No Longer in a Mini-van Pt. 01



Randi Boehmon was perched on the front of her large mahogany executive desk. One slender leg was draped over the edge, her black peep-toe platform pump with the 4 1/2 inch heel dangling above the floor. As she braced herself upright with her left arm, she realized that her weekly yoga classes were certainly paying off.

Her other leg was pointed almost straight into the air, resting on the broad shoulder of a young summer intern while he held onto her upraised thigh for support. She had her other hand resting lightly on his thick neck as they both peered down between themselves to watch as his impossibly long shaft, wetly shining with her juices, slid in and out of her completely shaved pussy.

When the young man lifted his head, he found Randi’s beautiful blue eyes burning into his, a sexy sneer on his face.

She slid her free hand up to the side of his face, pulling his luscious lips to hers. As they kissed, she moaned softly in his mouth, their tongues dancing, her pussy quivering with delight.


Recently back from a two week vacation, Randi had been able to resist temptation for nearly a month before giving in to her overwhleming lust for younger men.

Her husband, Bill, had taken her to Jamaica to celebrate her 50th birthday and the petite blonde had garnered plenty of attention as she lounged by the pool, or walked along the sand in her tiny, thong bikini, loving the fact she could show off her new boobs by going topless. Perfect D-cups, they looked completely natural, and were even more delectable with the bronze tan she was able to acquire.

Randi had the body of a woman half her age, with a trim waist, slender legs and a tight ass. Her platinum blonde bob had grown out just a bit, falling gently gently across her toned shoulders, the long side bangs framing her face in a terribly sexy way. Her incredible blue eyes seemed to be lit from within.

While her husband golfed, Randi quickly picked up a taste for the local fare, sampling beautifully muscled island men, none of whom were out of their twenties. As she lounged in the big four poster bed, wonderfully covered in sweat, one of her young lovers told her it was not uncommon for older, mostly wealthy, women from the States and Europe to come to the island in search of young dusky men.

Although this wasn’t Randi’s motivation for the trip, since her husband had suprised her with the gift, she recognized the allure shortly after arriving at the exclusive resort. As a result, she encouraged her husband to play golf as much as he wanted while she would slip away for a massage most every afternoon after another young Jamaican caught her eye. An incredibly dark and sculpted masseur, he was able to slowly pull wonderfully long orgasms from her using just his hands. But, being a bit old-fashioned, Randi always insisted that he use his thickly veined hose on her before their session concluded.

Even with the extra special attention her pussy received on her trip, Randi soon found herself hungry for more after she returned to Middleton.


After twenty years of hard work, Randi had been named VP of Sales for the large electronics company she worked for. While taking a handsome young intern out for dinner before he was scheduled to return to college, the sexy MILF had subtly flirting with him all evening, and she was pleased at his suprised and flustered response.

Randi had been a total professional during his entire stay but she knew that he was atracted to her. She had caught him staring at her tight ass, or her big tits on numerous occasions, but her manner had made it clear that their relationship was strictly business. Jason had wavy blonde hair, the hard body of an athlete and the young girls at work were all desperate for his attention.

During dinner, Randi had allowed her hand to lightly brush over his a few times, and when her foot briefly slid up his ankle, she had done it in such a way that he wasn’t entirely sure if it had been intentional or not. What he did know, however, was that the sexy cougar was making him crazy.

After dinner, the two of them were walking together in the parking lot while Randi ran a thin applicator brush over her pouty lips, leaving them glistening in a soft, pink shade of shiny, wet gloss. As they stood next to Jason’s car, she dropped the tube of gloss into her purse and removed a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol etiler escort 120s along with a tiny gold lighter.

With a sexy smile on her face, she handed the lighter to Jason and pulled one of the long, white cigarettes out of the hard pack, sliding it between her french-manicured fingers. As she raised her hand, she used just the tip of her fingernail to comb a loose strand of her platinum blonde sidebang away from her face, before bringing her cigarette to her wetly shining lips, leaning forward slightly to bring its tip to the falme Jason had struck for her.

Randi took a long, deep drag, tilting her chin upward and releasing a thin stream up into the night sky. When her hand fell to her side, Jason’s eyes were drawn to the lipstick stain she had left on the filter. When he raised his eyes to hers, she had such a sexy, inviting smile on her face that he had to stop himself from trying to take her into his arms.

Randi studied the young man, her breathtaking blue eyes cooly glinting behind her dark, smoky eyeshadow as she took another drag, tapping an ash as she exhaled.

Smiling like she knew what he was thinking, she told him in a soft voice, “You can if you want to.”

Still on edge, his lust near bursting as he stared at the beautiful MILF, Jason wasn’t sure what she meant.

“I’m sorry . . . What?!!!” he manged to stammer.

“You can kiss me.” Randi told him. “That is, . . . if you want to.”

Jason took a deep breath, his heart pounding in his chest. Randi’s arms were to her sides so he took her shoulders in his strong hands and tilted his head slightly, lowering his lips towards hers.

