the club I should be able to pull it off. We’ll just have to make sure our first movie is a hit!”

“I’ve got money in the bank I can loan you if you need it.” Amber offered.

“I’ll keep it in mind but I don’t want to borrow your money.” I responded. “Thanks for offering it though.”

Taking my cell phone from my purse, I called Steven at his office. Sarah answered the phone, transferring me immediately.

“You can stop reading over the contract.” I said. “That fucking Scott and Melissa backed out on me. They just left.”

“Oh damn!” Steven responded. “Now what are you going to do?”

“I’m not throwing in the towel, that’s for sure!” I exclaimed. “Just going to regroup, maybe make a few changes.”

“What about the money?” He asked. “You don’t have enough, do you?”

“I’ve got enough. I’ll just have to watch how I spend it.” I replied. “It’ll be tight but I’ll make it.”

“Let’s get together haramidere escort this evening at the club.” Steven suggested. “Let‘s talk things over. Ok?”

Jackie and Amber were sitting at the table waiting for me to return. I poured myself a cup of coffee, grabbed a donut and sauntered over towards them. I had a big smile on my face, trying to show them I was confident.

“OK! Let’s get started.” I stated. “Amber, I’ll need you to head on to the club and start prepping for tonight. When you get a chance, see if you can get in touch with Chris and Jared. Find out where the hell their quote is on the new sound system.”

“Jackie, we need to discuss plans for having dressingroom cubicles constructed and a shower installed in each restroom.” I added. “We’ll see if Ryan and Paul want to do the carpentry work for us. I’ll have to hire a contractor to do the plumbing. I‘ll work on that.”

At least I sounded like I had a firm grasp of the situation.

I gave Jackie the corner office since it was the larger of the two. She would be my right-hand person, second in command. The other office across the hallway, we turned into a conference room. We moved desks, file cabinets and chairs into Jackie’s office so we could get her set up. We moved one of the folding tables along with three chairs into the other office.

The rest of the day we made sketches of cubicles and took measurements for floor space. I made a few phone calls to plumbing contractors, setting up appointments for the next day. Jackie and I broke for lunch around 1:00. After lunch, Jackie returned to the studio to do more unpacking while I’d headed to J.R.’s to get ready for my meeting with Steven.

Amber came up to the office, sitting on the edge of my desk. Her black thong barely covered her pussy. She turned my chair so I was facing her, putting her high-heels up on the armrests. I smiled, feeling like some sort of gynecologists. She handed me a large white envelope.

“You gearing up for an examination or you just wanna have sex right here on my desk?” I quipped.

“Well, we open in less than an hour, so I guess I’ll have to settle for sex!” She smarted back.

“I’m just worried.” She stated with a most serious look on her face.

“Hon, I’ve got enough ready cash to get the production company going.” I stated. “And still make the necessary improvements and repairs to the club.”

“That’s not what I mean.” She replied, hesitating for a brief moment. “I meant I’m worried about you.”

“Why me?” I inquired.

“I’m worried all these problems are gonna get to you.” She said. “You’re gonna crack up, you know, go off the deep end.”

She made a gesture with her hand like someone shooting themselves in the head.

“Amber, I appreciate your concern, really I do.” I laughed. “But I’m alright, I can handle it. But I definitely need yours and Jackie’s help.

“Just keep my offer in mind if your money runs out.” She stated. “OK!”

I nodded my head acknowledging her statement. She smiled and scooted off the edge of the desk. I watched her cute little bare butt wiggle across my office and descend the stairs to the main floor.

I opened the envelope she’d given me. It was a quote for a new sound system for the club. It was higher than I thought it might be but it didn’t seem unreasonable. I read over the detailed quote, noticing some items I hadn’t mentioned to Chris and Jared. They’d added some of their own ideas and suggestions that caught my attention. I wanted to think it over before making a decision. It was alot of money to make a “knee-jerk” decision on.

It was close to 7:00 when Steven arrived at the club. Another man, much older than Steven, accompanied him up the circular stairs to the office. I hurried across the office to meet them. Steven put his arms around me, our lips kissed hard and passionate. It took both our breaths away momentarily.

“Ok, now my turn!” The older man exclaimed, grinning. “I want the same kiss!”

Steven and I laughed at his remarks.

Frank was taller than Steven, at least six foot or more. His hair was dark, almost black. I guessed him to be in his early to mid-50’s. He was slender but not skinny. He wore tan Dockers with a light blue sport shirt. He was very handsome for his age. I could see quite a few similar features between him and Steven.

“Jennifer, this is my father.” Steven introduced us as we shook hands. “Dad, this is Jennifer.”

