Niece Rindi Ch. 07


I wanted to try something a little bit different in this chapter. Thinking, what would happen if a vibrator malfunctioned? The result amused me. I hope it does my readers.


Once again I woke up with Rindi licking my erection. A guy could really get used to this. Each time she did it, she would use a bit more tongue and a little more suction. She was learning what would make me cum and what would just work me up to a fever pitch. She was really getting good.

While she was busy at her task, I pulled her pussy up to my lips and started licking away. She hesitated her licking just for a moment as I turned her around but once she realized what I wanted she went back to working on my prong.

I made sure to swallow as much of her love juice as I could.

She swallowed most of my essence and turning around she offered me her sweet little mouth. We kissed for several minutes and I pulled and tugged on her boobs and nipples.

We rested while recovering, just idly playing with each others genitals, not trying to work each other up again, just enjoying the pleasure of being close.

Eventually we got out of bed and took care of our morning rituals. Had a quick breakfast and got dressed.

Once again the second floor of the mall was pretty quiet except for the store employees. Best time to shop is during the week just after stores open, if you want individual attention.

Stephanie was on duty when we got to Victoria Secrets. There was a buzz as we entered the store. It let store employees know someone had entered.

“Hi Rindi, hi Roy,” She greeted us. “What can I help you find?”

Rindi explained the problem about her sheer, see through prom dress, that wouldn’t meet dress code.

Stephanie went to a turning rack that had bras and brought back five in different shades of gold.

“These are all 32b,” She told Rindi. “Maybe Roy will help you try them on while I find some gold colored panties?”

Stephanie handed me the bras and pointed to the dressing rooms. Rindi grinned at me and led the way.

She quicky removed her shirt and hung it on a hook that was there for the purpose. Removed her green demi bra.

I couldn’t resist giving her nipples a quick kiss. I sat in the soft chair they provided in the dressing room.

The first bra looked great to me, gold colored and see through except it had little silver stars all over it and two very big black stars covering most of her nipples but still left quite a bit uncovered.

The second one had underwires that pushed the boobs up and really gave Rindi a bit more busty look. The straps went over the shoulders and wouldn’t look right on a strapless gown.

The third one was two toned, the upper part was silver but see through clear down to her nipples then a dark gold, covering the lower third. It would never work with the gown but it looked great on Rindi.

The fourth one was a more solid color, not at all see through and strapped around the body instead of over the shoulders as the others had. It was perfect.

We didn’t bother with the last one. I just unhooked the bra from her back and put it with the other three. Then kissed and licked her back and neck, turned Rindi around to straddle my lap and kissed and licked her boobs and nipples a bit more.

Opening her mouth we kissed and sucked on each others tongues, until the dressing room door opened and Stephanie giggled seeing us making out.

“You two aren’t the first to do that in here,” She tells us. “Did you like any of the bras?”

“Yes indeed.” I told her, We will take these four but not the other one. This is the one for the gown,” and I showed her the one by putting it on Rindi myself.

“Oh yes, that looks so good and covers everything, and has good support too.” Stephanie says.

I unhooked it and took it back off Rindi.

“Do you mind if I kiss your boobs just a little bit?” Stephanie asks Rindi.

Rindi giggles, then says, “It wouldn’t be the first time you kissed them.”

“Oh!” I say, “Now I know why it took so long the last time I was here.”

Both girls giggled and I slapped Rindi on her butt, once on each cheek.

“Making me wait while you had fun in here, shame on you both,” I tell them.

Stephanie kissed and licked Rindi all over both boobs and nipples while I was massaging her butt cheeks and kissing the back of her neck.

Stephanie showed us the gold panties she had located. “I think this pair will work?” She said. “Want to try them on?”

They were identical color to the bra, of course Rindi wanted to try them on. They were solid gold, satin, covered front and back, granny style panties. Perfect. She took them back off.

Stephanie eyed the little pussy that Rindi had just uncovered with a hungry look in her eyes.

“I love licking pussy,” Stephanie says. “Do you mind?”

Was she asking me or Rindi?

“Go ahead, if she says okay?” I tell Stephanie.

Rindi smiles at me and nods to Stephanie. “Wait a moment,” I say, “I don’t want kocaeli escort pussy juice all over my pants.”

“Take them off then.” Stephanie tells me.

