One Step Too Far Ch. 02


I must have been standing there for awhile barefoot and terry-cloth robe with my eyes fixed on Alex and my mouth open. For some reason I was still on my toes even though Alex had let go of my chin. I lowered my feet and tried to say something but some feeling of fear and some feeling of being out of control confused me and I couldn’t think of what to say. Even though submissive, I am also a bit of a smart alec, it made me feel more in control.

After what seemed like an eternity he said, “I’m sorry I’ve deceived you but I need you to do something for me and if I had told you before you came, of course you would have been stupid to come. I know you don’t know us here at the ranch at all and you and I agreed you would stay for only a week but I need you to stay longer. We will let your family know through your email you are alright so they won’t worry.. You will be well cared for here. I can’t explain all the details now but the future of this ranch and all the people who work here rest on you and I.” He paused, and I imagined I thought I saw a flicker of pain cross his impassive face, “I used poor judgement in trusting some peculiar people and have endangered everyone I love.”

I held my hand up, permission to speak? I tried a forced smile, “I don’t think you have the right person, I’m just… this, little ol’ me. But look… what about if I do what you asked for, I’ll get on my knees, and give you the best blow job you’ve had this year? Then give me my car keys and I swear I won’t tell anyone. No one knows I dress anyways and so no one to tell. Cool?” I started to kneel, but moved slightly to the left where there was what looked like one of those decorative antique kettles. I imagined it would do the job. I started to kneel and my robe fell open slightly. I was around half his age and I was a bit soft but nimble. I would find Ms Garvey and threaten her with another antique and we could all chalk this up to a misunderstanding. I would be keeping the terrycloth robe of course. Fair is fair.

I grabbed the kettle with my left hand and in one motion stood back up and swung the kettle over my head, which now seemed much heavier as a girl for some reason. I thought I caught him by surprise but he caught my hand at the top of its arc. I brought my right knee, through my now open robe, up full force, with all my ancestral kung fu guidance, to his privates. He managed to twist and took the blow on his thigh. He groaned, which felt satisfying. As I advanced, I felt a towel on my face, then my mouth. I looked back and it was Ms Garvey who seemed agitated but held the cloth firmly over my mouth. I was confused as I collapsed in slow motion (or so it felt.) Alex caught me and softly laid me on ground, my robe barely covering up my naturally tan, mostly hairless mostly body which had very recently gotten the love of a full spa treatment. As things got a little weird, I looked up at Alex. His face seemed… sad?

Now I was looking at my crumpled body from above with a leg sticking out of robe. Alex and Ms Garvey were tending to me and covered up my exposed leg. Hmmm, I looked good! I laughed, I could fly! There I was poolside giggling with the other two girls. For the life of me I couldn’t remember their names. Then what looks like a butler walks over with canapes. He looked funny and I started laughing anew, not ladylike at all. Ms Garvey was manning the barbecue and Alex was smoking a cigar poolside reading a newspaper. Who reads newspapers?!

The music had me humming… what was the tune? Tip of my brain, that tune. I looked in the sky. Not a cloud in the sky and I had on this great swimsuit, one piece, showing off my back, glistening from sunscreen. glittery low heel flip-flops. This was the life! Should I go for a swim? My thoughts turned inward and I gazed at the wavy aqua water inviting me to dive in. Things crossfaded movie style and then I was in my beautiful cottage bed again. “I got it!” I said to no one. Then softer to myself, “Summertime Sadness, Lana Del Rey!” I hummed the song and I could feel myself awaken. As my eyes slowly focussed, I could make out Alex sitting in a chair reading (a newspaper!) and Ms Garvey bustled about just outside. It looked like morning.

I think most people would ask why the first thing I noticed was NOT that I was completely bound, but it wasn’t. Because of the Chloroform of course, I was a tiny bit foggy. The first thing I DID notice was that I was wearing a grey pleated silk flippy skirt. I guess because I’m a girl, of course. I could tell the dress was expensive, probably as much as my entire skirt put together. I’ve never worn anything of that quality of course and I could tell the way it moved and rustled the materials were high quality and my captors had some sense of taste and money. I was also dressed in a white silk blouse with absurdly feminine ruffles running up the front where it was buttoned conservatively up high on my neck. I was wearing Pendik Sınırsız Escort a tasteful and understated silver bracelet on my right wrist. I could only feel lovely undergarments but of course couldn’t see them.

