New Year’s Eve Bash


Instead of going out this year for New Year’s Eve, my wife Laura and I decided to have a party at our house. We are a fairly young couple, in our early thirties, and most of the people we invited were also right around our age. We invited about 40 people, and were pleasantly surprised when 30 or so actually showed up. Everyone seemed to have a great time. The alcohol was flowing and everyone was really in a party mood. As the evening wore on, more and more people headed out.

By the time 2:00am rolled around, there were only eight of us left. Those that still remained were really the core group of our friends. By this time we were all pretty damn drunk. I must say that we are all attractive people and you could really feel some sexual tension starting to take hold. I knew that we could all sense it, but I was shocked by the person who tried to remedy it. My sister-in-law Serena suggested that we should play Truth or Dare. I’ve always known Serena to be rather prudish, but I’d sensed an inner wildness, though I’d never before witnessed it. Luckily enough, everyone was willing to play. Laura and I have been actively swinging for some time now, but as far as I knew, nobody else knew about it.

Before I get into the game action, let me introduce you to the participants. I am a tall man at 6’3″ and rather thin at 180 pounds, and have short blonde hair. My wife Laura is about 5’8″ with shoulder-length brown hair. She has nice, perky 36B tits and a soft, round ass. Laura’s sister Serena is a truly beautiful woman. She’s about the same height as my wife and shares a similar ass. The major difference between the two sisters is that Serena has huge tits, at least a D-cup. Serena has short dirty-blonde hair. Brett and Ali are our closest friends. Brett is about an inch taller than me with a more muscular build. He too has short hair like mine, but his is brown. Brett’s wife Ali is about the same height as Laura. She’s thinner than my wife, with the same size tits, and long blonde hair. I’ve always been very attracted to Ali, though nothing’s ever gone on beyond flirting between us. I’d always believed that Laura was attracted to Brett, though I’d never broached the subject. The third and final guy in our group is my oldest friend, John. John and I met in elementary school and have been friends ever since. John is about 5’10” with a muscular build and short black hair. Rounding out the group are two single women. Gina is a hot little thing that works with my wife. Gina is about 5’4″ with a soft, shapely figure. She has long brown hair and nice C-cup tits to go with a great, somewhat large ass. Gina is probably the sexiest girl in the group. The final participant is a young girl named Melissa that I work with. Melissa’s the youngest of the group at 24. She’s the same height as Laura and also has a nice curvaceous body. She has average size breasts, probably a high B-cup with a soft ass and long red hair. Melissa is probably the least attractive woman in the group, but she’s still very cute, and I’d heard some stories about her that lead me to believe she’s the wildest girl in the group. The eight of us grabbed another drink and headed to the living room to get things started.

Laura and I sat on the sofa with Serena and Brett and Ali sat on the loveseat. Gina sat in the recliner while John and Melissa were relegated to the floor. We drew straws to see who would go first and Brett drew the short straw.

“I’ll start with an easy one.” Brett said. “Ali, truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Ali answered.

“Okay, who’s the best lover you’ve ever had?” Brett asked.

Ali smiled. “Hmm, that’s a tough one…let’s see…the best lover I’ve ever had, that’s a tough one.” Ali said, in a joking tone. “Well, I guess I have to say you, I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings!”

“Yeah, thanks. That’s real sweet.” Brett responded, mocking anger.

We decided that we’d just continue drawing straws, to set an order, with those who’d already been selected sitting out the draw. The next to draw was Melissa.

“Let’s go with John.” She said. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare.” He answered quickly.

“I dare you to give me a kiss.” Melissa said.

Without hesitation, John leaned into her and gave her a quick little kiss on the lips. We all jeered at the shortness of the kiss and Melissa and John both blushed and tried to laugh it off.

Sure enough, John got to go next. “I pick Gina.” He said.

“Truth.” She answered.

“Do you wish it was you that I just kissed?” John asked her.

Gina hesitated, and then responded, “You bet I do.”

Catcalls and whistles went out with that answer.

I got to go next. I knew exactly who to pick and exactly what I wanted her to select.

“Serena, truth or dare?” I said.

“I pick dare.” Serena answered.

“I dare you to kiss Laura!” I told her. Both Brett and John clearly loved that dare.

Serena looked at Laura and smiled, then leaned in and gave her a nice, soft kiss on the lips. It wasn’t a very long kiss, but it was longer than the Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort one John and Melissa had shared earlier, and much, much hotter, at least to me!

