Obsessed with Aunt Laura Ch. 06


**letter from the editor**

Hey everyone. Sorry for the really long wait for this chapter. I’ve been swamped with work school both starting up at the same time and have had no time for anything! I’m going to try to keep writing when I get some time to myself but upcoming chapters may come out at a slower rate than the first few did. But don’t worry I still want to finish this series, it just might take a bit longer than I had initially hoped.

Thanks again for all the feedback and I hope you guys like the rest of the series!

On the way back to my room I thought I’d make a pit stop in the bathroom while aunt Laura was taking her shower. I was hoping I could join her and possibly continue where we left off during our last interaction, right before she abruptly stopped and left me at the pool.

I turned the doorknob and slowly began opening the door, and the first thing I noticed was that it was slightly dark inside the bathroom. Aunt Laura must have been using a “mood lights” setting. Once I opened the door far enough I could see her in the shower. All three shower heads were on, but she was holding the handheld shower head and had it pointed right between her legs. She had one knee brought up against the wall to give her more access to fuck herself with the powerful jet of water coming from the shower head in her hand. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, but I couldn’t hear if she was moaning over the sound of the shower. Aunt Laura looked so sexy in the moment that it awoke new feelings for her inside of me.

I started getting hard again and began to untie my swim shorts. Aunt Laura still had no idea I was standing in the doorway so I carefully slipped inside the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I let my shorts fall off and I opened the shower.

“Oh my god Matt, you scared me!” she said after hearing the glass door of the shower open. She spun around and looked at me, almost like she wanted to make sure it was actually me and not someone else barging in.

“Sorry. I was watching for a minute and thought I could join.” I said.

“So I guess an unlocked door means you can invite yourself in, huh?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

I just shrugged and got closer so I was under the water falling from the ceiling.

“I just wanted to wash the pool water off before I got dressed!” I replied in my most convincing voice.

“Is that right?” Aunt Laura said as she took a few steps closer so she was under the water too. The only thing between us was the falling water and my erection pointing straight out at her. Her eyes travelled down to it and she smiled.

“Is that hard all the time or just when I’m around?” she asked without raising her eyes.

“A little of both.” I said.

In truth, it felt like aunt Laura was always around because I was constantly thinking about her. It felt like I was becoming more obsessed with her every day. I was in love with Lauren and nothing was going to change that, but I was in lust with aunt Laura.

But of course I wasn’t going to tell her that. Yet.

“So, want some help?” I asked before I placed my hands on aunt Laura’s waist and gently spun her around so her back was facing me. I didn’t exactly clarify what I was going to help her with.

“Um, sure!” she answered, my sudden action catching her off guard.

She grabbed a bottle of body wash and handed it to me. Even though I had things other than washing her back in mind, I took it and squirted some of its contents onto my open hand. I began at her shoulders, lathering her down her arms and then started on her upper back. Aunt Laura brought her hair forward so it now draped over her shoulder, giving me full access to her entire back. I drank in the image of her sexy naked frame leading down to her hips and her amazing butt, and then silently thanked my lucky stars that I was in this situation.

“Everything ok back there?” Aunt Laura suddenly asked, noticing that I randomly stopped soaping her up.

“Better than ok.” I answered before resuming my lathering duties.

As I slowly worked my way down I kept glancing down at her ass, which was causing me to get more and more turned on with each look. My mind flashed back to when aunt Laura was “sleeping” on the lounge chair by the pool and I was rubbing my cock against her ass. Without warning I took a step forward which caused my cock to slip right between her cheeks.

“Oh?” Aunt Laura said, surprised at my sudden contact.

Thanks to the soap suds that travelled down her back, her butt was nice and slippery so my cock was able to slide in and out between her cheeks rather smoothly. I slowly began humping her ass, going further in with each thrust. Aunt Laura learned forward slightly, causing her ass to stick out a bit which gave me easier access. I gave one final push forward and my cock shifted and moved down and in between aunt Laura’s thighs. When I pushed far enough the tip poked outwards a few inches, making it look like aunt Laura had a tiny cock tuzla escort of her own. She reached down and wrapped her hand around it and gave it a squeeze. I replied by bringing my hands up and around her front to grab her tits.