The fog in my head was almost lifted. Now I noticed for the first time below the skirt, beyond the stockings, my feet were tied together firmly together at the ankles simply and firmly with what looked like rawhide. That kind of made sense, we were on a ranch right? My wrists were tied to bed, each arm pulled out to either side and attached to bed beyond my view left and right. I could see the knots were done by professionals, not fussy but not in any way lackadaisical. I knew I wasn’t going anywhere for the moment and I narrowed my eyes and gave Alex my best “oh you fucked with the wrong girl” look but it’s hard to look convincing when I’m tied up like that. Alex walked to foot of bed as Ms Garvey materialised. She seemed always composed, not a hair out of place.

“I’m so sorry Lana.” was what he finally said. “I will let you out of your binds in due time. I don’t want you to feel like you are a prisoner.” We both glanced at the thigh I kicked. “You cannot leave the grounds, the bracelet on your right wrist cannot be removed and you will get a nasty surprise if you near the borders of this ranch.” I looked at my wrist and back at him, I could feel he was telling the truth. “I want you to enjoy these facilities, which have more amenities than i’ve even told you. But as I said last night, I need something from you and would not be asking you, an innocent stranger if the situation wasn’t dire. I’m hoping over time you can see and feel compassion for us and my regard for you so that your task for us is easier.

He stopped, careful with his words. “I don’t want to get into all the details now, I myself don’t know them completely. What I’d like to talk about is you, Laura. What I think of your potential. When I first saw your pictures and we emailed, my heart rose. You have something… I would bet my instincts on it. You have… allure yes, but much more. Some kind of submissive feminine quality, some curiosity, some boldness, some innocence and wonder. Something vulnerable yet strong. Refined men with tastes and fetishes like myself search the world for it.” Despite my seething anger, I almost blushed from the compliments. And yet I knew myself not to be this person. My anger returned.

“I would never help you” I said coldly and with conviction. My voice was a little raspy but strong enough. “I wouldn’t indulge you in any way. You’re a liar, I don’t do anything with liars.”

He bowed his head. “Yes I know, and as much as I would fall for you, I need you for something else, not for me. I cannot have you.” I looked at him, feeling a little scared. This was ridiculous, like some movie and I was completely able to move.

Alex said kindly, “But… you aren’t ready, far from it. And perhaps you will never be ready, who knows these things but you are our one chance. First the staff, myself and some of my trusted friends need to train you. You need to discover and own your power, to know nice things, to know what a certain kind of man wants intuitively. You need to know yourself, have confidence. You have to know the world of desire, which you have been too afraid to delve into.”

He continued, “You will not meet ordinary men. Not men who just inherited or made some money, such as my friends. They are unique men who have everything that money can buy… except authenticity that serves their whims. And for that they will move the world. The training will be difficult but I feel you can do this. In return, the best I can do is offer you is what this ranch can offer. You will eat well and there are many things to do here and you will have a budget to buy whatever you want and need.”

I felt incredulous. The best you can do? I imagined russian mafia or worse. People who would sooner kill you then to say, greet you? This seemed pretty outrageous. I pulled at the rawhide, which only seemed to make them a bit tighter. “This is bullshit. I am going to take the first moment I have a chance and I will make you regret. I’ll make everyone here regret.”

Alex looked tired. “I know, Your reaction is perfectly reasonable. But the show must go on. First thing we need is to have you clean you up properly. Ms Garvey will oversee all of your needs in that area. All the girly matters, and she knows fashion and all those girly matters. From now on, you will be called Lana, much sexier.” Whatever I thought although I kind of liked the new name.

Ms Garvey had stopped what she was doing. She still felt kind, her face regretful but knowing she had no choice. Alex left. I was going to call after him but there didn’t seem to be any point. What would I ask for anyways. I turned to Ms Garvey, who was at the foot of the bed with a soft leather Hermes toiletry Pendik Suriyeli Escort bag. “I’m so sorry, really I am but I also want your stay to be as comfortable as it can be. Alex is a good man and what he said is true,” she paused for next words, “Unfortunately at the moment I can’t trust you won’t overpower me, so today at least I will ask my son Hank to help.” Hank had stepped in, cowboy hat in hand, and looked even dumber than he did the day before fetching my luggage. He had that cowboy build, thin but wiry, used to taking down livestock.