“You can call me Frank, instead of Dad!” He quipped. “Unless you want to call me Dad! It‘s up to you.”

“I’ll just go with Frank for now.” I replied, still laughing.

“I asked my father to come along, hope you don’t mind?” Steven said. “Thought he might be of some help.”

“I don’t mind at all.” I responded. “I can use all the help I can get.”

The three of us sat at the small conference table. It must have been Frank’s first time in a strip club. He couldn’t take his eyes off the dancers and Fawn and Amber. Steven and I discussed what had happened earlier içerenköy escort in the day.

“My guess is Scott got worried about Melissa.” I stated. “I don’t think money was the real factor in their backing out.”

“What do you mean?” Steven asked. “You reckon he didn’t trust her?”

“Hell, I didn’t even trust her.” I quickly answered. “She was so hot for Chris. Jackie told me that‘s all she talked about.”

“How are you set financially?” Steven inquired. “You got enough money in the bank?”

“Yeah, I can swing the money alright.” I replied. “I won’t have to touch my stocks.”

“What about credit?” Steven asked. “Do you have a good credit rating?”

“Zilch!” I answered. “Well, not enough to really mention. I’m not floating any loan.”

“You got any ideas?” Steven said, looking over at his dad.

Frank was still highly distracted watching all the goings on down on the floor and the stage.

“Hey……..who’s that cute little blonde behind the bar?” He asked.

“Which one, the short-haired one or the other one?” I inquired, grinning.

“That short-haired little lady!” Frank exclaimed.

“Amber.” I replied. “Amber’s her name. She’s from Arkansas.”

“Wow, she’s a little doll.” He said. “A real southern belle, huh?”

I glanced quickly down at the bar. Amber was making gestures that I couldn’t understand. She finally put her hand up to the side of her head like she was talking on the phone. I nodded my head, acknowledging she wanted me to call her.

“Excuse me.” I spoke. “I need to make a quick call.”

Walking to the phone on my desk, I dialed the bar’s number. Amber was standing right next to it, answering it on the first ring.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Nothing’s the matter.” She replied. “Who’s that guy with your boyfriend?”

“That’s Frank, Steven’s father.” I answered, turning my back to them. “Why? Or do I really need to ask?”

“Oh, I……….was just wondering.” She responded.

“Hang on a second.” I said.

“Steven, Frank, how about a beer?” I turned asking the two guys.

“Beer sounds great!” Frank exclaimed.

“Bring up two Bud Lights and a Coke.” I ordered, laughing. “And keep the flirting to a minimum……….well, just don’t overdue it. I don’t want you giving Frank a heart attack.”

I casually walked back to the conference table. Frank seemed to be paying more attention to me than everything else that was going on.

“How do you stand all the loud music?” He asked.

I pointed to my ears and the small wads of cotton in them. I walked back to the desk and took out a few wads of cotton, handing them to Steven and Frank. The two stuffed the cotton in their ears.

Amber was coming up the stairs with our order. Frank didn’t notice her approaching behind him. She sat the tray down on the table making sure she leaned over Frank. Her bare breasts brushed against his shoulder. Frank’s face blushed immediately and he was grinning from ear to ear.

“Amber, don’t think you’ve met Steven’s father, Frank.” I spoke. “Frank, this is Amber, my head bartender and closest friend.”

Frank stood up and shook Amber’s hand, slightly jiggling her firm breasts. He kept glancing back and forth from her breasts to her face. It was all Steven could do, to keep from busting out laughing.

“Is there anything else I can get you, Frank?” Amber asked in her most southern accent.

“Ah…….…, I can’t think of anything right off.” Frank muttered, almost choking.

Frank watched intently as Amber sauntered back towards the stairs.

“Damn, she’s got a ……….” He stated.

“Great ass!” I exclaimed, finishing his statement.

“Yeah!” Frank answered, blushing even more.

Steven and Frank drank their beer while I sipped on my Coke. I was trying desperately to get off the Scotch. If I didn’t, I was going to just create another problem for myself.

“Dad’s got a heck of alot of free time on his hands.” Steven suggested. “Why don’t you let Dad work with you, sort of as your assistant?”

“I’d be more than happy to work with you.” Frank added. “Don’t know anything about the nightclub or movie business but I’m a quick learner.”

“Sure, I’d be crazy to turn down such an offer.” I replied, smiling.

Frank and I shook hands in agreement. Frank’s hands were smooth, not what you’d call a working man’s hands. But, I needed his mental strength, not his physical strength. He was a semi-retired attorney, looking for something challenging to keep him busy.

I asked Frank if he’d be available to attend our daily 9:00 meetings at the studio. He consented without hesitation. I gave him the address on Franklin Road. He was somewhat familiar with the area, stating he could find it.