He kissed her softly, almost sweetly, before pulling away to gauge her response. Randi arched her eyebrows playfully, a smile tugging at the side of her mouth, and reached up behind his head to pull him back to her, her mouth opening, her tongue extending. Jason kissed her more passionately this time, thrilled by the sensation of her tongue sliding over his, tasting the tang of her breath.

They kissed deeply for several moments, their mouths opening and closing in a lust-filled dance, their lips smacking as their tongues dueled, before Randi put her tiny hand on his deep chest and pulled her head back slighlty.

“Okay . . . We have to stop now . . . I’m sorry . . . I’m a married woman . . . I sholudn’t have let you do that.”

Jason’s cock was on fire, panting with lust, he looked at Randi with a pained expression on his face.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!!” he thought to himself, not believing this was happening, shocked by the change that had suddenly come over the executive.

Randi took a last drag off her cigarette and dropped it on the pavement, crushing it with the toe of her high-heeled pump as she exhaled.

“We need to get back.” She told him matter-of-factly, acting as if she hadn’t just had her tongue in his mouth.


Neither said a word as Jason drove Randi back to their office. It was after 9:30 and the parking lot was nearly empty. Jason pulled up next to Randi’s car and turned towards her as he shut off the engine.

“I hope you enjoyed dinner.” she told him. “I know its getting late . . . but there’s something in my office I’d like you to look at, that is . . . If you have a few minutes.”

Jason shrugged his shoulders, still deflated by her earlier actions, but recognizing that he would likely need a good word from Randi on his evaluation, he responded “Sure . . . I’ve got nowhere to go.”

Randi smiled pleasantly. “Great!”

Jason followed her into the building and down the long hallway to her office, her high heels clicking softly on the tiled surface.

Randi hit the lights and shut the door behind them as Jason walked to the center of her spacious office. Randi stood with her back against the door, as Jason turned around.

“Well . . .” he asked when she remained by the door, a thin smile forming on her beautiful face. “What did you want to show me?”

Randi let his words hang in the air for several moments, loving the fact that Jason was clearly confused as to why he was there. She reached up to turn the lock on the door, and began to walk slowly and seductively towards him, her hands raised to her throat to begin to unbutton her white silk blouse, her eyes smoldering with passion.

Jason’s eyes were drawn like eve gelen escort magnets to her chest as she slowly undid the buttons, giving him a glimpse of her swelling breasts straining over the top of her lace bra.

Lifting the blouse from her charcoal skirt, she pulled it open, exposing her tight, tanned and toned midriff and her wonderfully augmented boobs.

“I thought you might like to see these!!!” she purred lewdly, her voice barely more than a whisper.


Jason’s shaft was incredibly long and Randi was able to grasp it in one hand as he fucked her, using it like a dildo, dictating the tempo and depth of his thrusts. The head of his cock was quite large and she loved the way it felt as she worked it just past her pussy lips in fast, shallow thrusts, before plunging it deeper, but more slowly further between her legs.

Her breathing was becoming heavy, and she could feel her pussy begin to twitch as the swollen ridges of his young, fat pole dragged deliciously over the nerve endings lining her soaking wet tunnel.

After several glorious minutes, Randi threw both arms over his broad shoulders and crushed her lips to his, allowing the young man to fuck with with abandon. As she sucked on the tongue that was thrust between her lips, she found herself thinking that if the young intern had worked his summer projects as well as he fucked, Randi would have considered hiring him full time after graduation. She quickly reminded herself how dangerous it would be for her to engage in a second office romance, especially since her promotion.

Randi had been a loving and faithful wife and mother for nearly twenty yearts before having her first extramarital encounter with a much young co-worker. Her affair with Marcus had started several years ago, and had essentially ended after almost ten months of mind-blowing sex, although the two of them did continue to hook-up from time-to-time before he had left the company a few years back.

By the end of their affair, he had dramatically altered Randi’s life and the effect of his seduction still resonated within her to

the present day. The two of them use to joke that he had released her “inner slut” and all these years later she couldn’t even begin to count the men, and boys, she had slept with since that first time in her mini-van.

Because of Marcus, Randi’s sexual horizons had expanded beyond anything they could have imagined, taking her on an erotic journey few would ever believe possible.

Jason pulled his lips from Randi and threw his head back, his eyes squeezed shut, his teeth clenched together. His grip tightened on Randi’s upraised leg and his other hand slid down to her tiny waist as he thrust his fat cock faster and deeper into her married pussy.

“Aaaahhh . . . Fuck . . . Randi . . . . I’m gonna . . . .I’m gonna cum in your pussy . . . Ah . . . Shit!!!!!” Jason spat.

“You feel so good inside me, Baby!! . . . I want to feel you cum!!! . . . Fuck me, Baby!!! Give me all of your big cock!!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!”

With a short shout, Jason dumped a huge load in Randi’s pussy, her orgasm exploding shortly thereafter, her lithe body shuddering with ectasy, her pussy twitching as he young stud’s cock jerked deep inside her.