“Oh Matt…..” was all Aunt Laura said before she pressed my cock against her pussy. Now it was her turn to start humping me. She squeezed her thighs together and began thrusting backwards at me, grinding her pussy up and down the length of my shaft in the process.

“Oh god!” I groaned as I squeezed aunt Laura’s tits a bit harder now. The combination of her soapy thighs squeezing my cock and the heat of her slick pussy grinding against it was giving me sensory overload. The sensation was incredible.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum!” Aunt Laura said, looking over her shoulder at me. “You’re going to make me cum!”

I brought my hands down to her hips so I could hold her in place before I started returning her thrusts back towards her. She leaned forward a bit more, the new angle causing my cock to rub against her pussy harder now. She put her hands on the wall to stabilize herself as her orgasm hit her.

“I’m cumming!” Aunt Laura said, leaning further downwards still so her pussy was angled in a way that my cock was stimulating her clit with every thrust.

I looked down and watched aunt Laura shake as each wave of pleasure hit her. From my view it looked like I was fucking her doggy style, and if I wasn’t careful I could easily slip inside her thanks to the position she was in. I was getting closer to my own orgasm now and this view was helping me get there fast.

“Oh god that was so good!” Aunt Laura finally said as her orgasm subsided.

I was still slowly thrusting away, my mind set on cumming my brains out next. Aunt Laura probably knew what I wanted so she stood back up and spun around so she was now facing me. She reached out and grabbed my cock and gave it a few strokes. She looked up at me and smiled before bringing her hands up and onto my shoulders and lightly pushed downwards, telling me without words to get on the floor. I wasn’t quite sure what she had planned but I gladly obeyed. I got down onto my knees and before she could do anything I reached around her and grabbed her ass and pulled her forward. I brought my face right up to her crotch and started licking her pussy, which caught aunt Laura off guard again.

“Oh god Matt!” she squealed. She put her hands on my head and thrust her pussy hard into my face for a moment before pulling back.

“Lay down on your back.” she instructed while looking down at me.

I gave her clit one last kiss before I obeyed. Aunt Laura turned on the “rain” setting on the shower controls while I got into position. Once I was on my back she stood over my legs and looked down at me, then brought her eyes down to my cock sticking straight up at her. She knelt down, grabbed it, and brought her mouth down on it in one swift motion. I moaned as I felt her warm mouth engulf the top half of my shaft. She slowly bobbed her head up and down, forcing more of my cock farther and farther in each time she brought her mouth down. Once she found her limit she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock.

“That feels so good.” I said, now slightly raising my hips to meet her downward head motions.

“You like that baby?” Aunt Laura asked, looking me right in the eyes. “You like having your cock in my mouth?”

All I could do was nod as she returned to her sucking duties with her trademark sexy grin. I reached down with my left hand and grabbed her tit and began kneading. I gave her nipple a pinch and Aunt Laura let out a moan, which I felt travel along my whole cock. As I kept watching her I thought I must have been dreaming, because only in my wildest imagination would this ever be happening.

Aunt Laura slowly brought my cock out of her mouth and began stroking me.

“Fuck Matt I could eat this all day.” she said, now almost in a ravenous growl. I was slowly getting close to my orgasm and I think she could tell.

She stroked the entire length of my cock a bit more, mixing her saliva and the shower water so it was nice and slick. She gave it one last kiss and then started crawling up my body until she was face to face with me. She kept her knees together and used her legs to force my legs farther open. She then reached down and moved my cock so it was just below her pussy. She smiled her sexy smile and lowered herself and it slipped between her thighs again. She was now in a position that looked like she was going to do push ups but with her thighs tightly shut around my cock. She was holding herself up with her hands planted on the shower floor beside each of my shoulders, causing her tits to hang down between us.

“Oh yeah baby!” Aunt Laura groaned as her pussy rested against the top of my shaft again. I could feel the heat emanating from between her legs and it felt as if she was trying to brand my cock with her stamp of approval.