Laura went next. “What’ll it be, Gina?”

“Dare.” Gina answered.

My wife threw her friend a softball. “I dare you to kiss John.” She said.

Gina stood up from her chair and went over to John. John stood up and Gina gave him a long, wet kiss, with plenty of tongue involved. Clearly the game had been kicked up a notch.

Continuing with the action, Gina got to go next. “Okay Johny, you’re choice.”

“Dare!” He answered right away.

“I want to see that body of yours; take off your shirt!” Gina challenged him. John sighed in disappointment before he took it off. All the girls whistled and cheered at his strong, bare chest.

We were now down to two straws and Ali got the short one. “I pick Melissa.” She selected.

“Since it seems like truth is out the window here, dare me.” Melissa answered.

“I dare you to kiss my husband,” Ali answered.

Melissa went to Brett on the couch and leaned down in front of him and started to kiss him. Ali watched intently as her husband pulled Melissa’s face into his, kissing her deeply. Melissa moaned softly as she pulled away from Brett.

Serena was the final person to go. “Okay Mike, nobody’s picked you yet. Let’s skip the formalities. I dare you to kiss me!”

I did as I was told, though I tried to conceal my excitement. I closed my eyes and leaned in to kiss her. The bitch turned her head at the last second though, so I ended up kissing her cheek. Everyone booed, including me.

We went back to the beginning and Brett got to go again. “This is too boring,” he said. “I’m going to kick this up a notch; Ali, how about you get on the coffee table and give us a strip tease!” Everyone yelled out in excitement at that.

Ali did as she was told, even though she was clearly embarrassed by her husband’s dare. She stood on the table and started swaying her hips. She kicked off her shoes first, one at her husband and the other at Laura. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and took her time pulling it up and over her head, then threw it to the floor. After dropping her skirt, she stepped down from the table, saying, “That’s it for now, guys!” She now wore only a matching blue bra and panties set that left little to the imagination. I was growing hard from her teasing.

Next, Melissa challenged Serena. “Serena, now you do the same as Ali, only you have to stand in front of Mike when you do it!”

Serena stood in front of me, and then bent over placing her hands on my legs. She opened my legs and swayed back and forth, her tits busting out of her cleavage. She pulled her shirt off and placed it around the back of my head. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so her huge tits were now inches from my face. With her shirt, she pulled my face to her and buried it between her tits. I was in heaven, but she quickly pushed me back against the couch. After losing her shoes, she unbuttoned her pants. She bent over in front of me, her ass now within touching distance and pulled her pants down her legs. I had a great view of her shapely ass, since she wore only a small black thong. Now I was rock hard! Serena sat back down next to me on the couch, and I could barely take my eyes off her tits.

John got to go next. “Laura, I’ll be nice to you. You don’t have to do a striptease or anything, but you do have to get completely naked.” He told her.

Laura was more than happy to oblige. “I’ll be right back everyone.” She told us.

When she emerged, all eyes were glued on her. She did her best catwalk impression, her hips swinging back and forth showing off her cute tits and hairy bush. As she walked, she gave a twirl so we could all get a good look at her ass. She returned to the couch, leaving me sandwiched between my naked wife and her bare-breasted sister!

It was now my turn again. “Okay Serena, lose the panties.” I challenged her.

In a blink they were gone, exposing my sister-in-law’s bald pussy.

Laura’s turn was up and she turned the tables on me. “Okay wiseass, I want this couch totally naked!” She exclaimed. I ripped my clothes off in a hurry; everything except my underwear. My hard-on was clearly visible. Before I knew it, Laura reached over and ripped them off. This got the loudest cheer of the evening. It felt strange having seven others staring at my 7″ cock.

Gina went next, and we all knew what was coming. She turned to John and said, “Lose ‘em buddy!”

“Can I have a little help?” He asked her.

“You bet,” She answered.

Gina stood up and pulled down his pants and underpants at the same time. When John’s cock popped out, it hit her on the cheek. “Wow!” Gina exclaimed. I’m sure we all shared the same sentiment, because John wasn’t even totally hard yet, but he had a massive cock!

Ali went next and looked immediately at Brett. “We’ve seen the other two penises in the room,” she Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort said. “I’m sure these ladies would like to see yours too. Brett undressed quickly. He wore no underwear, so the girls didn’t have to wait long. It turned out that Brett was the smallest of the bunch. He was probably about 5” or so, but he was very thick.

