Our Delicious Daughters Ch. 5


(If this is the first chapter you have read, you should know that Ed and Jimmy have been best friends since they were small children. They married sisters and each has an 18 year old daughter. In chapter 4 they fucked each other’s daughters. Chapter 5 begins the morning after.)

* * * * *

As I set drinking my second cup of coffee I barely listened to what my daughter Maria and her cousin Jamie were talking about. I noticed my best friend Jimmy, Jamie’s Dad, was also silently observing the girls. They were acting very normal. As though fucking their uncles the night before was a common place thing. I couldn’t help wonder what was going through Jimmy’s mind. Although he didn’t seem upset, I wondered if the pleasure of fucking my daughter outweighed him knowing that I had fucked his. As though reading my mind he looked over at me and with a nod of his head motioned we step out onto the deck.

“What’s up,” I asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Not your dick, I bet,” he answered with a big grin on his face. “Jesus Ed, you must have really thrown Jamie a great fuck. We could hear her moans and her final scream from my bedroom!”

“Well Jimmy, you may have gotten to hear the fine results of my efforts, but I got to see the results of yours. Jamie and I watched you fuck Maria from the hallway. I still haven’t decided which of you had the most fun!”

“You watched us? You fucking pervert!” he said with a smile. “What did Jamie do?”

“You mean before, during or after she sucked my cock while we both watched?” I asked returning his smile.

“You had MY daughter suck you off while you watched me fuck YOUR daughter? You really are a pervert!”

“We both probably qualify as perverts,” I said. “However, as Aristotle once said, ‘you can’t take back a fuck!'”

I was relieved that Jimmy was OK with what had happened. I knew I was and seeing the girls talking and laughing together, it was clear they were.

The four of us decided we would rent canoes and explore some of the small creeks and rivers that fed the lake. After last night, I assumed that Jamie would share my canoe while Maria went with Jimmy. However, each of the girls invited their Dad to go with them. This should be interesting!

For the first half-hour Maria and I shared small talk about the glorious morning and the mountain scenery. Every once in a while I could hear laughter from Jimmy and Jamie’s canoe. Everyone was relaxed and having fun.

Maria was in the bow of the canoe while I set in the stern. I could not see her face but had an exquisite view of her fantastic ass. She had worn the shortest of white shorts with a matching halter that barely contained her firm breasts. As we leisurely paddled up one of the many rivers, I couldn’t help remembering what Maria looked like as she set astride Jimmy taking his horse cock into her teenage cunt. My cock started to harden at the image of my beautiful daughter being finely fucked by her uncle and my best friend.

As though she was reading my mind, Maria asked, “Did it bother you Dad to know Uncle Jimmy fucked me?” She had not turned around when she spoke.

I wasn’t sure what answer she wanted. “Yes it did,” showing fatherly concern or “no it didn’t” letting her know everything was OK between us. Being the normal masculine coward, I took the middle ground.

“It might have bothered me had I not actually seen you and Jimmy fucking,” tuzla escort I answered.

Maria’s head whipped around, “You SAW us fucking?” she asked, obviously startled.

“Yes, I answered. “I got up to go get some water and the door to Jimmy’s bedroom was open. I didn’t intend to stay, but I became very excited and couldn’t pull my eyes away. Had I only imagined you two together, I might have been upset. It was obvious you two were enjoying each other. How could I be upset when two people I love very much can take such pleasure from each other?”

Turning back to look forward, Maria asked, “Where was Jamie when you were watching us?”

“At first she was in my bedroom but then she joined me in the hallway. We both watched.”

Maria was quiet for a few minutes. “Do you think she enjoyed watching her Dad fuck me?”

“I think that is a very safe bet. She was particularly impressed when Jimmy got off you and she saw the size of her father’s hard cock!”

Maria giggled, “It is pretty impressive Dad! But Jamie told me you really punched all of her hot buttons. I guess you and I both know the inferiority thing” she laughed. “Jamie has bigger tits than mine and her Dad has a bigger cock than you. I guess we will just have to make up for our lack of quantity with quality!”