Aunt Laura started pendik escort thrusting her pelvis into me now, creating a slapping sound each time she brought herself down. I reached my hands down and around her so I could grab her ass as I met each of her downward thrusts with a bit of an upward thrust of my own. My eyes moved down to her tits that were swinging between us with every thrust she made. I looked up at her face and her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. I thought she looked so sexy in that moment and as much as I wanted this to last forever, it was bringing me closer to my fast approaching orgasm.

“I’m gunna cum!” I said, still looking at her so I could see her response.

Aunt Laura opened her eyes and looked down at me.

“Mmm me too baby, let’s cum together.”

Before she did, she took her weight off her arms so she was now laying completely flat on me with her lower body still grinding against mine. She lowered her head down, kissed me on the cheek and then whispered into my ear.

“I can’t wait to feel this inside me.”

That sent me over the edge. I moved my arms up so I was hugging her tightly around her waist as I pumped between her legs harder. Aunt Laura’s orgasm came first and her squeals of pleasure turned into loud moans as she began grinding herself harder against me. My cock started erupting shortly after, shooting cum straight up and then landing on her back. We both kept thrusting into each other as we came, neither of us wanting to stop.

“Oh yeah baby cum on me!” Aunt Laura said between moans.

My last few shots coated her ass, which then dripped down between her legs and coated my cock over again. I kept holding her tightly, not wanting to loosen my grip until I was completely spent. She kept her thighs shut tightly around me and slowed her violent-like thrusts down to a sensual humping motion. My cock was still rock hard and she never stopped moving on it.

“I want to keep going.” she said almost in a whisper. She was looking me right in the eyes almost like she was waiting for my approval.

Her humping started to slowly pick up again, but the sudden sound of the doorbell over the intercom snapped us both back to reality.

“Shit!” aunt Laura said, frustrated we were interrupted.

She stood up and quickly got situated so she could use the intercom, which was conveniently next to the shower controls, to answer whoever it was at the door. I couldn’t tell who it was but it was a woman’s voice. I sat up and aunt Laura motioned for me to get out of the shower.

“I’m just finishing in the shower but I’ll let you in, I’ll be up in a couple of minutes.” she said into intercom.

I stood up and rinsed off quickly while she stalled. I made sure to point and wave my cock at her the whole time, which she kept trying to grab but couldn’t quite reach from where she was. I got out of the shower, grabbed my shorts, and made my way back to my room to get dressed.

Once I got to my room I sat down on the bed. I left the door open a crack in case I was able to hear whoever it was that just arrived. I was still cooling off from my shower session with aunt Laura when I heard my phone buzz, letting me know I had a few text notifications. They were all from Lauren, mostly asking what I think I should do for the next phase of my aunt Laura plans.

“I like the idea of her walking in on me or catching me asleep naked or something.” I replied.

“Maybe she can walk in on you jerking off?” she said.

“I like it!” I agreed. I knew if aunt Laura caught me jerking off she’d probably just join in the fun, so we’d have to go over that plan beforehand again.

In reality I had a bunch scenarios planned but not enough time to act them out. Realistically in the situation Lauren thought I was in they wouldn’t happen every day, maybe once or twice a week, so I had to go with my favorite ones since I only had a month with aunt Laura.

“What are your plans for the rest of the day?” Lauren asked.

“I’m not sure, but it sounds like someone came over. I hope things aren’t awkward between aunt Laura and I after the pool incident though.” I hit send as I got more comfy on the bed.

Just then aunt Laura sent me a text.

“That was my friend Rachel at the door, she’s going to hang out and we are going to have some drinks” she said.

There went my hopes of continuing our shower fun, at least for the next few hours.

“Oh ok, I’ll just hang out down here then” I replied.

I switched back to my convo with Lauren and told her that aunt Laura’s visitor was her friend Rachel. I shouldn’t have been surprised by her response.

“Is she porny too?”

“No idea, I’m still in my room so I haven’t seen her”

A few moments later aunt Laura replied.

“I have a pervy idea, I can’t tell you what it is yet but come up and say hi”

“Uh oh. Should I be expecting something to happen?”

“LOL no, just come up!”

I don’t know why aydınlı escort but suddenly I got nervous. It was almost like the feeling I used to get as a kid when I’d have to introduce myself to a new person.

“Ok let me put clothes on first!”

I switched back to Lauren again.