“Hank’s not so bright but he’s very good with his hands and gentle. I will be cleaning the other girl’s cottages while they are out riding. Lana, this is Hank, Hank, Lana.” Ms Garvey beat a hasty exit and Hank walked over, boots making a gentle sound on carpet. He looked me over, considering perhaps how to work with me. He reached into Hermes bag and pulled out a straight razor, like they used in the wild west. Hank looked up and said plainly, “Need shave you, razor good, don’t worry.” He had come to my left side closer to me. What a dumbass.

I spoke softly and urgently. “Hey Hank,you’re a bright guy. Listen, you haven’t done anything wrong. I can make this worth your while, my family is very wealthy and if you give me my car keys and perhaps something for this bracelet, you will be handsomely rewarded and…” I stopped talking. Hank, looking dumb still, had stuck his index finger in my mouth” while watching me curiously. “Hey Han” I tried to say, but as I spoke he put his finger further in my mouth. I could taste cowhide and sweat.

Well if that was the way he wanted to do it so be it. I bit down to teach the dullard where to put his finger. As I bit, he slid his finger further down until I gagged. When I gagged he withdrew his finger a bit. But now anytime I tried to speak he just put his fingers, moist with my spit, down my throat. After awhile he looked at me, like, can you be quiet? I shook my head yes resignedly. He pulled finger out slowly which was a relief.

To my embarrassment, my “clit” had become very slightly erect. Not from attraction of course but… I mean I had no idea. Something like being taken control of by an idiot. Bit if Hank noticed the slight lump in my skirt, he didn’t let on.

He re-fastened the rawhide so now my arms were tied together, raised in back of me. He gently slid my body down and put a pillow under my ass. He re-fastened my legs so they were open. This was all done very quickly. He went into the bathroom and I could just see him filling a bucket with warm sudsy water. A tug here and there convinced me the knots were still well done.

He returned and before I could think clearly he’d raised my legs in the air with one hand and with the other started putting oils on my behind. As I mentioned, I am naturally hairless… except down there and around my head. His hands were warm and oddly gentle and I kept wanting to make a deal where I would obey so he wouldn’t have to handle me like some kind of animal but clearly he wasn’t listening. I started giving in. As he rubbed me he did something that made me jump. He would insert his finger in my ass for just a moment. But then pull out before I could complain. This went on, me getting relaxed and then the little finger motion.

I was starting to feel pleasure in my clit and sissy areas and I wanted to hide my face in shame but couldn’t as my arms were bound above me.. I hid my face as best as possible in the ruffles of my shirt and he smiles a little but it didn’t feel lecherous, he seemed someone happy in their work. He had finished the massage, if that’s what you could call it and lathered up what looked like shaving cream around my private areas. I could feel a slight tingle and fresh cold air. He had gently hiked up my skirt. Now he held one leg up firmly up and turned my body, not in a painful way at all but Ii couldn’t move in his firm grasp and my face was in comforter. I could feel the straight razor as it worked itself around my curves. I could feel him getting to every area even as I was turned around. He worked the other side by lifting the other leg. Any fight I had was gone. The warm towel wiping away the shaving cream felt like heaven as he flipped me back over. As I was turned upward, I was surprised that my clit was erect. I would have been more embarrassed but Hank for his part didn’t seem to notice as he re-fastened the ropes and put me in a more comfortable sitting position on the bed and loosened my bindings so I could move my arms and legs around just a bit. He seemed all about working which I had gratitude for. I felt an amazing smoothness and it felt luxurious.

When he finished, he came around the bed to say goodbye, I wanted to thank him. I mumbled, “Ok I know you can’t let me go. I just wanted to thank you for being coo…” At this point he stuck his right index finger in my mouth again. Again I tasted Pendik İranlı Escort his farmwork, sweat and soap. “Hey! I know if I’m complaining you want me quiet but I’m just trying to thank you!” I was trying to say.