I stand up and take off my jeans and briefs. Sit back down and once again sit Rindi down on my lap, but this time my erection is sticking up in between her legs.

Stephanie giggles when she sees it like that. “Do you have a camera on your phone? That really needs a picture, it looks like Rindi has a penis.” I pull out my phone from the jeans pocket and she takes a few pictures.

Then she gets on her knees and starts licking the cute little pussy that is now at the perfect height and occasionally taking my erection into her mouth.

Meanwhile I am stroking Rindis nipples and massaging her boobs from behind. From my position behind Rindi I can’t see much but whatever is happening feels so good I am not complaining.

Rindi climaxes first and I’m not far behind. Stephanie just catches what she can and then kisses Rindi letting her taste both our flavors at once.

“Yummy,” Says Rindi.

Stephanie winks at me. “That was fun,” She said.

Stephanie leaves us and says she will be back? A few minutes later she is back with some paper towels and we help her clean up the mess we made.

As we are paying, Stephanie hands me a card with her phone number on it. “Call me sometime, I am free on just about any night, I would love spending some quality time with you both.” She says and grins at Rindi, winks at me.

Back home and Rindi can’t wait to try on her gown.

“Come and help me with my bra and prom dress. Please,” She adds.

“Of course,” I agree. “Should I get my camera?”

“Oh definitely,” says Rindi.

I grab the camera, realize it still has the card from Candys visit inside. I remove the card and put in a new one.

Back in Rindis room she is naked and I take a shot from behind her. Making sure her cute little butt is the center of the focus point. You can also barely see the little

lips of her slit from this angle. I ask her to bend over slightly and turn her head so I can see her eyes. She does and I focus on her eyes. Her entire butt and pussy are also easy to see from this position.

She turns around completely and again I focus on her hazel eyes. They have a gleam that shows up when she is excited. She is truly excited and it smells like fresh young pussy in her room.

I kneel down on the floor, take a picture of her from this angle. The low position to a photographer. It makes your subject look more powerful, like a godess. I can see her pussy lips are dripping with arousal. A brighter pink than usual.

I then crawl over to her and smell her pussy. She smells good and I take a small taste and several licks. She is dripping wet.

“You can’t put your panties on yet,” I tell her, You will soak them. We need to dry you off a bit first.”

I try using my tongue to dry out her pussy, it keeps getting wetter the longer I lick. I carry her to the bed. Lay her down. I add a finger to the bottom of her slit, being careful not to stick it in too deep. I suck up as much juice as I can. She has a small climax.

Seeing the box of tissues on the nightstand, I grab a couple and wipe her slit dry, then I fold another one and place it inside her.

She puts on the gold panties, hands me the bra, I put the cups over her big nipples and adjust the bottom, it covers the lower portion of her boobs. I had to feel them while doing this, she giggled. Then she turns around and I fastened the strap in back for her.

I take a couple quick pictures. In just the bra and panties she is a true vision of cute and sexy. She has the fresh look in her eyes of a sexually satisfied young lady. She is glowing.

Rindi takes the dress out of the closet. She puts it on over her head and lets it fall into place. I zip up the back, it fits her form like a second skin. I can see through the mesh from top to bottom, except where the solid gold bra and panties cover the best parts, she looks divine.

She looks in her closet and brings out a pair of four inch high heels in gold.

“No way,” I tell her. “If you dance more than about five minutes those suckers will kill your feet.”

She looks around some more, finds a pair of gold sandal type of a shoe with gold laces that go around the ankles. They have about a one inch heel. The heel is square, offering good support. I had never seen anything like them before. She slides them on and sits on her bed to tie them.

“What about the jewelry?” I ask.

She smiles and brings out the box. I put the necklace around her neck, nestle the heart right in the center of her bosom. Fasten the clasp. She puts on the earrings and tennis bracelet.

She is stunning.

“Holy shit, I am going to need five bodyguards and a pack of dogs to protect you from the guys.” I tease.

“Uncle Roy, Don’t worry, you are the only guy I want.” She tells me.

She looks over at her reflection in the mirror. Happily, she smiles at me.

I take a couple pictures kocaeli escort bayan to send to her adoptive mom, my sister Sheila.

Send them using the share app on the phone.

A few minutes later my phone buzzes.

“Hi Sheila, what’s up? I say into the phone.

