Our First Time

Big Tits

Do you remember our first time together? I do. We were sitting on the couch watching TV. You had your head in my lap. I remember wondering if you knew how much you were turning me on. I could feel your breath against my thighs and I hoped that you could smell my arousal. You turned your face into my stomach and I knew then, I had to take the chance. I began to stroke your back slowly hoping that my advances would not be turned away.

You stretched and arched your back putting you breast in my face; as I undid your bra, I asked “Are you sure that you want this?” because I knew that I was close to the point of no return. Your kiss was the answer I needed.

As we made our way to the bedroom, you stopped me saying that you needed a shower. That was the longest 15 minutes ever, as you stepped out of the bathroom with beads of water still glistening on your coffee colored skin. “Want to dry me off?” you quipped grinning.

What I wanted to do was lick the water from your nipples but I took the towel and dried you. My hands were shaking, I wanted you so much. Then finally you pulled me to the bed. You stretched out before me like a feast. I wasn’t sure where to start.

Your nipples beckoned my tongue to taste them; they were like large chocolate drops on a caramel sundae. I took first one then the other in to my mouth, gently sucking them as you pressed my head closer to you. I reached down to caress your thighs; you were so soft all Beylikdüzü escort over. I wanted to dive right in but I knew this was your first trip down this road I didn’t want to rush you or me; I wanted to savor this moment. Turning you over I ran my tongue down your spine making you shiver. The sighs you made were music to my ears. Just as I reached the small of your back, you flipped over and there it was the heaven I had been seeking. You slowly spread yourself for me “Please me!” you whispered.

. “Oh you taste so good!!!”

I finally understood why guys love going down on women that salty-sweet taste was everything I dreamed it would be. I couldn’t decide where to start, with your clit, which was throbbing under my gaze, or to lap up the juices starting to flow. I finally just made my way from bottom to top and back down again. A lick here and a nibble there and soon my face was shining, coated with your cum. As you lay there gasping for air I realized that the night had just started.

I lay back thinking that well; “I will go back for seconds in a little while.”

But before I knew what was happening you had my legs in the air and were returning the joy that you had just found. At first I couldn’t speak and then I couldn’t stop screaming. You knew every nook and cranny of my pussy.

“Are you sure that this is your first time?”

My body was covered with a light sheen of sweat that you began to lick away, Beylikdüzü escort as you reached my breasts you gently pinched my nipples teasing them into hardness then suckling slowly as I caressed the back of your neck.

“More please” you asked, straddling my head and lowering your own head back to my waiting snatch.

This time was slower, the edge taken off our lust for each other. You slid your tongue in and out pushing it deeper and deeper each time. I copied your movements and you suddenly tried to squirm away.

“ Where do you think you are going?”

Wrapping both arms around your waist I held you in place as you bucked and shouted your release. When you finally stopped shaking it was my turn to lose my mind yet again, first one finger then another, searching for that elusive g-spot.

Slowly stroking at first and then faster and faster until I was begging you not to stop, each orgasm stronger than the last, until, finally you came up for air.

Smiling at me you stretched out to go to sleep, but I was not finished with you yet. As you rolled on to your side, I reached into my toy box grabbing the 8-inch dildo I kept there for special occasions. I gently ran my hands down your body, carefully watching your reactions.

“Mmmm, that feels nice.” You murmured as I caressed your ass and thighs. You started to roll on to your back but I stopped you.

“Just relax and enjoy.” I straddled you Escort Beylikdüzü and began to rub my breasts against your back sliding them up and down, enjoying the softness of your skin against mine. You started to slowly grind your pussy into the mattress,

“Do you want me to eat you again?”


So I slid a pillow and under your hips and lowered my lips to your glistening snatch. Your clit peeped out of its hood, beckoning me to taste it again. But not yet. I spread your lips and gently slid my tongue in just enough to make you gasp, I began to softly lick around the inner lips my tongue darting in and out, never fully penetrating, teasing you was so much fun.

Soon you were pleading for me to put it in, to let you come. Licking the dildo, I placed one hand in the small of your back and with a one quick thrust sank the first few inches in your dripping pussy. Your orgasm was instantaneous, soaking my hand and the pillow beneath you, as you shook uncontrollably. In that moment I slid under you and sucked your swollen clit into my mouth, flicking it every so slightly with my tongue, your screams of ecstasy were a melody to my ears. The more you wiggled and writhed beneath my mouth the deeper the toy slid into to you, I started to stroke you with it slowly at first, with a steady rhythm, then faster and faster, changing the pace as you bucked like a mad woman. Then just as swiftly as I had pushed it into you I snatched it out, you howled with delight as you came again. I franticly tried to lap up every drop.

Lying beside you, I drifted off to sleep and when the sun rose we knew that even if we never found ourselves here again we would always remember our first time.

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