Nicola is twenty and has been living with her partner Samantha for the past two years. She met Samantha or Sam, as she prefers to be called, on the beach. She had just walked out of her family’s home after a terrible argument and was sitting, feeling very depressed on Town Beach. She is eighteen and possesses long black wavy hair sweeping down her shapely back to her waist. Her face is well tanned with dark hazel eyes. She is well developed with nice breasts although they are not overly large. Her right wrist shows scars where she once slashed herself. Since then she has undergone intensive psychiatric treatment for manic depression.

She noticed a woman in a gold bikini walking up the sand. She was small, with blond hair, styled more like a boys. As she came closer Nicola saw that she had quite small breasts and startlingly blue eyes. She could not take her eyes off the stranger feeling a strange sensation deep within her. Sensations that she had never felt before were starting to possess her body. She noticed that her nipples had become erect and that she was becoming damp between her legs. Her breathing had become faster and her body appeared to be getting hotter. She felt that these feelings should not be right, but an inner voice told her that they definitely were right. The women sat down next to Nicola introducing herself as Sam asking why she was so sad.

Nicky couldn’t answer falling onto Sam’s shoulder crying. While she was crying, Sam held her, letting her hand trace across Nicola’s erect nipples whilst the other hand traced down her back settling on Nicola’s bottom. Finally, Nicola stopped crying, but she continued to lie with her head on Sam’s shoulder because it seemed so right and so comforting.

After half an hour Sam suggested they go to her unit and get some lunch. She helped Nicola up and walked her off the beach to her black BMW convertible. Opening the passenger door Nicola slid onto the white leather upholstery. They drove in silence to Sam’s unit which was on the hill overlooking the bay. It was a modern open plan apartment with a communal swimming pool in the gardens. Going into the kitchen Sam percolated a fresh coffee asking Nicola her about her family troubles.

Nicola told Sam that she didn’t want to discuss them yet saying that she never wanted to live in her parents’ home again.

Sam felt sorry for her. She then told Nicola that she was employed as an executive in a new information technology company. She said that she was at a very high salary and that she could do anything she liked. The time was getting around to one, so Sam prepared a cheese plate with crusty bread and a light salad suggesting they mixed it with a chilled Pinot Noir.

“Sam, I think it must be because of this morning’s upset that has made me very tired would it be okay for me to lay down for a while.”

“Why of course and you have also caught the sun from sitting on the beach so why not take a bath which will relax you while I prepare the guest room for you.”

Nicola had never seen such a big bath before and stepping into the warm sudsy water she lay back allowing the heat to do its job. As she lay, she thought about this morning her parents and all the trouble the old busy body next door had caused. Thinking about this she realized that other than what she had in her small carry all she had nothing else in the world. She was thinking about this when Sam knocked.

“Nicola, I have a bathrobe and change of knickers and things. Seeing we are much the same size I didn’t think you would mind.”

Before she could reply Nicola was startled when Sam walked in placing everything on the bench. As she turned to leave Nicola thanked her and looking back Sam stopped taking in the sight of Nicola in the bath. Gasping she realized that she possessed all the attributes that she loved in a woman … long silky dark hair with dark deep eyes and pert breasts. Not replying she walked quickly through to the kitchen feeling her wet knickers cling to her pussy.

When Nicola joined her, she quickly led her through to the guest room indicating the door to the ensuite. Once she lay her head on the pillow Sam lent over giving her the lightest of kisses on her forehead.

“Sleep for as long as you like and this evening we will drive down to the Marina for dinner.”

At first, Nicola found it difficult to sleep because she couldn’t stop thinking about Sam.

“Fuck what’s all this attraction for Sam: I’m not lesbian and yet every time I see her move, I get hot and bothered. Because of my fucking father, I have really had no experience at all and now here I am getting my pussy in a spin just because I have met a woman who is amazingly beautiful.”

” What was that in the bathroom when she turned back to listen … I almost fainted with excitement. Just now when she kissed me my pussy gets all wet … Interesting that: just why did she kiss me: was coming onto me?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake Nicola why would a mature woman come onto an eighteen-year-old girl who has only just graduated from school? After all, kocaeli escort bayan she is a successful businesswoman at least ten years older than yourself.”