Serena got to finish up the second round. “Since I always have to go last, I want to challenge two people this time.” She said. Everyone agreed, so Serena continued, ” Gina, Melissa, you’re the only two with clothes on; strip each other!”

Melissa and Gina both laughed, and then met each other in the middle of the room. Melissa acted first and removed Gina’s shirt. Gina returned the favor and pulled Melissa’s shirt over her head. Melissa’s has pale skin, so her embarrassment was clearly visible as she was beet red. Melissa unbuttoned Gina’s skirt and pushed it to the ground. Gina now had on a black bra that barely concealed her ample tits and a tiny pink thong which accentuated her hot ass. Gina reached behind Melissa and unhooked her bra. Melissa’s little boobs popped out, her reddish nipples poking straight out. Before Melissa could get to Gina, Gina pulled Melissa’s pants and panties off in one shot, leaving Melissa completely naked, now that her pussy was exposed. Like my wife, Melissa too had a full bush. Melissa removed Gina’s panties before her bra, exposing a small landing strip above her pussy. Gina turned to face towards Laura, Serena and I as Melissa unhooked her bra. Her perfect tits sprang free, giving us a great look at her small brown nipples. I was stunned by how beautiful she looked standing there bare-ass naked. A quick survey told me that all three of the guys were standing at full attention.

Brett went next and told his wife to kiss Melissa, just like he had earlier. Ali stood up and went over to Melissa. Before Ali could kiss her, Melissa voiced her displeasure, “Wait a second, I thought we were all naked, but Ali still has her underwear on!” We hissed and jeered, until Melissa finished Ali’s undressing. Ali has a wonderful tight ass and nice little boobs to match. The girls pressed their bodies together and engaged in a hot, wet kiss. As Melissa turned to walk away, Ali reached down and gave her a slap on the ass.

Melissa went next. “Laura, play with your pussy for thirty seconds, but no more or less.” She said. Laura reached down and began fingering herself with one hand as her other played with her nipples. I could smell the familiar scent of her pussy as she diddled herself.

John then challenged Ali. “Ali: how about you give Gina a hand for a minute?” He asked.

Ali was more than happy to oblige. She went over to the recliner and sat on the arm. She reached down and began massaging Gina’s pussy. Even though I was halfway across the room, I could hear the sloshing noises. After a very short time, Gina began moaning out loud, louder and louder, until she let out a deep sigh as she fell back onto the chair. Ali pulled her hand from Gina’s pussy and ran it under John’s nose, letting him get a sniff of Gina’s scent.

I was shocked at what was going on, but I guess a lot of factors had led to it. Everyone was drunk, everyone was attractive, and the gradual steps had made everything less shocking, leaving no one overwhelmed by it all. I could sense that the game would be ending in a free for all, but I wondered how much longer everyone would hold out.

It was my turn and I turned to my favorite target. “Serena, I want to see your orgasm.” I told her. As she began frigging herself, Laura disappeared for a moment. I didn’t see her return until she was standing next to her sister.

“Maybe this’ll help.” She said, handing her sister a vibrator. Serena started by rubbing the vibrator along her outer lips, and then gradually began pushing it into her pussy, until it was buried deep inside her. The vibrator did the trick as she soon cried out, her face straining with pleasure as she climaxed around her electric helper. She pulled it from her pussy and handed it to Laura. Laura in turn pushed it into my mouth, letting me taste her sister’s juices. I was shocked at how accepting Laura was of my obvious attraction to Serena.

It was Laura’s turn next, and she made a bold move. She turned to Gina and said, “Come over here and eat my pussy.” Gina and Laura had been friends for a few years now and I had often fantasized about just this action. Gina walked over to Laura and kneeled down on the floor in front of her. She held Laura by the hips and pulled her ass to the edge of the couch, then buried her head between my wife’s legs. Since I was sitting right next to them, I could see clearly as Gina began running her tongue up and down over Laura’s pussy. She then reached down and spread my wife’s lips apart, and then buried her tongue deep inside her. Laura was now groaning and squirming beneath her friend. Laura tweaked her nipples with her right hand as she put the left one on the back of Gina’s Ataşehir Vip Escort head. Laura then pushed Gina’s head deeper into her crotch. Shortly after Gina reached up and began teasing her nipples, Laura screamed out one final time before climaxing. When Gina stood up, she looked over to me, then kissed Serena on the lips, sharing the taste her sister’s juices with her.

