Old Man Hanson and Jade


Old man Hanson watched from his car window as she closed her door, her back towards him, showing off her large bouncy bum that was encased in a tight pair of black leggings. Her top half was barely covered by anything but a small tight sports bra. Her bright red hair tied in a tight pony tail that hung to her waist.

She turned around and placed her headset on, she ran down the steps and did some small stretches before she began her run. Not wanting to scare her with his van, he climbed out and adjusted his cap, making sure he had everything, he too started to jog. He watched as she jogged around the street.

Waving at people she knew, stopping to talk to friends she bumped into. He ran on the opposite side of the road, keeping close to her but not to close that it would ring the bells in her pretty little head. When she started to run towards the park he went the other way, knowing she was heading back to her house. He took the short cut and sat waiting yet again in his car for her.

This happened continuously for a few weeks, he watched what she did and where she went. He learnt her routine and knew all her friends. One day she walked out of her house, wearing her gym clothes again, this time she was in tight shorts that cupped her butt cheeks. He felt his old cock stir at the sight.

Today was the day. He was finally going to take what he has been craving for weeks, he wanted to wrap his wrinkly old hand around her throat and fuck her doggy style, he wanted to dig his old dirty cock into her tight young body. Opening his wallet he pulled out a small blue pill and swallowed it.

If he was going to fuck her, he wanted to last a long time. He climbed out of his van and walked up her front steps, knocking on her door to make sure nobody was home after a few minutes he reached down under the yellow pot plant and pulled out the spare house key.

Unlocking the door he pocketed the key for later use. He wanted access to her at all times.

Stepping into her small home he looked around, it was clean with a few personal items sitting around. He walked towards the back of the house and found her room, it was large, with a king size bed that was pushed placed right in the middle of the room.

Her drawers sat against the large window covered in small frames and other female products. He walked to the drawers and opened the top one, finding nothing but sleep wear he closed it and opened the one next to it, revealing her bras. He picked one up and smiled imaging her body in it.

Next he opened the one underneath the bras and found all her panties. He pocketed a few for later use and sat down on her bed, waiting for her to return home.

After 15 minutes he heard the sound of the front door, küçükçekmece escort and soft humming. He grinned and sat up straighter.

She rounded the corner but still hadn’t noticed him. She started taking her clothes off, peeling them away from her sweat covered body. He groaned and stood from the bed. His knees cracking this the sudden weight placed on them.

She jumped and swung around at the sound, her large bare breasts bounced as she went to cover them.

“Hmm no point hiding them love.” He groaned out.

“I’ll scream!” She moved away.

“Oh I hope you scream, but in a more pleasuring kind of way.” He boxed her tiny body in, making sure she couldn’t move.

“What do you want?” She whispered, her light brown eyes wide with fear.

“You, I’ve always wanted you.” He lent down and took a deep breath in.

“You smell divine. Jade.” He licked his way up her throat to her chin.

Jade tried to move further back. Her arms tightened around her chest.

“I’ve seen you before. Your the old man that’s been following me” She whispered.

He grabbed her hair that was still in its pony.

“Hmm you’re right. I have been following you. I’ve watching your tight body for weeks. And you knew I was watching! You began to wear such daring clothing, teasing me.” He pushed his crotch forward and pressed it into her tummy.

“Feel what you have done to me” He growled out. Jades mouth opened in a gasp, her hands slowly fell away from her large tits and hung down at her sides. Her eyes grew darker and she wet her lips.

“What are you going to do about it?” She whispered out. Old man Hanson grinned.

He wrapped his large winkled hand around her throat.

“I’m going to fuck you, in every way possible, in every room of this house.” He pulled her roughly to him and brought his lips down on hers. Kissing her like a man deprived of water. She moaned in delight and kissed back with much passion as him.

Pulling away, he grabbed her arms and turned around to the bed. Throwing her roughly down making her bounce on the spot. Reaching towards her hips, he pulled down her small shorts along with her black panties she wore underneath. “First I’m going suck you, and then I’m going to turn you over and fuck you so hard you wont know which was is up and which is down.”

Jade lent up on her elbows and watched the dirty old man at work, he was a ugly old man, with hardly no hair and absolutely skin and bones, he’s teeth a bright yellow and his smelt of old cheese. It turned her on knowing he was watching her, she had always been attracted to old men. Especially old perverted men.

He wasn’t gentle with her at küçükyalı escort all, as soon as her pussy was bare he latched on, dragging his teeth and tongue all over her pussy lips.