I showed Steven, Chris and Jared’s quote on the new sound system. He was in the dark almost as much as I was. I needed to make a decision but I wanted to read the quote over a few more times.

I walked Steven and his father over to the stairs. Steven gave me a kiss innovia escort that had me ready to tear his clothes off. I shook hands with Frank, my hand trembling just a little. I didn’t really want Steven to leave but I knew he had to be at his office early in the morning.

I stayed till closing, helping Amber and Marcus get the club shut down for the night. They really didn’t need me there. They had the procedure down pat but I didn’t want them to think I wasn’t paying attention to business. I felt it was important for me to be there. Some of the girls were going out for breakfast. They asked Amber and me to go with them. I was tired but I went with them. It had been awhile since I’d gotten to socialize with them like I used to. I missed those good times, sharing their laughter and their concerns.

Amber and I arrived at the studio shortly before 9:00. Jackie pulled in right behind us. We’d stopped at the donut shop to pick up breakfast. Amber put on a pot of coffee while I set another chair at the conference table.

“Expecting someone?” Jackie kidded. “Or is that for me to prop my tired feet up on?”

I told her about Frank and his being Steven’s father. Like me, Jackie was glad I’d found some additional help.

Frank showed up right on time. He entered the building, standing in the hallway till I approached him. I introduced him to Jackie. He remembered Amber from the night before. I knew he wasn’t about to forget her!

We sat around the conference table, discussing what we needed to get done. I filled Frank in on what we’d already accomplished and what we still needed to get done. I handed him a set of keys to the studio, the keys I got back from Melissa.

“Frank, why don’t you handle the plumbing contractors?” I asked. “Jackie knows what we want. I also need you to look around and see if I need any additional electrical work.”

“What about these cubicles you mentioned?” Frank asked. “Have you thought about putting in some sort of kitchenette? What about cooling off the sets better, especially with the lighting I assume you’ll be using?”

Frank tossed out more questions, faster than we could jot them down. He had some good answers to go along with his questions. I could see his help was going to prove invaluable. I could also see it was going to cost me money.

Amber got in touch with Ryan and Paul, inviting them over to see if they’d be able to do our carpentry work.

I phoned Chris, telling him to go ahead with the new sound system for the nightclub, but without any of the additional frills they’d suggested. I could always add them on later, after I’d recouped some of my investment. They were going to start as soon as we closed Sunday morning.

One of the plumbing contractors showed up about 10:30. I introduced him to Frank, informing him he’d be his contact person. Ryan and Paul arrived a few minutes later. Amber and I showed them our sketches. It was a similar layout to Carl’s studio. We figured six cubicles would be enough to get us going. Paul suggested turning the conference room into the kitchenette and building an office for me with an adjoining room for our computerized editing equipment. For awhile, I felt overwhelmed with questions and suggestions. I couldn’t make spur of the moment decisions, remembering it was my money at stake. I asked Ryan and Paul to give me estimates on the cubicles and kitchenette. I’d see how things looked financially before I decided on an office and editing room.

It was a very busy morning, dealing with the contractors and carpenters. I was getting a terrific headache and my day was just beginning! I sat in the conference room alone, drinking the last of the coffee and smoking a cigarette.

Ryan came in, sitting down next to me.

“Here’s what we figured up for the six cubicles and renovating this room into a kitchenette.” He stated, giving me a hand-written note. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. I gave him the go-ahead to proceed.

“Paul and I’ll pick up the materials this afternoon and start tomorrow morning.” Ryan stated. “Can we get in around 7:00am?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” I replied. “I’ll have somebody here to let you in.”

It was almost 1:00 when Amber and I left for the club. Frank and Jackie decided to go out for lunch, then return to work at the studio. Amber and I had another fourteen hours ahead of us. It was turning into one, long damn day!

“So, what do you think of Frank?” Amber asked, coyly as we drove to the club.

“He’s going to work out great.” I replied. “He’s got a bunch of good ideas. Seems like he enjoys having something to keep him busy.”

“That’s not exactly what I meant.” She responded. “I meant as a person, what do you think of him?”

“Well, he’s very nice, very gentlemanly.” I answered, not able to come up with something more complimentary right off.

“Very handsome and very mature.” Amber added.

I glanced at her, noticing her smiling. She was obviously thinking about him at the moment. I just assumed it was a passing fancy, a young girl taking interest in a much older gentleman.

Steven stopped in at the club around 6:30 with his father. Steven came up to the office but Frank headed directly for the bar and Amber. I wasn’t all that surprised but I was a little wary as to where it could lead. Steven gave me a passionate kiss, knowing several of the patrons below could plainly see us.

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