Try as she did Nicola couldn’t stop thinking about Sam and why she kissed her until at last stress and exhaustion won and she drifted into a deep dreamless sleep only to wake at five noticing how much lower the sun was. Getting up she put on the bathrobe and fresh knickers making her way out to find Sam.

“Oh Hi, Nicki … it’s okay I call you Nicki?”

“You see I abbreviate everything my parents are disgusted that at work everyone calls me Sam … but you see Samantha is so long to write. I hate it. Anyway, how was your sleep and look we are booked at the Marina for seven, so we have time to take a swim and freshen up in the pool.”

The pool was part of the complex and was shared by the owners of the four other apartments. It was an oval shape with dressing rooms and a sauna nearby. On the tiled patio, there were comfortable lounges and small tables. Although all this was lost on Nicki because she only had eyes for Sam who was now in a yellow bikini. She watched her step into the water and begin to swim slowly towards the deeper end feeling her pussy become wet once more. As they stood in the water Sam explained about the restaurant at the marina.

“It’s an upmarket restaurant but that’s because of the international nature of the Marina with yachts visiting from all around the world. Yet you can dress in smart jeans and tops and they don’t mind.”

“But Sam I only have a simple change of clothes and I assure you they will not be smart enough for the marina.”

“Nicki don’t worry you because you and I are much the same size, so you can wear a pair of my jeans and there is a silk top you will look very absolutely lovely in.”

Later that evening they walked along the lower marina towards the famous seafood restaurant which jutted out onto a pier where fishing boats tied up close by. The whole scene was very busy and expensive looking. Stepping up to the front desk Sam was greeted with a hug prior to being shown to the table reserved for her and Nicki.

Nicki was all eyes because although she had been told about this restaurant her parents wouldn’t go. It was all color and movement with platters of seafood being delivered to the tables while a person played a white grand piano on a small dais in one corner. Outside the fishing boats rocked on the slight swell while seagulls fought over scraps being thrown by passers-by.

After their meal, Sam and Nicki walked slowly down the lower marina to where they had parked the car. It was a scene of great beauty with the full moon and floodlit waters of the boat compounds where yachts of all sizes were secured.

“Nicki you still have to tell me about what upset you this morning. I know it was a fight with your parent’s, but I am worried that as it stands you only have almost what you are standing in.”

“My parents are religious fanatics and this morning while they went to their shop for the morning, I stayed at home to farewell a school friend who was leaving to join the navy. We are just good friends and nothing more but when a neighbor saw us hug, she immediately phoned my parents. The most awful fight ensued which saw me being told to leave the house for good.”

“Sam my parents told me I was a slut and that soon I would be a hooker on the streets.”

It was just a farewell hug between friends. For fuck’s sake, he’s engaged and is getting married next February.”

“Okay now try to calm down. First I imagine tomorrow they will be attending church.”

“They leave at nine and don’t get home until two. For fuck’s sake the best part of Sunday which happens to be the only full day off work in the week: pathetic.”

“Well Nicki you and I will be there half an hour after they have left, and we are going to collect all your clothes your computer books and anything else you want to take with you. Do you have a car?”

“Oh, Sam you are a darling thank you. Yes, I do have a car: it’s an old Volkswagen that my parents gave me for my eighteenth birthday.”

“Okay so we pack as much into it as we can, and anything left will go in my car. Now it’s late and we have an early start tomorrow so let’s get home.”

The following morning Sam and Nicki drove into her parent’s driveway and entering the house quickly began to remove all of Nicki’s things. As they secured the computer onto the back seat of Sam’s car Nicki noticed the old busybody glaring at her from across the fence. Pointing her out to Sam she gave Sam a long and very passionate kiss while Sam’s hands brushed across her butt. Then breaking apart Nicki told the old biddy to mind her own business before starting her car and following Sam down the road.

“Nicki, I love this café especially on a fine Sunday morning lets take our time and have a coffee before heading home. Anyway, I want to discuss an idea that I dreamed about last night.”

Ordering cappuccinos and croissants, they sat outside looking across kocaeli sınırsız escort at the sparkling water.