“Well go find out!” her text said.

“Jeez! You’re so controlling today!” I joked.

I hadn’t put my shorts back on since I returned to my room, so I was still naked while I was laying on the bed. I wasn’t in much of a hurry to get dressed though, I still had that weird nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach for some reason. Plus I had gotten really comfy laying naked in bed.

I closed my eyes for a few moments and thoughts of what occurred in the shower with aunt Laura flooded my mind. I remembered those words she whispered in my ear that brought me over the edge, which made start to getting hard again. I brought my left hand to my cock and slowly started stroking. I thought about what it would be like to finally slide my cock inside her. I imagined her riding my cock on the floor of the shower, or me pumping into her from behind while we were in the pool. I sped up my strokes even though I had no intention of cumming yet. I was just enjoying the sensation.

I wasn’t sure how long I was going for but I was brought back to reality by my phone buzzing on the bed beside me. It was aunt Laura.

“Are you gunna cum?” she asked.

I figured she was asking me where the heck I was, and purposely misspelled “come” as a joke.

I got up and tossed my phone on the bed. I found some clean shorts and a tshirt and threw them on. The thought of putting on any underwear didn’t even enter my mind until after I was already dressed, so I just shrugged and figured nobody would be able to tell. I picked up my phone and headed for the door, which I noticed was open a bit more than I thought I left it. I shrugged that off too and thought there was probably a draft that caused it to open.

As I made my way upstairs I texted Lauren that I was going to meet Rachel and I’ll let her in on the details. I saw that she was typing so I slowed down a bit so I could see her message before I made it to the top of the steps.

“Please be porny please be porny” she said.

“Good grief woman!” I replied back, although I was hoping so too.

I found aunt Laura and Rachel sitting at the big kitchen island. As I walked in their direction I could see that they’d already been enjoying some alcoholic beverages. Once they noticed I was there they both looked at me, then back at each other and started giggling like teenaged girls. I wasn’t sure what was so funny so I just put on a nervous smile as I walked up. I stood somewhat between them but still a foot from the island.

“Hey hun, this is Rachel. Rachel, this is Matt.” Aunt Laura said once their giggling subsided.

“Heyyy Matt.” Rachel said smiling, looking me up and down and then putting her hand on my shoulder.

Aunt Laura started explaining how both of them knew each other but I zoned out when I looked at Rachel. The first thing I noticed about her was that she was gorgeous. Her smile lit up the room and her eyes were so blue it looked like she was staring into my soul. She had her long hair in a ponytail draped over her shoulder, its length almost reaching her lap. She also seemed to have a bit of a smaller frame than aunt Laura. Rachel was from South Korea, which I found out later, and although she was aunt Laura’s age she looked like she was young enough to be one of my classmates. I had a thing for Asian girls so I may have been staring at her for a while.

When I had first walked up I noticed both of them were dressed like they were going to go on a run together and coordinated wearing almost identical leggings and sports bras. Rachel was wearing a slightly more modest top, however, that didn’t flaunt her cleavage quite as much as aunt Laura’s did. Even though she was dressed in a more tame manner, I could tell her tits might have been just as big as aunt Laura’s.

“Hi!” I managed to muster once I came back to reality. I wasn’t sure but something about Rachel seemed familiar.

“If you’ll excuse me I have to use the little girl’s room.” Rachel said. Her hand was still on my shoulder so she used it as leverage to lift herself from her chair and hopped down.

“You probably don’t remember but Rachel used to come over all the time. Probably a few times when you were visiting.” Aunt Laura said as we both watched Rachel walk down the hall.

“That’s probably why she seemed familiar.” I said.

Aunt Laura waited for the sound of the bathroom door closing to speak again.

“Ok don’t freak out but…” she started saying before looking down at her phone.

“But…” I said. “But what?”

“Look.” Aunt Laura said and showed me her phone.

On the screen of her phone was a picture. In the picture was the back of who I recognized as Rachel, who was looking into my room. Inside the room was myself, laying on the bed, eyes closed, with my hard cock in hand.

That’s why the door was open more than I remember leaving it, and that must have been what she meant when she asked if I was going to cum. Once I put all of this together I looked up at aunt Laura.

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