As they caught their breath, Randi pulled the young man down to her, kissing him quickly on the lips, her tongue darting into his mouth. She held onto his long shaft when he finally pulled it from her sloppy pussy. Milking him with firm strokes, she was able to bring more of his sweet, sticky seed to the surface where it pooled on the fat crown of his cock. Using the tip of her index finger, she wiped it away, bringing it to her lips and daintily sucking it into her mouth, like she was sneaking a taste of icing from a cupcake.

“I certainly enjoyed working with you, Baby.” she purred softly, smacking her lips lustily. “I’m sure that you will be a ‘huge’ success wherever you go!!!!” she smiled, his long cock still in her tiny hands as Jason leaned lower to kiss her softly, loving the feel of her lips on his.


Randi was a little suprised when Marcus had called her, asking if she could meet him for drinks. After leaving the company and starting his own consulting business, she and Marcus had spoken on the phone a few times, but their conversations had been strictly business.

He suggested a bar fatih escort nearby, and Randi reluctantly accepted his invitation, not entirely comfortable with his choice, afraid that they might run into someone she knew. Randi was trying to be much more discreet these days, but figured drinks with an old co-worker could be explained away if need be.

She was suprised by her reaction when she spied Marcus enter the lounge. A former collegiate athlete, he had broad shoulders tapering to slim hips, and a flat hard stomach. He was wearing a white short-sleeved mock turtle-neck, that was snug around his deep chest and thick arms, contrasting erotically with his cinnamon skin.

Randi was sitting outside at a small table, and she could smell his enticing cologne as he slid into the chair next to her. He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and Randi could feel her face flush.

“Lovely as ever!!!” he told her, his eyes drinking in her sexy form, focusing his attention briefly on her big breasts which were swelling out above a plunging V-neck top. “I could say that you hadn’t changed a bit . . . but I’d be lying!” a mischievous glint in his soft, brown eyes.

Randi laughed, loving his reaction to her new boobs, and turned to get the waiter’s attention to order drinks. The two made small talk as they shared an expensive Chardonnay, catching up, Marcus asking about some of his former co-workers. Randi told him that her son was in grad school and that her daughter, Katie, was studying in New York, modeling part time. She thought she saw his eyes flicker when she mentioned her daughter, but didn’t give it a second thought. He seemed to have something in particular on his mind, but she didn’t push, figuring he would get to it when he felt it was time.

While Marcus was telling her about how his business was doing, Randi was slowly spinning a tiny, gold lighter that was on top of the distinctive green and white pack containing her cigarettes, clearly enjoying Marcus’ company, proud of what he had accomplished since leaving.

When she reached for a cigarette, Marcus picked up the lighter. She smiled wistfully, remembering all the times he had done this for her during their affair. Randi took a long, slow drag and exhaled a thin stream, propping her elbow on the side of the table.

“God . . . You are so gorgeous!!!!” Marcus remarked, his voice suddenly low and intimate. “I’ve really missed seeing you.”

Randi smiled back at him. “I can’t believe you’ve been that lonely . . . I know you to well!”

Marcus chuckled in response. “Who said anything about being lonely? . . . You’re just sexy as hell!!!”

Leaning towards her, Marcus lifted his hand to her chin and tried to turn her face towards his, but Randi resisted. He lowered his lips to her neck and began to softly kiss and suck her smooth skin, causing her pussy to tingle. Randi’s eyes were shut, clearly enjoying his touch, her heart beginning to pound in her chest.

A soft sigh slipped from her lips when his kisses began a trail along her cheek towards her wetly, shining lips. It seemed to take an eternity until his lips touched hers, her body shaking with excitement. With a moan, her jaw dropped slightly to allow his warm tongue to push into her mouth.

They kissed softly, but only briefly before Marcus returned to the side of her face, gently brushing her hair back so he could take her ear lobe softly between his lips, Randi could feel her pulse jump.

“Marcus . . . ” Randi whispered. “You really have to stop . . . I’m not that far from home and someone might recognize . . .” Marcus kissed her again, this time Randi’s mouth opened wide, as his tongue slid over hers, she could feel his hand moving gently up between her legs, disappearing under her tight skirt. When he tried to move the the tiny strip of her thong to one side, she somehow found the strength to stop him.

“Marcus . . . You have to stop . . . Not here!” Randi looked around nervously and saw a few people quickly avert their eyes. It was obvious that the sexy cougar and the much younger black man were drawing way too much attention.

“Then where?!” He pressed her. “Come back to my place with me!!”

“I can’t tonight.” Randi replied, clearly disappointed. “My husband doesn’t like it when I’m out late.”

“What about tomorrow?” she suggested hopefully. “I could leave work early . . . We’d have all afternoon?!”

“Alright.” Marcus groaned. “I guess I can wait until then.” His finger tapped her engorged clit through the silky lace of her panties, already soaked with her juices.

Randi fixed him with a cool and confident caste to her eyes. “You know I’l make it worth the wait . . . Don’t you Baby?!”

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