“Who the hell is that and where is my little girl?” Sheila asks.

I hand Rindi the phone.

“Hi mom,” Rindi greets her. “It’s me, what do you think of the dress? Uncle Roy bought it for me, for the prom on Saturday.

“I think he lost what little mind he has left. My little girl looks like she is all grown up and will give all the guys instant erections in that thing.” Sheila tells Rindi.

I had put the phone on speaker before handing it to Rindi.

Rindi is all smiles and giggles.

“Don’t worry sis,” I say, “The only erection that matters is mine.”

Rindi giggles harder and Sheila doesn’t say anything for a short time.

“Rindi, let me talk to Roy, then I want to talk with you,” Sheila says.

I wink at Rindi, take the phone and turn off speaker and go into my bedroom.

“Hi again,” I say to Sheila.”

“That dress must have cost a fortune and how are you two going to a prom? And moms jewelry too?” I want answers mister?” She tells me.

“It’s a long story,” I tell her, “I give her a short bit of history about the last three weeks, leaving out the sexual stuff.

Sheila asks me a lot of questions about how we are getting along, making sure we are both happy. General information gathering type of things my sister wanted to know.

Then she wants to talk to Rindi again.

I take the phone back to Rindi, she is dressed back in her nightshirt. The gown and accessories are in the closet. I hand her the phone and walk to my room, I undress and put on my robe. Go to my recliner and sit down.

Occasionally I hear a word or two from Rindi. Not enough to understand the conversation though.

“Yes mom, he’s so sweet and nice. Better than any boy I have ever known. He made me feel so good about my looks. We have taken tons of pictures. You know I always hated having my picture taken. I love him and he kisses me and everything.” Rindi brags. “He calls it boobgasms when he licks my nipples until I cum. It’s so intense and I can cum if he keeps doing it long enough. He also licked my pussy and kissed my butt cheeks.”

“Then our plan has worked?” Said Sheila.

“Yes it did,” Said Rindi. “You told me not to waste time with the jerks from school and Uncle Roy was over Anna long ago. He has been alone here for nearly three years. You said I should come here and see what would happen between us. We haven’t had actual intercourse yet, but he promises after the prom.”

“Good girl,” Said Sheila, “Pretend like I’m mad at both of you and we can have fun teasing him for a while yet.”

They both had a fit of the giggles and hung up.

Once the call ended, Rindi came out of her room in the pink night shirt, no panties.

She climbs onto my lap and cuddles with me. We are both pleased with how the call to my sister went. Both of us for different reasons of course.

Rindi puts her arms around my neck, looks into my eyes. Gives me a little kiss. Then backs up a bit.

“Uncle Roy,” I need an allowance or a job or some way of making some money,” She tells me.

“Hmmm,” I mumble, Wondering just what I should say. “How about a dollar a year per week, that’s what I got from my folks until I started babysitting and lawn mowing while in high school.”

“Eighteen dollars a week? Is that all I’m worth to you?” She sounded disappointed when she asked.

“First, why do you need money? What is it you need? If you get an allowance it’s something you earn.” I am teasing her just a little bit. “What can you do to earn an allowance?”

“I just need to feel like I am contributing. Carrying my own weight. You have been paying for everything and mom says I should be earning my own money and helping out financially.” Rindi said.

I might have known this was what Sheila and Rindi had been talking about. My sister couldn’t quite comprehend how much money I had coming in from my stocks, the water bottling company and interest from savings.

“Tomorrow we go to the bank then”, I tell Rindi, “I will make you a joint account holder on my savings account, and get you a debit card. Two years ago, I had a new will drawn up and you are my soul beneficiary. If anything happens to me, you inherit this house and all of my assets.”

“Wow! Rindi excaims, “Holy shit! and Wow! How much does a hitman cost?” She tried to ask seriously but I saw the happy smile.

“Did I forget to say, any foul play negates the entire will and it all goes to charity.” I try to keep a straight face and fail.

We are both laughing now and I grab her nipples under her pink shirt. I twist one just a little bit. Understanding the threat she grabs hold of my stiff rod and squeezes just enough to let me know, she can play this game too.

I switch from pinching to lovingly caressing and massaging. izmit escort Rindi sighs contentedly. Returning the favor by gently stroking my erection. We aren’t trying to get each other worked up at this point. Just fondling each other and being happy with sharing caresses.