For the next couple of hours our conversation veered in other directions. We talked about Maria’s college plans, her career aspirations and other things that fathers and daughters can share when they have the time.

Shortly after noon, I saw Jimmy paddle over to the riverbank. The bank was flat at this point with a beautiful grassy knoll stretching from the river to a stand of tall pines. A small creek flowed into the river completing a pastoral scene worthy of an artist’s brush. The girls set out the picnic they had prepared while Jimmy and I secured the canoes.

After lunch, the girls decided to explore the area while Jimmy and I broke out our fly fishing equipment. The small creek was alive with trout and trout was what we wanted for dinner.

Jimmy and I were in our waders, fishing and shooting the shit, two of our three favorite activities. We heard the girls, but didn’t notice them until they ran past us, buck ass naked, and jumped in the river. They only stayed in for a few minutes, as the river was cold from the snow pack. Jimmy and I continued to fish, but I doubt we would have noticed if MobyfuckingDick had taken our line. The girls ran out of the river as fast as they had entered, spread out two blankets on the grass and laid down to let the afternoon sun dry the water from their glistening bodies.

“Are you two guys going to fish all day or are you going to come join us and get an all-over sun tan?” Jamie called.

“I don’t know about you partner,” Jimmy said, “but I am getting kind of tired of fishing. Shall we join them?”

“Why not,” I answered as my mouth became dry in anticipation.

When we walked over to where the girls were they told us to come no further until we had stripped down. We were informed that this was to be a nudie suntan experience.

“This should be interesting,” I thought. Although Jimmy and I had seen our daughters naked, they had never seen us without clothes, particularly in an aroused state.

I was naked first. Both girls smiled at me and Maria mouthed “nice” as my cock was exposed. Jamie moaned as her father’s hardening cock tuzla escort bayan came into view. I set down next to Jamie while Jimmy set next to Maria.

“Uncle Jimmy,” Maria said with a mischievous grin on her face, “Did you know that your best friend and your daughter watched you fuck me last night?”

“Yeah, your Dad told me this morning. What is lurking in that evil mind of yours, my dear?”

“Well it seems to me,” she said with pseudo seriousness, “that turn about would be fair. I think they should put on a sex show for us. What do you think?””

I could hear Jimmy’s mind at work. How would he feel seeing his daughter getting fucked? He knew watching my daughter take his cock had excited me but what would he feel?

While he was thinking, Jamie reached over and started to jack my cock while looking directly into her father’s eyes. A smile crossed her face and I saw Jimmy visibly relax. He knew it was what his daughter wanted.

“I believe you are absolutely correct, Maria. I think they should provide us a fine summer afternoon’s entertainment.” Maria cuddled up next to Jimmy as he said in a kingly voice, “Begin!”

I have to admit this was the weirdest thing I have ever been involved in. Here was my teenage daughter and best friend setting, not six feet away, waiting for a sex show to begin starring yours truly and my young niece. I don’t think I would have done anything but stare with my mouth open had it not been for Jamie. My cock had started to wilt as I contemplated what was expected of me. I was saved only by Jamie’s hot mouth descending on my perplexed cock.

I was sitting with my legs spread out in front of me and my hands behind me. The V of my legs was pointed at Jimmy and Maria. Jamie was beside me. She leaned over me, perpendicular to my legs, giving our audience a perfect view of what she started to do.

I felt, rather than saw, Jamie’s hot teen mouth descend on my cock as one hand continued to slowly jack me and the other cupped my balls. I knew Jimmy and Maria could see everything, including Jamie’s eyes, as she watched both of them watch her sucking her uncle’s cock. Both Jimmy and Maria’s attention was totally focused on Jamie and her sucking.

I was watching them watch Jamie. I found it wildly stimulating to see them stare at us. Slowly Maria’s eyes rose to mine. I thought I would shoot right then! Never before had I seen the look of pure lust in my daughter’s eyes. It was obvious she was becoming very excited.

Continuing to hold eye contact, Maria reached over and took Jimmy’s hard cock in her small hand. Jimmy looked down, glanced at me, smiled and then turned his complete attention to his daughter as she deep throated my cock. I thought that Maria might start to suck Jimmy, but instead, her attention returned to the sex show she had ordered.

