Oldie Goldie Ch. 02


The next morning, I answered the doorbell groggily, to find Steve with a backpack and a couple of duffle bags standing outside.

“Well, come on in,” I ushered him in, and showed him where to drop the bags, near a closet I had emptied out.

He put them down, then hugged me close, “Mmm, come here.” He kissed me, placing a hand behind my neck.

“You’re tense, you silly boy. Why?”

“I … er …”, I began, but he put a finger to my lips. “Don’t you realize, you aren’t going to wake up the same way again?”

He pushed me to the bed and pulled my pajamas down. “There it is!” He fished my cock out, and placed it flat on my belly, going to work on my balls, putting one then the other in his mouth, slowly alternating them.

I hardened under his ministrations, and he let me rise, stroking me almost absentmindedly as he nuzzled his nose into the base of my balls.

I reached down to stroke his hair. “Yeah baby, get involved, don’t just sit there!” I felt around for where my nuts disappeared into his mouth, felt the outline of his lips around them, then just ran them through his hair, enjoying the feeling of his tongue carefully rolling and bathing them.

By now my cock was rock hard, and began a series of long licks, from balls to tip. “You like that? Yeah I know you do. I’m here now (Slurp), I’m gonna (Slurp) take care (Slurp) of you.”

Then he brought his mouth to the tip, took just the head in, and stopped. I waited, then suddenly realized what he wanted me to do. I grabbed the sides of his head and began a slow motion with my hips.

His throat relaxed, and I slid all the way in. I felt around his lips again, feeling the tight seal they made around the base of my cock, then released him. He pulled away, dripping long strands of saliva, and smiling.

He traced my balls in his hands, “you’re getting close, yeah?”, then swallowed me again. I thrashed helplessly as I pulsed into his mouth. More slurping, then he moved slowly off, and swallowed everything.

“So, show me where I can get set up in the bathroom.”

This was the beginning, but seeing Steve work, I learnt all about the necessities of a “travel bag”, which served me very well later. I help all my new lovers along today, setting them up with a nice handbag that has basic makeup, a wig, some jewelry, shoes, stockings, lots of condoms and lots of lube.

He walked out, striding confidently out into my lap. He wasn’t remotely passable, and he knew it, but he was still so fucking _pretty_. I learnt through him the necessity of looking into someone’s heart and not how they conformed to the world.

I hugged him tightly. “Who are you now?”

“Call me Stephanie, or Steffi.”

“Mmm, okay, I love how you feel, Steffi. I want to get to know every bit of you. I want to love you like you love istanbul escort me.”

Her eyes moistened a bit, and I kissed them, over the light blue shadow, then down to her crinkly nose, and finally to her big, dark pink lips.

I slipped a couple of fingers in her mouth and moved them around. She sat with her head back, and let me do whatever I wanted. I reached for the beginning of her throat, and drew out saliva.

“It’s yours, baby. It’s your throat.”

“Thank you,” I whispered, and massaged her legs, under her long skirt. Her skin was getting a bit wrinkly, but was very well moisturized throughout. Her face was very clearly not a young face, but it had a twinkling, happy look to it.

I felt a sudden lurch in my dick as I took her in, and kissed her neck, making her moan. “So you’re mine, you’re really mine?”

“Damn sure I am!”

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I just want to hold you in your mouth. You have to let go of this.”

“Of what?”

“Of this feeling like you’re taking advantage of me, or that you need to reciprocate somehow. You don’t. I want this, that’s all.”

So I sat back in the chair and exhaled, and opened up my laptop and got to work, as she munched on my dick.

I think this is where I got my love of long oral sessions, something that I badger both Leland and my new lovers to give me.

I got thoroughly spoilt those several months. Whether it was Steve or Stephanie, I was getting drained all the time. I got a blowjob when I woke up, before I slept, while I was watching a game, while I was working, pretty much all the time.

I would come home tired some days to find Stephanie stretched out in child pose. When I walked over, she would curl back up to kneeling, and just bury her face silently into my crotch. I learnt to kick off clothes as soon as I arrived, to save time.

I would relax into the long sofa and put on the TV (I had precious little furniture in those days), and spread my legs. For the next half an hour to an hour, my cock would be held in a warm mouth, lubricated, caressed. After a while I’d switch off the TV, and just talk about my day.

If it was Stephanie that greeted me, I sometimes skipped the TV and took her to my bedroom. If it was Steve, I would let him know I was about to cum by just pressing his head down and holding it in place till I was done.

We had slowly gotten more comfortable about texting each other, and had settled into a strange sort of … almost incestuous familial relationship. Today, as I grabbed my lunch, my phone chimed and I saw a shot of a hairless, wrinkled, panty-covered ass. “Home at six? We’re doing a salad today, but I want dessert before _and_ after that!”

I rushed out as fast as I could, nearly running to the door. I was greeted by Stephanie, who grabbed escort bayan my hand and pulled me in. She was wearing her new color-streaked gray hair wig, and an elegant blue dress. “Come on in soldier, I don’t want anyone else to see me like this.”