Gina excused herself to the bathroom and passed on her turn.

Ali then made an interesting choice. She turned to Brett and said, “You know I’ve always wanted you to eat my ass, but you never have. Now you don’t have a choice!”

Brett got a pissed look on his face, but hey, rules are rules, so he turned Ali around so her ass was facing him. He spread her ass cheeks apart and began licking her asshole. Ali seemed to be loving it. She shoved her ass back into her husband’s face and began rubbing it up and down over his mouth as she reached down and began playing with her pussy. She soon cried out as she collapsed face first down onto the loveseat.

Serena went next. “Well little sister, how about you use that vibrator of yours on Melissa?” She said to Laura.

Laura was more than happy to oblige. As Laura walked towards her, Melissa got on all fours, her ass turned away from everyone. Laura got down on the floor behind her and wasted no time shoving it into her snatch. Melissa went wild and started thrusting back into the toy as Laura shoved it in and out. Melissa had a look of pain and pleasure on her sweat-covered face as Laura used the toy to bring her to orgasm.

Again, we were back to the beginning and Brett got to make the next choice. He looked at his wife and said, “Okay Ali, you like ass-play so much, use that vibrator on it!”

Ali seemed unsure, but reluctantly did as she was told. Her ass was still wet from Brett’s licking, but she had trouble getting the toy in her. Brett offered to help and forced it into her. Ali yelled out as he pushed it in. She was clearly in pain and after two or three thrusts; she slapped Brett’s hand and pulled it from her ass. She threw the vibrator to the ground and sat up on the loveseat, obviously pissed.

I sensed that the mood was shifting, so I knew I had to act quickly.

“Okay, enough of this teasing!” I said. I turned to Serena and began kissing her. As we kissed, everyone began pairing up. Gina wasted no time getting hold of John. Laura went right to Brett, leaving Melissa and Ali. Melissa went over to Ali to comfort her and before long they too were engaged in a deep kiss.

I was ecstatic to be one the verge of banging my sister-in-law and wanted no parts pf foreplay. I pulled her on top of me so that her pussy was positioned right by my dick. She got the hint and reached down and took hold of it. She sat up and placed the tip right at her entrance, then slammed down on top of me, taking me in her in one stroke. As she bounced up and down on me, I looked around to see that we were well ahead of everyone else. Gina and John and Ali and Melissa were just kissing and fondling each other. Brett, on the other hand was fingering Laura as they kissed. I took hold of Serena’s hips and started pulling her down on top of me. She aided the process, quickening her pace. I felt her pussy walls tighten around me as she let out a whimper. A rush of fluid deep inside of her put me over the edge as I exploded in her. She lay down next to me on the couch to enjoy the show.

By now Melissa was between Ali’s legs eating her pussy. John was doing the same to Gina, who smiled at me as we made eye contact. Laura was on her knees in front of Brett; his cock in her mouth. Brett soon pulled Laura up from the floor. She straddled him on the loveseat and sank down onto his dick, slowly at first, then quickened her pace. Brett must have been on the brink from the blowjob he’d just received because in a matter of a minute or so, he emptied his seed in my wife. Just as Serena had with me, Laura sat next to Brett to watch the others.

Ali was the next to cry out in pleasure as she soaked Melissa’s face. After a sloppy kiss, Ali slid down to Melissa’s pussy and went to town. Ali was very active, rapidly licking and fingering Melissa’s young pussy. Melissa reached down and began guiding Ali’s head up and down over her pussy as Ali buried a couple of fingers in her. Without so mush as a peep, Melissa slumped down on the couch. Ali pulled her head from between Melissa’s legs, her lips glistening with Melissa’s moisture. Now everyone’s attention was turned to the hottest couple of the group, Gina and John. Gina was slumped down on the recliner, her legs wrapped around John’s ass, pulling him deeper and deeper inside her; Gina’s tits bouncing around with each thrust. Gina was the most vocal of the group, crying out with each thrust. John’s huge dick was buried in Gina to the hilt; an impressive feat. Gina’s screaming got louder and louder until she let out one final earth shattering cry. John pulled his dick from between her legs and covered her bronzed belly with wave after wave of his spunk. I had never seen so much come.

Everyone was exhausted, but Laura obviously wanted more. “Let’s play Monkeys in the Middle,” she said. “We’ll all head to the bedroom and stand around the bed. Then someone yells out two people and the have to get on the bed and have whatever kind of sex they want.”

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