His middle finger slid in to join his index finger and he started pulling the fingers in and out slowly, his fingers turning slightly red from my lipstick. He had loosened the ropes attached to my wrists enough where I could grab his hand and pull it out. “What the hell, listen I was just trying to…” this time he put both fingers in and peeled my fingers away from his hand gently but firmly. As he pulled this way and that in my mouth I stopped trying to grab his hand again, what was the point, I just laid back.

With a half smile and right hand fingers still in my mouth he reached with his left hand and undid his jeans and unzipped his pants. There was a bulge under his underpants. My hands and legs went instinctively into the defensive position, I started to scream for Ms. Garvey and trying to hit him anywhere but he shook his head in the negative. He put right knee on the bed and swung over so he straddled my body and pinned my arms. I tried to struggle with my legs which were still spread out by my bindings. He reached back and tightened the ropes securing my legs while keeping his fingers in my mouth.

He took out his thin but long cock from his jeans which made me pause in my struggle. I was panting. He was rock hard. He smiled as he removed and stroked his cock. He was probably around 23 and farmwork and sun had made him almost glow with health and vigor. He had an insistent look, the way young men look when they have desire. I looked up at him through the fingers in my mouth at his face and then his cock and back to his face. He moved his fingers in my mouth and my head moved with them. In one move and before I could react, he removed his fingers and at the same time put his cock into my mouth causing me to almost gag.

Even had I wanted to scream, I wouldn’t have been able to. He gently rubbed the back of my head with his moist fingers, I couldn’t at first tell if he was forcing himself into me or pushing my head onto his cock or if I was starting to move my head on my own. For a young man, he went very slowly. I could feel his desire and the smell of farmhand sweat mixed with the musky smell of his aftershave was making me lose my concentration.I could feel my panties rubbing against my buttocks and how there was a complete lack of hair down there. It gave me the feeling of being intoxicated and also wanting to run away. I stopped struggling, content to keep doing what we were doing while looking up at his face, which looked calm and happy. He rubbed my cheek with his other hand tenderly.

I closed my eyes, his touch comforted me. My hands were tied to my feet so my back was arched backward. By moving my knees apart, I was able to change angle forward and start to move my head into his cock deeper in my throat. I couldn’t open my eyes, I was scared that I was beginning to enjoy this. He groaned heavily. I almost gagged but worked through it, still with eyes closed and sucking so his hard cock glistened. Each time I gagged, he would pull my head out a bit and let me lick his shaft and take each ball into my mouth for a moment. I was in a trance of some sort, in and out, deep and shallow. I loved working his head passionately with my lips and mouth and having his cock touch the insides of my cheeks and the back of my throat.

I didn’t feel like screaming but from time to time I would turn my head, gasping for air. Gently Hank would guide my head back to his cock and I would take it again in my mouth. Whenever he looked down at me, tied like one of his livestock, looking up at him with ruffled blouse and flippy skirt his cock could become more engorged. My clit got harder and harder, rubbing against the silk panties and my legs.

When he came, I was surprised and my eyes opened. He held my head gently against his cock as he looked up and grimaced as his cum spurted into my throat, wave after wave. I swallowed willingly, I had no energy. I felt gentleness towards him and sucked him very softly and looked up at him. He paused and stole a glance down at me and a couple more spurts came out and I took it in, never averting my eyes from him. My clit was small and hard. I was on the edge but also I didn’t want to cum, it felt almost not the point.

Finally he stopped. He looked at me, touched me on the cheek and pulled his cock out, and his cum soaked cock dribbled a few drops down my mouth. I had a mouth full of cum and I closed my mouth, looked down and swallowed. I felt shame now and looked away, still on my knees as he cleaned himself up hastily. He silently undid my bindings and tied me to the bed as I originally was, feet trussed together and hands to the outside, but this time not so tight. He carefully did my make up again, especially my lipstick which was all over my face. He looked spent and left quickly. I cried a little, softly, my education had begun and I felt both exhausted mentally and physically. I felt activated somehow but this would be a tough road. Then I fell into a deep sleep, the ropes tugging erotically at my damp skin.

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