“Like what? You look fucking amazing!”

“Oh sweetie, you’re too kind,” she stroked my cheek, “and that’s why I’m here, isn’t it?”

I reached under the dress and grabbed handfuls of ass. “Mmm, yes, baby, I’m ready for you there today.” Between her ass cheeks was a circular rubber disc, attached to a …

“I wore it to get ready for you. At my age, I need some time to … to loosen up. I wanted it to be good for you. Lets move into the bedroom.”

I followed her, the dress rustling as she walked. A fresh sheet was on the bed, and soft jazz music played in the background. This was to become my own standard “seduction environment” for others as I grew older, and only later did I realize how lucky I had been to have a teacher and lover like her.

“Ah my love,” she said, turning to me and resuming her usual ritual of undressing me. As my boxers fell away, my cock sprang up.

She held me lovingly, stroking my cheek with one hand, while the other touched my cock palm up, making me bounce up and slap my stomach, until I calmed down enough to rest in her palm, the tips of her fingers at my root, lightly scratching.

She reached for a bottle of lube, and keeping one hand under me, dripped it along my length. Then both fists closed around me, and jacked me off, until the wet, arousing sound signaled I was ready.

She lay down on the bed, and spread her legs. “Get me ready. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you just what to do. Help me open up.”

I bunched her dress around her waist, then pushed her ass up, rolling her up.

“Pull it out.”

I tugged at the rubber disc, till I could grip the shaft under it, slowly sliding out the large bulb inside. Her hole widened, and she winced, but nodded, and I pulled more, surprised at its size. Instead of a tapered shaft, or even a beaded design, this was egg-shaped, and really gaped her wide open at its maximum size.

Once the largest point was through, it popped out, almost comically. I couldn’t help putting a couple of fingers in immediately, feeling her tighten around me slowly.

She nodded towards the lube she had used earlier. “Pour some in, then work it around. In the position she was in, I could just pour some right into her hole, then stick my fingers in and turn them around. Once again, the sloppy sound signaled we’d got enough in.

I rose up, shaking with excitement, crawling over her. “Hold my legs,” she said, bring her arms around my neck. I pressed down on her thighs, lining myself up.

“It’s ok, go in, let it happen,” she encouraged me, Kartal escort “I can take it, just, hold on.”

I moved to aim myself better, but she slapped my hands away, and hooked her legs around my arms, then holding me just by the tip, brought me to her hold.

“Push, slowly.”

I did so, and felt resistance, my head flaring open her hole. Her face fell back, she gritted her teeth, but one hand around my neck, she stroked my shaft downwards, and I resumed my pressure, just letting myself fall down naturally.

The sudden constriction after my head popped in hit me like electricity, and she exhaled, and smiled, making a ring with her finger and thumb, and lightly continuing to stroke the rest of my shaft.

As I continued to settle in, I noticed something I hadn’t since all the time we had been together. Her dick had come to life, and was slowly lengthening. She saw me looking and smirked, “yeah, that’s the only way to get a rise out of it these days. There’ll be more to come soon.”

Both of us gasped when I slid in all the way in, and I bent down to kiss her. “I’m sure you’ll have many lovers, but only accept those who love and respect your cock. If they do, if they truly do, they will love to have you in their mouth, and in their ass pussy.”

I moved to kiss her neck, her chin, as she continued to whisper in my ear. “Just hold them, like this, while you are both within and without, surrounding their body while completely embedded in them. Kiss them, talk to them, tell them you love them.”

“Then,” no longer whispering, “fuck their brains out.”

“Just give them time to get used to you, okay. Lube and patience,” she patted me, “that’s all you need. Lube and patience.”

I smiled and raised myself up, and started to move, pulling in and out. “Lean back a bit and push up,” she said, “and then … oh god, fuck, oh!”

I had rubbed against something, and her mouth just stayed open. Wanting to please her as much as she was pleasing me, I adjusted myself and began to saw in and out, just to hit that little button.

Her dick had hardened fully now, and she had closed her eyes. “Fuck me baby, don’t stop. Keep hitting that. Hit that ass, baby, oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd.”

“Are you really going to cum?” I asked her, “can you cum this way?”

“Best believe it,” she said, “more than once, sometimes, if the stars are aligned.”

I stopped and turned her to the side, then raised one leg up, and moved around until I felt I was “facing the right way”.

“You’ve been so good to me,” I said, “now let me love you back. I’m going to pound this fucking ass of yours until you’re tired of cumming.”

I began my ride, breathing deeply to let me keep going despite the intense grip along my dick.

I held on to her waist with one hand, and gripped her dick with the other.

“Take my ass, baby, take it,” she wailed, as I hammered her, until at last, she spasmed, and dribbled on to my hand. When she was calm again, I brought my hand to my lips and licked it.

Yes, those were the good old days.

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