“Eat her Dad,” I heard Maria say. “I want to see you eat Jamie while she sucks your cock. Do a 69 for us!”

Without saying a word, I laid back as Jamie shifted so her dripping cunt was over my mouth while keeping my cock deep in her’s. Her scent was hot but sweet. I took her hips in my hands as I pulled her teen pussy toward my tongue. I sensed Maria and Jimmy shifting so they could see us better.

“Doesn’t she taste sweet, Dad?”

It was strange. Why had Maria said, “doesn’t” instead of “does”? Then I knew! I turned slightly so I could see Maria’s face. Her eyes escort tuzla were even more lustful as she said, “That’s right Dad. I know how Jamie’s pussy taste and she knows how mine does! We have enjoyed each other before. In fact, this morning I sucked your cum out of her pussy while she sucked her Dad’s cum out of mine.

I heard rather than saw Jimmy’s reaction. It was the same as mine. I have never been so filled with lust. I pushed Jamie off me, shoved her back onto the ground and mounted her between her upturned legs. She was as hot as I. She was even hotter than last night!

“Yes, Uncle Ed,” Jamie said through clenched teeth, “your daughter sucked your cum out of my cunt! Fuck me hard and shoot another big load deep in me and maybe she will suck your hot sperm out of me again. But this time you will get to watch!”

I slammed my cock over and over into Jamie’s wide-open pussy. Yes, I wanted to see my darling daughter suck and lick my cum from her cousin’s cunt. Jamie could see the effect her and Maria’s words had on me as she opened her legs still wider and put her hands beneath her to raise her ass to my plunging cock.

“Fuck her Dad! Fuck her! Fuck her for me! I want to taste your cum again, hot out of her pussy! Do it daddy, fuck her for me!”

I could not hold back a second longer. With a final deep plunge I buried my manhood in my niece’s hot teen cunt. My balls contracted and I felt wave after wave of my cum pour into her hot, wet hole. I know I shot hard and deep as I felt Jamie’s cunt squeeze my cock as her orgasm shook her gorgeous body. A loud moan shifted my attention to Jimmy. I saw him grab his cock out of Maria’s small hand as he started to fist himself. I saw the first eruption of his hot cum shoot before my beautiful daughter descended on his cock voraciously taking the rest of his offering into her sweet mouth. Jamie continued to buck against my cock as a second orgasm racked her body as she watched Maria eat her father’s cum.

As Jimmy stopped shooting, Maria left his cock and moved to Jamie. Jamie knew what was going to happen while I did not. I watched as my daughter’s mouth approached Jamie’s. Slowly Maria opened her lips letting her uncle’s cum drip copiously into Jamie’s waiting mouth!

I was hard again and pounded into Jamie racing toward another climax as cum fell from my daughter’s mouth to my niece. It didn’t take long. My second climax struck as Maria lowered her mouth and she and Jamie’s lips parted to receive the other’s tongue. They continued to deep kiss as I buried myself deep between Jamie’s legs.

After a moment, I withdrew my cock from Jamie’s nest. Maria shifted once again until her mouth was buried deep between Jamie’s slender thighs. I could hear Maria slurping my cum from Jamie’s young cunt.

Maria was on her elbows and knees as she sucked and licked Jamie. Her ass was raised in the air. I had momentarily forgotten about Jimmy, but not for long. Suddenly Jimmy appeared out of the corner of my eye. In one swift, sure movement he buried his huge cock in my daughter’s upturned pussy. Jamie reached another orgasm from Maria’s tongue while Jimmy shot his cum into my daughter. I could barely move.

As Jimmy withdrew from Maria, Jamie came to her and laid Maria back on the blanket. Jamie’s mouth covered Maria’s inflamed nest as she gently licked and sucked her father’s cum out of her best friend. It was highly erotic but my cock and balls had completed this day’s work. I could see Jimmy was done as well. We both watched our two beautiful daughters shift into a 69 position and feast on their father’s cum.

To Be Continued…

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