“Such a beautiful morning we should have worn our bikinis. Anyway, Nicki tell me what your plans were for next year.”

“I have always loved art and had wanted to go to art school but of course my father explained that no daughter of his would go to art school: he wanted me to study medicine.”

“Are you bright enough for medicine?”

“Oh yes I would have gotten into university easily but it’s art that I want to be involved in.”

“As a painter or something else.?”

“Oh I will paint, and no doubt some pottery, but I am really interested in graphic art and of course there are big opportunities in that field. Anyway, that’s all over now because there is no way I can afford it.”

“Nicki as I told you yesterday, I am involved in an IT business: in fact, the company is owned by my parents and I am the Eastern Manager … why not call my apartment home and next year I will enroll you in art school and all I ask is that you look after the house. Then once you are qualified, I will find you a position in the graphic arts section of my business.”

“Oh my God Sam thank you and yes I would love to call your apartment home.

“Nicki before you accept, I need to talk about a few things. What I am trying to tell you is that I am lesbian, and I think we should talk about this.”

“Sam I am only eighteen and I think that I am straight. What I mean is that I really have no experience with either man or woman sex. As I told you today all I have had is a platonic friendship with my boyfriend and that we only hugged and kissed sometimes.”

“Nicki, I understand what you are saying but please remember I have two bedrooms and although I am attracted to you, I will not make things difficult for you.”


As Nicki was finishing her first year at art school, she and Sam had become great friends and on weekends or days off they almost did everything together. Although Nicki had many friends at art school, she hadn’t formed any close relationships. On most Saturday evenings she would go clubbing with Sam where she would sometimes dance with Sam or one of her friends or often dance by herself sometimes accepting the offer of a stranger to join either him or her.

“Hi, I’m Becca you look lonely may I join you?”

Feeling uncomfortable Nicki looked towards the voice wondering what to do. Noticing a girl much her age with short auburn hair and round frameless spectacles Nicki held out her hand:

“Oh, aagh … yes Hi I’m Nicki.”

“Looks like your glass needs a refill. Bourbon is it?”

“Oh … aagh yes with coke and lots of ice thank you.”

Returning to the table Becca handed a glass to Nicki allowing her fingers to brush across Nicki’s hand.

“So are you really alone on an evening as busy as this?”

“Aaagh no … I am with my housemate and some of her friends, but they are dancing.”

“So let’s join them … it’s wild tonight.”

“Oh, I don’t know … maybe I should wait here for my friends.”

Taking Nicki’s hand Becca dragged her out of her seat towards the dance floor.

“Come on don’t be a woose it’s a great evening just look at how busy the dance floor is.”

Reluctantly Nicki followed Becca onto the floor and taking her lead began to dance. When she got going Nicki amazed Becca with how well she could dance, and it wasn’t long before they were both moving freely to the music. Becca was impressed and smiled as she noticed other dancers glance at how good Nicki was dancing.

Taking a rest for another bourbon Becca sat looking curiously at Nicki.

“I come here most weekends to make new friends. Although I usually prefer women who are in their thirties, I find you intriguing. You are very beautiful but also very shy: I think that possibly you have not had much experience with women … am I right?”

“In a way you are but I like your company.”

“You don’t have to be shy around me: after all, we are both women and much the same age I guess.”

“I have just celebrated my nineteenth birthday how old are you?”

“That makes you twelve months older than me. I like that but it’s strange because although you are older I guess that I’m more experienced … let’s dance.”

Again Becca took Nicki’s hand leading her onto the dance floor where slower music was now being danced to. The crowded colorful dance floor swaying to the music. Taking Nicki’s waist Becca drew her close beginning a graceful dance. Again she was amazed at how easily her partner took to the slower rhythm and Becca could feel her partners breath on her cheek causing her pussy to moisten.

With the change of number, Becca drew Nicki even closer kissing Nicki’s lips which was made easier because Nicki was some four inches shorter than her.