Her head fell back as she welcomed the sensations he was giving, it had been so long senses she last had an old mans hands on her body. She moaned and rolled her hips in time with his sucking.

“Please!” She groaned out, she needed more.

He pulled his face away, it was covered in pussy juice and spit.

“Please what!”

“Please more! I want more!” He grinned and shoved to long fingers into her snatch.

“You want this old man to fuck you? You want me to stick my old dirty cock into your tight young body and rut you like a pig” His dirty words made her moan like crazy.

“Please make me your bitch” She pinched at her nipples, loving the roughness he was giving her,

“Oh trust me. You are my bitch.” He placed his head back between her thighs and found her clit, with a quick glance up at her, he bit down hard on her clit making her cry out in pain and pleasure.

“FUCK!” She fell on her back and arched her back. Her hips continued to thrust into his face, she was getting closer with each minute passing. She grabbed at his baling head and screamed her release.

He didn’t stop sucking, he wrapped his arms around her thighs and held her hips close to his mouth. He could feel her shaking as she rode the orgasm that ripped through her body.

He felt her tense once more and she squeezed her thighs around his face, keeping him locked there she squirted into his mouth and crying out her pleasure as he inserted three fingers into her twitching cunt. Finally he pulled away, face dripping in her cum, he ginned up at her.

“Yummy.” He kept his fingers in her rubbing at her pleasure spot that was hidden in the soft mushy part of her cunt. Her walls tightening around them as she still rode her orgasm.

“Next part.” He ripped his fingers out and turned her over, he pushed her ass up in the air and placed her hands under her body

“Now push up. That’s right.” He lent on his knees behind her wet body and pulled down his shorts, kicking them off he lined up his long veiny cock with her entrance.

“You ready baby? Ready to get fucked by a dirty old pervert like me?” He wrapped his hand around her throat like he had been dreaming about, making her head lean back, her eyes were wild with want.

“Please.” her voice was husky after her screaming and he loved the sound.

Without warning her pushed roughly into her cunt and watched as her eyes opened wide and her mouth gap open in a silent scream. He leaned down and kiss her, pushing maltepe escort he old smelly tongue down her throat.

He started off with slow rough thrusts, loving how her tits jiggled with each thrust.

“harder” She groaned out.

“As they lady commands.” He let go of her neck and wrapped his hands around her hips. Using as much force as he could he began to pound into her, pushing more pussy juice out of her cunt and all over his thighs.

“Faster” She bounced back into him, he grabbed her pony and wrapped it around his wrist, he tugged and began to pound fast into her young body. Slapping sounds of two bodies echoed around the room. Soft and hard grunts traveled down the hall.

“Fuck. Your cunt feels so good!” He tugged harder at her hair and pulled her body up against his. He bit down on her neck, leaving large teeth marks all over.

He pushes roughly into her and could feel her walls tighten around his cock. Far better than his fingers.

“Fuck!” He pushed her face down on her bed and really started going at her, his balls slapped at her slit as they swung wildly with his thrusting. He growled and dug into her harder. Jade was now screaming in pure pleasure as she began to cum. Her eyes had closed shut and her hand clung to her bed sheets.

“I’m cumming! Please don’t stop” He felt her tense and then a loud cry echoed around the room, he felt a jet of her juices hit his thighs as she squirted over his old cock. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been fucked this hard by an old man.

He suddenly tensed and turned her on her back, he wanted to watch her face as he emptied his balls into her cunt.

He brought her legs over shoulders and continued his assault. She moaned at the position and could feel another orgasm coming.

“Please! Please!” She moaned over and over. Her pussy walls clenched at his cock again as she came around his pounding cock.

He pushed out her juices and couldn’t wait to go back down between her thighs to lick at her mess.

“I’m going to coat your pussy walls in my cum bitch. I’m going to make you so feel so full, cum will be dripping out of your cunt” He growled out. A couple thrust later he stilled above her and screamed his release. His cum spraying her walls just like he said.

He pulled out and dropped her hips. He sat between her thighs and watched as his jizz dripped out of her well fuck cunt.

She turned over and push her ass in the air, wiggling it. Making him smack it.

“Next time I’ll fuck your tight ass.” He laid down next to her and pulled her wet body to his.

“So. Whats next?” She leaned over him and kissed his lips.

“Rest and then I’ll fuck you in the bathroom.” He closed his eyes and smiled. They had meet online months ago and had planned this day.

She just didn’t know the date he was going to come.

“Well its nice to finally meet you Hanson.” She kissed his cheek and snuggled up closer to him.

“Hm you got that right.”

They both feel asleep, getting rest before they started again.

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