“Hungry I am. Must eat you now,” I pull her shirt up to feast my eyes on her puffy acorn sized nipples.

She grins and giggles.

I lightly nip at her nipples, first one side then the other.

“You tasty,” Me eat you now,” And I close my teeth lightly but firmly on one of her nipples, I playfully pretend to bite it.

“Don’t you dare bite my nipple or I’ll break your prick off,” and she gives said organ a hard pull and a twist.

We both laugh and let go of each other.

“What were we talking about?” I asked her. “I must be getting old, I can’t remember,” I tell Rindi.

“You’re only a few years older than me, but I don’t remember either,” She says. “I think something came up.” She pulls at my dong. “I think it was this.”

I pull her top off completely then and really go to work on her boobs, fondling, squeezing, caressing, milking, licking, sucking.

She begins to breathe harder, gasping and mewling, purring, She has a mini boobgasm and relaxes.

My penis is trying to get my brains attention. It’s right in front of my nose, can’t I have a small sample of her pussy, please? It smells so good and looks so inviting. A little seashell all pink and moist, I only need to move a few inches. My brain tells the penis to relax. It will be better if we wait.

“Rindi, what would you like for dinner?” I ask her after she has recovered a bit and my penis has disappointedly retreated.

“Pizza,” She says.

“I don’t know if they deliver this far out from town? I don’t like the frozen cardboard ones, usually I make my own.” I tell her.

Typing the word pizza into my phone brings up several places. Each one has menus and prices. There are a few that offer delivery to my area. I have to get my pants to retrieve my wallet, check for tip money and debit card.

“What toppings Should we get?” I ask Rindi.

“Whatever you want? I’ll eat almost anything,” She says teasingly.

I call the place that has a vegetarian, white sauce pizza, ask if they can add chicken and pineapple? Give my debit card information, have to give my security number. They say it will take about fortyfive minutes.

Rindi goes over and puts her pink shirt back on. I debate leaving my robe on and decide, pants might be better, no telling what the young driver might think if my penis decided it wanted to look at someone.

Fifty minutes later and twenty dollars poorer. I tipped the very cute delivery girl who was wearing a very tight halter top and no bra. Nipples poking out, daring anyone to look.

“You were checking her boobs out, Uncle Roy,” Rindi accused.

“Well just because they were pointing out of her top doesn’t mean I was checking them out,” I defended myself.

“Okay,” said Rindi, “What color was her top?”

“Green?” I made a guess.

Rindi just giggled. “You are completely hopeless.” She said. “It was orange.”

We ate the pizza, it was fair, not the best, not the worst. I added the pizza place to my favorites.

After we had finished eating we played a few games of pool. I’m good, Rindi is better. She wins two or three games to my every one. She even ran all fifteen balls never missing a shot one game. The best game I ever had was only twelve.

We went to bed and slept peacefully until morning.


We arrived at my bank early in the morning, no customers except us. All the cashiers know me. They all say hello.

The bank manager handles adding Rindi to my savings account himself. He hands her a debit card, turns the coding device towards her and has her type in a four number password. We make sure the number works. Once we have the words See I.D, printed onto the back. I ask for a recent statement and we leave.

“How much am I allowed to spend?” She asks.

“What are you wanting to buy?” I ask.

“Oh, Uncle Roy,” Rindi sounds embarrassed. “Sometimes a girl needs things that a guy just doesn’t understand. Fragrance soap, perfume, shampoo, deoderant, tampons, contact lens cleaner, girl stuff.”

“Oh, of course,” I say.

We had both been using my bodywash and shampoo to shower.

“The debit card has a five thousand dollar daily limit,” I explained, “Any more than that and I have to clear it with the bank. It’s a safeguard against fraud.”

“Where do you need to go to get what you need?” I ask.

That talk Rindi had with Sheila must have something to do with the sudden need for her to have her own source of income.

“We need a drugstore for some of the things, I think the rest I can find online.” She replies.

I look up drugstores near me on my phone. There’s a Rite Aid not too far away. We pull into the parking area. Rindi says she wants to go in alone.

I sit in the car listening to music and wondering just what my sister Sheila and Rindi had talked about the previous day.

Eventually Rindi comes out of the drugstore, she has three full shopping bags. She is all smiles when she gets back in the car.

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