Feeling the kiss Nicki at first tried to draw back but being the smaller woman succumbed to Becca’s arms holding her close. Gradually Becca began to izmit anal yapan escort push her tongue against Nicki’s soft lips. Pressing harder sliding along the closed lips until Nicki took a short breath giving Becca the chance to slide between her teeth. All the time they were moving slowly with the swaying crowd the kiss becoming deeper until finally, Becca smiled when she heard Nicki moan quietly. As the music became livelier again Becca took the opportunity to return to their table with fresh drinks.

Taking two big sips to calm her nerves Nicki tried to ease herself away from Becca. It wasn’t that she hadn’t liked kissing but as she had never had someone kiss her passionately before it made her very nervous.

“You are frightened like the rabbit in the beam of a spotlight. Relax I don’t want to scare you.”

“You are so confident while I have never experienced anyone’s kiss before.”

“You have never had a woman kiss you as I did?”

“Oh God, how do I say it? Becca, I have enjoyed this evening and you are a wonderful dance partner and great to talk with, but I have never been kissed in the way you kissed me before. Becca, I am a frightened rabbit because I am a virgin. My parents threw me out of home almost twelve months ago because I was seen hugging an old boyfriend who was about to join the navy. I have lived a very sheltered life.”

“I thought you said that you had a flatmate.”

“I was rescued by a very wealthy older woman who took me in and is even paying for my study at art school. She happens to be a lesbian, but she accepts that I am not sure of where I stand on the subject.”

“I feel honored that you have even accepted my advances. How about we explore further?”

Following Becca onto the dance floor, Nicki allowed herself to be drawn into a close hug as they moved to the slow sensual music. As before Becca titled Nicki’s head back before closing her mouth across hers until Nicki shrugged back.

“No Becca this is not right. I may be shy and inexperienced, but I will not be forced into something that I feel is not for me.”

“You are wrong because all I want is to introduce my world to you.”

“Listen, Becca, it has been a wonderful evening and I have loved the sexual contact, but you don’t understand. You see this time last year I had a fearful argument with my parents, and it ended with them calling me a slut and ordering me from the house. Quickly grabbing what I could I left ending up on Town Beach. As I sat there crying I saw this beautiful woman walk from the water towards me: it was Sam. Sorry she’s my flatmate.”

“Becca Sam possibly saved my life because she took me to her apartment bathed me and let me rest: that evening we went to the Marina Restaurant and later she told me that I could call her place home and that she would put me through art school offering me work once I finish.”

“Although Sam’s intentions were not all honorable because like you, she is a lesbian and she would love to have me as her partner. I explained my position and she has honored my wishes. Becca, you are very beautiful, and I know that you want me to come home with you tonight. I will never forget this evening because you have introduced me to more than you think. I will keep your phone details and do promise to keep in touch but for now please understand that I want to go home and think.”

“All right Nicki if that’s your wish: I have also loved this evening and although I am sad that you will not allow me to share my bed with you, I will live in hope.”

Not wanting Becca to think that she was coming to the club in order to meet her again Nicki didn’t join Sam on her regular weekend visits. She had received at regular texts asking that they meet once more. It wasn’t that she was repulsed by sex with her but rather that she had been doing a lot of thinking about her options and had all but decided to accept a date with one of her fellow students. He was a year ahead of her and had not stopped asking her out for the past four months. Although Nicki was pretty sure that she wanted to accept Sam’s request she felt that to be sure she should go out with him for a few dates just to be sure this is what she wanted. Before retiring that evening she decided to talk with Sam and tell her about Becca.

It was the Friday evening that Nicki approached Sam about her thoughts but before she could even start Sam spoke.

“Nicki why haven’t you been coming to the club lately? Last week the girls were asking the same question and asked that I bring you along this weekend.”

“My God Sam I was going to talk about that and also some of my thoughts this evening but first I would rather not come clubbing this weekend. Allow me to explain.”

“Do you remember that evening six weeks ago when we got split up at the club and you finally took that girl home sorry, I cannot remember her name.”

“Yes, I remember how the following morning you didn’t come out until after she had left.”

“That night I met this woman who was a year younger than me her name was Becca and like you, she is girls only. She was great company and we talked danced and drank a number of bourbons. While dancing she kissed me and shortly after I returned her kiss. Sam, she wanted me to go home with her, but I couldn’t. It’s not that I didn’t like her seducing me but rather I felt guilty about you.”

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